On The Seventh Day Of Divi, We Created Eight Stunning Premade Business Layouts

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On The Seventh Day Of Divi, We Created Eight Stunning Premade Business Layouts
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Hopefully you have had a chance to download our latest theme, Divi. As mentioned in the Theme Launch Post, we will be writing a Divi-related post on our blog every day for the next 12 Days of Divi. Be sure to tune in each day for the next twelve days to get your hands on tons of Divi-related tips and resources! If you haven’t checked out Divi yet, then click the link below to view the release post with all the juicy details, and for your chance to win a free Lifetime Membership!


Eight New Premade Layouts For Businesses

Yesterday, we launched a Div layout pack to get you started with creating beautiful portfolio layouts with Divi. In addition, we are releasing a Corporate layout pack for those of you looking for a modern business look and feel. Below are the eight premade business layouts. Click on their demo links to see them in action. Feel free to edit, combine, or use them as is! For more information check out our documentation on how to import and export saved layouts made with Divi.

Download The Pack

Corporate Homepage

This corporate homepage features a large call to action section, a site banner, and a three column features section, similar to the one seen in the Divi demo.

Live Layout Demo

Corporate Homepage 2

This layout also features a large call to action header with an image and tabs module below. The bottom half of the layout consists of four image blurbs, client logos, and a final call to action.

Live Layout Demo

Corporate Homepage with Sidebar

With Divi, you can customized and place sidebars wherever you wish. This layout features a large header with a right hand sidebar layout below. With this homepage you can display a company descriptions, portfolio, and testimonials.

Live Layout Demo

Corporate Landing Page

The corporate landing page layout is great for welcoming your viewers with your logo, a short description of your copany, and the services you offer.

Live Layout Demo


Earlier this year we created an infographic of Matt Mullenweg’s 2013 State of the Word. For our infographic layout we decied to recreate the infographic using Divi, and it wis perfect for the job!

Live Layout Demo

Sales Page

The sales page layout lets you describe what you offer, a company breakdown, pricing tables, and customer testimonials, perfect for getting those conversion rates headed in the right direction.

Live Layout Demo

Sales Page Extended

In addition to the sales layout above, this page features a large header image, call to action, and frequently asked questions.

Live Layout Demo

Contact Page

Mak sure people are able to get in touch with this contact page layouts. Display any image of your choice, your contact information, location, and hours of operation.

Live Layout Demo

How To Use These Templates

As outlined on the fifth day of Divi, custom layouts can be easily imported and exported when using Divi. To import these new custom layouts, simply use the WordPress Importer plugin to import the XML file in the download pack above (you must first unzip the download folder to uncover the XML file inside). Once imported, these beautiful new layouts will appear when you click the “Load Layout” button in the builder! I hope this illustrates the usefulness of premade layouts, as well as the power of Divi’s importing/exporting feature. Enjoy the layouts 🙂


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Premade Layouts

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  1. All templates fail to import:-

    Failed to import “Infographic”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Contact Us”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Corporate Homepage + Right Sidebar”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Corporate Homepage 1”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Corporate Homepage 2”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Sales page”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Sales Page Extended”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout
    Failed to import “Corporate Landing Page”: Invalid post type et_pb_layout

    I appreciate the “free stuff” that ET often provides, but please pay some more time to keeping this stuff stored & maintained centrally (as part of your upgrades and developments). Don’t let stuff break whilst continuing to keep it available.

    • That just means you tried to install the layouts without installing Divi first. The layouts only work with Divi.

      • Sorry Nick, but DIVI *is* installed, is my current theme, and is working fine (I have built & saved new pages using the DIVI Builder).

        Attempting to import the XML file (Tools / Import) produces the errors I’ve shown. Repeatable.

        • I’m experiencing the same difficulty…not sure if this has anything to do with my wordpress being on localhost?

          • How did you install your Divi theme? Did you just copy the files to the themes directory and activate? If yes, that will cause that error. You need to use the install button on the themes page. If you have customizations, you can later do your copy, but do the install at least once before you try doing the import of the xml file.

  2. FYI, all the links above are broken…. it should be fixed not a good look. Cheers.

    • I’m with Mitch. As your product gets more airtime, so does the search for premade layouts.
      Fixing the links can only be a good thing…. (I’m one of those searching…)

  3. They look great – keep them coming…..

    However – the links are broken, please fix or put under the member / support section somewhere if its restricted to members.

  4. Just to tell you that links to live demo give “404 not found” …

  5. How can I modify a layout to turn it into a template for creating landing pages (ie. pages without the header and footer sections)?

    Using the custom css section requires a reference to each landing page.
    It would be awesome to incorporate that into a layout.

  6. Looks great, i’m thinking to restyle my own web site ….

  7. Hi I am faceing complications to links the pages in the menu. Please anyone can help me how to links the pages in menu there is no link icon there.

