A Sneak Peek Of What Aims To Be Our Most Flexible Theme Ever – Divi

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A Sneak Peek Of What Aims To Be Our Most Flexible Theme Ever – Divi
Blog / Theme Sneak Peeks / A Sneak Peek Of What Aims To Be Our Most Flexible Theme Ever – Divi

Today I am excited to give you a sneak peek of our upcoming multipurpose theme called Divi. With Divi, we hope to create our most powerful theme yet. Sporting a design that is both modern and elegant, and a user interface that is equally flexible and intuitive, Divi is the the all-in-one solution you have been waiting for.

What Features Would You Like To See Implemented?

The theme is still in the beginning stages of development, and we would love to hear what features you would like to see included. Drop us a line in the comments and we will see what we can do πŸ™‚


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  1. Why i didn’t found this earlier! ;/

  2. Lightbox for Video!!

  3. For the DIVI theme, i’d like to be able to give a text colomn a background color. Now i have to use a ‘call to action’ block with only text to use it as a block with a background color. Further on i like the good work guys

  4. Thank you so much for creating this.This is exactly what I need for my business. The only problem is the logo area needs to be bigger.

  5. Can I create Anchor Links in Divi to make a one page website?

  6. How would I add Pinterest social icon? Please help.

  7. If I am familiar with wordpress, but have never built a site before, is Divi user friendly, or do I need to hire a designer/developer?

  8. Tried this theme and it certainly does have good features. Outstanding job man

  9. The only logo I could upload was smaller than 200 px wide and 150 px high. It looks really bad and VERY VERY small. How can I make the logo larger?

  10. I love this theme. This is exactly what I need for my business. The only problem is the logo area needs to be bigger. I love how it shrinks and stays static on the page. Is there a way to make it bigger initially and then shrinks? You can barely see my logo at all with this theme.

  11. I love this theme but I actually lost a client when they freaked out over how their new site looked in IE. I couldn’t create a workaround in time for them.

    (I know just minimal CSS and didn’t know how to complete the CSS conditional comments to make my Divi theme work correctly in at least the last few versions of IE). The images in the first row were full-size rather than fitting into the blurbs … the nav bar appeared on the entire right half of the page, etc. I understand that IE gets only a small amount of traffic, relatively speaking, but my clients don’t understand why their sites don’t work in IE. Could you there at Elegant give us subscribers a set of code snippets for workarounds in IE (e.g., when header misbehaves, when nav codes go awry…)? There must be pretty standard “problems” because every Divi site I have does the same wonky things in IE. Many thanks!

  12. does not work in the contact form. when I send! I do not get anything on e-mail.
    Β  I have to change php?
    or is there another solution?

  13. Awesome and Elegant theme, i would definitely check it out and review it for my Blog visitors

  14. Hi Guys,

    Will we being seeing the release this week?

    If not, will it be released before Christmas. We have put off a couple of projects as this should be a great fit from what we have seen in the preview.

  15. Beginning to lose interest, such an unpractical timeline, didn’t you see this coming? I have in the meantime spent more on themeforest than I ever intended. Although the themes I purchased are good and interesting, I must say the help is nothing compared to yours which is why I remain. I have a freind that has built a log cabin from scratch in the time it has taken to produce this theme, really!

    • Also starting to lose interest. I know individual developers who have created three or more themes in the same ammount of time.

      For a team of developers to take this much time on a single theme is rather odd..

      But i hope the theme will be worth the wait and not just a graphicql redesign.

      Fingers crossed ET pull it off.

  16. I have a willing synthetic eyesight designed for detail and can foresee complications just before they will occur.

  17. I think we are close! The DIVI preview page now displays Anticipate and it’s pulling some demo content from the “All Shortcodes” page..:D

    Not long now ladies and gents..

  18. Holy Cow, Jerry Roberts.
    I have found NOWHERE that it states that ET “promises to deliver a theme per month”. I have paid a mere $89 for ALL of these themes…none of which are developed then abandoned. These 22 folks are constantly sending updates, freebies, tips, etc. They are saving us SERIOUS time and money. No doubt you will be the first to comment on any little glitch that Divi may have. Haste makes waste! And why are you putting your eggs in one basket waiting on this one launch?

    Good luck finding another company this fantastic.

    ET – 99% of us would rather it be right the first time! Great work!

  19. Nick,

    Didn’t want the refund, but it shows that you’re a standup guy. Thanks. I’m not unsatisfied with ET overall and I just gave the money right back to you, signing up again.

