11 Best YouTube Channels About WordPress You Should Watch

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11 Best YouTube Channels About WordPress You Should Watch
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Reading blogs and tutorials to learn about WordPress is great. Even listening to podcasts can enlighten you about the ins and outs of the platform. But the real gold mine of information, the mother lode of knowledge is on YouTube. There are some stellar creators out there, making excellent content for their WordPress YouTube channels. There’s a good chance you’re not watching them. So we want to make sure that you know about them so you can hit that subscribe button and notification bell as much as you can.

1. Let’s Build WP

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

With more than 17k subscribers, Let’s Build WP must put out some good content. You get access to really good, quick tutorials on how to perform basic tasks on WordPress (such as uploading zipped themes) to much more advanced topics like installing multiple instances of the CMS. Check it out, and you just might learn something.

2. WebTegrity

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

You know you want to be one of the 28,000 subscribers to this #WordPressWednesday channel. While the channel puts out massive amounts of tutorials, part of the draw here is the coverage of other topics such as verifying Facebook business pages. Those kinds of topics are adjacent to WordPress, and we all have to deal with them. So it’s a good thing these kinds of channels exist.

3. WP Beginner

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

If you’ve ever Googled a problem you’ve had with WordPress, there’s a good chance you’ve run across WP Beginner. This is that same kind of easy-to-follow content, just in video form. It’s well polished and put together. Press play and learn something, even if you’re not a beginner. I want to say 106k people can’t be wrong…but they can. Just not on this. I promise.

4. ThemeIsle

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

Whether you’re a beginner, somewhere in the middle, or a mega-advanced WordPress user, ThemeIsle has content for you. Like WP Beginner, you’re very likely to have read some of their written content before, and now you can watch their regularly released videos to get even more understanding of our favorite CMS. Not only do they do feature tutorials, they go into visual examples and demos of themes and plugins so you can see how they work before you install them on your own site. It’s kind of a try-before-you-buy by proxy.

5. katrinah

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

Talk about being your brand, katrinah is both the name of the channel and the woman herself. The content on her page is beautiful, and if you’re working in WordPress, most of us can only aspire to create sites like hers. Not only does she have a focus on design, but also on branding, marketing, and ecommerce. You will find yourself right at home with her 45k other subscribers.

6. WPTuts (ipixeltutorials)

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

When someone’s header image says they provide “awesome tutorials,” they had better be able to deliver. Luckily, WPTuts does, and their regularly released content focuses on templating, site speed, and various page builders. Even if the video isn’t necessarily about the builder you prefer, the design process should be fairly similar. You will undoubtedly learn something here, and if you’re looking for a wide range of topics across skill levels, give the WPTuts channel a look and then maybe a subscribe.

7. Ferdy Korpershoek

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

You will just love listening to this guy teach you about WordPress (his accent is awesome). More than that, he will teach you about, as his header puts it, being “successful on the internet.” Isn’t that the dream, really? His content covers a wide range of stuff, and WordPress is at the center of it, though. He has a ton of Divi tutorials, as well WooCommerce and other page builders. So no matter what part of the WordPress community you are in, you can probably find something in his archives to keep you entertained and informed. I really appreciate that his videos aren’t all super short, but in-depth and long enough that you can grasp and understand the topic.

8. Toolset Plugins

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

You guys love Toolset. I barely go a day without seeing Toolset mentioned in a comment. It’s powerful and robust, and as a community, your feelings on it are overwhelmingly positive. So I want to make sure that you know about this YouTube channel. If you’re rocking Toolset already, think about how much better you will do with dozens on dozens of official videos on how to use it, right? Maybe you’ll get new ideas or a better workflow or…I don’t know. Regardless, the channel touches on a lot of pain points users seem to have. And it’s like our teachers told us in grade school: if you have a question, someone else in the room probably does, too.

9. WordPress.tv

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

The official WordPress YouTube channel is really awesome. Every single session at every single WordCamp gets recorded and eventually put online. You can watch them either at WordPress.tv (obviously) or on the sister YouTube channel we have here. They have talks about development and business and writing and every topic from every perspective you can imagine.

What blows my mind, though, is how few people seem to know about it. The channel has a mere 4k subscribers. (I mean…it’s official WP, you guys. What’s going on? Maybe it’s because it’s mirrored content. Whatever the reason, the content — mirrored or not — is fantastic and representative of WordPress as it is today all over the world. So that means it’s awesome and you should watch.

