How to Set Up Your Email Account in Divi’s Email Optin Module

Last Updated on December 23, 2022 by 11 Comments

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How to Set Up Your Email Account in Divi’s Email Optin Module
Blog / Divi Resources / How to Set Up Your Email Account in Divi’s Email Optin Module
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Posted on December 4, 2023 in General News

This year as a special thank you to everyone who purchases an Elegant Themes Membership during our Cyber Monday Sale (and to our wonderful Lifetime customers!) we’ve created several exclusive gifts from our staff to you. Today we’re highlighting the first Divi Website Pack. This vibrant...

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  1. While it’s a great module, we have experienced trouble in that the form falls over seemingly at random and people cannot register, which is a killer.
    We can fix this by re-publishing the page the optin is on.
    Some troubleshooting tips would be great, for example: Is it advisable to cache the page?
    Could caching be a reason why the optin just stops working?

  2. If you want to style your form, don’t use Bloom. It’s very old-fashioned and limited: you can’t even get a transparent background or change the spacing on the submit button. Having bought into Bloom as part of my ‘lifetime’ Divi package I assumed it was a really sophisticated extra, but it really isn’t. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle by using the normal Divi ‘Email optin’ module as described above. It’s much more flexible.

  3. Hello, thank you for this post Randy, it is very well written and it helped me learning some things.
    I think that is a great idea to Divi include different types of free e-mail providers, or another like Roundcub that is very used in my country. I feel that I lack this important feature because of this. Thank you!

    • Do someone find a solution for this issue. I have the same and can’t get the name or other fiedls sent to Sendinblue.

  4. Hi there, the optin doesn’t send atributes like names to sendinblue. I have tried it with Bloom too. The same. So, how does it work? I ask google, but i found no solution for this problem.
    Best regards

  5. This is quite a long process.. is there a way to make it less clunky?

  6. Hi Randy,
    thanks for your article about how to setup e-mail accounts in Divi.
    While we are in Germany and using other e-mail providers than listed in the Divi modules we want to know, how to add these not listed e-mail providers.
    Do you have any solutions on this?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. I set up Bloom in two websites and they were working and then stopped. I have no idea why. Elegant Themes is clearly having trouble with email related issues.

  8. O my god this is complicated. I think I will move on to something else

  9. Please make an update for the mailchimp connection.

    Because mailchimp no longer allows you to create more than 2 lists (in the free version) and now you have to use the labels and in divi the option to choose the label to assign to users who fill out a specific form does not appear


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