    • Add them Via the Menu system under appearance.

  8. You can’t beat these themes. Freaking awesome!

  9. Nick
    I think that Divi has already caught the attention of the WordPress community, who are calling it a “theme builder” and additional resources like this… just add to its reputation.

    Many thanks for an awesome theme backed by fabulous extras.

  10. What do you don after you download the pack?

    • Please see the “How To Use These Templates” section of the post.

      • Hey Nick, I have used Corporate Landing Page Template on my website but I don’t know how to edit it’s background image, otherwise I would like to change background colour/texture. Please guide.

        • If you need any help, please open a ticket in the support forums so that our team can better assist you.

  11. Love seeing all the templates, but would like to see some e commerce layouts soon. I really need a primary and secondary menu structure. Will Divi offer this at some point?

  12. Awesome, great layouts, that are very helpful for use and inspiration!

    I have one question, the three large icons used on the “Corporate Homepage”, are they part of an icon set released by Elegant Themes?

  13. The Divi theme is truly ‘elegant’! The Premade Layouts along with the Divi Builder offer exceptional opportunities for rapid customization and eye-catching sites.

  14. Nice professional and clean business layouts. Great work ET team.

  15. Hi Guys

    I am an existing member and a fan of elegant themes!! great work. However when I try to load the sales page extended i can only view ”sales page” even though i have downloaded the xml file and uploaded to my new wordpress website under construction? I wanted to use the extended look ,header etc? any thoughts?

  16. All layouts are truly awesome, however I would appreciate if you can provide something useful for blogs too 🙂


  17. I just downloaded Divi to create my new personal page theme. I am excited about the possibilities, but maybe you can help by featuring somre possible layouts for personal pages?

  18. Waiting for some magazine templates.

  19. nice pack

  20. This is totally awesome!!! Good job 😉

  21. you guys rock! congratulations for your fantastic work!

  22. ……. thank you so much. I love it!!

  23. Great!! It’s an incredible theme. Congratulations to all team!

  24. WOW – ET has set the bar so high no-one is going to come close in theme development (and elegent design – pun intended!).

    You would be insane not to get DIVI and all the excellent additional resources.

  25. You done it again! Those layouts is just awesome. Thank you so much.

  26. ET is by far the best “bang for the buck” in WordPress themes! I’m loving the 12 days of Divi.

  27. Sad :'( My account expired one month ago…

  28. Este tema supera por mucho en funcionalidad, sencillez y fleixibilidad a lo que había usado antes.

  29. best christmas present ever. I’m collecting all the DIVI stuff and hiding in my cave with it 🙂

  30. Our website is being revived thanks to you, but I only have one prayer, do not let these 12days finish… LOVE your ƒree goodies with the theme… Your genius and awesome, and I must leave this message – THANK YOU!

  31. I love the corporate landing template and the info graphics…even all. So stylish and nifty!Thanks to Nick, Kenny and other talented team members for creating this wow!

  32. Was initially looking into using this theme for my clients, but the more you keep showing us about this Divi theme, the more I want to redo my own business website. I’m leaning towards the Corporate Landing Page.
    Thanks again guys for this great theme.

  33. You guys really rocked this!

  34. Really nice and useful layouts!

  35. These are great premade layouts. Are these also added to the Divi download inside ET support? I know that some are (by the way, my layout list repeats itself three times, please fix) but I’d like to see all of these incorporated into the next release of Divi….it only makes sense.

    Keep up the great work Nick & Company!

    • I, too, have my Loaded Layouts repeated 3 times. 🙁


  36. again some real value. Thanks guys!

  37. Nice and handy.

    Thanks for sharing these usefull premade layeouts 😉

    Like your work more and more…

    • Amazing theme layouts, will you be creating any premade magazine style layouts for Divi? great freebies

      • Yea, i agree with Marc. I can’t wait to have it. Hope you can make it soon.

  38. Good stuff, thanks. Now create some more CSS3 animations..:P

  39. This new theme looks brilliant can’t wait to test it out

  40. Wow! Still more Wow moments with the new Divi theme. You guys rock!

  41. This Divi stuff is great! You guys are awesome.

  42. It’s so awesome!

  43. Sickkkk!! Pumped about this

  44. These are great! Thanks. I will going to use these for my services page. I may even redesign my home page with one of these.

  45. It is so elegant and so cool. I really love this new theme. And all the work you done to make us like it even more. There are so many possibilities and it all look so so so good!
    I’m looking for new customers only to make them a webpage in this design and with this new theme 🙂

  46. Great more layouts, im dowloading right now, and ready to test it!

  47. That’s so awesome! You rule, guys!

  48. ET are the best. However, please bring back the automatic slider and template for sitemaps.

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