Divi 2.4 Beta Testing Will Open Next Week! Apply To Become A Tester Today

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Divi 2.4 Beta Testing Will Open Next Week! Apply To Become A Tester Today
Blog / General News / Divi 2.4 Beta Testing Will Open Next Week! Apply To Become A Tester Today

Last week we gave you a closer look at some of the spectacular things we are working on for Divi 2.4. This isn’t your average update, it’s the foundation of our future product line; packed with enhancements born from multiple labors of love. Long story short: all of the cool new things we have been building (Divi, Extra and the Divi Builder Plugin) are all part of the same project, and Divi 2.4 is the first manifestation of that hard work. The breadth of this update is humungous, and for the first time we have decided that a pre-launch beta testing program is in order!

What is the Divi beta testing program? Put simply, we will be inviting a small group of Divi power users to test out the theme for 1-2 weeks before it is launched to help us catch any bugs that have slipped through the cracks and assist us in considering the implication of new features.

To apply for the beta testing program, please fill out the form below. We can’t invite everyone, but we would like to get a solid group of people with a wide range of Divi experience to put this thing to the test! If you are accepted, we will send you more details early next week with instructions on how to download the theme and report issues to our team. We appreciate the help!

Apply To Be A Beta Tester!

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  1. Unfortunately it’s soo expensive for me. I’ve to save my money to try this

  2. Hello,

    I have a problem on a website, I choose “PT Sans” as a font for my menu but since I’ve updated the website to Divi 2.4.x, the font remains bold !
    Even if I go to the menu “Appearence -> Customize”, bold is unchecked but still here !!

    Do you have any idea of what’s going on ?


  3. I think it is coming…. this is it.. today…

    • The petulant child gets his ice-cream.

      I’m happy for him… and the rest of us.

  4. Nick, any updates on when the release will happen?

    • Good grief. Nick said 3 days ago that it will be this week.

      And still, this is not good enough for some people. Unbelievable.

      • Patrick, again.. If you’re going to be a troll, don’t comment.. There is plenty of third world, uneducated people who could use your 2 cents you’re spewing on us. Thanks!

        • Grow up. You’re acting like a child who keeps asking for an icecream.

          • I know he is…

            • Totally agree…

        • I notice when you reply to comments you don’t address the comments you just spout insults.

          I’m not interested in such juvenile behaviour. Save that for your Twitter friends me ol’ china.

          You’ve asked for an update 3 days after you were told it will be this week! What on Earth will you complain about next week? Talk about ‘precious’.

    • I’m guessing it will be tomorrow. Seems like a good day.

      • My money is on Sunday… that is the day πŸ™

      • I like your optimism, lol..

  5. Man if the new DIVI brings to life all of elegant themes (that would be nice) because it will have a builder included!

  6. I had read somewhere that Divi 2.4 would be released on 6/14/2015. Unfortunately, that has not happened yet. My ONLY complaint about using Divi – it currently makes switching to another theme – even another ET theme – a bit of a hassle.

    • Nick said that DIVI 2.4 will be released any day of THIS week…. so any day….

  7. We are a digital agency that embraces Divi for all our clients.

    We sent a request to test Divi 2.4 but obviously we were not selected.

    Nick, is there any chance that we can become a tester?


  8. it seems to be back…. so weird…. this is driving me crazy…. do not make the mistake to put all (ALL) your pages on DIVI… it is such a rookie mistake πŸ™

  9. This is weird…. I posted a comment and minutes later Nick posted a comment responding to another user stating the Divi 2.4 will be released any day this week and now I do not see my post or his… is this happening to anyone else?

    • Nope, I see the post you described just fine. The problem must be on your end. Maybe try another browser?

  10. To: Dustin Falgout

    Will Divi be compatible with WPML plugin? Many of our websites will need to be multilingual and we have already invested in this plugin. I know you only answer a few of the many comments on this Blog but I would appreciated a simple yes or no, so that we can decide to either wait for its release or not.

