12 Tasty Examples of Restaurant Menu Design on the Web

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12 Tasty Examples of Restaurant Menu Design on the Web
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Having a good restaurant menu design on your website is as important as having a good menu on the spot, if not more important. You’d be surprised how many people visit a restaurant’s website before planning on making a reservation. It’s only logical that the menu page on your website will be the most visited page since that’s what a restaurant is all about; the food and the drinks. How you present this page, and how tasty you make your assortment look, will play a crucial role in the success of your website. If you’re planning on creating a website for your restaurant, or for a client’s, this post might help you gain inspiration. We’ll be showing you 12 examples of great existing restaurant menu design on the web. Let’s get to it!

1. Mugs

restaurant menu design

We’re going to start off with the awesome restaurant menu design of Mugs. The menu on this website is nothing like you’ve ever come across. Besides the awesome visuals, there are also effects on scroll that literally guide you through the assortment. This website shows clearly that you don’t have to stick with what’s expected from a menu. You can make the menu match your restaurant’s brand and attract various audiences. When clicking on a type of food, instead of being redirected to another page, you’ll see a slider popup appear that’ll make it very easy to discover the other food types as well.

2. Ruxbin

restaurant menu design

Next, we have the Ruxbin restaurant menu design. This menu design of this one-pager is super clean and elegant, something which matches the company’s branding and the rest of the website style. Although this menu looks like a menu you can come across on other websites as well, it simply makes more sense than it does elsewhere because of the overall feeling you get on the website. There’s also this subtle effect on scroll that makes the menu appear when you come across that part of the page. This website is enjoyable to scroll through and the menu provides visitors all the information they need elegantly.

3. Quay

restaurant menu design

Then, we also have the Quay restaurant. Quay has found a different and intriguing way to approach their menu. Instead of mentioning everything in one big part, they use tabs instead. These tabs are divided into the different types of meals. This definitely makes it easier for people to navigate and see if the menu fits their taste. Once they click on one of the types of meals, they are immediately informed by the different courses they can choose from.

4. Smokey Bones

restaurant menu design

A website with a different approach to their restaurant menu design is Smokey Bones. They’ve chosen an interesting way to share all the different types of food they offer by using them as submenu items and allowing visitors to find what they’re looking for in a few clicks. People can also directly go to the general menu page where the food types are beautifully presented and easy to navigate through.

5. Backyard Burgers

restaurant menu design

Moving on, let’s take a look at the website of Backyard Burgers restaurant. The menu items in this example are presented in a very clean and way and manage to differentiate themselves from other restaurant menus out there. One of the things that brings a lot of added value is the photography. The high-quality images match the web design perfectly and make the menu not only very informative but also attractive. Other than that, they’ve decided to keep it clean, use very readable fonts and add a short description that’ll speak to your imagination.

6. Colonia Verde

restaurant menu design

You can find another nice restaurant menu design on the website of Colonia Verde. One of the best things about this menu is the division between the different types of meals. You can choose whether you want to view the menu for dinner, brunch, lunch or drinks. Although it might seem like these are individual pages, the menu is just a slider that’ll allow the visitors to easily navigate through the different menus without having to load a page each time.

7. Benito’s Hat.

restaurant menu design

Another original example in our list of restaurant menu design is Benito’s Hat. The menu design they’ve used is very easy to follow and looks just great on their website. If you choose one of the menus, the first thing you’ll notice is the choice they recommend on the left side of the page. This recommendation keeps following you through the page while you are looking through all the options within the menu. They’ve definitely managed to bring a stunning menu with a good user experience into their website.

8. Noodle Bar

restaurant menu design

Next, we have the Noodle Bar by Momofuku. Noodle Bar is one of the many places Momofuku owns and if you look through all their websites, you’ll notice that they use the same design through them all. The menu design is highly visual and has an interacting factor as well. When hovering a type of meal, the area will get lightened up.

