Free Galaxy S4 PSD Templates

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Free Galaxy S4 PSD Templates
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We’ve had a lot of requests for a Galaxy S4 mock-up since we started releasing device templates. Today we satisfy those requests with a Vectored Photoshop Template that is perfectly sized for the resolution of the GS4. The package includes both black and white devices as well as a two-phone-lockup. Directly below is an actual size preview of this template. These PSD mock-ups are great for designers who want to showcase their mobile creations, and they work great within our themes as well!

Download The PSD

Template Variations

The contents of the screens can easily be replaced by any image using an editable shape layer. The image is automatically re-sized and skewed to fit the screen perfectly! These Templates are released as Open Source under the GPL (GNU General Public License) 2.0. Enjoy them and use them for whatever you’d like (commercial and personal projects alike, no attribution is required).

galaxy-s4-1 galaxy-s4-2

Using The Templates In Your Theme

There are many great ways that these templates could be used in your WordPress website. Here are some examples of how these Galaxy S4 smartphones might be integrated into the image areas of our Nova and LeanBiz themes.


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  1. beautiful job

  2. Great looking graphics and useful ideas on how to use them.
    Appreciate the free graphics Nick.

  3. Muy buenas… ¡me encantan!

    Muchas gracias.

  4. Thanks, so many freebies these days! Great art, unfortunately I don´t “sympathize” with Samsunga or Galaky, so maybe next model, or a generic smartphone template would be also great.

  5. Folks, thanks a lot for these templates!!!

  6. Thank you for your great work,affordable pricing, informative newsletters and consumer concern by offering freebies. They help so much these days!

  7. I simply love all of these templates you guys are providing now. This website offers value ALL around. No wonder why you guys are #1 when it comes to WP templates.

  8. Nick! Make Chromebook Pixel Templates and Nexus 7 Templates! Then when the new Nexus 10 comes out, make that please!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG AND I’M GONNA PURCHASE THE MEMBERSHIP PASS WHEN YOU MAKE THOSE TEMPLATES!! ELEGANT THEMES ROCKS!!! MORE WORDPRESS TEMPLATES TOO!

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Nice graphics works. Love the recent ET blog activity.

  11. Thank you. A lot

  12. Perfecto!

  13. I’m constantly amazed at the great stuff you feature on this site. This is a fantastic list. I always dread digging through the WP themes to find one I like, and here you’ve done all the work for me. 🙂

  14. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the freebies…..I’m sure something great is about to happen with all these recent free giveaways

  15. Love almost all PSD templates. Downloaded the first one. Thanks for the share.

  16. Please guys, i need help . No support , No helping, I don’t understand what is the problem .
    PLease help


  17. Great plugins , but i have a problem with Builder plugin, and now one answer ans solve the issue, please help .

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    One more advantage on offer in most cases is the ability to
    create and publish the completed website on any host server.
    Each hosting company has a list of main file names built into their servers.

  19. Thanks you for such a nice freebie. I’m going to get them now. !!

  20. Thanks for all these great work. It will save us a lot of work.

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  22. Thank you so much!

  23. This template is wrong. The Galaxy S4 screen does NOT have rounded corners. The visible pixel area has perfectly square corners. The rounded corners are outside the screen area not within.

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