    Kind regards

  11. This is a message from Dustin Falgout:


    The beta is going well. The development team has been working almost around the clock making adjustments based on the feedback we are receiving from the beta. The wait is almost over, I promise. The release will be soon, before the end of the month soon πŸ˜‰

    Let me know if you have any other questions.”

    • “end of the month” Nick said that the update will be released 2 weeks after the beta. It should be this coming Monday. Unless they find another excuse to stall it to the en of the month… I just hope they are referring to June.

    • Which month does he mean?

  12. Any new updates? I requested the beta – but never heard anything back.

    I’m ready to swap to another theme. No complaints – just ready.

    • Divi 2.4 will be released any day this (this week). As stated in the post, we can only invite a small group to the beta. We added 100 people into the system, but we couldn’t include everyone that applied. Right now we have our heads down fixing bugs and trying to make this a smooth release.

      • Thanks for the update.

        Waiting with baited breath.

      • We were all waiting . good luck

    • @Kyle Jones: Been asking for information and updates on the beta for a few days now on this thread and no answer’s. Very disappointed in Nick’s customer service to be honest.

  13. If they beta test it, it will come.

  14. Once again, we ask questions and get no answers.. Customers would like an update on the divi 2.4 beta Nick. Why hasn’t there been any news since the beta’s been released. No summary reports, no progress reports and no screen shots of the new layouts people are making.

    What is your projectile release date and what stage is the beta in being completed. Please give us feed back and some answer’s to your customers.

    • It would be nice to have some news but after a year of waiting for something new from Nick and his team I am already used to the long periods of silence from Nick. You’ll get use to it Paul…

      • The IT support guys in the forum are really great and they give very responsive fast feedback whenever a question is asked. I’m just upset that there has been no updates from nick on the new beta and any email that’s sent out to his people is replied back with a copy/pasted message that everyone’s getting.

        • It’s in beta, not “public beta”… It’s none of our business how the theme update is doing. That’s for the developers and the beta testers to sort out. The rest of us will have it if and when it is released.

          If some people put as much effort and energy into their designing and developing with their current software instead of admitting to time wasting Google searches for people possibly breaking NDA about unreleased software they would be better off in my opinion.

          • Excuse me.. If asking the public to sign up to beta test something is not considered a public beta, then tell me what it is please. No reason to come on here, jump in giving your opinion being a troll. Thanks.

            • It’s not open to the public as only a select few (if any) were chosen be included. It’s not difficult to work out Paul.

              I’m not trolling I’m just sick and tired of some readers of this blog (I’m at pains to call them designers or developers) continually posting negative comments about such things they obviously know little about.

              If the cap fits, wear it.

        • I agree Paul. Support guys are good and quick but yes it is frustrating the silence. I applied for beta testing and I did not get any feedback.

  15. Hi Nick

    Will Divi be compatible with WPML plugin? Many of our websites will need to be multilingual and we have already invested in this plugin. I know you only answer a few of the many comments on this Blog but I would appreciated a simple yes or no, so that we can decide to either wait for its release or not.

  16. soon?

  17. @Fred – Looks like they’re copying and pasting that exact same message to all the inquiries they’re getting because I got the same message too. Its really upsetting that people aren’t releasing details of the beta and what great new features are included in it. It looks like its very tightly under wraps and no one is saying anything..

    I wouldn’t be surprised that they already had the list made as to whom was getting access to the beta before it was even announced. I think the sign up didn’t mean a thing.

    • As stated above, we can’t invite everyone to the beta. I tried to make that pretty clear in the post:

      “we will be inviting a small group of Divi power users to test out the theme for 1-2 weeks …We can’t invite everyone, but we would like to get a solid group of people with a wide range of Divi experience to put this thing to the test! If you are accepted, we will send you more details early next week…!”

      2,200 people applied, and we added 100 people into the beta. Right now we are focused on fixing bugs and making this release as smooth as possible.

