How to Add a Circle Text Path SVG Animation to Your Divi Design

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How to Add a Circle Text Path SVG Animation to Your Divi Design
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Keeping up with trends in the web design space is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date as a web designer. It allows you to create modern-day websites that’ll impress your clients and help bring your skillset to the next level. In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to get familiar with a trend you often see nowadays in advanced websites; circle text SVG animations. We’ll show you how to add these inside your Divi page design, and even use them as a button too. You’ll be able to download the JSON file for free as well!

Let’s get to it.


Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome across different screen sizes.


circle text svg animation


circle text svg animation

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Create Hero Design

Add New Section

Background Color

Let’s start by creating the hero design. Open a new or existing page with Divi and add a new regular section to it. Open the section settings and apply a background color of your choice.

  • Background Color: #f3eee8

circle text svg animation


Move on to the spacing settings next and modify the top and bottom padding values.

  • Top Padding: 30px
  • Bottom Padding: 30px

circle text svg animation

Add New Row

Column Structure

Continue by adding a new row to the section, using the following column structure:

circle text svg animation


Without adding modules yet, open the row settings, navigate to the design tab, open the sizing settings and make the following adjustments:

  • Width: 95%
  • Max Width: 2580px

circle text svg animation

Column 1 Settings

Once the general row settings are in place, you can proceed to open the first column’s settings.

circle text svg animation

Background Image

Inside the background settings, upload a background image of your choice. This image will appear below the circle text SVG animation further down the tutorial.

  • Background Image Size: Cover
  • Background Image Position: Center
  • Background Image Repeat: No Repeat

circle text svg animation

Add Text Module #1 to Column 2

Add H1 Content

Time to add modules, starting with a first Text Module in column 2. Add some H1 content of your choice if you’re using this section as a hero, or H2 content if you’re using this anywhere else on your page.

circle text svg animation

H1 Text Settings

Style the heading text settings of this module next.

  • Heading Font: Playfair Display
  • Heading Text Color: #212121
  • Heading Text Size:
    • Desktop: 100px
    • Tablet: 60px
    • Phone: 45px

circle text svg animation


Then, go to the sizing settings and apply a max width.

  • Max Width: 600px

circle text svg animation

Add Text Module #2 to Column 2

Add Content

Below the first Text Module, we’ll add another Text Module. This time, we’ll include some description content.

circle text svg animation

Text Settings

Navigate to the design tab and style the text as follows:

  • Text Font: Montserrat
  • Text Size: 15px
  • Text Line Height: 2em

circle text svg animation


Use a max width in the sizing settings too.

  • Max Width: 520px

circle text svg animation


Then, navigate to the spacing settings and use some responsive values.

  • Top Margin:
    • Desktop: 20vh
    • Tablet & Phone: 50px
  • Left Padding: 5%

circle text svg animation


We’re including a left border in the border settings too.

  • Left Border Width: 2px
  • Left Border Color: #000000

circle text svg animation

Add Circle Text SVG Animation

Add Code Module to Column 1

Now that we’ve created the foundation of our section design, we can focus on creating the circle text SVG animation. To add the circle text SVG animation, we’re going to use a Code Module in column 1. Go ahead and add one.

circle text svg animation

Add Link

If you want this circle text SVG animation to be clickable, you can add a URL of your choice in the link settings of the module.

circle text svg animation


Make sure the module’s width is set to “100%” in the sizing settings as well.

  • Width: 100%

circle text svg animation

Add Circle & Text SVGs to Code Box

Back to the code box in the content tab. Here, we’re first going to add the circle SVG and text path using the following HTML code:

<svg viewBox="0 0 500 500">
	<path d="M50,250c0-110.5,89.5-200,200-200s200,89.5,200,200s-89.5,200-200,200S50,360.5,50,250" id="circle">
	<text dy="70">
		<textPath xlink:href="#circle">View Portfolio • New Homes •</textPath>

circle text svg animation

Style SVGs with CSS

Of course, we’ll need to style the SVG text path to make it match our design. We’re making sure the SVG is set to “100%” as well. Paste the following lines of CSS code inside the code box, between style tags:

svg { 
	width: 100%;
svg textPath { 
  font-size: 39px;
	font-family:  "Montserrat";
	text-transform: uppercase;
	letter-spacing: 20px;
	fill: #fff;

circle text svg animation

Add AnimateTransform HTML Tags

Now, to create an endless rotation for our text, we’re going to use the animate transform element that allows us to create the animation without the need for external JavaScript code. These are the attributes we’re assigning to our SVG:

            from="0 250 250"
            to="360 250 250"

You can modify these attributes however you want, to create the animation of your choice. Notice how the last attribute, repeatCount, is set to “indefinite”. This allows us to create an endless loop of rotation for our SVG.

circle text svg animation

Modify Text Path For Own Use

Of course, you’ll want to modify the text to make it match your own website, you can do that easily between the text path tags. However, once you change the length of the copy, you’ll need to modify the settings to make sure you create a perfect circle. You can play around with the “dy” value, which indicates a shift along the y-axis and change the font size and letter spacing of the text path until you get your desired outcome. That’s it!

circle text svg animation


Now that we’ve gone through all the steps, let’s take a final look at the outcome across different screen sizes.


circle text svg animation


circle text svg animation

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you how to keep your website up to date with design trends. More specifically, we’ve shown you how to create a circle text SVG animation and use it elegantly in your Divi design. Once you get the approach, you’re able to use this element to display any text you want and finetune it to your own design. You were able to download the JSON file for free as well! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello,
    Very good post ! Thanks ! But.. do you know if you can do the same thing but with rotation as things progress scroll ?

  2. Thank you for this, very excited to try this out sometime soon. 🙂

  3. This is really cool, easy and lightweight! I take note if it becomes helpfull for some of my future projects.

  4. Excellent and I have a use for it right now but it needs to go anti-clockwise to read left to right. Can you explain what needs to be changed to make it do that please?

    • Hi Brian,
      I wanted this as well so I changed this code:

      To this (or maybe it was vice versa)

      Do you see the from and to numbers changed, so from 360 to 0 changes to from 0 to 360 – resulting in a change in direction as required.

  5. Brilliant, I look forward to giving this a go!

  6. Hi – are there any SVG animation resources out there that you recommend?

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