    My mistake if you don’t guarantee 12 themes a year. I thought you did. Me being wrong on that, you didn’t owe me a refund.

    I just want more options. Nexus was the first theme I could use this year, and I’m looking for another. I’m sure other people get more use from their subscription, but that’s just my choice.

    Please ask your support guys to give me the old login name back again.



    P.S. Given the amount of time Divi is taking, you’re in essence putting your name on the line a bit for this one. It must be a serious upgrade from what’s out there in the marketplace. I’m intrigued and I believe in you. Looking forward to it.

  20. I haven’t read all the comments or posts here, but has the question been raised and answered as to extending our subscriptions for the length of time between Nexus going live and whenever the next theme is finally completed and released?

    I’m not counting the days but it seems like about five months since we’ve seen a new theme and no hard news on when the next one is coming. I wasn’t a math major, but it looks like about half of the annual subscription β€” so far β€” has been used up just waiting around.

    Maybe somebody can clarify the situation.



    • This theme is taking longer because it a better, more complicated and more robust theme that anything else in our collection. We aren’t sitting around doing nothing while you remain a subscriber. We are putting in just as much effort as we always have, for you our paying customers. The work we do is supported by you, and if we refund all of our customers then there is no support for the business. You pay for our time so that we may provide you with awesome themes, and that is exactly what is happening here.

      Beyond new themes, you also pay for support and theme updates. Over the past couples months we have been updating our themes to ensure compatibility with the recent version of WordPress, fixing bugs and helping everything with whatever questions they have in the forums. All of this is part of our service. All of this requires the dedicated time of our 22 employees, who are all working hard for you, because of your continuing support.

      Also, it has been a little over 2 months since our last theme release, Serene, not half the year πŸ™‚ http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-additions/serene-free-wordpress-theme-with-post-formats

      • Nick,

        Okay, I missed Serene. So, it’ll be three months between themes if Divi is released in December, as you suggest.

        Service is part of business, as is upgrading themes, etc. It’s all factored into the business model. I think you’ve improved ET service and response time in the past year and I congratulate you.

        That said, it should not reduce deliverables that you promise. This is just general business.

        If you promise 12 themes, you should deliver 12. If 2013 will see only eight or nine come out, I feel you need to do something to address that.

        If you see it from the customer’s perspective, we subscribe to receive a dozen potential additions to our business. We don’t expect all to be winners. Out of every 12 you produce I will consider only one or two.

        So, if you end up three or four short, my chances to find something I want is severely diminished.

        If Divi is better and more robust, that’s terrific and we’re all excited about it.

        Look Nick, I like your work. We all do and have voted with our wallets.

        Please consider finding a way to generate some extra themes as make-goods. As creative as you are, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with an idea to do that. I have faith in your ability.

        I hope you agree that would be the right thing to do.



        • We do not guarantee 12 themes per year. We work hard to create the best product possible, and we have chosen to spend extra time on this theme to make that goal a reality.

          I have sent you a $39 refund for this disappointing year. That gives you 8 months free, minus the 2 you feel don’t count. I am sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied, but I hope you will sign up again in the future if you feel like it’s worth the money. I think Divi is going to be a great theme.

  21. Hi,
    This theme sounds amazing… I know you can (and, believe me, I do) create child themes to customize your theme and have it still be up-datable, but a theme that’s more customizable out of the box would be fantastic.

    Some features I’d like to see β€” some of them I kinda feel would be nice to be standardized across more of the stable of ET themes, though I don’t know how feasible that is (and if any of these are features that are already possible in your themes, please chalk it up to my limited WP/ET skill set):

    1. a theme/site “site data page” β€” where you can enter/set standard data for your site to be used/placed/called as elements
    — social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
    — social media calls to action (“like this,” “tweet this,” “stumble,” etc.)
    — preferred icons for social media and sharing (perhaps one “large” size that can be scaled to different sizes as needed/set for the site?)

    2. single page per section to edit/change attributes
    — for instance, it would be nice to be able to tweak/change settings for the header (e.g., background color, heading font, heading color, background image, column width)

    — implement some sort of preview of of those changes as you make them… a little like the “Preview” option on pages and posts, but perhaps more integrated (maybe some version of the WP wp-admin “Customize” screen?)