      As stated in the post, the officially release will be roughly 1-2 weeks after the start of the beta. So that’s this week.

    • @Paul, I don’t really know if the list was already defined upfront. What I do know is ETA keeps slipping forward. If we had the change of using the BETA-release we would have already been able to play around with the new version. And still this is the BETA Divi 2.4.

      Next Divi-builder needs to come, before the new Extra theme will become available. Looks like the Extra theme will become the end of this year. So all in all we have waited 1,5 year for a new release.

      • @Fred: I know what you’re sayin man. I really hope that they hurry up with 2.4 and release it already.. I’m a little upset with no google searches, no news, no updates and no information on how the beta is going.. Nothing of what things are looking like. This makes me speculate that this beta was very tightly closed to friends and co-workers because if you search on google for anything, all you see is the release on the plugin being in beta and no information on what is actually in it.

        • In the end, it’s a theme in beta. I can’t imagine there is all that much exciting news to speak of, and making posts about the bugs discovered seems counterproductive.

          According to above posts, it appears that the beta applicants were notified on June 5 (5 days ago). Nick claimed that it would be 1-2 weeks AFTER the beta was released, indicating it would be between June 12 and June 19.

          We are all exciting for it to release, but just give it a little time..

  18. Thanks for the update. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. We still use an old version and are holding back renewing until the theme became a lot more solid. That being said, we’re quite excited to see how this new version turns out!

  19. Yesterday I have received this email below. Sorry to hear I am not part of the beta-program. So for me the waiting continuous….

    Hopefully all the items on roadmap; Divi 2.4 > Divi Builder Plugin > Extra will be released soon.


    Dustin Falgout, Jun 5, 2:15 PM:


    I just wanted to let you know that the invitations for the Divi 2.4 Beta have been sent to those who were selected to participate. If you have not received an invitation before reading this e-mail, I’m afraid you were not selected to participate this time around. Sorry about that! We received an enormous amount of interest in the beta and we appreciate that. You can expect there to be more Betas in the future. The good news is that Divi will be available to everyone very soon so the wait is almost over πŸ™‚

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best Regards,
    Dustin Falgout


  20. I would love to see the slide transition time flexible – any decent amount of text is not visible for long enough!

  21. Today marks the 8th day since nick made the promise of 1 week in his post. Technically it was exactly a week yesterday. Come on divi!!

  22. Has anyone here received beta testing yet? Nick said on a May 28th comment: “[Divi 2.4 will be released] 1-2 weeks after the beta is released, which will be early next week. So 2-3 weeks from today, roughly”

    So if no one’s received it yet this week then we’re looking at further delays releasing Divi 2.4, Divi Plugin and unfortunately, Extra.

    • Maybe ET was working on security fix for the Bloom-plugin so Divi2.4 Beta-testing is postponed…. ?

      • Good one Fred

    • Not surprising at all. Divi 2.4 will probably be released 3 months from now.

      • You know, I would be fine with it being released in 3 months if that’s what’s been communicated. It’s the lack of delivery on timelines that’s disappointing. I really love Divi and the ET support, but we haven’t had anything new to work with since 2013. We were told Extra would be released last October/November. Now we’re being told Divi 2.4 will be released in 2 weeks. I really doubt anyone on this forum believes it anymore.

      • It will not come as a surprise that DUE to the extraordinary feedback from the BETA TESTERS (anyone?…. anyone?… Bueller?…) Nick will have to push the release of this update a couple of weeks more…

        • We wont be pushing back anything. We invited 100 people to the beta, and it’s been about 1.5 weeks since it started. The theme will be released 2 weeks after the beta, so that’s this week πŸ™‚

          As we stated in the post, we couldn’t invite everyone to the beta. Over 2,000 people applied and it was simply too many to add to the system.

          • Thanks for the update Nick. I can’t wait to work with all of the new Divi features. You guys are awesome and you demonstrate it daily with excellent products, responsive service and blog posts that provide insightful information add make us all better. Keep up the good work!

