10 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2024 (Compared)

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First Pick


Pricing: $89 per year
Standout Features: No-Code Visual Builder, 200+ Design Elements, 2300+ Design Layouts

Visit DiviRead Overview
Second Pick


Pricing: $49 per year
Standout Features: Compatible With Page Builders, Fast Page Loading Times, 40+ Starter Ecommerce Templates

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Third Pick


Pricing: $35 per year
Standout Features: Ocean Ecomm Treasure Box Add-On, Freepik And Flaticon Integration, Over 220 Demo Sites

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Blog / WordPress / 10 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes in 2024 (Compared)

Choosing a suitable WordPress theme for your online business can be daunting, especially since many themes are available. Therefore, finding the perfect one that aligns with your business goals is crucial. This post will provide a comprehensive guide to the ten best ecommerce WordPress themes perfect for any online business, making your choice easier. Let’s get started.

What is an Ecommerce WordPress Theme?

Ecommerce WordPress themes allow you to display and sell your products on your WordPress website. They are usually integrated with WooCommerce and feature enhancements, such as shop and product layouts, shopping carts, checkout pages, and product filtering and sorting options. Ecommerce WordPress themes provide site owners an easy way to do business online.

10 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes

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We considered several factors when creating our list of the best ecommerce WordPress themes. Our top priority was to find themes designed explicitly for WooCommerce since it is the most widely used ecommerce platform for WordPress. Additionally, we evaluated each theme’s features, customization options, and the number of starter websites. Now, without further delay, let’s dive into our top picks.

1. Divi

🥇Best Ecommerce Builder Overall

A screenshot of Divi's home page

Our next entry for the best ecommerce WordPress themes is Divi. It provides the most customizable experience compared to other WordPress themes, thanks to its front-end, no-code Visual Builder. With over 200 design elements, you can design every aspect of your site while viewing your design changes in real-time.

Divi integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, offering over 20 Woo-specific modules to help you create product layouts, shop pages, and more using the Theme Builder. With the Theme Builder, you can create custom layouts to showcase products, design headers, footers, search results pages, and more, giving you complete design control over your ecommerce website.

Divi has over 2300 professionally designed layouts to help your ecommerce website stand out. Each layout pack comes standard with a shop page layout, so there are endless possibilities to feature your products. Plus, you’ll have access to the Divi Marketplace, where you can purchase extensions, child themes, and layouts specifically designed with Divi and WooCommerce in mind. For instance, the WooCommerce Layouts for Divi bundle includes 55 products, 30 shops, and 15 cart pages to create the ecommerce Divi website of your dreams.

Divi bulk editing

Divi also offers bulk-editing modules, keyboard shortcuts, and copy-and-paste styles, which can significantly improve your workflow when building product pages and templates.

What We Like About Divi

  • Drag and Drop Builder:  Divi stands out since you can build websites visually with its drag-and-drop tool, making it simple to start, even if you’re new to building websites.
  • Lifetime Pricing: Divi offers you a lifetime pricing option too. Pay once, and you get to use the features forever. It’s a smart choice if you want to save money and avoid ongoing subscription fees.
  • Flexibility:  You can enjoy the flexibility of the Divi theme for many needs. It supports dynamic content well and works smoothly with WooCommerce to build strong online shops. Plus, you can choose from many premade templates tailored for various fields.
  • Control: You can easily shape your website’s design with Divi. It lets you craft and apply different designs with exactness. Its theme builder hands you remarkable control. Plus, Divi offers many shortcuts and features that save time and streamline your site-building process.

What Could Be Improved

  • Shortcodes:  Shortcodes are special tags Divi uses to add dynamic content or features to your site without coding. But, if you turn off the theme, your pages will show these shortcodes instead of the actual content. As we develop Divi 5.0, we aim to move away from shortcodes to improve compatibility.

🥇Why We Picked It

Divi is our top choice for building an online store because of its easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool, a wide range of design options, and features that help turn visitors into customers, making your site stand out and focus on users.

Who Is Divi Best For?

Divi is a beginner-friendly WordPress theme for ecommerce. Known for its user-friendly nature, design flexibility, and customizable options, it enables both rookies and seasoned developers to set up professional, eye-catching online stores in no time.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Users on websites such as Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra express their love for ease of use, affordability, customizability, community, support, templates, and much more, as they highlight in their reviews.


Divi is a premium-only theme, and the pricing starts at $89/Year.