    — Firebug (in Firefox as, sadly, Chrome Firebug is lightweight) does this mostly β€”Β but you do have to keep track of what you changed where, and then edit the stylesheet.css to make the changes (or the child theme stylesheet, and sometimes the parent theme insists on overriding the child anyway. Annoying.)

    3. multiple sidebars per page template

    4. easier way to change background image and/or set background color on “header” (this is sort of covered by #2 above)
    —Β I may be missing something (probably am) but the only way to date I’ve found to do this is by creating a new one and FTP’ing into the images directory (and then I think if/when I update the theme, I have to do that again)

    5. login/private/membership support or integration, such as
    — Paid Memberships Pro (ironically, it’s free)
    Exchange (albeit it’s from another WP theme site, so maybe not so much)

    6. a more easily accessible Short Code syntax reference (even, and wouldn’t that be nice!) somehow accessible right on the add/edit post (or page) screen itself

    7. support for testimonials (and ET specific naming conventions)
    — I implemented TB-Testimonials on one site I built and ran into a pretty sticky conflict of implementation because the ET field and TB field for “testimonial” was the same… I had a programmer friend who worked some magic for me
    — if the ET fields were prefixed with “et-XXX,” I think it might avoid similar conflicts (not only for testimonials, although I can’t think/haven’t run into any other instances)

    Can’t wait to see what eventually manifests in Divi!

  22. Reported Missing

    Anyone seen Elegant themes around? they used to live here, they used to bring a theme a month out. Not seen them for months, if anyone comes across them give them my regards. I can still remember the good old days when life was simpler, and themes were flying through the air like raindrops. You had no sooner just got over the excitement of one theme arriving, than bang, out popped another – it was like the Pope sprinkling holy water, it made you feel blessed. but eh, that was then! And we’ll, now is now. πŸ™‚

  23. Hi team,
    I’m probably betraying my heathen lack of design knowledge here, but… as the responsive themes collapse, is it possible to include a click to call button as the sizes come down to mobile size – or can they detect that the device has ability to be used as a phone and respond accordingly. It’s the biggest ball ache with responsiveness in my view.

  24. Just checking on Divi…Close to release?

  25. Is it me, or has time stood still ?

  26. Hi, folks. Just now hearing about this, so I apologize for the lateness of my comment and hope it’s still useful.

    As you know, I just switched to you guys for our site at http://answerguy.com. I’m more than a little impressed both with the quality of your work and the support I’ve received.

    We switched over from a theme we developed using Headway. And while I’m not sure I SEE it, your description suggests you might be making Divi flexible in a way that Headway shoots for vis a vis appearance options.

    My comment is this: please, PLEASE don’t do anything Framework-y beyond what you’ve already done using ePanel. As powerful as Headway is, the way it’s implemented ultimately creates problems and the one problem it solves … TOTAL flexibility … isn’t made up for.

    Specifically, Headway does a scary amount of stuff in the wp_options table, and leaves a lot of cruft behind IN that table.

    By all means, shoot for flexible. By all means, keep developing such that there’s less and less need to edit the theme files, even if they’re edited correctly by using a child theme. But database bloat, if Divi or anything else you develop creates it, is a very bad idea.

    Just sayin’ …

  27. Will Divi be released this year or is development likely to run into the new year?

    • It will be released this year.

  28. are we there yet?

  29. I’d like to see some additional functionality included:

    – Ability to add columns to the homepage – e.g. body text and sidebar. I’m currently having to ‘hack’ ElegantThemes to achieve quite simple requirements.
    – ‘Mirrored content’ – e.g. create mobile version of site by ‘auto-populating’ fields – e.g. create desktop page and a mobile page, but have the mobile page auto-populate the body text from the desktop page. This would cut down on site admin.
    – A ‘sample data’ file that actually produces the ‘demo website’. I’m a bit sick of trying to reverse engineer ElegantThemes. This is a two minute job for the developers and would save users hours of frustration and head scratching.
    – A ‘non-generic read me’ file that explains the theme’s features.
    – The ability to user ePanel to select from the different types of ElegantThemes sliders – e.g. Flexible Theme style, Trim style, etc.

  30. This better be the mother of all themes – last time I waited this long for anything was in expectation of a good idea from Microsoft – still waiting.

  31. I noticed that the header has a search icon. Please also include the social media icons and have an option to disable the search icon. Social media icons are very important and can be found on practically every website in today’s world.

  32. all themes are perfect but less white or empty space would be amazing because alot of gap or spaces empty..

