Our Flat Icon Set Gets A Media Makeover

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Our Flat Icon Set Gets A Media Makeover
Blog / Freebie Of The Week / Our Flat Icon Set Gets A Media Makeover

Our circular flat icon set gets a media makeover today with yet another addition to the already-awesome collection! We have added 60 media themed icons to this set making for a total of 192 icons. The icons come in two variations: full color and single color and they are packaged in .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .png (64px and 128px). These icons are completely free and Open Source under the GPL, so feel free to use them in your personal and commercial projects alike. We are on a mission to create the best collection of Open Source graphics on the web, so that the WordPress ecosystem can use and enjoy them alongside the freedoms they have become accustomed to. Stay tuned for more great stuff! Download the full set here!

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  1. Like it Very nice

  2. I have enrolled for the lifetime membership with Elegant Themes only about a month back.

    I never knew that my relationship would be such a continuously engaging one.

    You guys rock! I love Elegant Themes not only for their support staff but also for the freebies it has offered now.

    Keep spoiling us.

  3. it is like the one on the top ,look like

  4. So I had to make a “check” icon to accompany the “dollars” and “credit card” icons for a website I am working on, So I thought I would share it in case anyone else needed one! its not fantastic but it works 🙂

    Download here—> http://goo.gl/TungvT

    PS If you want to share it please share the shortened url so I can see how many people download it, thanks!

  5. AWESOME! You guys saved me hours worth of Googling and a whole lotta headache! Just bookmarked your site.

  6. Love this icon set. Definitely using this to change things up in 2014!

  7. Thanks so much! I love love these. Quick question – do you have any of social media icons? ie. Pinterest?

  8. what a nice set of icons i love it

  9. Really nice collection, thanks!

  10. Very nice icons, i especially like those in color 🙂

  11. You guy rocks!! Thanks!

  12. thanks this is what i’m looking for

  13. Really nice icons. Thank you for this and all the free stuff you have given away lately!

  14. Hello,

    Great set of icons, thank you for sharing.

    I just have a question about the GPL license. I clicked the link in the blog post and read a fair amount of the license text, but it all seemed to pertain to software.

    Can you help me understand in plain language what the limitations are, if any, of using these icons?

    Thank you!

  15. Hi, Nick!
    Great icons! I stop by your post and be impressed by the icons. I love them so much. Impressive and colorful. I think total 192 icons are actually worth trying. Thanks for sharing! look forwards to see many interesting information from you! Great job!

  16. I love the splash of colors on the icons! Me and my 8 year old son had a great time playing guessing game with it. Sort of checking out if he would follow in my footsteps.. ;p Thanks for sharing them.

  17. hello
    Great job.
    I love these icons and would like to include in my chameleon site but I do not know how to upload them and where?
    Filezilla-wp-content? 1st time I do.
    Thank you in advance.

  18. Thanks for the update, Nick and Elegant Themes crew!

    I am using your “flat circle icons” in the homepage of my blog http://www.desdealicante.com and people are asking me where I got them!

    Besides, they are not heavy, so my homepage loads fast.

    I am also using your “icon fonts”.

    Do you think is it a good idea to use the “flat circle icons” in the same way as I am using your “icon fonts”? That is, using them before an H2 (Heading 2).

    Thanks a lot for your help and for your support!!!

  19. I Love this icons, every time you get over it. Excellent work.
    It would be great that you adding new themes to this such as travel, hotels, food,… as you very well say to this awesome collection.
    Thanks for share and keep up this genial work.

  20. Thanks for all these latest files.
    You guys have an amazing customer service by the way.

  21. Really nice, clean, and current.

  22. LIKE!

  23. Nice icons. But the zip file is now 220MB…ouch! I’d love to download each set of release without downloading the full set. its freaky repetition!

  24. These are fantastic thanks!

  25. Lovely work. I will surely use it in my next project.

    Thanks ET team for creating it.

  26. Just a small request: please make an icon of everything in the world! I love these!

  27. Awesome !!!

  28. Fabulous icon sets ! media addition is awesome. Thanks

  29. Thanks so much! I love these icon sets, they’re really wonderful!!

  30. Love it!! We use your themes to help kids learn Science. These will help! Thank You!

    • You can always download it again if it does 🙂

      • Thats true! Hopefully I will 😀

  31. 1. Awesome. Thank you for your continual generosity.

    2. Is it at all possible to have new additions to the flat icons set linked as their own zip files? …this would help when updating my existing set (and for anyone else who has already downloaded previous releases).

    Thank you.

    • I’d second Ruben’s request. I keep downloading & deleting the old file to keep these updated 🙂

  32. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  33. Nicely done…I asked for some photo related icons and Elegant Themes delivered! Keep up the great work.

    • It’s an old version of the page that you are seeing. Clearing your browser’s cache will solve the problem.

  34. Hi there, thank you guys for all this stuff!
    Some questions: is the icon at [row7, column1] the same of the one at [row5, column3] ?

    There are some icons i don’t understand:
    – [row7, column1]
    – [row8, column1]
    – [row5, column1] is a videocam?
    – [row3, column5] a camera flash?

    Thank you 😉

    • Tripod, Film, Video Camera, Flash.

      Looks like we duplicated one in the preview. Good catch, we’ll fix it 🙂

  35. The timing couldn’t be any more prefect! I am gonna make use of this right away on this project am working on 🙂

  36. These are fabulous. Thanks!

  37. Nicely done guys. I love how you keep everything you do updated and fresh. Thank you!

  38. You guys rock, hands down!! Having these sort of icons make it much easier to design websites on WordPress.

  39. Thanks guys. These are very nice indeed.

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