Congratulations To The Winners Of The 2014 Customer Showcase Contest

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Congratulations To The Winners Of The 2014 Customer Showcase Contest

Every year, we take the time to share and enjoy the wonderful websites created by the Elegant Themes community. Two weeks ago we announced the finalists of the 2014 Customer Showcase contest and opened up the doors for voting. Since then, almost 2,000 people have voted for their favorite websites, and the top 3 winners have been chosen. Without further adieu, help us congratulate this year’s winners!

First Place: Condiviso

Designed by CONDIVISO SocietΓ  Cooperativa Consortile, embodies a timeless modern style. The design employs their signature eye-catching yellow, but lets it breath amongst the stark black and white typography. Condiviso makes perfect use of Divi’s background video feature, and their custom video header makes it clear that they are a complete creative agency. This is a beautiful site, and a deserving first place winner!


The Prizes

Second Place: Nisha Moodley

Lindsay McGuire has done an amazing job customizing the Divi theme on The bold use of color, texture and photography is striking, and the result is a welcoming website with a warm and homey feel.


The Prizes

Third Place: PIT Design

Ninos has taken Divi’s sleek, clean style and added tons of fun and playful touches. The use of illustrations and textures are welcoming, and the overall style is personal and human. I enjoy what the designer has done with texture, patterns and colorful backgrounds elements.


The Prizes

A Big Thanks To All Those Who Participated

We love to celebrate the amazing work of our community, and it was a pleasure to pore over the thousands of websites that you submitted. There were so many more amazing websites that were not featured, and it was difficult to pick the 30 finalists, and even more difficult to celebrate only 3 winners. The designs submitted get better and better each year, and it’s inspiring to see how far we have all come. Thanks to all those who submitted their websites, and to all of those who voted for their favorites. I can’t wait to do this again next year πŸ™‚

Premade Layouts

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  1. Congrats to all the winners! Cheers

  2. As John says “Congrats to all the winners! Cheers”

    All worthy winners out of some fabulous entries.

  3. Some awesome work here. Congrats to the winners and ALL the participants!

  4. Yes indeed, congrats to all the winners!

  5. Congrats to all the winners, great designs!

  6. Congrats to the winners! Amazing designs!

  7. Awesome work guys! These are all great sources of inspiration.

  8. Some great site designs there. Inspiration to the rest of us. Well done!

  9. Ahh, so glad Nisha Moodley’s site is up here, I’ve loved it since I saw it and Lindsay’s work is just beautiful. Congrats!

    • Her site was my winner. I’m loving yours also Bhakti πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much Bhakti! So excited and thrilled and thankful to everyone who voted πŸ™‚

  10. Congrats to all the participants!

  11. Congrats to all the winners. These designs are all amazing and I bet it was very difficult to pick only three πŸ™‚

  12. Sooooooooooo….. Nisha Moodley Website was built with Divi? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! I have a lot of work to do.

    • Yes! I absolutely LOVE Divi. Use it on ALL my sites now. So versatile and easy for the client to manage.

      • Hi Lindsay, Can you tell us how you get the header and menu to change as we scroll down the page?

  13. Inspirational! Congrats to all!

  14. Really amazing websites. These websites will motivate everyone. Congratulations to all winners…

  15. Very inspirational work. Well done to all.

  16. if the 1st winner want his brand / website / company to be available to foreign country, just a suggestion for france (no idea about what this company talk about) he will have to change the name of the brand. in france, Con means = Idiot, stupid, etc … and as well the intimity of the woman :D… congrats to the winners πŸ™‚ just hope the first one will never be available in France, because it will just not work:D

  17. Wow, so inspired by the Nisha Moodley website – It is absolutely gorgeous. You feel like you’re being transported to a warm & invigorating place just being on the site. Great work by the designer Lindsay McGuire! I’d hire you in a heartbeat if I had the budget πŸ˜‰

    All of the sites look great & I really appreciate how unique each one is from one another. Sign of an awesome & versatile theme πŸ˜‰

    Big congrats to the winners!

    • Thank you Candis πŸ™‚

      Keep in touch, I’m sure we can find a way to hang out sometime. I’m going to check out your site now.

  18. All of the finalists had beautiful sites. Kudos to these three for their outstanding work and thank you for the inspiration for the rest of us!

  19. 3 of them are indeed winners! Cheers.

  20. Congratulations to all the winners, Amazing work πŸ™‚ We missed out on the entry this time as we were in the middle of a re branding exercise.

    Tallyho! Jeasy

  21. Congrats to the Winners,cool work

  22. These sites look amazing. I can’t wait for the next magazine theme. I’m installing it day one.

  23. Hi nick..
    the one thing that ive always liked about elegant themes is thier affordable. . Price point. . Im glad it’s still within my reach..
    digital grog / cuemedia

  24. Many congrats to all of you..

  25. I absolutely love these designs! Congratulations to the winners!

  26. Excellent work! Congrats to the winners.

  27. First one does not show the video. Using chrome on A4.4

  28. Awesome websites! Congrats to all the winners πŸ™‚


  29. Congrats to all the winners.

  30. We are very excited and flattered for this result. It’s a great outcome for our first project as a team!
    We need to work on a multilingual version asap, I guess.

    Just a note: it’s, not

    Thanks to everyone who voted for our website and thanks to elegant themes for the chance to compete with such great designs.
    Lorenzo Novaro,
    President of CONDIVISO

    • Sorry about that. I had the links correct, but somehow messed up the description.

    • We love the rebus in Condiviso’s logomark (conΓ·).

  31. First of all, Congratulations to CONDIVISO team and Lindsay (Nisha Moodley)

    It’s nice to have the chance to share design ideas with the community, and even nicer to see them recognised.

    Thank you ET Team for the contest, themes & the support team of course..
    I hope you haven’t stopped developing Divi, the theme is great with a lot of potential, investing more in it wouldn’t be a bad idea, in my opinion.

    All the best.

    Ninos Hozaya
    PIT Designs

    • You guys were my personal favourites, glad to see you among the winners πŸ™‚

  32. Congratulations to the winners. We finished the Team 218 site just past the deadline for submitting entries. Oh well…maybe we’ll get in next time.

    Hats off the Elegant Themes for great products and for holding the contest.

  33. Well done to all the winners but they do all share one thing in common, they’re all made by professional website designers so why wouldn’t they win ???
    I was under the impression wordpress was the platform for amateurs as its open source and et facilitated this for us with beautiful themes for us to work with.
    I wonder if the majority of et customers are professionals or amateurs and i wonder if next years competition will have categories for both, if not i’m thinking its a bit of a waste of time for us amateurs entering, that’s my thoughts anyways

  34. Congrats to all the winners! Some very nice and inspiring designs.

  35. Congratulations to this italian team.

    Are there any news on the 2015 contest?

  36. I have been trying to figure out how that homepage for Nisha Moodley was built in Divi!! I love it!!

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