Starting Price$89/year
Free Layouts2300+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Divi

Get Divi

2. Astra

🥈Best Ecommerce Theme For Page Builders

Astra ecommerce WordPress theme

Our next ecommerce WordPress theme is Astra, which provides seamless integration with WooCommerce, front-end editing with Elementor, Spectra, and other page builders, and dedicated WooCommerce modules to build the perfect online shop.

Elementor theme builder

With Astra and Elementor, you can create custom page templates for every aspect of your site. Whether headers, footers, single posts, product archives, or anything in between, Elementor’s drag-and-drop theme builder makes it easy to tailor your site to your unique style and branding. Astra is one of the fastest WordPress themes around, weighing in at under 50kb on the front end. A lightweight theme means quicker page loading times, which can seriously boost your site in search engine optimization (SEO).

What We Like About Astra

  • Load Time:  Astra stands out with its quick loading times, often under two seconds. This speed can greatly increase your sales.
  • Templates:  With Astra, you save time on website design by using ready-made templates instead of building from the ground up.
  • Integrations: Astra seamlessly integrates with popular page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder and plugins like WooCommerce and LMS plugins for online courses.

What Could Be Improved

  • Learning Curve: The wide range of customization options may overwhelm beginners when navigating and configuring all the settings.

🥈Why We Picked It

Astra is our second pick for building an ecommerce website, as it offers fast, customizable, and SEO-friendly design options. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, boasts optimized code for enhanced performance, and provides the essentials for a smooth online shopping experience.

Who Is Astra Best For?

Consider using Astra for a rapid, streamlined theme that effectively collaborates with Elementor and WooCommerce. Astra stands out as one of the premier ecommerce WordPress themes owing to its vast offering of over 40 design modules, more than 40 starter templates specifically for ecommerce, and unlimited customization opportunities.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Users of Astra seem to appreciate the theme’s customizability, templates, integrations, and support, as indicated by their reviews on G2 and the WordPress theme repository.


Astra’s pricing has both a free and paid tier starting at $49 per year.

Starting Price$49/year
Free Layouts240+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Astra

Get Astra

3. OceanWP

🥉A Great Option To Build Ecommerce Websites With Elementor

A screenshot of OceanWP's home page

Our next ecommerce WordPress theme is OceanWP. This theme offers numerous customization options for your online store with seamless integration with Elementor and Gutenberg. You will discover a layout that perfectly fits your requirements, featuring over 220 premade demos. The Ocean Extra plugin enables easy demo installation with a single click, page settings control at the page level, custom template creation, and more.

A screenshot of OceanWP's user interface

While the free version of OceanWP is packed with features, the pro version takes things to the next level. With instant access to Freepik and Flaticon, A/B testing capabilities, over 220 premade demo websites, and 22 extensions, you can create the ultimate ecommerce site. For example, the Ocean eComm Treasure Box extension lets you manage every aspect of your ecommerce site from start to finish, including custom shop, single product, cart, checkout, and thank you pages. You can even incorporate a buy now button or a WooCommerce popup to highlight sales or specific products.

What We Like About OceanWP

  • Customization: OceanWP personalizes your website’s layout, fonts, icons, and more with a wide range of options. You can see real-time changes using its user-friendly customizer interface.
  • Performance: OceanWP optimizes website speed and ensures quick loading by utilizing extensive customization features. The theme incorporates well-written and optimized code to prevent any slowdown or performance issues on your site, which is advantageous for ecommerce sales.
  • Compatibility: OceanWP is compatible with popular WordPress plugins, making integrating additional functionalities easy. This ensures you can seamlessly incorporate features like contact forms, SEO optimization, and ecommerce capabilities powered by OceanWP into your site.

What Could Be Improved

  • Nudges: Some users may find the advertisements and upgrade nudges in the admin area distracting or undesirable in the free version.
  • Reliance on Paid Add-ons: Users on a tight budget may need to consider the additional costs of paid add-ons to access some advanced features while using the free version of OceanWP, which provides many customization options. Furthermore, those looking to customize their website extensively should consider these extra expenses.

🥉Why We Picked It

We chose OceanWP as our third choice because it offers versatility and lightweight design while integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce. It provides enhanced features like a native cart popup and a floating add-to-cart bar, designed to increase conversions and deliver a superior shopping experience.

Who Is OceanWP Best For?

