Get a FREE Insurance Agency Layout Pack for Divi

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Get a FREE Insurance Agency Layout Pack for Divi

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you.

For the first layout this week, Kenny and his team have created a stunning Insurance Agency Layout Pack. This layout pack is perfect for any Insurance Agency looking to promote their services online. It has seven different page layouts packed with beautiful and engaging graphics and icons. The landing page is built to impress as well as to inform. And the services page showcases each service with elegance. This pack accommodates a wide range of needs for any Insurance Agency. Check it out!

divi layout

Check Out The Divi Insurance Agency
Layout Pack Below

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Landing Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

Home Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

About Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

Blog Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

Contact Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

Services Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

Service Page Design

View The Live Layout Demo

Key Features

The custom graphics and icons really make this layout pack shine! And the soft color scheme is inviting and professional – a great start for building an effective site for any insurance agency. There are also some pretty unique design elements on the landing page and about page you are going to love. And I must say, the inclusion of a services page and a service page is invaluable.

Live Demos

Click the links below to see a live demo for each of the layouts included in the pack.

  1. Insurance Agency Landing Page (live demo)
  2. Insurance Agency Homepage (live demo)
  3. Insurance Agency About Page (live demo)
  4. Insurance Agency Services Page (live demo)
  5. Insurance Agency Service Page (live demo)
  6. Insurance Agency Blog Page (live demo)
  7. Insurance Agency Contact Page (live demo)

Access This Layout Right Now
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Since Version 3.0.99 of Divi, you can find and import any of the layouts included in this pack (along with ALL of Divi’s Premade Layout packs) directly from the Divi Builder. They are already waiting for you.

When you add a new page from the WordPress Dashboard, deploy the Visual Builder. You will be prompted with three choices regarding how you want to start building your page. Select the option “Choose A Premade Layout”.

Under the Premade Layouts tab, you can easily find the new layout by scrolling through the list of layout packs. Once you find the Insurance Agency Layout Pack, click on it. You will see all the individual layouts included in the pack. Select the layout you want to use and then click the “Use This Layout” button.

You can also access new layouts at anytime within the Visual Builder by clicking the “Load From Library” icon in the page settings bar (it looks like a plus symbol). Inside the Load From Library popup you can choose the new layout you want to use.

Authentication Required

Before you can download Premade Layouts from the Divi Library you must authenticate your Elegant Themes Subscription. If you have already activated updates for Divi under Divi > Theme Options > Updates, you have already authenticated your subscription and will have access to the layouts without a problem. If not, when you click to import a layout to your page, you will be prompted to enter your Elegant Themes Membership Username and API Key.

After you enter the Username and API Key, you will gain immediate access to the layouts. You can find your API Key under your members area on the Elegant Themes site.

No Licensing Restrictions

The photos included with these layouts have no licensing restrictions. This means you can use them in all of your commercial projects without having to worry about paying licensing fees or attributing the photographer. Use them in your commercial websites, sell them within your Divi child themes, include them in your own Divi layout packs or just use them on your blog. We know how challenging it can be to find good photos and how confusing and scary the licensing that governs those photos can be. We want to fix that problem for our users.

Download the Full Res Image Assets

New Layout Packs Every Week!

We hope you enjoy this layout pack. We look forward to hearing your opinions in the comment section below. Make sure you check out next week’s layout packs as well. We publish one on Monday and the other on Friday!

Premade Layouts

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  1. This layout is a beauty!

  2. Wow. Your template designers are getting better and better. Lol. I dig it. Keep up the good work team.

  3. This is amazing. I just had a short chat about this with Kenny 2 weeks ago.?

  4. Gorgeous work!! What an outstanding contribution to the community, thank you!

  5. Best by far! Elegantthemes make things so much easier.

  6. Qué hermoso es este layout- It is really beautiful this layout.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    IG @emprendeendigital

  7. Without hover-animations these layouts still look very static to me. Will all previous layout packs be able to have such effects applied to elements, once this long awaited feature will finally be released after approx. 18 months wait?

  8. Jason,

    Great post. Love the layout pack and the illustrations. I work with doctors, dentists and attorneys and would like to use this pack with different illustration graphics. Any idea where I can find similar illustration graphics for my niche?


    • Unfortunately no, but you can download the source files for all the icons and graphics used in this layout by clicking the Download the Full Res Image Assets button at the bottom of this post. That way you can tweak them however you want (or get someone else to :)).

  9. A nice layout pack. I’d love to see some packs inspired less by large businesses and more tailored towards individuals. For instance, individual crafters who create beautiful artwork. As well done as they are, all the layout packs so far are too “professional” and business oriented for such a client.

    • Can I just 2nd this. I’d love to see something that is along the lines of craft. I’m in a HUGE community of crafters and they would dearly love a website where they can showcase and blog about their products and also sell them. As beautiful and generous as these template are, they’re all a bit clinical/professional/masculine for anything like that

  10. FINALLY an Insurance layout. I was starting to think I was the only one still in the business.

  11. How did you upload pictures to the Blurb Icons like on the home page?

    • With the Blurb Module, you can choose to use an icon or an image. Is that what you are referring to?

  12. Beautiful theme! With a couple subtle teaks this would make a great theme for any kind of white collar business!

  13. I wish you folks would make a video streaming company layout. I’ve been meaning to suggest that for months now.

    These are great designs you folks are presenting.



  14. Hi Divi…..Have you ever made a template type for working local bands/Musicians?

    • No, they haven’t but we need to keep bugging them about it. Maybe one day!

  15. Nice work as usual! Could you pass on to developers that we need a Singers/Musicians/Band layout badly? We keep asking but no response! Please stop ignoring us! Please!

  16. I really hope to see a Hotel layout and bookshop layout.

  17. another lovely design… looking forward to seeing how the upcoming hover state update will be used on these layout packs

  18. Thanks for these amazing layouts it helps a lot.

  19. Nice layouts. What about giving us a church layout? hope that will come up soon.

  20. Looking for the download link for this layout pack. Your CTA for getting the Layout keeps redirecting me to your YouTube channel.

    • That’s because it is already available from within the Divi Builder premade layouts. No more need for download links.

  21. Is it available to download for free only for those who are members?

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