Divi Meetup Network Community Update: October 2020

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Divi Meetup Network Community Update: October 2020
Blog / Community / Divi Meetup Network Community Update: October 2020

Happy Harvest Divi Nation! 🎃🍁🥮

Yes, after an extended summer, cooler weather is here! Not to mention the usual Q4 uptick in business. How did your Q4 start? On track and as expected? Dry and 50% down from this time last year? Super busy and you’re needing extra help? Not sure any of us are where we predicted to be at the beginning of this year but here we are!

Here at Elegant Themes, we’re prepping for our annual Black Friday happenings. I bet a lot of our Divi community of entrepreneurs and agencies are doing the same. November is here and we wish you all the best Q4 possible!

While we have you, check out our current stats and wonderful Divi community updates.

The Divi Nation Meetup Network by the Numbers

  • Total Members: 9,157
  • Total Groups: 67
  • Total Events Hosted: 710
  • Total RSVPs: 5,566
  • New Members (Last 90 Days): 1,074
  • New Groups (Last 60 Days): 2

If you have a passion to build your local Divi community, locate a group near you here or use the button below to apply to become a local organizer.


Updates from Existing Groups

Our Divi Meetup community of leaders just completed our 2020 Q4 Video Roundtable chat. We were in awe that our fourth and final video chat of the year came and went. 😅 The team of leaders that run the local Divi meetups are growing in their joy for, not only their respective communities but for our group of global Divi meetup leaders as well! We love seeing them collaborate and support each other! It is what genuine community building is made of. Collaboration over competition. Service and help toward others. It’s beautiful and we’re grateful to see our Divi community grow in this aspect. 🥰

Check out the monthly happenings of some of our communities below!

Divi Chicago, Illinois, United States

Divi Chicago

Divi Chicago

From the Hosts, Joan Margau & Scott Winterroth:

Divi Chicago is getting it done. Last month, we hosted a virtual workshop on how to transfer a Divi WordPress Website and presented by Scott Winterroth. (Replay link) Coming up in November, we’re hosting a discussion on Divi Business Development and a special multi-meetup event for Black Friday Deals for Divi!

Come one come all to a Divi Chicago event coming up soon.

Go to Divi Chicago

Divi Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Divi Dallas/Fort Worth

Divi Dallas/Fort Worth

From the Hosts, Tommy Lee, Jube Dankworth, and Kent Pilkington:

This October, Divi DFW learned about how to add motion to Divi websites, using options such as Scroll Effects, Animations, Hover, and the new Sticky Options. Not only did we have a live demonstration of all these options, but we also had a live demo of how to implement these options into websites, and talked about several best use cases. I think that is especially what makes our group unique, in that we work together during our meetings, not just on the topic, but general Divi questions and problems.

We hope you’ll join them on the 17th for another Divi DFW meeting.

Go to Divi Dallas/Fort Worth

Divi Madrid, Spain

Divi Madrid

Divi Madrid

From the Hosts, Luis Melgarejo & Julio Hector Loupias:

In our last Meetup, Jefferson Maldonado delighted us with his presentation “UX design tips in Divi to achieve fascinating results.”
Since our last meetup, DIVI Madrid has grown by 13,26%, currently reaching 333 members. We were broadcasting live on Youtube for almost 90 minutes.
We are happy with the results obtained. Our YouTube channel has grown to 82 subscribers (20,6% increase compared to last month). To today, Jefferson´s presentation has reached 91 views!!!

That’s it for now. Greetings to all from confined Madrid.

Divi Madrid puts on a great show! Be sure to join.

Go to Divi Madrid

Divi Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Divi Milwaukee

Divi Milwaukee

From the Hosts, Tracy Champagne & Phil Reinhardt:

[We] had a really good meeting in October. Our attendees came with questions and most of the questions we were able to help out with. It’s really nice to see a lot of the same people who come back to every meeting as well as see some new faces. Looking forward to meeting and helping new people!

They are excited about the November event where they’re joining forces with a few other Divi groups. Ya gotta check it out!

Go to Divi Milwaukee

Divi Phoenix, Arizona, USA

From the Host, Steven Peralta:

Divi Phoenix is trucking along with our Q&A meetup format. Every other week we discuss new Divi features and then answer your burning questions about the Divi Theme Builder. We’re grateful to still have FaceTime with our community!

The Phoenix community is super active with two virtual meetups per month! Be sure to join!

Go to Divi Phoenix

Divi Sacramento, California, USA

Divi Sacramento

Divi Sacramento

From the Host, Rosalinda Huck:

For October, Divi Sacramento had a Q&A Roundtable! Three major topics of discussion were how to make a video appear in the excerpt on the blog page, SEO basics, and how the Divi Theme Builder can be applied to category and tag pages.

