Divi Meetup Network Community Update: September 2020

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Divi Meetup Network Community Update: September 2020
Blog / Community / Divi Meetup Network Community Update: September 2020

Greetings Divi community and happy fall! 🍂

As we start Q4 of a very challenging year for Team Earth, we’re reminded of the power of community. And it keeps us going. Did any of us expect to be here a year ago? No. Yet, here we are. It can be overwhelming to plan into our futures these days as all of our futures are uncertain. But what is certain is how building up community empowers and encourages us. So, when we’re down, we get the privilege of tapping into that community support. Had we not poured into our community and committed to it, we might not have had this gift. Countless times individuals in my tech communities have reached out to say that they’re thinking of me. And I love it. There are days when it was just that that kept me going.

How have your communities strengthened and/or encouraged you lately? We would love to hear your stories.

And while you’re at it, check out our current stats and updates from our very special Divi Meetup community.

The Divi Nation Meetup Network by the Numbers

  • Total Members: 9,022
  • Total Groups: 67
  • Total Events Hosted: 681
  • Total RSVPs: 5,101
  • New Members (Last 90 Days): 1,152
  • New Groups (Last 60 Days): 4

If you have a passion to build your local Divi community, locate a group near you here or use the button below to apply to become a local organizer.


Let’s Welcome Our New Meetup Groups

Please give a warm welcome to our new hosts! September brought us two more Meetup groups and one more meetup organizer. We’re excited to introduce you to the hosts.

See below for introductions (in the host’s own words) and info on their next Meetups.

Divi Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA

Lisa Beecroft Divi Twin Cities

Lisa Beecroft of Divi Twin Cities

Meet the host, Lisa Beecroft:

I have 25+ years of experience in marketing, communications, education, event management, and website development. I own Beecroft Marketing & Events, a small business in Downtown White Bear Lake that manages events and festivals. I also consult, train, and work with small businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits.

I run a marketing & events company, and design and manage websites for many clients. Most of the sites I have designed were built with Divi, and I believe there is a growing community that would benefit from shared practices and insights.

Their first event is scheduled and you should check it out!

Go to Divi Twin Cities

Divi Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Kevin Sterling of Divi Ottawa

Kevin Sterling of Divi Ottawa

Meet the host, Kevin Sterling:

Having been an entrepreneur from an early age, I enjoy the challenges that running your own business brings. As an entrepreneur and an IT enthusiast, I stumbled across Divi a little over a year ago for my own use as I was not happy with the limitations of the solution I had at the time. All of my sites are now on Divi and while I still have lots to learn, I am looking forward to creating and connecting with a like-minded community so that we can help each other grow.

My primary business, Centrosome Inc. provides support for entrepreneurs and small business owners with Bookkeeping, IT, and Consulting services both Canada and the US. I also recently opened a coworking space, Sterling Spaces Inc, as another way to build and support the community.

I am looking forward to the stories and wins that we will experience as a group together!

I have been working with Divi for a little over a year now and I really enjoy working with it. I have talked to quite a few website builders and designers and they too love it! There is currently no chapter in Ottawa and since I am already building a community of entrepreneurs and creating an environment of collaboration and resources for my coworking members, I feel that being a host and leading a Divi Meetup group would be a wonderful addition for both our community and the city. It is also a need as there is currently no one serving this local community. With Ottawa being as tech-focused as it is, I am surprised that there is no official community here yet and I am happy to lead the charge!

This group is hot off the press but ready for primetime! Do visit and attend a meetup.

Go to Divi Ottawa

Divi Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Steven Peralta of Divi Phoenix

Steven Peralta of Divi Phoenix

Meet the host, Steven Peralta:

My name is Steven I have a web design and development agency called Onload Development LLC. I have a deep passion for learning future technologies today. I am a born entrepreneur who has found a place and foundation in the WordPress community and I look forward to helping others reach their goals in business and life with the use of technology. I first found programming at the age of 14 and never looked back.

When I wanted to learn web development, the WordPress community welcomed me with open arms and showed me the ropes. I want to give that same sense of belonging to the WordPress Divi community by teaching others how to get started and evolve their skillset.

Steven is our youngest organizer and so giving to the Divi Phoenix community! Be sure to catch their upcoming meetup.

Go to Divi Phoenix

Updates from Existing Groups

We’re having so much fun visiting each other’s virtual Divi Meetup events! You’ll notice some of the same faces in the screenshots below. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, what a gift our virtual events have been in allowing us to join meetups all over the globe from our own desks! Or couch…

Check out the monthly happenings of some of our communities below!

Divi Cape Town in South Africa

Divi Cape Town

Divi Cape Town

From the Host, Dirk Tolken:

We had a great meetup about email marketing leading up to BFCM. [We had 5 attendees, plus me as the presenter, for a total of 6]. We shared some resources and tips, how things integrated with DIVI, what cool tools to use, and managing different kinds of email campaigns that could potentially be useful. We also discussed some list-priming and data cleansing techniques. All in all, [it was] received well by the group of attendees!

Don’t hesitate to join them virtually! You will not be disappointed.

