Free iPad Mini PSD Mockup Templates

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Free iPad Mini PSD Mockup Templates
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An iPad mini template joins our full range of iOS device today. We have supplied 5 different mockups, each available with white and black devices. These are fully scalable, vectored PSD templates that are perfectly sized for iPad screenshots. All you have to do is place your image into the smart objects, and the perspective warping is done for you. Check out the template previews and examples below and download the package for free!

Download The PSD

Template Variations

The contents of the screens can easily be replaced by any image using an editable shape layer. The image is automatically re-sized and skewed to fit the screen perfectly! These Templates are released as Open Source under the GPL (GNU General Public License) 2.0. Enjoy them and use them for whatever you’d like (commercial and personal projects alike, no attribution is required).

ipad-view-1 ipad-view-2 ipad-view-3 ipad-view-4 ipad-view-5

Using The Templates In Your Theme

There are many great ways that these templates could be used in your WordPress website. Here are some examples of how these iPad Mini Templates might be integrated into the image areas of our DeepFocus and Flexible themes.


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  1. awesome 🙂

    • Yes, another amazing resource. You already provide great value with the theme club, and now you release such cool stuff for free! Hats off!

  2. Another awesome resource by ET. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  3. Thank you so much for shared these wonderfull tools

  4. Cool. Thank you. Could be useful for our customers to show theme the differences to desktop design.

  5. 43 blog posts in 70 days – very productive with great stuff. Thank you…

    But how about DIVI?

    • Our developers are devoting 100% of their time to finishing Divi. It’s a robust theme and will take time to finish, but we are getting closer every day.

      • Every good thing takes a bit of time. I am sure we won’t regret the wait. Great work so far and really useful blog posts. Keep up the great work Nick.

        • Nick Thank you for the PSD, and i agree with Jeffin, good things take a bit of time

  6. Wow guys quit picking on the guy about Divi.. do you want it done fast or do you want it done right?

    • Completely agree.

  7. Nice work. How caring you are.

  8. Kundali Online has the free theme as Boulvard which is very beautiful.

  9. Ta bueno como siempre… ¡Muchas gracias!


  10. Gracias! Un Exelente Plantilla PSD. Ellegantt Themes Is Best Themes!

  11. Keep update blog, but poor update new theme 🙁

  12. I hope you guys can include Adobe Fireworks PNG for these wonderful templates.

  13. Great stuff, guys!

    This is one of the reasons for me to keep working with Elegant Themes and not moving to some other themes developer.

    We all want to see Divi soon, but do you think a lot of people will change their theme to use the new Divi? It’s a lot of work to change your theme if you have customized it…

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Thanks again for these Nick.

    Do you think there is a chance that we could get the iPad Air version to complete the set?

    I don’t have the mad Photoshop sklllz to tweak the bezel on the iPad version!

  15. so great! I like these templates. they are useful for my website. thank you very much.

  16. thanks ,
    Yes, another amazing resource

  17. I’m new to this, how do I change out the image on the screen?

  18. absolutely love it but are your psd’s easily converted into html

  19. Hey,

    I can unzip the file.. I keep getting an Error 2..

    Using Mavericks 10.9.3



  20. *can’T

  21. awesome stuff 😀 Thanks for free ipad mini psd mockup

  22. Thank you so muuuuuch!!!!!

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