Join us in November for a discussion on auditing site health and performance!

Go to Divi Sacramento

Divi Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Salt Lake City

From the Host, Dustin Olsen:

This month for Divi Salt Lake City we focused on Beginner Designer Tips and walked through a typical workflow in building out a brand new site. We walked through Theme Option settings, discussed creating custom headers and footers with Theme Builder, how to set up and manage Presets, and when to use the Divi Library. It was so packed, we probably need a part 2.

Next month they are doing a Q & A. You bring the questions, and they’ll bring the answers. Come join them!

Go to Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Santa Cruz, California, USA

Divi Santa Cruz

Divi Santa Cruz

From the Host, Anthony Garcia:

This month we had another great discussion about all things Divi, and because of the pandemic and Zoom, we were able to host visitors from other areas and states. Silver linings, am I right? It’s good to connect and have some community in these times that can feel very isolating. It’s nice to have some other pros to bounce ideas off of and get help with problems that might have come up during the month. Thanks, Divi Santa Cruz!

Did you know there was a Divi Meetup in the Santa Cruz area?? Join their group today!

Go to Divi Santa Cruz

Divi Satkhira, Bangladesh

Divi Satkhira

Divi Satkhira

From the Host, Delower Hossain:

This month’s meetup we’ve focussed About Bloom Plugin. All our members are pumped up and so happy to learn about Bloom Plugin.

Next month, Divi Satkhira will talk about the Typography of Divi Theme. Do check it out!

Go to Divi Satkhira

Divi Seattle, Washington, USA

Divi Seattle

Divi Seattle

From the Hosts, Bradon Garley & Shane Griffiths:

October was Accessibility month for Divi Seattle. We took a deep dive into what accessibility is, why it’s so important for the web, and what we can do to make our websites more accessible for all users. Our demo covered common issues like color contrast, missing alt text, and semantic structure. We went through how to test for accessibility using free tools, and how you can preview your website with filters replicating common visual disabilities. In the end, we showed how being mindful of accessibility can make the web useful for everyone, and it doesn’t require much additional effort to do so.

Okay, but have you visited a Divi Seattle event yet? Don’t miss out!

Go to Divi Seattle

Divi Tampa, Florida, USA

Divi Tampa

Divi Tampa

From the Host, Steve Willingham:

The Divi-Tampa October VIRTUAL Meetup was held on Thursday Oct 22 at 1PM EST. Fifteen Meetup members signed up to attend, and seven actually attended. Relatively speaking, this was a great turnout, well above the typical 30% for these meetups. Members joined from the Tampa Bay area as well as from Dallas, TX and Eugene, Oregon. We had a wonderful exchange of knowledge and tips on various Divi subject elements, live shared our websites and admin questions and curiosities. We shared info about website accessibility, menu and color theme tips, server speed issues and preferred site server hosts. Can’t wait ‘till we can all meet in person again.

Overall, this is a fun group that’s lively and engaged! Visit their next meetup.

Go to Divi Tampa

Divi Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA

Divi Twin Cities

Divi Twin Cities

From the Host, Lisa Beecroft:

We launched our new Divi Meetup Twin Cities on Thursday, Oct 22. Our small group got to know each other and discussed current Divi projects and plugins, as well as what topics we’d like to cover in the future.

Divi Twin Cities is our newest group and they’re giddy with excitement! Do check it out.

Go to Divi Twin Cities

Divi Valencia, Spain

Divi Valencia

Divi Valencia

Divi Valencia

Divi Valencia

From the Host, Celine de Castro:

Our October meeting was a great success. Each of the 6 attendees shared their websites and we addressed each of their concerns. We played with some new layouts and I explained the differences between email opt-in and contact forms. The best part is that they all learned some new things and felt confident to continue building with Divi.

Do visit a Divi Valencia meetup! They’ll welcome you with open arms.

Go to Divi Valencia

Want to Host Your Own Local Divi Network Meetup?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for people around the world who are passionate about Divi and building community and want to spread that enthusiasm to their local community. We take care of the monthly Meetup fees, and we provide all our hosts with tons of resources to help plan and promote their events, including help with finding a venue and coming up with topic ideas.

Starting a new Divi Meetup group is simple. Just apply by filling out this form or email [email protected]. Once the form is complete, we will work together to get your group launched and linked to our Meetup Network. Easy as that!

Not sure if there’s already a Divi Meetup Group in your area? Just head to our Meetup Network page to see a map of our current locations.

Global Divi Meetup Network

Featured Image via Daria_Art / shutterstock.com


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