10. WPCrafter

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

Be still, my beating heart. A YouTube channel devoted to using WordPress with no code? Where have I heard that before. (Hint: us!) Seriously, though, we do appreciate where WPCrafter is coming from. WordPress is a very accessible platform that a lot of people think is inaccessible. They think you need to code to use it well. And you don’t. If you’re an Elegant Themes member, you know this already because of Divi. And if you’re not, then clicking through to the WPCrafter channel will make you a believer.

Plus, talk about putting out a lot of content. You will find theme reviews, troubleshooting, plugin use cases, and so much more. The channel always makes high-quality videos, and they are accessible for people of all skill levels. Remember, this is WordPress for the non-techie, after all.

11. Elegant Themes

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

We are incredibly proud of the content our team is able to put out. We do regular livestreams each week about our content releases and do use cases and pride ourselves on giving you all the resources we can to be successful and make the most out of not only our products, but WordPress in general.

Enough WordPress YouTube Channels?

That is only scratching the surface in terms of the content that’s on YouTube about WordPress. But these are some of the best ones you can watch to get started. If you fill up your subscriptions with these channels, you will be in a fantastic place as a WordPress user, designer, and developer. If you’re looking for Divi specific content, we’ve written a post highlighting YouTube channels that cover Divi too! Enjoy!

What are your favorite YouTube channels about WordPress?

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  1. WOW guys… thank you so much for including me at the top of your list… I get that you more than likely didn’t rank them in any way, but I am very appreciative to you for this! Really has made my day.

  2. The listed youtube channels has tons of helpful videos. I personally watch every single video on Wpbeginner. They have explained everything in detail about WordPress.

  3. I always get left out of these kinds of posts 🙁 Sniff

    • Your videos have always been the best and a perfect guide.

  4. I really liked Katrinah’s videos — liked. She hasn’t posted any new content in two years.

  5. Except WP Beginner, WPCrafter and Elegent Themes. I haven’t heard of any other youtube channel for wordpress. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll use them for my billing software blog.

  6. Wpcrafter is king. Informative and Adam is on top of it all so I don’t have to research a thing anymore. ;}

    I am an Ecommerce guy but I do a ton of WordPress projects. He keeps me in the wp loop.

    Make sure you follow him.

    • Will do, great advice, thanks!

  7. WPCrafter is by far, one of the very best resources.

    • Haven’t seen this before, will check it out, is it a real estate plugin?

  8. I have read many blogs about WordPress but the one that has helped me the most and helped me make the right decisions is WPCrafter. Adam is a real smart and nice guy that is willing to share his knowledge.

    I love his YouTube channel and review of the latest buys on Appsumo etc.

    If I am unsure about something, I tend to follow Adam’s advice and it’s never wrong.

    He has really helped the wordpress community immensely and really deserves this special recognition.

  9. Started with nothing, found WPcrafter and I was on my feet very quickly, I use most of the featured channels here (now subscribed to the ones I did not know about) A great list Elegant themes 🙂 Genuine recognition all round. Thanks

  10. WP crafter

  11. Have not seen all the sites above but that is probably because once you watch Adam at WP crafter there is not much point looking elsewhere.
    WPCrafter for me.

  12. Definitely WP Beginner and WP Crafter gets my vote. Some of the channels you have highlighted here I haven’t heard about. Thanks for the post highlighting them. I look forward to checking them out.

  13. Great blog writing . Thank for sharing best WordPress theme for educational website. I looking many blog but this blog is very good for me. It will help me and others

  14. WPCrafter – Adam has so much amazing, easy to follow, informative content on WordPress and related website topics. Don’t waste your time digging through other stuff, this is the best channel on YouTube if you want to get up and running with WordPress fast.

  15. Some great channels on here Darrel Wilson is a favourite of mine.

    I think the change in pricing in Toolset is going to kill its popularity, with no free version in the future and an expensive annual subscription, people will not get to see how useful it is once you actually learn how to use it

  16. Great to hear from this post. I think I can now learn from this guys more eagerly.

  17. I think WPCrafter Should be on the list as well.

    • It is….

  18. Wpcrafter for the win!

  19. Adam from WPCrafter is one of the most active content creators in the WordPress Community. His attention to detail and his ability to explain things in a non-technical way converts regular joes into empowered individuals. Adam responds to all the comments that you post on his YouTube Videos and he responds to all emails. When Adam is not busy making new professional-grade content for free you will find him in the WordPress Facebook groups finding people he can help. Adam is Generous with his time and information. I rate him 5 Stars because he Genuinely deserves it. He is the number 1 choice for anything WordPress and Appsumo Deals! If you’re trying to run a web Agency, Keep your eyes on him! Thanks for making WpCrafter! The Channel is Ultra HD. lol. it’s like he’s standing right in front of you!