  23. Hello Nick!

    I really hope you have the chance to see this message or if someone from elegant themes sees it, please sent it to nick!

    Divi is a great theme, you really have put together an outstanding multipurpose drag and drop theme which is competing against the best themes in premium marketplaces.

    But Divi still lacks some features that you can get with other premium multipurpose themes, and I consider theme to be the following:

    1. Lack of header layouts (positioning of logo, menu, and other elements of the header). Some of the premium multipurpose themes offers as much as 17 header layouts like logo

    2. Lack of blog post layouts. Divi only has only 2 basic and not so well crafted blog layouts. IΒ΄ve see premium themes offering as much as 10 different blog layouts with really great designs like timeline, grids, picture on the left side, etc.

    3. More layouts and better support for woocommerce. Again Woocommerce is very important since it is the most used ecommecer platform in WordPress. Divi has no design options for woocommerce but only the default one. Just like blog post, you should offer different design and layouts to showcase products in woocommerce and also improve the styles and design in the cart page and checkout pages.

    4. Footer options: Divi should make it easy to add more than 4 columns in the footer and also with different widths. Also, it would be great to add a canvas or a new Div right above the footer. This would be useful if we want to create messages or elements that we want to show in all pages of our site like a full width sign up or subscribe message. I have not seen this implemented in other premium themes

    4. Other points to consider which are a great trend in web design are: transparent menus, visual drag a drop, and more shortcode for your page builder.

    the more design and layout options you give to your customers the better we will feel about our websites. I really do not want my site to look like many others that are using Divi. I want to differentiate and have an original and almost unique design. I know this is possible because I have seen it with other premium multipurpose themes that do offer more layout and designs possibilities.

    Thanks for listening to this suggestions and please let me know if your have them in your roadmap and which ones…


  24. Need 5 and 6 column layout options

  25. Hello, Nick. I’ve talked to you before, but I did not get answers about my opinion about improvements.

    Long ago I’ve been working with themes, seeking the rights and wrongs in order to find simplicity – and that’s what I found in DIVI. DIVI for lovers, has become a passion for thousands of people. It is not for nothing that there are sites that are specializing in contributing to the DIVI, like an open source premium.

    A big mistake you are committing to.
    I think you make a great mistake in taking the theme builder, to become a plugin. It is true that will bring you more money, or not! But find great competitors.

    DIVI without the plugin will no longer be DIVI. There are other simple themes with the DIVI Builder will be something else. It all ends here.

    What should be invested it was in the form of inserting our own content (shortcode) within the PageBuilder.

    Lack major improvements in design.
    Recently created the TheFox (http://goo.gl/80f085), who consider the best theme 2015. TheFox is a copy of DIVI, only customized. I say copy because I can customize my Divi Theme shape TheFox, which came complete! Just do not like the fact of using the terrible Visual Composer.

    I hope to update DIVI fill us with pride and bring in concrete improvements. After all, my projects are in the hands of you. And the DIVI become the best theme of all time!

  26. Hello Nick,

    I subscribed to the beta-testers program immediately, so I hope to be part.

    Question: Does everybody who subscribed to the beta-tester program gets a reply if he/she will be part (or not be part) of the Beta-tester program?

    Tip. Please communicate to everybody.


  27. Hello, I registered but I have not received the beta tester. it is already available.


  28. Applied right away when I received the newsletter about this! Hopefully I get accepted πŸ˜€

  29. Are you planning any improvements to the Text module?

    As it stands, it is not easy to update longer blocks of text: The editor modal is too short and not resizable, and I end up scrolling up and down just to apply basic formatting.

  30. Cool! Cant wait for the release.

    • When will beta applicants hear if we are selected or not? Thanks.

  31. FYI – your button says “Apply THE be the Beta Tester” πŸ˜‰

    • And that’s exactly why we need beta testers, haha.