Go to Divi Cape Town

Divi Chicago, Illinois, United States

Divi Chicago

Divi Chicago

From the Hosts, Joan Margau & Scott Winterroth:

Divi-Chicago Show and Tell for September was a lively virtual Meetup. Everyone contributed from their experience working with Divi. We solved problems and learned more about Divi. Our next meetup is on a topic we’ve had a lot of questions about: How to Transfer a Website, presented by Scott Winterroth, Director of Mission Control at WordSpaces.com Hosting on Mon. Oct. 12, at 7:00 PM.

Be sure to check this event out virtually.

Go to Divi Chicago

Divi Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Divi Dallas/Forth Worth

Divi Dallas/Forth Worth

From the Host, Tommy Lee & Jube Dankworth:

Divi DFW’s roundtable event for Septemeber 2020 started off by covering the new Divi Marketplace with tips and tricks on how to use this new feature to help build websites faster. We went on to cover sticky options and dove right into member problem solving for the group. Overall, one of the strengths of our Divi group is that we have a fantastic mix of professionals and novices, so that we’re always able to generate thoughtful discussion. Our membership has actually grown through our virtual event period, as we can now have Divi users across the country join our events. We now have 148 members!

Divi DFW is a lively virtual meetup so don’t miss it.

Go to Divi Dallas/Fort Worth

Divi Washington DC, USA

Divi DC

Divi Washington DC

From the Host, John Browning:

In September, we had a welcoming zoom session where we discussed how to build a great-looking footer using the Divi theme builder. It was great to learn how to add dynamic content to modules and find new ways to modify footer templates in the Divi library.

Our next meetup will cover the basics of using the Divi visual builder.

Divi DC is up and running full speed ahead. Catch a virtual meetup asap.

Go to Divi Washington DC

Divi Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Divi Edmonton

Divi Edmonton

From the Host, Amin Ahmed:

For September, we continued our virtual meetup with guests joining from all over North America! We started by showcasing a new Divi feature – the Sticky elements. The attendees were very impressed. Then our host, Amin, discussed why your site needs to be blazing fast, how to determine what is slowing it down, and how to speed it up. Looking forward to another great turnout next month!

Divi Edmonton is a wonderful virtual event! Do visit.

Go to Divi Edmonton

Divi Kolkata, India

Divi Kolkata

Divi Kolkata

From the Host, Rajesh Ravidas:

It was nice seeing [a] few experienced users this month. We have decided to go with a beginner’s topic “how to create a blogging website with Divi”. But seeing the experienced members we just thought to discuss some of our problems with Divi so we shared our experience and some problems. It was nice seeing [a] few experienced Divians in the community.

Divi Kolkata is such a great virtual event to catch so visit soon.

Go to Divi Kolkata

Divi Los Angeles, California, USA

Divi Los Angeles

Divi Los Angeles

From the Host, Christian Mauerer:

This month’s meetup we’ve focussed on user Q&A. We did not focus on one specific topic like ADA, animation, or CSS but instead, we opened the floor for users to come to the table, screen share their problem & we would all help them fix their issues. Very interactive & fun format in which all of us can learn.
We had 2 newcomers this month & they also really appreciated the ease of how they could be part of the conversation.
Till next time at Divi Meetup Los Angeles – yeeeha!

There’s a ton happening in LA! Get plugged in with this great Divi meetup!

Go to Divi Los Angeles

Divi Madrid, Spain

Divi Madrid

Divi Madrid

From the Hosts, Luis Melgarejo & Julio Hector Loupias:

In our last Meetup, Pablo Capello and Pamela Toloza delighted us with their presentation “Empowering DIVI with Dynamic Data”.

Since our last meetup, DIVI Madrid has grown by 13%, currently reaching 294 members. We were broadcasting live on Youtube for almost 90 minutes. We are happy with the results we are obtaining. Our YouTube channel has grown to 68 subscribers. Pablo & Pamela’s presentation has 144 views!!!

“Something we never expected and would like to highlight is that Raquel was there watching us for a few minutes”. We want to say thank you Raquel for joining us and for your time” That’s it for now from Madrid – Spain.

Julio, Luis, and community, it was my pleasure to join! I hope I get another opportunity to visit again. 😊

Go to Divi Madrid

Divi Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Divi Milwaukee

Divi Milwaukee

From the Host, Kimberly Huges:

On September 8, several new members joined our Zoom meetup. They were so glad to discover our Divi group.

The Milwaukee hosts two virtual meetups per month! Do check it out.

Go to Divi Milwaukee

Divi Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Divi Phoenix

Divi Phoenix

From the Hosts, Steven & David:

We’re keeping at it with our Q&A Help Desks in the midday. The community has been enjoying a time dedicated to all of your Divi Builder burning questions and we’re happy to oblige! Next month we switch our meeting days to Tuesday. Be sure to check our page out and RSVP, “Yes.”

Divi Phoenix is constantly on their toes and reiterating. You should join.