  20. Definitely WPCrafter

  21. I started with WP Beginner because I was a beginner then WPTUTS and WPCrafter (a great channel) but thank You for the other GOOD channels .
    There are a hundred channels about WordPress which is confusing.

  22. great article !, the timing is kinda perfect for me as i am now going to the next level with WordPress and all that entails (I feel like I just grew a beard typing that bit)

    WPCrafter was what broke me into the WordPress world in all fairness, you cant go wrong if your a beginner, enthusiast or even advanced. Adam has time for people and I looked around for a good while so go look for yourself 🙂

  23. I started with WP Beginner then WPTUTS and WPCrafter( a great channel) but thank You for the other available GOOD channels.
    Because there are a hundred channels about WordPress which is confusing.

  24. Thanks for this article. There are several resources that I did not know about. One that I have been engaging with a lot lately is WPCrafter. Adam over there, is a straight shooter and provides some great info for non-coding types like me 🙂

  25. Yes, I have to say WP Crafter is the bomb dot com! I really cannot quantify how many hours I’ve saved both in learning how to do things and in troubleshooting issues. Not only that, but Adam is super personable and accessible on his Facebook group WordPress for Non Techies as well. Clear, concise tutorials with tips and tricks I would never have thought of. Adam’s channel REALLY puts my goals of making a living online within reach. Thanks, Adam, you’re the best!!

  26. Yay! I LOVE WPCrafter. Super non-biased reviews and tutorials on everything wordpress!

  27. The best channel on Youtube for WP tutorial… is WPcrafter. I watch those video just like I watch my best TV shows. Adam gives a lot of knowledge and how to that help lots of people i’m sure. He give his own opinion and that very appreciated.

  28. I think WP Crafter is the only reason I have a YouTube account setup 🙂

  29. +1 for Adam @ WPCrafter. He has influenced many of the technology purchases my company has made over the last year.

    His thoughtful approach to reviews is very refreshing. I’d become too accustom to seeing knee-jerk reactions on YouTube, but Adam is detailed, consistent, and almost always right on the money.

    If that’s not enough, the guy has several 4 hour+ tutorials that are totally free on YouTube! They could be paid courses that cost hundreds of dollars.

  30. I particularly like WPCrafter’s channel; a lot of interesting and useful videos where he talks about a variety of topics

  31. Toolset support team is awesome as well as their documentation. It’s a powerful product backed by a company that will even make a video call to help you with tech support and show you how to do it if you are having a little trouble. I have built few sites and written some use cases (linked) about this plugin. It works well with Divi builder too 🙂

    • For anyone looking to buy, there’s a limited-time special deal going on for Toolset Agency Unlimited Sites Plan: prohustling.com/product/toolset-special-discount-for-agency-unlimited-sites-plan-only-99

      This page explains various features of the plugin with real world use case examples. Hope this information will help someone in here.

    • I actually know of Toolset personally because of how well it integrates with Divi and how much of our community uses it and raves about how well it works.

      And that’s fantastic they will do video calls and make sure you have it working right. I love companies that do that kind of thing for their users. It really builds a strong relationship and community of users.

    • “Toolset support team is awesome…”

      Thanks for this tip. I’m unaware of that organization or website or… what exactly is “toolset support team” and where on the web is it? Thanks.

  32. I use to trust Adam @ WPCrafter but that’s quickly faded since a good percentage of his videos now shill for AppSumo. In my mind, he’s become as credible as an infomercial. Instead of review a product and linking to that product’s site or the deal site with a referral link, he links you back to his own site instead.

    If he wants to monetize, great, totally his right but the way he does it is just so overkill and in your face.

    As such, I just don’t watch his videos anymore. There’s lots of great alternatives.

    • If having affiliate links makes you lose trust then unfollow everyone because everyone uses affiliate links. The difference is Adam discloses this in his videos and his transparency report on his page. He gives you all of his information free of charge and while it is still relevant. The least a person can do that receives value from his content is actually use his affiliate links so that he can review more products and or services as they are requested in the Facebook Group! He gives you something he will never get back and that is his time. The least you can do is buy the Guy a coffee.

      I invite you to look at this image: http://prntscr.com/kfzd7j

      Now tell me if these actions reflect that of a person who is willing to deceive for small app sumo or other affiliate royalties.

      With that Said, I vouch for Adam’s Character and the WPCrafter Brand!

    • Ouch! That stings, I have never been called a “shill” before :-(. So after reading your comment, I went to look back at my channel content to try and see what you are talking about.

