Divi Feature Sneak Peek: WooCommerce Modules

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Divi Feature Sneak Peek: WooCommerce Modules
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WooCommerce Products:
Complete Product Customization
is Coming to Divi!

Today, we’re excited to announce that, soon, it’ll become easier than ever to display products on your website using Divi and WooCommerce. Among other things, you’ll have the option to separately add Woo Elements to your design and create product pages from scratch!

A big part of existing and upcoming websites are online stores. The rapid growth of eCommerce in the past couple of years is astonishing and WooCommerce remains, without a doubt, one of the most popular solutions out there.

At Elegant Themes, we’re always ready to push boundaries. Soon, you’ll be able to create customized product page design using Woo Element Modules and Divi’s Visual Builder. Imagine the possibilities this will bring. More than ever before, you’ll be able to make your eCommerce websites truly authentic.

What You Can Expect

WooCommerce Modules will help you create eCommerce websites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The easier it is to design your product displays, the more bandwidth you have to focus on increasing conversion. Let’s take a look at the benefits the upcoming WooCommerce Modules update will bring about.

Various Woo Elements Modules at Your Fingertips

For each one of the Woo Elements that are relevant to your product, a new module will be created that’ll allow you to create stunning product sections, product pages and more.

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Product title
  • Product images
  • Gallery
  • Product price
  • Add to cart
  • Product rating
  • Product stock
  • Product meta
  • Product Description
  • Product Tabs
  • Additional information
  • Related products
  • Up-sells
  • Cart Notice
  • Reviews

Woo Elements Collected in Structured Module Modal

There’s no point in having all these Woo Elements Modules in the main module modal, right? Not only would it disorganize the entire modal, it would also increase the amount of time you’d have to spend searching. That’s why we’re planning on collecting all Woo Elements in one folder that you can easily access.

WooCommerce Modules

Building From Scratch Using Blank Product Pages

At this moment, you’re able to decide whether you want a left sidebar, right sidebar or no sidebar on your product pages. When the new WooCommerce Modules update comes out, a few new possibilities will be added:

  • Blank Page – Right Sidebar
  • Blank Page – Left Sidebar
  • Blank Page – No Sidebar

Blank pages + Woo Element Modules will allow you to create highly customized product pages that match your website perfectly. No extra CSS code needed. Use all of Divi’s built-in options and watch your product design fall into place in real time.

WooCommerce Modules

Divi Empowers You to Seamlessly
Create Websites From A to Z

Our goal is to help you create amazing websites with little effort.

We’re looking forward to all the possibilities and stunning designs the WooCommerce Modules update will bring. Imagine creating highly customized eCommerce websites using Divi’s Visual Builder in real time, game-changing! Make sure you check back with us next week for more Divi awesomeness. Be sure to let us know what you think of this upcoming feature in the comment section!


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  1. The big question is when we can expect this update to come through!?? I’m super excited about this! 😀

  2. So, any update on when this will be released? Could really use it now. 🙂

  3. Agree here 😀

  4. Hi !!

    Please it is possible to get a release date ? It’s very important update 🙂

    • Agree here 😀

      • Looking forward to knowing the release date also!

        • And still no response after 2 weeks, pretty poor show.

  5. I hope Divi can have a request a quote feature or similar built in.

  6. This looks great, I was very surprised that I had a nicely designed website and then a boring old WooCommerce store/product page. This will be awesome, any idea on WHEN this will be released?

  7. Very nice the one question is when ?


  8. It is possible that ET sent out the tease to see the interest in this and will then allocate the resources to the development based upon the interest. But the fact is, designers see the tease and are held in a waiting pattern on whether to wait for ET’s modules or use other tools without any indication that it will be released in a week or in 6 months. I get both sides. My feeling is if ET does care about the community of it’s devoted users/members, the right thing to do is at least give us the quarter it will be released and allow designers then to decide on the best approach for their current and future projects. I’m hoping ET is not one of those companies that becomes so big that everything is secretive and loses the connection of really caring about us.

    • We only sneak peek features that we’ve begun work on.

  9. I feel like so many people are just waiting on this update! I would love to know when this is comming out as well! But I doubt they will tell us. Hopefully, it’s soon tho!

  10. Is there any indication of when this will be released? I am currently in the process of building a store with many products, but will hold off if this is coming soon.