OceanWP stands as a top-range solution when you need a versatile and robust ecommerce WordPress theme. Catering to both small and large online businesses, it offers many demos and customization options. Moreover, its compatibility with leading page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg ensures you can craft a stunning, professional website without requiring advanced coding skills.

Community Reviews and Ratings

The reviews on WordPress review forums make it clear that users highly value the product’s free version, support, and flexibility.


While you can get the basic version of OceanWP for free, paid plans start at $35 per year.

Starting Price$35/year
Free Layouts210+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get OceanWP

Get OceanWP

4. Neve

A screenshot of Neve's home page

Up next on our list of best ecommerce WordPress themes is Neve by ThemeIsle. Neve uses a mobile-first design, is compatible with all major page builder plugins, and integrates seamlessly with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin to provide a fast, highly customizable website for your online store.

Neve WooCommerce settings

Neve is WooCommerce-ready right out of the box, but upgrading to the pro version will give you some cool, enhanced features. With design elements like a quick product view, a floating cart, off-canvas shop filters, and a wishlist, you’ll have everything you need to take your ecommerce store to the next level. Additionally, the pro version offers various checkout page layouts, six WooCommerce starter templates, and unlimited design options through Elementor integration.

What We Like About Neve

  • AMP Compatibility: Neve explicitly designs itself to be compatible with AMP, which minimizes the occurrence of validation errors and enhances the mobile user experience, particularly in areas with slow network connections.
  • Extensive Customization: Users can easily adjust custom headers, footers, and layouts through a simple drag-and-drop feature in the WordPress customizer.
  • Flexible Pricing: Neve caters to different user requirements by offering various pricing options, ranging from personal websites to large-scale agencies.

What Could Be Improved

  • Limited Color Customization: The free version limits color customization, allowing users to change primary and secondary colors, not individual elements.

Who Is Neve Best For?

If you’re in the market for a quick, user-friendly ecommerce WordPress theme, consider Neve. It features a mobile-first design, is compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and has numerous demo sites. Even if you lack design experience, Neve has got you covered with its straightforward and intuitive features.

Community Reviews and Ratings

The integrations, ease of use, support, and documentation of the Neve theme on G2 and the WordPress theme repository are highly appreciated by users.


A basic free version is available; paid plans start at $69 per year.

Starting Price$69/year
Free Layouts110+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Neve

Get Neve

5. Flatsome

A screenshot of Flatsome's home page

The next ecommerce WordPress theme on our list is Flatsome. Explicitly designed for WooCommerce, Flatsome has a front-end page builder, several product layouts, built-in variation product galleries, and complete theme customization through the live WordPress customizer screen.

Flatsome studio

Flatsome boasts several standout features, including its front-end design editor with over 35 customizable design elements, such as sliders, price tables, product categories, banner grids, and more. Additionally, Flatsome offers more than 100 pre-built layouts focused solely on ecommerce that you can import with just one click using the Flatsome Studio. This lets you quickly jump-start your website with a pre-designed layout if you prefer to avoid building layouts from scratch.

What We Like About Flatsome

  • Reasonable Pricing: A single license for Flatsome, which includes PSD files, assets, and free lifetime updates, is competitively priced at $59.
  • Flexibility: The theme allows users to customize a wide range of options specifically designed for WooCommerce features, enabling them to craft unique designs for their product, cart, and checkout pages.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Quick: Flatsome guarantees a seamless user experience on all devices by being optimized for responsiveness and speed.

What Could Be Improved

  • Level of Complexity: Flatsome offers extensive functions and features that may overwhelm beginners or users without technical expertise. Users may need time to fully understand and fully utilize the theme’s capabilities.
  • Limited Variety of Pre-Built Demos: Unlike other premium themes like Divi, Flatsome offers a smaller selection of ready-to-use website templates.

Who Is Flatsome Best For?

Online store owners will appreciate Flatsome, a flexible and user-friendly ecommerce WordPress theme that offers unlimited design possibilities. Boasting hundreds of premade designs and nearly 40 modules, along with integrated ecommerce support, Flatsome suits a wide range of users.


Flatsome is available on Themeforest for $59 (one-time.)

Starting Price$59 (one-time)
Free Layouts300+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Flatsome

Get Flatsome

6. Shoppe by Themify

A screenshot of Themify's home page

Next on our list of best ecommerce WordPress themes is Shoppe, which is available through Themify. With a proprietary drag-and-drop builder, Shoppe makes it simple to design custom ecommerce pages, headers, footers, and more. Additionally, it’s easy to change the theme’s layout with just one click using the website skin option. It provides over 60 regular page layouts and 20+ shop page layouts that can be imported with a few clicks.

