The Elegant Icon Font – 360 Of The Best Free Icons For The Modern Web

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The Elegant Icon Font – 360 Of The Best Free Icons For The Modern Web
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We have set out to create the most beautiful, elegant and complete icon font on the web…for free! We have been struggling to find the best icon font to use in our own projects, so we decided to create our own instead. This font will be used in our themes, and we will continue to update the collection to satisfy the needs of our designs. Unlike traditional graphics, these icons are housed within a font file, which means they are vector based and can expand and contract without quality degradation. The result is crisp, beautiful graphics on any display (including Retina displays). Furthermore, these icons have been optimized with pixel-perfect detail for 16px, and all multiples of 16px (32px, 64px, etc). These icons are dual licensed under the GPL 2.0 and MIT, and are completely free to use.

Introducing the Elegant Themes Icon Font

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Why Icon Fonts Are Awesome

Icon fonts are great because they are flexible and fast loading. Using a single font and CSS, you can create countless graphical variations that would normally require the use of an equally countless collection of bulky and non-scalable images. Combined with HTML elements, these icons can even turn into beautiful buttons like the download link above!

How to Use the Elegant Icon Font on Your Website

Using the Elegant Icon Font on your site is easy, especially if you’re an Elegant Themes member. First, though, will need to upload one of the font files from the download link above into the Divi Builder. Then you can choose the icons from within most Divi modules’ Design tab, or you can use the unicode in your text to insert it the same way you would an ampersand or blank space. If you’re not a Divi user, we have a tutorial on how to use any font you want on your website without a plugin that will get your site all set up.

Uploading the Elegant Icon Font into the Divi Builder

First of all, download the .ZIP file we linked to above, and unzip it on your computer. Then, find the elegant_font folder and navigate to HTML CSS -> Fonts. Inside that folder, you will find the various font files you can use. elegant icon font download After that, follow these steps to upload the font into the Divi Builder.
  • Navigate into any module’s Header or Text section under the Design tab.
  • Click on the Text Font (or Header Font) dropdown
  • Press the Upload button to bring up the uploader modal
  • Select any of the font files from the ZIP archive you downloaded
  • Press the blue Upload button
You will see the font in the Design tab now. Because it is an actual font, the characters correspond to various keyboard buttons, which is why the name of the font that was entered as Elegant Icon Font is made up of various icons in the builder window. elegant icon font And with that, your new Elegant Icon font is uploaded. If you don’t want to go through the builder, you can always follow our tutorial to add them to your site another way.

Using the Elegant Icon Font

Once you have uploaded the font to your site, you can set the font to any heading or text style that you want. As long as the Design tab has the Elegant Icon Font set, you can feel free to use either the keyboard or unicode characters listed below to display the font you’d like. Remember that you can customize each Heading size, so you could keep H6 in reserve for the Elegant Icon Font and pull it out when needed. Here is an example of two text modules with the same text, only one has the font set to the site’s default and the other is the Elegant Icon Font. And because it’s a font, remember that you can size the icon up and down to suit your needs without loss of quality. animated gif of resizing elegant icon font

Complete Set and Unicode Reference Guide

Below, we have listed a complete reference guide to the Elegant Icon Font, including both CSS classes for individual inclusion and styling and the unicode to use the icons inline as you work. For a more in-depth look at how to use icon fonts within WordPress, Divi, and even offline applications, check out our comprehensive guide.