  11. Really impatient to get that function for my shops… please it is possible to get a release date ?

    • I’d love to know too ! 🙂 can’t wait…

  12. Every time Elegant Themes makes updates like this, I wonder what WordPress would be without Divi. Thank you for every update. They are Number 1, without discussion.

  13. Upcoming… when? Can’t wait! 🙂

  14. Any word on this yet?

  15. Hello!

    I was wondering when this will be available. 🙂

  16. My biggest complaint about Divi and WooCommerce is the Divi Search Module (and icon in the header, too) have no option to include WooCommerce products in a search! Horrible oversight! Seems you haven’t addressed that in the new WooCommerce modules you are creating.

    If I use Divi to build a client’s site, to get products in search results, I have to put my own code into my functions file and JS file and it’s a pain every time.

    By default, Divi should ALWAYS include products if WooCommerce is active on the website.

  17. This is really awesome, I’ve been using Woo Layout Injector for a bit, but it had its issues.

    Curious about one thing, will you be adding modules for the cart and checkout pages also? I really like the simplicity with Woo Layout Injector enabling you to create custom cart and checkout pages…

  18. Are you guys going to add some documentation for developers to add sub menus to the builder like you have done for woo elements?

    I would like to suggest that you make this a plugin for the divi theme instead of an inbuilt item.


    If you guys do this it would be an awesome use case for how third party developers can make more meaningful additions to the divi builder.

  19. Freaking super excited, was secretly hoping for this! Thanks ET Team, better and better, so glad I chose you!

  20. one word: WHEN?
    You say that the visual builder has to be extended on other post types and header and footer months and months ago, and at the time nothing happened at this time 🙁

  21. I guess I can throw away my divi kingdom plugin that does this now.

  22. Any idea when this is going to drop… It would be great if we had an idea. Hints are big but now I’m deciding if I should move forward with other designs and tools. I’d be frustrated to find out it come out right after I buy something else.

  23. Because DIVI does not work on the following for enhance WOOCOMMERCE

    Make the search module work for WOOCOMMERCE, currently we have to add code to achieve this and but use the search for WOOCOMMERCE and add a lot of CSS.
    The very limited store module when it comes to styling.
    Does not have different badges
    No product slider
    You have to use about 30 or 40 additional plugins to make the store more or less nice, efficient and complete

  24. Great News…

    But what does it means for the layout created with Woo Layout Injector ?
    will it works as the Woo Layout Injector with layout from the divi library ?

    Thanks team !! 😀

  25. This is awesome! Can’t wait. I’m really glad you’re grouping them into a single folder instead of just just dumping them all in the main group.

  26. This is great. I hope this acts as the stepping stone to also editing the other pages, my main interest is in the My account page that comes with woocommerce any word on this will be much appreciated.

  27. Hi, when this upgrade will be available?

  28. How about dynamic filters all e-commerce have ? I’m very exited about this new feature but i wonder how much time we will have to wait to have somthing as great as flatesome for eg.

  29. This soynds great. I am excited to give it a try.

  30. Love it! This is great news for a way to make an e-commerce site feel more cohesive. Look forward to playing around with it in the future! Can’t wait ?

  31. This is fantastic! It fills one of the major missing pieces that Divi users need for building beautiful drag and drop websites. Big thanks!

  32. A big need is to build a template/theme/design that can apply to all Woocommerce products, or apply to all products in a Woo category. Would not want to have to open each product one by one and import a pre-built Divi layout to it’s page, hard to do with stores with thousands of products.

  33. This will be a great update on introducing new modules, I will have to wait to see how effective they are and what functionality they bring

    But what about the existing modules when are ET going to tackle updates for those existing?

  34. Can’t believe it…It looks like all the ugly woo commerce prayers have been answered! Hopefully just in time for the Holiday season at least I hope.

  35. Thank you Divi, Thanks for listening our prayers…

  36. Don’t forget:
    Sale price


  37. This is a really nice addition to DIVI, looking very much forward to trying this out.

    Question: Would it be possible to add woo modules that allow to customize the cart and checkout pages aswell?

  38. Hello,

    What about the product custom fields created with Toolset?
    Will they be available as standard WC fields ?

  39. Yes, I am looking forward to Divi woocommerce module, will the woocommerce module be able to be use with the alidropship plugin ?


    Thank You,

    • better solutions exists… Alidropship is expensive I think

    • hello Richard,

      did you get to work alidropship with DIVI?

      Thank you

  40. The modules are not a priority, since the WooCommerc shortcodes can easily be placed. What should come before this is category, archive, and search pages.