  32. Please correct the Polish translation .

    Γͺ > Δ™
    Γ¦ > Δ‡
    Ε“ > Ε›

  33. Cool!! I have already signed up for.this. Hope I get a chance.

  34. Signed up too!

  35. I meant to say, good luck to the Beta Testers

  36. Fantastic news guys. Been looking forward to this for ages.

  37. The next two weeks will be the slowest weeks of my life. πŸ™‚

  38. Hope to get picked πŸ™‚

  39. Great work Nick & ET team!
    I have always been so impressed with your company. One of the best organisations I have ever been involved with!
    Love your work on Divi. It has improved greatly over time … these changes are clearly taking it to another level!
    Congratulations on always looking ahead & never resting on your behind πŸ˜‰

  40. I LOVE this theme and have used it since it was first released. I’m really looking forward to the new version and have signed up to be a beta tester. Please choose me!! πŸ™‚

  41. I hope the guys who made the Divi Module Editor and the one who made Divi Booster will be part of this beta testing. I bought both plugin, and a little bit stressed about the release of 2.4

    Will register to see if there are conflicts.


    • All of Divi third party biz devs should port in but they may be keepin an ace anyways, its business..lol! πŸ™‚

    • This is where I get so frustrated and mad.. Nick and the team should implement all the features that Divi Booster has into the theme its self, especially for the people who are too savvy with coding. I really hope booster can be avoided and everything inside the theme can bypass this.

  42. Nick, that’s great new that there will be beta-testing of Divi 2.4. It feels like it will be one hack of update! πŸ™‚

  43. I’d be keen on Testing.
    Not what qualifies as a “divi power user” though πŸ™‚

  44. @Nick Roach: Nick will the new divi have easier options for customizing the header, footer and menu items for both sections? Also instead of downloading a plugin like master slider, can we have the option to put a blog post in the slider module too?!?!

  45. By the way, can we expect any improvements in blog posts layout? Divi is all great but my biggest concern now is the Blog. It does not look modern and it`s a bit messy and hard to follow. E.g. the “whole picture” above the posts list, it`s too huge. I`d prefer at least having this “cover” picture on the left side and the post entry with metadata next to it on the right.

  46. What do you expect the release date to be?

    I am probably not a good Beta candidate, but I am looking forward to this update since it sounds like it has everything I have been hoping for.

    • 1-2 weeks after the beta is released, which will be early next week. So 2-3 weeks from today, roughly.

      • Thanks nick, this is the post we’ve been waiting almost a year for.

      • Oh please can I have it for my birthday (June 14)? πŸ˜€

  47. Already applied. Please pick me up, Nick. ThereΒ΄s a lot I think I can help, plus all the people using my free Divi Children plugin and the free Engined Divi child theme will benefit from me knowing as soon as possible what will be changing in Divi 2.4 and what features will be redundant, so I can work on the updates of my plugin and child theme asap.

    • Luis where are all these custom divi’s you have?

    • I want to add my enthusiastic vote for Luis as well…

    • I have applied as well, but I think Luis should be first in line. This guy is awesome, I have seen some of his work and it is amazing. I am not sure if anyone who has posted here knows more about the type of features being implemented in this release.

      With that said, pick me, I am such a newbie, I would love to see what can be done by someone without a lot of skill. πŸ˜€

    • About to recommend…I vote for Luis also! πŸ™‚

    • I also hope that Luis will part of the beta test program. He is doing a great job, and will be of good advice.

    • Just wanted to say that if – for some reason – Luis Alejandre is NOT included in the BETA group then Elegant Themes will be making a serious mistake.

      Just my 2 cents worth…



    • I vote for Luis, awesome work from both of you….

  48. Ok I already signed up !, I really can’t wait to try it !!!

  49. will Divi 2.4 allow pagebuilder type functionality in posts?

    • Yep!

      • Awesome Nick! Absolutely awesome!
        This is going to be bigger than religion πŸ˜›

      • That’s great! Does that include custom post types too? Really looking forward to the update!