Complete List Of Class Names

  arrow_up arrow_down arrow_left arrow_right arrow_left-up arrow_right-up arrow_right-down arrow_left-down arrow-up-down arrow_up-down_alt arrow_left-right_alt arrow_left-right arrow_expand_alt2 arrow_expand_alt arrow_condense arrow_expand arrow_move arrow_carrot-up arrow_carrot-down arrow_carrot-left arrow_carrot-right arrow_carrot-2up arrow_carrot-2down arrow_carrot-2left arrow_carrot-2right arrow_carrot-up_alt2 arrow_carrot-down_alt2 arrow_carrot-left_alt2 arrow_carrot-right_alt2 arrow_carrot-2up_alt2 arrow_carrot-2down_alt2 arrow_carrot-2left_alt2 arrow_carrot-2right_alt2 arrow_triangle-up arrow_triangle-down arrow_triangle-left arrow_triangle-right arrow_triangle-up_alt2 arrow_triangle-down_alt2 arrow_triangle-left_alt2 arrow_triangle-right_alt2 arrow_back icon_minus-06 icon_plus icon_close icon_check icon_minus_alt2 icon_plus_alt2 icon_close_alt2 icon_check_alt2 icon_zoom-out_alt icon_zoom-in_alt icon_search icon_box-empty icon_box-selected icon_minus-box icon_plus-box icon_box-checked icon_circle-empty icon_circle-slelected icon_stop_alt2 icon_stop icon_pause_alt2 icon_pause icon_menu icon_menu-square_alt2 icon_menu-circle_alt2 icon_ul icon_ol icon_adjust-horiz icon_adjust-vert icon_document_alt icon_documents_alt icon_pencil icon_pencil-edit_alt icon_pencil-edit icon_folder-alt icon_folder-open_alt icon_folder-add_alt icon_info_alt icon_error-oct_alt icon_error-circle_alt icon_error-triangle_alt icon_question_alt2 icon_question icon_comment_alt icon_chat_alt icon_vol-mute_alt icon_volume-low_alt icon_volume-high_alt icon_quotations icon_quotations_alt2 icon_clock_alt icon_lock_alt icon_lock-open_alt icon_key_alt icon_cloud_alt icon_cloud-upload_alt icon_cloud-download_alt icon_image icon_images icon_lightbulb_alt icon_gift_alt icon_house_alt icon_genius icon_mobile icon_tablet icon_laptop icon_desktop icon_camera_alt icon_mail_alt icon_cone_alt icon_ribbon_alt icon_bag_alt icon_creditcard icon_cart_alt icon_paperclip icon_tag_alt icon_tags_alt icon_trash_alt icon_cursor_alt icon_mic_alt icon_compass_alt icon_pin_alt icon_pushpin_alt icon_map_alt icon_drawer_alt icon_toolbox_alt icon_book_alt icon_calendar icon_film icon_table icon_contacts_alt icon_headphones icon_lifesaver icon_piechart icon_refresh icon_link_alt icon_link icon_loading icon_blocked icon_archive_alt icon_heart_alt   icon_printer icon_calulator icon_building icon_floppy icon_drive icon_search-2 icon_id icon_id-2 icon_puzzle icon_like icon_dislike icon_mug icon_currency icon_wallet icon_pens icon_easel icon_flowchart icon_datareport icon_briefcase icon_shield icon_percent icon_globe icon_globe-2 icon_target icon_hourglass icon_balance   icon_star_alt icon_star-half_alt icon_star icon_star-half icon_tools icon_tool icon_cog icon_cogs arrow_up_alt arrow_down_alt arrow_left_alt arrow_right_alt arrow_left-up_alt arrow_right-up_alt arrow_right-down_alt arrow_left-down_alt arrow_condense_alt arrow_expand_alt3 arrow_carrot_up_alt arrow_carrot-down_alt arrow_carrot-left_alt arrow_carrot-right_alt arrow_carrot-2up_alt arrow_carrot-2dwnn_alt arrow_carrot-2left_alt arrow_carrot-2right_alt arrow_triangle-up_alt arrow_triangle-down_alt arrow_triangle-left_alt arrow_triangle-right_alt icon_minus_alt icon_plus_alt icon_close_alt icon_check_alt icon_zoom-out icon_zoom-in icon_stop_alt icon_menu-square_alt icon_menu-circle_alt icon_document icon_documents icon_pencil_alt icon_folder icon_folder-open icon_folder-add icon_folder_upload icon_folder_download icon_info icon_error-circle icon_error-oct icon_error-triangle icon_question_alt icon_comment icon_chat icon_vol-mute icon_volume-low icon_volume-high icon_quotations_alt icon_clock icon_lock icon_lock-open icon_key icon_cloud icon_cloud-upload icon_cloud-download icon_lightbulb icon_gift icon_house icon_camera icon_mail icon_cone icon_ribbon icon_bag icon_cart icon_tag icon_tags icon_trash icon_cursor icon_mic icon_compass icon_pin icon_pushpin icon_map icon_drawer icon_toolbox icon_book icon_contacts icon_archive icon_heart icon_profile icon_group icon_grid-2×2 icon_grid-3×3 icon_music icon_pause_alt icon_phone icon_upload icon_download icon_rook   icon_printer-alt icon_calculator_alt icon_building_alt icon_floppy_alt icon_drive_alt icon_search_alt icon_id_alt icon_id-2_alt icon_puzzle_alt icon_like_alt icon_dislike_alt icon_mug_alt icon_currency_alt icon_wallet_alt icon_pens_alt icon_easel_alt icon_flowchart_alt icon_datareport_alt icon_briefcase_alt icon_shield_alt icon_percent_alt icon_globe_alt icon_clipboard   social_facebook social_twitter social_pinterest social_googleplus social_tumblr social_tumbleupon social_wordpress social_instagram social_dribbble social_vimeo social_linkedin social_rss social_deviantart social_share social_myspace social_skype social_youtube social_picassa social_googledrive social_flickr social_blogger social_spotify social_delicious social_facebook_circle social_twitter_circle social_pinterest_circle social_googleplus_circle social_tumblr_circle social_stumbleupon_circle social_wordpress_circle social_instagram_circle social_dribbble_circle social_vimeo_circle social_linkedin_circle social_rss_circle social_deviantart_circle social_share_circle social_myspace_circle social_skype_circle social_youtube_circle social_picassa_circle social_googledrive_alt2 social_flickr_circle social_blogger_circle social_spotify_circle social_delicious_circle social_facebook_square social_twitter_square social_pinterest_square social_googleplus_square social_tumblr_square social_stumbleupon_square social_wordpress_square social_instagram_square social_dribbble_square social_vimeo_square social_linkedin_square social_rss_square social_deviantart_square social_share_square social_myspace_square social_skype_square social_youtube_square social_picassa_square social_googledrive_square social_flickr_square social_blogger_square social_spotify_square social_delicious_square