      Right now my channel has:
      386 Videos
      25 Are a review or tutorial of a product that was on AppSumo
      5 Of those were strong warnings not to purchase the particular product based on my testing ( now is that “shill” behavior 🙂 )

      So yea for every 15 videos there has been a review or tutorial of a product that was on AppSumo and was relevant to the channel or interesting.

      Out of those, 1 for every 5 was a “hell no don’t even think of buying this thing”. Let that sink in for a minute….

      My channel has reviews and tutorials, all channels do. I don’t hide that fact anywhere. If a video is a review I make sure to put that in the title of the video so the viewer is fully aware of the content of the video. Part of building a website and having an online business will involve purchasing this or that. I am proud to say that you can’t point to anyone else, other than me, that will straight up tell you the truth when something sucks. The folks on my channel know that about me and that is why I have their complete trust and take it very seriously.

      Keep in mind that I do not do any paid reviews. I turn them down all the time and am very transparent about that. I don’t hold anything against others doing paid reviews, but for me, I couldn’t do it in good conscious.

      Regarding links, I use a link shortener for everything. On YouTube if you don’t, then the link will take you to a YouTube confirmation page (those are annoying). I am not sure why this would bother you or cause you to lose any “trust”. If I am using a referral link I will say that in multiple places so you know.

      All this info and more can be read on my website. I have a dedicated page for transparency (and am the only one that does this), the link is in the most prominent place on any website, the top right corner. Here is the direct link for your convenience https://www.wpcrafter.com/transparency/

      If you ever want to come back to the channel, I would love to have you. There is some great content there waiting for you. Recently I have covered some of the following topics:
      How To Fix WordPress Problems – Troubleshoot & Find The Problem & Repair
      How To Fix WordPress WSOD White Screen Of Death – 5 Minute Fix
      Best WordPress SEO Plugins Compared
      How To Make A Free Chatbot For Your Website And Facebook Page
      How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website With A CDN Content Delivery Network
      Best Free Helpdesk Ticket System – Freshdesk Setup Tutorial, How I Use It, Why You Should
      How To Make OnPage Anchor Navigation Links With Any Page Builder Or Custom Code
      …and even had a live AMA to celebrate the channel reaching 60k subscribers (was a blast)

      Either way, right now there is a ton of great content creators. Out of the above list, I am personally subscribed to and really like Paul C from WPTuts, Ferdy, and not in the list but recommend in other places on ET’s blog, Mak & Darrel’s channels.

      Adam @ WPCrafter

    • I should also say that AppSumo deals are pretty hit-and-miss, so I really appreciate Adam’s WordPress perspective on these deals. I think I’ve avoided a couple of stinkers and picked up a couple of good ones because of Adam’s vids.

    • I have to disagree… Yes, some, not by any stretch a majority, of his videos are about AppSumo releases. But, they are about AppSumo products that will help WordPress folks, and I do believe that Adam tells the truth when he’s doing an AppSumo related video.

    • Adam is completely transparent about his referral links, going so far as to mention the fact that his links are referrals in every video and also post a lengthy transparency report on his site.

      His reviews are always unbiased. He often talks about products he doesn’t like and why he doesn’t like them.

    • hmmm… I find your referencing of Adam and WpCrafter as a shill to be completely unfair and somewhat offensive. Adam and WpCrafter’s is none of that whatsoever.

      The first sentence of Wikipedia on shill is:

      ‘A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization’.

      Again… any statement regarding Adam and WpCrafter acting as a ‘@#$%’ is absolute nonsense.

      Adam and WpCrafter’s reviews are honest and critical pointing out pluses and minuses in his own opinion about whatever he reviews. He is completely forthright and upfront with all his affiliations. Adam and WpCrafter’s. WpCrafter’s links are trustworthy and point to the intended reference that he states. When describing purchases on and through his own site Adam recommends the opening of incognito browsers which very very few online presence personalities do. Adam is on the forefront of transparency with a Transparency Report page on the WpCrafter website and recommends that all should do the same. Adam and WpCrafter have given an incredible amount of thoughtful and helpful support, guidance, and care to the WordPress community.

      Adam and WpCrafter have been an invaluable resource to myself and my business.

  33. Great article B.J. I think you left out Darrel Wilson. He uses Divi a lot 🙂


    • Very true. The fact is that Darrel is one hell of a guy who inspired me to be a member of Elegant themes despite the fact that I never liked wordpress. Of course DIVI is a great thing to happen.

    • NYC Tech Club is excellent – not only videos but steps are printed out at NYCTechClub.com.

      • Oh, cool! I’ve never seen that one. Guess I’ll have to spend more time on YouTube. Darn. 😉

    • Stefano is telling the truth. Darrel Wilson also offers some very good stuff.

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