  33. I sense a disturbance in the force..

  34. We have decided to change the name of our new theme to ‘Hibernation’. πŸ˜‰

  35. October! Got to be near release now surely..:/

    • Maybe so… but don’t call him Shirley

      • LOL

  36. Hi Nick! What about an integrated Twitter updates preview? Maybe a scrollable 1 status preview just before the footer could be interesting.

    • Another vote for a twitter feed. But maybe something that doesn’t quite look like twitter with the quoted tweets fading in and out of each other and the background consistent with that part of the page. Just like the testimonials on the Vertex theme.
      That would be cool.

  37. Almost Xmas! No seriously..LOL

  38. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z!

  39. Hi Nick,

    PLEASE could you please just tell us if you are getting close to the release of Divi?

    We are so excited, and the suspense is killing us!

    Thanks again,


  40. Hi Nick,

    I like the Newsletter widget. Can this be also added to the theme? Thx.

  41. Hi Nick,

    Looks awesome! I’d love to see an optional shopping cart button for the menu/header somewhere for us who use WooCommerce.


  42. c’mon Nick, I’m waiting for this theme for my next very personal portfolio!!!!

    • To much information..:O

  43. No offense, but this has been in the works for over a month, and you had time to make a “free” one… I am sorry… just been looking to spice up a clients website and after looking at the new one coming out I put this project on hold….

    Just sayin’

    • I am sorry Jay, but all I can say is that this one is going to take a bit longer to finish. We are spending the extra time to make a really great theme – sorry that we released one of our themes for free, but Serene was “sneak peeked” long before Divi, and we always finish themes in the order that we preview them.

      • I am sorry. I would rather you take your time and put out a good theme then to just churn out buggy themes every day. I just received my payment for my client, so I am hoping this theme will be out within the next week.

        BTW… adore the site, love your themes!

  44. A mix between




    would be awesome!

    I like booth themes, but i want to create small pages with informations and i found this page


    Just awesome, the navigation follow ( like in Vertex ! ) and you can create background in every “page” ( i think thats possible in Falbe ? )

    That would be awesome!

    Or you still have a theme to make this possible?

  45. Ok, here we go again. I guess we are just talking to each other with no real answers on ETA. Nick is MIA with no comments on this theme in a month. Can you spare a minute for us paying fans? Don’t get me wrong. I love your work, but, this tease business is getting frustrating, If you need suggestions for development you may want to say something like, “This theme will not be ready before this date for sure.” Instead of next week, next week, next month, next month and so on. It just gets frustrating as we schedule new projects as paying clients of yours. Help us help you help us. Cheers.

    • I am sorry Darrin, but we simply don’t have an ETA right now, but I can say that it will still be a while before this theme is finished. It’s the most complicated theme we have ever made. I no longer give ETA’s ever since it caused a lot of problems with our Lucid release.

      • Nick,

        Thank you for the reply. I totally understand. The thing is, you have spoiled us. Spoiled us rotten! We have watched you and your team grow over the years and you have given us the BEST and now we are Spoiled and expect the BEST right now! So, when you tell us something new is coming, we think, “Wow, that last one was great! What could top it?!” Then we start salivating, waiting, waiting……Dreaming…concocting new ways to use these themes…

        So, we will wait. But, thank you for communicating with us. Keep up the good work!

    • true same here….waiting for a reply for almost 2 weeks now…ETA and what will be the difference to vertex?

      • It will still be a while yet. We don’t have an ETA right now – the theme is still in early stages of development. We just finished Serene, and Divi will be next.

  46. put the social media buttons at the TOP/In the header. I don’t know why you’d ever put them at the bottom (people may never scroll down)

  47. Would be great to get an update on release date! Several upcoming projects need the kind of functionality planned for this theme!

    • It will still be a while yet, I wouldn’t recommend postponing your projects and this is a complicated theme and will take some time to finish.

  48. Hey guys,

    Any idea of the eta?

    Looking forward to this one.

    • We just released Serene last week, and we are now working on Divi full time. Due to the scope of the theme, however, it will still be a while before it’s finished.

  49. WooCommerce compatibility with all new templates would be great – giving us a huge opportunity to expand if required, and a real point of difference.

    • awesome…..

    • that’s fantastic

    • That’s nuts! LOL

  50. How close to release are we for this theme?

    • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

  51. Need a new theme! What are the chances of logo area being optional to havelarger size? Mostly my biggest problem. Sometimes I want the logo to be very prominent.