A screenshot of Themify's user interface

Image by Shoppe

Shoppe comes with some excellent features for WooCommerce. Your site visitors will love the quick look feature that lets them see product details quickly in a popup without leaving your shop page. You’ll also get an Ajax cart, so shoppers can add items to their cart without refreshing the page. With Shoppe, you can add products to a wishlist, showcase a product gallery slider, enable image zoom, and add product-sharing options. To simplify the browsing experience, Shoppe has a filtering option that lets shoppers sort by price, color, or category.

What We Like About Shoppe

  • Drag and Drop Builder: Shoppe’s drag and drop builder streamlines the process of building an online store, eliminating the need for professional assistance.
  • Enhanced User Navigation and Search: Shoppe includes a Mega Menu and Ajax Search feature that improves user navigation and search functionality on the website.
  • Add-ons Included: The theme comes with 12+ add-ons that can be used to expand its functionality.

What Could Be Improved

  • Possible Overhead: If not properly managed, including various features and add-ons may lead to a bloated website or decreased performance.

Who Is Shoppe Best For?

If you’re someone who wants a lot of design choices, Themify might be a good option for you. For only $89 per year, you can subscribe to their Master Club and get access to 42 WordPress themes, 11 plugins, and 25 Themify builder add-ons. This is a great choice for anyone who has multiple websites or wants a wide range of options.


Shoppe doesn’t have a free version. Its pricing starts at $59/Year.

Starting Price$59/year
Free Layouts42+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Shoppe

Get Shoppe

7. Shoptimizer

A screenshot of Shoptimizer's home page

Our next entry – Shoptimizer – emphasizes site speed. With Shoptimizer, the main CSS file is automatically minified, allowing visitors to see your website nearly instantly. Additionally, the theme is designed to increase conversions by allowing for a streamlined ordering experience that removes distractions such as headers, footers, and sidebars so your customers can concentrate on the task at hand – spending their hard-earned money. Plus, the single product FOMO feature allows you to add an animated stock counter that encourages people to purchase a product quickly – before it’s gone.

Although Shoptimizer doesn’t come with multiple layout options, you can create the ecommerce site of your dreams with the page builder of your choice. With support for Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and more, you’ll have access to a front-end visual building experience that makes designing your site easier. Plus, Shoptimizer comes packed with features to improve sales on your site, including custom product badges, the ability to request a callback, security badges for increased trust, a wishlist feature, and more.

A screenshot of Shoptimizer's user interface

What We Like About Shoptimizer

  • Speed Optimization: Ensuring fast loading times, which is crucial for ecommerce websites, is the primary focus of this theme. Slow loading speeds can cause missed orders and lower conversion rates.
  • Conversion Enhancements: This theme integrates the highest quality strategies to boost conversions. It provides features such as call-to-action buttons in prominent positions, countdown timers, stock quantity displays, shipping cost visibility, trust symbols inclusion, and popups that showcase previous sales.

What Could Be Improved

  • Complexity: Users without technical expertise may find significant customization and configuration of the theme challenging.

Who Is Shoptimizer Best For?

If you need a speed-optimized ecommerce theme ready to perform immediately, Shoptimizer could suit you well. It includes many product-enhancing features like a wishlist, image zoom, and product variant gallery images to quickly get your online shop operational.


Shoptimizer is again a premium-only theme, and the pricing starts at $49/Year.

Starting Price$49/Year
Free Layouts30+
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Shoptimizer

Get Shoptimizer

8. Botiga

A screenshot of Botiga's home page

Our next ecommerce WordPress theme is Botiga, one of two theme offerings from aThemes. It’s the most feature-packed free theme on our list. All these styles are handled through the familiar WordPress customizer, including WooCommerce settings, making it easy for anyone to style. It comes with several product catalogs and single product settings, such as image zoom, image gallery layout style, Ajax add-to-cart button, and draggable product elements, making customizing your online store a breeze.

Botiga header builder

Botiga has got you covered with plenty of styling options that you’ll benefit from. You can create custom headers and footers with a simple drag-and-drop editor and pick from various layout formats for products, posts, and pages. You can even style WooCommerce icons, and buttons, add a scroll to the top button, or enable parallax effects. To simplify things, you can start with one of the eight starter designs, add your products, and launch your online store without fuss.

