Our Flat Icons Collection Just Got Even Better With 42 New Transportation Icons

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Our Flat Icons Collection Just Got Even Better With 42 New Transportation Icons
Blog / Freebie Of The Week / Our Flat Icons Collection Just Got Even Better With 42 New Transportation Icons

After getting such a great response from our first round of circular flat icons, we decided to keep growing the collection! We have added a set of transportation themed icons and will continue to add to the pack. The icons come in two sets: full color and single color and they come in .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .png (64px and 128px). These icons are completely free and Open Source under the GPL, so feel free to use them in your personal and commercial projects alike. We are on a mission to create the best collection of Open Source graphics on the web, so that the WordPress ecosystem can use and enjoy them alongside the freedoms they have become accustomed to. Stay tuned for more great stuff! Download the full set here!

The New Additions



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  1. Wow folks, this is an awesome collection!!

  2. Where can we get more of these? They are amazing. Best..

  3. I’ve just downloaded the full pack, an Now I see you already have an update … free stuff keeps getting better …

  4. Please, I would like to have some hosting, education, domains, wiki, wordpress and facebook concepts added to this colletion.

    It is easy for you, guys.

  5. Those are great thank you so much!!!

  6. I miss the “Hosting” icon concept.

  7. Awesome Nick. Was looking for Round shape Icons for long time. Thanks.

  8. Cool stuff, especially liked BW ones. They can be turned into site’s color + white scheme) will recommend to my designers. Thanks!

  9. Wow folks, this is an awesome collection!!

  10. Beautifull icons, Nick, very useful for travel related websites. Thanks for the dedication!

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing…

  12. cool icon nick.. thanks for sharing…

  13. You guys rock. Thanks for the dedication!

  14. thanks a million Nick-ET! I wanna go learn illustrator and in-design but you got my back covered for the moment to making captivating icons! you’re a rare gem!

  15. Awesome. Thanks Nick. You guys rock!

  16. This icon set is delicious, thank you guys!

    Next step something for the Christmas Event? 😉

  17. I am very excited about the project, I can not wait, you are a great team of professionals thanks for the icons..

    • :)) Great!

  18. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give us Divi 😉

    • 100% of our development efforts are dedicated towards Divi, and it will be released as soon as it is ready. As warned, it’s a complicated theme and will take much longer than any of our previous themes to finish.

      • You’re teasing us Nick!

  19. I don’t even understand how you make such amazing graphics, as an aspiring graphic artist its both inspiring and frustrating…

  20. I don’t know how you guys are able to pump these out so quickly. Well done!

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