Go to Divi Phoenix

Divi Sacramento, California, USA

Divi Sacramento

Divi Sacramento

From the Host, Rosalinda Huck:

In September, Divi Sacramento dove into workflows in a Divi environment in a presentation from co-organizer, Rosalinda Huck. Highlights include using the culinary mise-en-place mindset and applying it to using Divi to build websites, as well as the importance of acquainting yourself with features like global presets to keep your workflow moving. Join us in October for our monthly Q&A Roundtable. Bring your Divi questions, and/or show us your latest projects!

Divi Sacramento comes at it with content. Have you joined yet?

Go to Divi Sacramento

Divi Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Salt Lake City

From the Host, Dustin Olsen:

In September we had our working session where we answered whatever question or issue our members were having with their Divi website. The best part is when others on the call chimed in with their solutions [on] how to solve it. In October, we are talking about Divi design tips for beginners. Getting foundation in place with your design will be pay dividends down the road.

Come join them for their online meetup!

Go to Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Santa Cruz, California, USA

Divi Santa Cruz

Divi Santa Cruz

From the Host, Anthony Garcia:

We here in Santa Cruz had a great meeting this month with visitors from other areas and states, and also new locals that need help with their website projects. It’s a nice silver lining during the pandemic to be able to have these meetings through Zoom and have people from wherever able to attend when they couldn’t in person.

The Divi Santa Cruz community is growing. Check out their next meetup.

Go to Divi Santa Cruz

Divi Satkhira, Bangladesh

Divi Satkhira

Divi Satkhira

From the Host, Delower Hossain:

With 25 new members joining in September, Divi Satkhira’s membership has continued to grow a good pace. Our last meeting was a fascinating discussion on “How to maximize Divi Layouts”. Next month, our group will discuss Bloom

Divi Satkhira is growing! Have you visited yet?

Go to Divi Satkhira

Divi Seattle, Washington, USA

Divi Seattle

Divi Seattle

From the Hosts, Bradon Garley & Shane Griffiths:

This month we did a crash course on Divi’s Style Presets feature. This is a wonderful feature that allows design styling to scale across multiple pages on a website. We started with an overview of how to access and use the Style Presets. Then we covered best practices for implementing presents on an existing Divi site vs a new Divi site. Our community really liked the idea of importing a template containing every Divi module and building style presets for those, then building a new website from that foundation. Presets were a big hit! Next month we will be diving into Accessibility with Divi.

Seattle is representing Divi well in Northwest America. Do check their next virtual event out.

Go to Divi Seattle

Divi South Florida, Florida, USA

Divi South Florida

Divi South Florida

From the Host, Carlos Vazquez:

During this month’s meetup, we had guest speaker Dr. Aprile Andelle, a full-time therapist and Divi enthusiast, share how she approaches her website planning and creation. Although she’s not a full-time designer, she mentioned that with Divi’s easy to use builder, she’s able to have the full control she needs to keep her site fresh and up to date. The attendees also chimed in with their best practices along with tools they use for building the perfect site.

With guest speakers and great content, you don’t want to miss another Divi South Florida event. Be sure to join.

Go to Divi South Florida

Divi Tampa, Florida, USA

Divi Tampa

Divi Tampa

From the Host, Steve Willingham:

September 2020 Divi Meetup in Tampa…or Virtually Anywhere!

The Divi-Tampa September VIRTUAL Meetup was held on Thursday, Sep 17 at 2PM EST. Eleven Meetup members signed up to attend, and four actually attended. Stephen L, from Tampa, shared his thoughts and passion about the Divi theme as well as some CSS tricks he’s implemented for eliminating an unwanted space that seems to sometimes appear at the top of each page. Andrea was joining our meetup from Eugene, Oregon! She shared some of the work she’s currently doing building a new website for the University of Oregon’s Museum. It’s not online yet, but she shared her Divi Builder screen and let us help her with some module positioning questions. Overall, this was quite a fun, interesting and productive meetup!

If you haven’t visited a Divi Tampa virtual meetup yet, you need to just do it.

Go to Divi Tampa

Divi Toulouse, France

Divi Toulouse

Divi Toulouse

From the Host, Fifa Randrianasolo:

Nous avons abordé le fonctionnement de Divi’s Content Dynamic ainsi que ses avantages et ses inconvénients.
C’était un moment riche en partages de connaissances. Grâce à la rencontre en ligne, nous avons eu le plaisir d’avoir avec nous des personnes qui habitent un peu partout en France. C’était génial!!

This French Divi Meetup is making us proud. Do check them out.

Go to Divi Toulouse

Want to Host Your Own Local Divi Network Meetup?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for people around the world who are passionate about Divi and building community and want to spread that enthusiasm to their local community. We take care of the monthly Meetup fees, and we provide all our hosts with tons of resources to help plan and promote their events, including help with finding a venue and coming up with topic ideas.

Starting a new Divi Meetup group is simple. Just apply by filling out this form or email [email protected]. Once the form is complete, we will work together to get your group launched and linked to our Meetup Network. Easy as that!

Not sure if there’s already a Divi Meetup Group in your area? Just head to our Meetup Network page to see a map of our current locations.

Global Divi Meetup Network

Featured Image via Evellean / shutterstock.com


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