    • Absolutely! Love to see more support for Woocommerce in Divi / PageBuilder as I’m about to restructure a page which uses the portfolio post type for products at the moment. The product pages are ugly out of the box but relatively easy to customize with little PHP/CSS
      It’s very frustrating though that there are zero options to customize category, archive and search result pages!
      So I can work with a left sidebar on shop pages and products, but the sidebar will always be on right side on category pages. Annoying!
      That’s why I consider to use another theme but building all the custom pages again is time consuming as well ..

    • Agreed!

  41. Will this include Woocommerce my account? I always wanted to design that. No plugins support that.

  42. This is a welcome change our users have been asking for 🙂

  43. Please, add vise-versa in WooCommerce, when all goods displayed on page.

    And next one very important thins “buy in one click Button”. It will be great to see couple button: add to cart. Buy in one click (it will be contain couple fields Name and Phone – for fast contacting with client).

    Next one.
    Ability to add in Wishlist.

    Next one.
    It will be great to see design pages like farfetch.com
    For example – dropdown list (for delivery description, for any additional information).

    Next one.
    Ability to see many information about goods, not going inside. Maybe it will be pop-UPS

  44. If at a later stage, should someone change from DIVI will it leave shortcode in every product. Say I have 500 products would I have to fix/remove shortcode from each and every product?

    • It leaves shortcodes right now…. WE have a shortcode cleaner plugin at codecanyon that deals nicely with shortcodes for all themes and plugins.

  45. Finally! Finally! Divi is super behind when it comes to Woo customization. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now, most of us. This will definitely replace Divi Kingdom woo product builder. It’s a start! My hope is that the Woo Modules will eventually be carried over to the cart, my account, and shop page…especially the shop page! It’s super annoying dealing Woo shop page without going into the files or doing the redirection method. The redirection is super simple but that’s another plugin to the list which means slower performance. I’d rather have it built in like other page builders.

    • I’m excited for this too. My account is where I want to design badly. Hope small elements can be move around design it,

  46. Okay Nick and the people at ET since we now have a teaser for Woocommerce will we get new official modules for other major WordPress plugins as well??

  47. what is eta?

  48. This looks great; but Brizy and Oxygen are already working on Archive pages, ACF integration, custom taxonomies, custom post_types and a wide range of dynamic content… I know there was a sneak peak on this as well, but hurry! They are quickly catching up…

    • Yes the other builders are adding all this functionality but how well is it implemented. Elegant Themes takes a very considered approach to how it implements features and and the results are very useable from a UX point of view…most of the time.

      I prefer to be patient than to jump ship to another builder and besides most of what we need I can already customise in with a child theme and 3rd party plugins that I already use.

  49. Hi! When is this happening?!!!

    • Happening soon! 🙂 Excited to get my hands dirty!

  50. Question: the Woo elements will be available in both front end and back end or only in back end? Thanks!

    • I say yes as were are going to get a backend builder update.

      • Richard you have to stop talking as if you speak for ET. Not only is it annoying but it makes you look extremely stupid

        • Seconded.

        • And how does it make it me look stupid??? I read all the blog posts that get posted at this place which included the July 15th post on the Backend builder update.

          • Didn’t you know Dan – Richard Ginn has appointed himself as the Divi user spokesman. He has taken it upon himself to make sure (on our behalf) that ET delivers what they say they’re going to (as if they haven’t already exceeded our expectations).

            He’s really not all that smart. All he does is echo what has already been said somewhere else in the blog but he thinks, if he says it (again), it somehow has more meaning. Makes him feel important I guess.

            I’m not a 100% sure that he is even a Divi user. He never has anything good to say about it. Regardless of what the guys at ET do, Richard will always find something negative.

            He sure as hell doesn’t speak for me. I think what ET is doing with Divi is phenomenal and it is by far the best builder on the market.

            Sadly, Richard is just one of those guys who can only see a half-empty glass.

          • Richard, while I will not go so far as to say it makes you look stupid, it isn’t right that you frequently post in this group as if you have “the inside scoop” from ET or otherwise speak for that firm.

            That isn’t correct, isn’t really helpful, and could be misleading to those reading your replies.

    • By the time this is released, there likely will be no backend builder as we know it today. It’ll have been replaced by a backend version of the Visual Builder. So technically this feature will be in the backend, but the backend will be different.