    You rock!! Thanks

  52. I would like the theme to have the GEOLOCATION feature, so when you write an article you can insert a map and if you are on mobile the theme geolocate your position and guide step by step with direction to the place mapped in the post….. It would be the first theme with this amazing feature…….

  53. Another suggestion : to make it easy to put a subscription box or adsense in the header.

  54. Would be good to allow parallel download to speedup the website.

  55. Any news about the release date of the dive theme?
    I am very curious.

    • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

  56. and any news on when it will be released? and also what the main differences to vertex are? saludos from EspaΓ±a

    • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

  57. Thank you very much for doing a quality job. I want to give a new style to my website and I’m waiting anxiously Divi. Again, thanks to all the team of geniuses to do as professional and stylish themes.

  58. Hi, any news on when it will be released? and also what the main differences to vertex are? Cheers from Spain!

    • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

  59. Hi Nick, it looks beautiful but please don’t use the same Advanced Search template that’s been used for more than a year in the other themes. It has always stood out like a sore thumb among your beautiful theme designs. I beg you to discard the Advanced Search or integrate it into the new theme Divi so that it looks like it belongs. Pleeeeeeeeeze!

  60. A prominent “tap to call” button at the top of the screen when @media is less than 500px or so. We implement these for any client who wants to gain phone calls from their website…which is about 80% of the time.

  61. I think it would be the biggest improvement if themes can Auto update from the admin panel. Or create a plugin that provides this feature.

    • Yes I agree too, the auto update would be great!

  62. Hi Nick,
    did you guys plan on making your own commerce plugin and extensions?

  63. I would like the theme to have the GEOLOCATION feature, so when you write an article you can insert a map and if you are on mobile the theme geolocate your position and guide step by step with direction to the place mapped in the post….. It would be the first theme with this amazing feature…….

  64. Better mobile nav! (like Facebook)

  65. It would be cool to have an option to have a tagline at the top and or contact info (email and phone).

    I don’t think I have seen that on many of the themes.

    Also, maybe the ability to have a small contact form widget, a nice CTA form.
    name, email, phone – click her to have us call you…something like that πŸ™‚

    thanks for asking for feedback.

    • I agree with this… it is essential for the businesses Phone Number (and email) to appear prominently on every page in the header (or top of every page).

      Secondly, the phone number MUST be “click to call” ensuring that users on a mobile can tap to call (or desktop users could use Skype).

      Now that all your new themes are mobile friendly and responsive… it really is time we start seeing this for all (business) themes (even if it is an option which can be turned off).

  66. I’d like to see integration with some of the affiliate plugins like WPZON. many of us use these to amortise our blogs and this sems to e missing from many ET themes

  67. I would love to see true integration to social media (i.e., login with Facebook/Twitter, etc.). A widget that interacts with fb graph/apps would be awesome!

  68. It would be great to have a theme with a mind-map as a menu (similar to Explorable, but with a custom image instead of world map), where coordinates could be self-defined and assigned to any post. Any chance to have this feature in the near future?

  69. It would be great to have restaurant menu layout for building a restaurant site.

  70. A theme for medical practices would be nice Nick… Divi looks great!!!

  71. Oh yeah one more thing, Nick, I hope you read this. As you know I have posted tons of times on many posts that I love all your themes. My only wish is that you would create a theme or add the built in option to edit the effect of the slider and slider text on the home page. Most of my clients own small business’s that provide a product or service, and the “”bouncing effect”” of the text is not very professional looking.I know they have slider plug ins, but a native ET slider would be ideal. If you could maybe implement a more professional slider / slider text effect that would really be a dream come true. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  72. Another great theme from ET. Cant wait for the release. Great job guys!!

  73. Great!
    Looks like iOS 7’s design approach is getting mainstream πŸ™‚

  74. WCAG 2.0 accessibility would be a huge asset. Many users need assistive technologies to be able to surf the web. Why not add accessibility to the list πŸ˜€

  75. I can’t wait to try this theme, mostly flexibility I like !!

  76. A very good addition would be to have a landing page included for specific products showcased on the site. So maybe just a landing page template as part of the templates.

  77. I think it would be the biggest improvement if themes can Auto update from the admin panel. Or create a plugin that provides this feature.