In Conclusion

Icon Fonts are an amazing tool to have when designing a website, and we wanted you to have the very best toolset possible. Combine this free custom icon font with the power of the Divi Builder itself, and you’re well on your way to creating websites that are truly elegant.

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    If the class names were underneath, I could search for “calendar” and copy as usual. Instead of having to scan them every time.


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        • Shuvo:

          Download the font package, unzip the folder, right click “Install”, then open photoshop. The font will be in your list of available fonts. If photoshop is open when you download the font, you may need to close and then re-open it.

          Hope this helps.

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    • Add style=”transform: scale(-1, 1);”

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      Also consider making an Angie’s List icon for the same reason

    • Yelp is a no brainer. Restaurant, salon, etc… they will all wish to link to their yelp reviews.

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    Or, to make a long question short: can I use the unicode values in css pseudo selectors?


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    • Nick, you can use an external style sheet or inline code to edit the font icons. I prefer the inline method, as it’s easier to manage each font.

      This is how I did it. I used p style to start the code, and then changed the font size to 32px, and changed the color to black =

      Of course you need to change the ”!” after data icon to the icon you are using. For a detailed step by step see here –

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    Any ideas.

    Here is the site they are on

    Thanks, Wayne

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        Anyway, I went ahead and made those two free for all.

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    I was thinking this was like a Google font, which I have also uploaded to my Mac’s font manager so I can use them in all my graphics programs, not just my websites. ElegantFonts is now loaded up in Font Book, but only about 50 basic arrows, bullets, list icons show up, not nearly the full array of graphic icons shown on this page. I’ve tried every keyboard combo imaginable. (I chose the HTML CSS folder>Fonts>ElegantIcons.tff to upload–maybe I need a different file?) Thanks for any help.

    • I have made and attached what is hopefully an ‘easy’ solution to this question. This is how I have been doing it, and have had no problems thus far.

      Tutorial Here

      For more details, including instructions of Windows, go here

      Hope this helps!

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    Seems you need to upload the ‘font folder’ into same directory as CCS file ( but never used an FPT client before – so maybe you can do this from cpanel?)
    Seems you then open the style file and copy this into CSS ( which tells the style sheet where to find the font folder? I think?)
    Then I get lost….

    • Glad I’m not the only one lost!
      I’ll keep checking back for a comment “Icon Fonts for Dummies” 🙂

      Thanks Nick, can’t wait to use them once I figure out how!

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    • No it is not a plugin. The icons are a font file that you can embed into your website via CSS. The icons can then be used like normal characters and styled using CSS.

      • Ok, I have never done anything like this before and I thought I was quite good with WP. Do I copy the Stylesheet data into the Epanel C
        SS? If so then what or is that it?

          • Tried to follow this and spent a while looking up YouTube etc.. But it assumes too much existing knowledge. Anything easier e.g. adding custom fonts to wordpress for idiots?

            • Wow! this is excellent. Now I can replace images with these icons.

              • This is really great collection! Thank you guys! I would like to know if they can be used in inline css, so in content box area?

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    • They are fonts, and they can be styled using CSS just like you would adjust the size or color of a normal letter.

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    Perhaps ET fans could submit their own icons to broaden the collection?

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        • I looked at this and it hasn’t been updated in 2 years and not compatible with current WP version.

          • JUST GO FOR IT !

            I’ve installed it and It works perfectly with my updated wordpress & divi theme.

            The only way I’ve found to overwrite the default google fonts (@font-face didn’t work for me with Divi).

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    • There are no restrictions as to how they can be used. Try refreshing the page, the download link should be working now.

      • I just wanted to say that elegant themes is an awesome company to deal with! I have never had better customer service / support from any company as I have with Elegant Themes. Keep up the good job! – Adam

        • any way to add into Divi?

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