What We Like About Botiga

  • Simplified Design: The Botiga theme offers an uncluttered and visually pleasing layout for ecommerce websites, appealing to users who value minimalist design. Moreover, its fast-loading capabilities ensure a seamless and efficient browsing experience for site visitors.
  • User-Friendly: With Botiga, you can easily set up your online store without complex changes, saving you time and effort.
  • Multiple Checkout Styles: You can choose from many checkout options, making your purchase smoother and fit your needs.

What Could Be Improved

  • Limited Layout Options: Some users may prefer more extensive layout options for greater customization, although Botiga offers a few layouts for product pages.

Who Is Botiga Best For?

If you’re a beginner with a handful of products to sell, Botiga is an excellent choice. It provides an uncomplicated framework that remains steady, yet it’s packed with diverse styling options for customizing your brand’s unique appearance. Simple in design but far-reaching in opportunities, Botiga is worthy of consideration.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Users of Botiga appreciate its ease of use, simplicity, and the support provided by the makers on the WordPress theme repository.


Botiga has a basic free version, and a premium version starts at $55/Year.

Starting Price$55/year
Free Layouts8
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Botiga

Get Botiga

9. Storefront

A screenshot of Storefront's home pageA screenshot of Storefront's home page

Our next ecommerce WordPress theme is Storefront, brought to you by the makers of WordPress, Automattic. It’s a free theme built for WooCommerce that allows you to create an online store in minutes easily. That said, you can add quite a few bells and whistles with the Storefront extensions bundle, including complete store styling through the WordPress customizer.

A screenshot of Storefront's user interface

With Storefront, you can still control the design aspects of your store, but your options are more limited. You can change site styles, WooCommerce product catalog, pages, and images. Suppose you want to add features such as advanced product filtering or the ability to edit product meta or layouts. In that case, you’ll need to purchase the expansion bundle.

What We Like About Storefront

  • Compatibility: Storefront seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, providing a smooth and effortless experience across your store’s shop and product pages, categories, on-sale items, and beyond.
  • Free of Charge: An open-source theme, Storefront comes at no cost and is an ideal choice for beginners or those with limited financial resources.
  • Comprehensive Support: The creators of WordPress and WooCommerce developed Storefront, which benefits from a dedicated team of developers and a thriving community. This team and community ensure reliable support, extensive documentation, and helpful assistance are always available when needed.

What Could Be Improved

  • Lack of Advanced Features: Storefront may not offer functionalities as unique as those in other WooCommerce themes, which can potentially limit advanced users.
  • Paid Extensions: Many useful extensions require payment, although the core theme is free, and the costs can accumulate over time.

Who Is Storefront Best For?

Storefront may seem like a basic ecommerce theme, but for developers, this simplicity becomes an asset. Its minimalist nature is one of its most beneficial features. Developers can easily use Storefront as-is. Alternatively, they can delve into its infrastructure to develop a custom, high-speed ecommerce website perfectly aligned with your business needs.


The storefront theme is entirely free!

Storefront Extension Bundle
Starting PriceFree
Free Layouts3
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Storefront

Get Storefront

10. Woostify

A screenshot of Woostify home page

Woostify, our final pick for the best ecommerce WordPress themes, is a lightweight, SEO-ready theme designed specifically for WooCommerce. It offers plenty of flexibility with a live theme customizer, multiple product, cart, and catalog layouts, and a range of layout styles. You can edit your pages using the Gutenberg block editor or Elementor, making customization a breeze.

WooCommerce settings

You’ll get basic styling options with the free version of Woostify. You can adjust various site and WooCommerce settings, but most other options require add-ons. However, you can install and use Elementor to edit products and pages or create templates. If you stick with the core Woostify theme, you can purchase a pro license and get 20+ starter website designs and all pro add-ons. These include a header and footer builder, a callback feature for customer support, a buy now button, and more.

What We Like About Woostify

  • Fast Loading: Woostify’s design ensures quick page load times for a better user experience and higher conversion rates.
  • SEO-Friendly: Woostify’s SEO-ready layout and clean code optimize the website for search engines.
  • Customization Options: Woostify allows users to customize their online store to suit specific needs. This flexibility is precious for businesses in different industries.

What Could Be Improved

  • Limited Free Version: The paid Pro version of Woostify includes advanced features and add-ons unavailable in the free version. This may limit functionality for users who prefer to stick with the free version.