      • The present Visual Builder is slow and annoying for real work — more appropriate for clients, I suppose, to make minor adjustments.

        So hopefully the future back-end will not be too much like the present front-end builder.

  51. If you tease an update, it’d be great if you could tell us “when” it’s coming. Do you have a release date??

    • ET does not like to do that.

      • ET do not like, but we would like 🙂

        • It would be nice to know when, but I love the fact that ET at least let’s us know it’s coming. I’ll gladly trade some “wondering when” for “knowing it’s coming”.

  52. Cool! Is it going to be possible to show products already in the cart on mouse over?

  53. Again, thanks a bunch. For the future, please consider the following modules and features working with WooCommerce (we only like to use Divi and stop using all these crazy plugins):
    – Coupon/Discount Codes
    – Product back and front images (toggles on tap or click)
    – Shipping Fees/Module
    – Tax Calculator/Module
    – Product sizes (for example: Small/Medium/Large)
    – Product Colors

  54. Having the elements as modules looks very convenient but will we be able to drop in field values into content templates?

    On the custom post type implementatio, I still don’t see the Divi builder laid ou properly in the page. It is squashed into the general content width with the page title and meta displayed and featured image of one is added to the post. One has to wrestle those elements off the page with custom css and more css to get the builder to go full width of the browser window like it does on regular pages and post. Why doesn’t Elegant Themes get this right?

    • Well we are going to get the Dynamic content update.

  55. Awesome. eCommerce is number one demand for most clients. Therefore, anything that help us, developers, with eCommerce is a great news. I look forward to this release and any future eCommerce/WooCommerce capabilities within Divi.

  56. Finally!!!!

  57. This is going to be amazing! Can’t wait for this huge piece of functionality to be added to Divi. This will really help to bolster and move divi toward a more fully and truly complete all-around website builder prospect with unprecedented front-end control.

    Great work ET!

  58. Bellissima notizia! Quando è prevista l’uscita? ?

  59. LOVE this news

  60. this is really great, for the moment I m forced to use some external slow and unstable plugins for this kind of customization!! have you an idea how much time it will take for this release?? many thanks

    • I have been doing this with other plugins as well with less than ideal results.

  61. Thanks elegant developers for oblitarating divi boindaries day by day. Wish, we also be gifted soon with the blog modules of Extra..

    • +1

    • Yes. And please pull the best-of Extra into Divi!

  62. Thank goodness! I was about to start using a different theme for eccommerce projects. Thank you Elegant Themes Team ??!

  63. This is amazing! Giddy with excitement! How will we be able to edit the shop page, category page etc.? Will something similar to that be possible?

  64. this update is planned for a long time? can you change the color of the background on the product page?
    thank you

  65. Well, I hope it’s not only or product, but it also includes Cart and Checkout, otherwise, it’s nothing I can’t already do. Maybe not as easy, but It’s no big deal. Also, big problems are that the Divi theme, when we set butytons for example, they only affect the WooCommerce button for like 75% of the CSS. So it’s never uniform. Fixing this would be great, because each time I change the theme appearance, I have to go put some custom WooCommerce CSS to make it look the same…

    In fact, a very good suggestions would be to be able to build page templates with Divi, like the Divi library we alreayd use and it would automaticaly appear in the “Template” drop downbox. That would be creative. 🙂

    • I would like to +1 all of Michel T D’s suggestions here. The CSS issue between Divi and WooCommerce buttons is a pain. And the templates would be a great addition. I can’t wait for the Woo Modules to be released! Super excited!

  66. Since all the Woo Elements are going under a separate folder that does mean we are going to get update for developers on how to create that folder right??

  67. While the blog post in question leaves a lot of questions to be answered, I’m hopeful that this release will reduce some dependence on 3rd party plug-ins.

  68. Great news! Will this update come before or after the template builder and the dynamic content system?

    • My guess is after Dynamic content for sure and possibly before the template builder update.

      • What is template builder? Will this allow us to create a blog look without the use of a blog style plugin?

        • template builder… That should have said Theme Builder instead.

          Did a stupid typo.

  69. So is this update only going to be for single product pages and not for all the pages like shop and cart???

    • Can’t wait for it. And it’s future updates when the wheels are really turning.

    • The biggest problem I always facing with woocommerce is their single page is always (almost) same as any other website. And I need a long time to customize it with CSS and or html.

      I’m happy enough divi has this update.

    • Very much hope it is for all the Woo Commerce default pages

      • So when this update come?

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