9. Boston Market

restaurant menu design

Or what about the Bostom Market menu design? The overall website design is loyal to the branding of the company itself. When clicking on the menu, submenu items appear with different plates per category which helps the visitors navigate easily through the different food types, without having to open multiple pages.

10. Giraffe

restaurant menu design

Up next, we have the Giraffe restaurant menu design. You can clearly notice that it is in the same style as the Benito’s Hat menu design we’ve seen earlier in this post. They’ve divided their menu into five categories; main menu, breakfast, dessert, kids menu and drinks. Each one of those maintains the same style in design and allow the visitors to have all the information they need in one place while being presented beautifully.

Made with Divi

11. Tuttas

restaurant menu design

The first awesome restaurant menu design made with Divi is Tuttas. Like many menus we’ve seen up until now in this post, this website makes it easier for its visitors to look through the different types of food by dividing them into different categories. They manage to pull the attention by allowing people to immediately go into one of three types of food they offer; pizza, salads and sandwiches. Once in the menu page, you can easily observe the choices you have within that category. However, you don’t have to go back and click on another food type; all the choices are placed in one place, by clicking on a food type you’ll simply get redirected to that part of the menu page.

12. Ferdinand’s Eetlokaal

restaurant menu design

Another great website made with Divi, and the last restaurant menu design in this list, is Ferdinand’s Eetlokaal. Their restaurant menu design is pretty simple yet gives you a personalized feeling. There’s a nice balance between a good color choice, illustrations and matching font families. This type of menu is probably the most standard type of menu in this list, but that doesn’t take away that it looks good and gives enough information to the visitors.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you some great restaurant websites that have beautifully presented their restaurant menu. These examples are a great inspiration for people who are looking to take their own restaurant website to the next level. If you have any questions or suggestions; make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below!

Also, now that you’ve been inspired by these restaurant menu examples, you are probably ready to start building a menu for your own website! For that, we suggest taking a look at our list of the best restaurant menu plugins for WordPress.

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  1. Hello,
    Great collection of all designs. I would like to suggest Foodeque – delicious website template from ThemeVault. I have just explored it!

  2. “We’re going to start off with the awesome restaurant menu design of Mugs. The menu on this website is nothing like you’ve ever come across.”
    That’s for sure… I’ve never come across a site that won’t scroll properly and won’t let me stay on parts of the page I want to read because it auto-scrolls to what the designer thinks I should see. Technically a nice page with the parallax usage, but as far as usability goes it’s so bad, I just had to stop and comment on it.

  3. Thanks for the great research on this to have a wide variety of restaurant menus. Excellent work!

    A previous ET post about building restaurant websites with Divi pointed me to ThemeOfTheCrop.com. Their implementation of Local SEO for restaurants is an intriguing feature. Local SEO for restaurants seems to be an underutilized feature that could get great results.

    What does the ET community think about Local SEO as it relates to restaurant menus?

    Gotta love the resources from ET and the ET community!

  4. Would be great Donjete to see some detailed blog posts explaining how to actually create these kind of menus 🙂

  5. The first link
    this one how i can make it or what plugins will i use ??
    i liked it

  6. Great examples!

    One thing, is the way the menu items are produced, i.e. Benito’s Hat. I have had to use another theme/builder (Elementor) to produce a nice menu and have it layout well and allow the end user to change the menu easily. Currently,Divi provides no easy way to do this. Someone needs to create an add-on, or Elegant themes needs to create a menu module. Then I could use Divi for my food clients.

    Any thoughts??

    • The DIVI theme needs a full on mega menu upgrade. I say it is a DIVI 3.2 item.

  7. I am yet again, very honored to have Tutta’s mentioned in the Elegant Themes blog! Thank you so much for showcasing my site! I am currently working on a redesign to incorporate the new branding, so I’ll make sure to keep the menu portion easy to use!

    • I was just drooling over the pictures of the pizza. Looks like my kind of place! If I am ever in Dallas, I’ll check it out.

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