Who Is Woostify Best For?

If you’re searching for a quick and efficient theme for WooCommerce, we’d recommend trying it. Its benefits range from a committed theme builder to boundless customizing possibilities, including inherent WooCommerce support. All these features combined make Woostify a commendable choice.

Community Reviews and Ratings

Customers appreciate Woostify highly for its excellent customer support, user-friendly design, and robust online store functionality.


Woostify offers a free basic version, while the premium version begins at an annual rate of $49.

Starting Price$49/year
Free Layouts13
Visual Builder✔️
Theme Builder✔️
Get Woostify

Get Woostify

Which Ecommerce WordPress Theme is the Best Overall?

Top 3 Ecommerce Theme Feature Comparison

Let’s delve into the differences between our top three options. This will help you make a well-informed selection that best suits your requirements.

Features🥇Divi🥈 Astra🥉 OceanWP
Visual Builder✔️
Fast Loading Speeds✔️✔️✔️
Elements and Layouts2300+240+210+
Lifetime Pricing Available✔️✔️✔️
Free Option✔️✔️
Price for All Features$89/year$49/year$35/year
Try DiviGet AstraGet OceanWP

Ecommerce Theme Price Comparison

Let’s look at the pricing and reviews of all the themes discussed in this post. This will provide a comprehensive overview of each of them.

PluginPriceFree OptionUser Reviews (avg)
5Flatsome$59 (one-time)NAVisit

Well, that’s it! That was our pick for the best ecommerce WordPress themes. While we’ve given you ten great options for the best ecommerce WordPress theme, we feel there is a clear winner. Divi is the best option, thanks to its dedicated WooCommerce integration, 20+ Woo-specific modules, and countless free shop layouts to help you create the perfect ecommerce store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding the best ecommerce WordPress themes. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What is the best eCommerce theme for WordPress?
Divi is our pick for the best eCommerce theme as it offers a seamless experience with its specialized integration for WooCommerce. With over 20 modules specifically designed for WooCommerce, you can easily create a customized online store that caters to your unique business needs. Divi also offers a vast selection of free shop layouts to help you bring your eCommerce vision to life.
What is the best free eCommerce theme for WordPress?
Astra stands out from other free eCommerce website builders with its free features, such as its lightweight code and ability to integrate with various page builders like Elementor and Spectra. It also offers dedicated modules for WooCommerce, making it an excellent choice for creating an online store without spending a dime.
Can WordPress be used for eCommerce?
Yes, you can use WordPress for eCommerce by integrating it with plugins such as WooCommerce, or Easy Digital Downloads. These plugins allow users to set up an online store and manage payments, orders, and inventory directly from their WordPress website.
Is the Divi theme suitable for eCommerce?
Yes, the Divi theme is suitable for eCommerce as it offers a variety of pre-made layouts and customization options specifically designed for online stores. Its user-friendly interface and responsive design make it an ideal choice for businesses with an eCommerce focus.
Which WordPress eCommerce themes have a drag-and-drop builder?
eCommerce themes like Divi, Flatsome, and Shoppe provide the added ease of utilizing a drag-and-drop builder for simplifying your eCommerce website-building experience.
Which WordPress eCommerce themes have pre-built templates?
Themes such as Divi, Astra, Neve, and Flatsome offer an extensive selection of pre-designed templates that you can customize to suit individual preferences. With these themes, you can easily create a unique and professional-looking online store without extensive design skills.
Why should I use WordPress over Shopify?
WordPress is a more flexible platform that allows for greater customization and control over your website, while Shopify is primarily focused on e-commerce functionality. WordPress is the better choice if you need more than just an online store.
How much does WooCommerce cost?
WooCommerce is a free and open-source WordPress plugin. However, there may be additional costs related to hosting, domain name, themes, and extensions that you can purchase from WooCommerce or third-party providers.
How can I increase sales on my WordPress eCommerce website?
You can increase sales on your WordPress eCommerce website by optimizing your product pages with high-quality images and descriptions, offering discounts and promotions, improving site speed and navigation, and implementing email marketing campaigns to engage customers and encourage repeat purchases.
How do I optimize my WordPress eCommerce website?
You can optimize your WordPress eCommerce website by using a fast and reliable hosting service, optimizing images and videos, using a clean and responsive design, installing caching plugins, optimizing your website's code, and using SEO plugins to improve search rankings.

Are you looking for more theme reviews? Check out our picks for the best WordPress themes.

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