        • Yep, all post types.

          • Nick, just this feature is worth to be an entire Divi 2.4 update in its own right πŸ™‚

      • No way, Nick! Seriously? You have just made my week! πŸ™‚

        • That’s great! Will it also work for custom post types? Looking forward to the upgrade!

  50. Great news, can’t wait for the Divi 2.4 release.

    Thanks, Nick Roach.

  51. I’m like a kid in a toy store when the new releases comes out πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait for 2.4

  52. First bug. You’re cta says “apply the be a beta tester” πŸ™‚

  53. It seems as though it would be a good idea to comb through the support forums to make sure the common modifications provided by your excellent support experts will be either incorporated into the new version as options or at least not breakable by the new version.

    While not a power user yet I did just recently set up 2 sites using Divi for the first time (both still in the works). I have been able to customize these sites to get them to look and perform as I want with the help of support. I am keeping all these custom css pieces to use in the future. It would be great to have some of these options built in to the new version.

  54. Signed up too!

  55. Hi Nick,

    Is there any way to know if the submission was received?

    Can you confirm that we are on the list with an email or something?

    thank you!

    Btw, great work guys!!

  56. Exploring and learning Divi. Luv it. Using it with filmmakers and youth media. Can’t wait for the update! Thanks!

  57. signed up..

  58. signed up..

  59. SO effing EXCITED!!!

    I can’t remember if this is an upcoming feature or a suggestion from the people: Will there be a simpler way to apply one layout to multiple projects, or will that be later in 3.0?

  60. LoooL
    Something tells me that there will be 282.273 beta testers !

  61. LoooL πŸ˜€
    Something tells me that there will be 282.273 beta testers !

  62. That’s me all signed up for the Beta testing.
    I’m sure it will work flawlessly, but just in case, I’ll be giving it a run out on a local install first and if all goes well… I’ll be going live, live, live.

    • I applied as well! I’m really excited to see what Divi 2.4 has to offer!

      • Not you guys too….lol Well, should we invite the Divi Users Group to sign up? πŸ˜‰

  63. Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! LOL. but seriously, this is great news from the good folks at ET πŸ™‚

  64. Hello,


    Btw does this mean also Extra will be published at the same time as Divi?


    Keep great work,

    • No Extra will not be published at the same time. Right now our released roadmap is Divi 2.4 > Divi Builder Plugin > Extra > Divi 3.0 (unannounced, but lots of plans for this already!)

      • Thanks for the roadmap, Nick. I think I inferred something incorrectly up to this point and I’m wondering if you could set me straight. All this time, I gathered that with Divi 2.4, the builder functionality would be removed from the Divi theme itself and would all be placed in the plugin, meaning “Divi” would come in two parts.

        Now I’m guessing that the builder will always be embedded in the Divi theme itself while the plugin allows you to achieve builder functionality in OTHER themes.

        Which is correct? And how does all of that relate to Extra? Will it ship as a theme-plus-plugin or completely self-contained, as Divi is now?

        Thanks for clearing any of that up! πŸ™‚

      • Wow, always on the move! Always innovating!
        Great stuff ET!

      • Thanks for the roadmap.

        Do you have any tentative dates on those?

        I’m really itching for Extra, your magazine theme.

      • Crap!, DIVI 3.0? You guys can’t take vacation time right? πŸ™‚ Thank you for your hard work

      • Great, thanks for clarification. Already can`t wait for Divi 3.0! πŸ™‚

  65. I agree !!, please register only the best !!!

  66. I am not on the forums very much or much for commenting…but as a member I have made many sites with divi and many are in the works…..I am anxious to try extra, the new divi and for the divi builder that I can add to my own custom themes.
    my divi sites
    zagas.ca almost finished
    http://www.oleswoodworking.com/newsite/ still working on it

    another 3 sites I am currently building at the moment are using divi

    I could apply the new divi to any of the 3 new sites I am working on as they are all still in the design stage and we have just started building them

    thanks for considering us

    • Great job on those websites Shelly! Being somewhat new to Divi, I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet, and would love to know how you customized the theme to the extent you did. Love the way you styled the headers and nav bars, which I didn’t know was possible like this. I wish they had a book on how to customize the theme. Great job!

      • Hello Tony

        it is experimentation mostly and a lot of custom css styles….once I find something that works, I save that snippet or style to apply to other sites as well…I work mostly in firefox, you can inspect the code and see what styles affect the area you want to change and then use the custom css area to apply the changes

    • Hi Shelley,
      I really like your site at jepsonpetro.ca. Very professional looking! Can I ask which plugin you used to do the locations page?

      • Wow everyone, I have not been paying attention to the comments, I don’t usually do the forum thing….sorry I have not replied, but thanks for all the nice comments….for jepsonpetro.com we used a plugin from codecanyon….advanced store locator from yougapi…it has worked quite well

        • Thanks, that’s what I thought it was, but I wanted to make sure. I had already tried http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ but the only plugins it listed were WordPress SEO and Monarch. I even tried it with http://www.wpthemedetector.com/ which seems to be a bit more thorough, but I got the same results.
          Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚

        • Thanks for the tip. πŸ™‚ I hadn’t tried it that way before. That’s good to know.

  67. Would love to beta test. I’ve built over 40 sites with Divi and have 5 child themes on sale through my store. I also feature on your Divi home page (thank-you!).

    Can’t wait to get stuck into the next version.


    • Hi, your website (thedesignspace) looks really awesome!
      I was wondering, how does the product price change to a different currency?
      (That was my second most noted feature, the first being the clean overall design) What kind of plugin would do that?
      Thanks in advance!

  68. stoked… not stocked.

  69. Highly stocked. Hope to get chosen for the BETA. Thanks guys

  70. Applied! Thanks. Can’t wait for this to be released.

  71. I’d love to get in on this. Already filled out the survey and posted this in the Divi Users Facebook group. Prepare for the onslaught πŸ™‚

    On another note, I don’t recall seeing you guys offering beta like this before. Glad to see you want feedback from your ever growing fan base.Keep up the good work guys. I just upgraded to lifetime member (even before I saw this).

  72. Great news, can’t wait for the Divi 2.4 release. πŸ™‚

  73. If this is such a huge update, do I have to worry that it will break or mess-up all the sites I’ve created with Divi when I click to update? Do you have a guaranteed smooth transition to the upgrade?

    • We wont be making changes that will break any standard Divi installs. Backwards compatibility is always a top priority.

      As with any update, you don’t have to worry about upgrading unless you have ventured out on your own and significantly modified Divi through the use of a child theme or third party plugin. Since we have no way to control how you have edited the theme files (if you did so), then we can’t predict exactly how your changes will work with the update.

      That being said, we are putting a lot of effort, especially in regards to the new fluid grid, to make these drastic backend changes completely invisible on the front end. In other words, even though a lot of our modules have had their CSS completely revamped, their appearance on the front end has not changed one bit. If you altered some color, text sizes, padding, etc, that should’t cause any problems. If it does, you can simply remove those customizations and use our new advanced design and customizations settings instead πŸ™‚ No HTML structure has changed, no class names or ID’s have changed, etc.

      What we can do is try our best to predict common modifications, and beta testing will help that. If you are using a Child Theme, then we always suggest testing out the Child Theme with the new version before updating your live website, not matter what kind of upgrade you are performing (small or large).

      • Hi Nick, what do you recommend is the best way to go about this:

        “If you are using a Child Theme, then we always suggest testing out the Child Theme with the new version before updating your live website, not matter what kind of upgrade you are performing (small or large).”

        Thanks, looking forward to new divi!

        • The best way is testing it first in an staging or development environment of you site of course.

          Or at least have and backup of your WP install before the update, so if things go wrong you got covered.

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