  78. Hi Nick, as you asked, here’s a few features I would like in your themes.

    1. Tag directory page template. like this in alphabetical format from WooThemes [ http://homemate.com.au/tags-map/ ]
    love this when tags can get busy for a magazine style site I am planning.
    2. Separate Author page template, to list Authors and Bio and link to their articles/posts [similar to what you have in Vertex] for a site I am planning to enable multiple authors.
    3. A subscribe to email widget to build a mailing list. like StudioPress like this [ http://demo.studiopress.com/generate/ ]
    4. A landing/squeeze page option like from StudioPress, like this [http://demo.studiopress.com/generate/landing ] IMO your single column pages are too wide and the print size too small, and there far too hard to read.
    Again, IMO your squeeze page theme Convertible is a great theme concept, but its too busy and the font size way too small.
    The example above is all being focused on one thing, the content that leads to a decision.
    This would be great for affiliate sales, product sales, digital sales and application forms to name a few uses I can think of, where you want to reduce the options available and have pre-sold on preceding page.
    Maybe the page is too bare [not even a skinny header version], but the content is king on this page type.
    Maybe you could have these as plugins for all sites?
    Hope this helps.
    Rick Adlam

  79. How about an option to make the main nav bar sticky or not sticky? Also would be nice to have a gallery option that allows for photos to be displayed in lighbox format without the necessity to always link to a post. Can be a pain for photographers to always have to write text about their work.

  80. Right to left possibility. I guess it is time for elegant theme to seriously think about that.

  81. Need options for left or right (or both) sidebars in interior pages like Magnificent but without all the heavy borders. More minimalist.

  82. OMG, I want this sooooo bad!

  83. Looking forward to it. Take your time.

  84. Your sites are always incredibly good Nick.
    Suggestion: Would be great to have the option in epanel to choose Logo “or” WP Site Name and Site Description, and have these customizable with Google Font options.

  85. Can not wait until this theme is released. Do you have a indication?

    • Hopefully sometime next month.

  86. I’m a big fan of your Themes, Thank you!!!

    • Thanks Edwin, I am happy to hear it πŸ™‚

  87. I would like to see a cheat sheet for this theme, really all the themes, that explain the CSS code better. Many things you can do under theme options, but specific css changes in the stylesheet are hard to find and figure out. Also more commenting in the stylesheet files would be appreciated.

    Divi theme looks very good.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jerry. We try to comment our css files to organize various sections, but sometimes certain elements can be hard to find if you are just browsing through. Have you ever tried using Chrome or Firefox’s web developer tools? You can easily “inspect” any element on your page and it will bring up the relevant css πŸ™‚

  88. I didn’t read all of the comments, so someone may have mentioned this already. But, it would be great to have a full page slider option for those of us who want to make a visual impact.

    So many of your themes have these fantastic full width images, but no slider option. It would be very cool.

    And, as usual, I LOVE you guys! Shout out to the support team for always being awesome!

    • Thanks Amanda. The theme will definitely have a full width slider πŸ™‚

  89. Great theme. Lovely design. I think you could include a section under the slider & boxes, that has a small ‘about me’ section, next to a “recent news” section that has 3 or 4 blog posts.


  90. Can’t wait for this theme!

    1 feature request from me: ability to add video on the header of the homepage.

  91. I was away for awhile and came back. Signed up and was really disappointed that you don’t include everything in each package anymore. Most of the themes are not working for me, so I paid 39.00 basically for only a couple of themes that work. I was pretty bummed. Wish you would allow us to have at least the psd’s back so we could make our own or something. Pretty disappointing to pay 39.00 and get that. Nothing like 2 years ago when really loved your service

  92. What is the ETA on tis new theme please?


    • Hopefully next month sometime, but it’s a complicated theme so it may take longer.

  93. I vote a woocommerce support… and please…

    DO A NEW “INTERNAL” SECTIONS STRUCTURE!!! (portfolios and gallery are the same since years!!)

    • We are planning to integrate WooCommerce and design new galleries πŸ™‚

  94. Feature request: better handling of
    1. Slider
    2. Items on Homepage

    Would be great i you could change the way of assigning piictures to the slider – have a separate menu in the backend; assigning the featured images to a page is not very convenient, especially if you have a lot of featured images and/or you want to change them
    The same applies to the blurbs on the homepage – would be great to have sparate options to fill in the content (not linked to a post or page)

  95. Hi Nick and ET Team!

    This theme looks beautiful and quite different to everything you released so far! So many good suggestion have been advised already, and I would also love see an option to add a video on a Homepage like in a Fable theme and an ability to change a background image for each page and category like in a Vertex. I am sure this theme will be the most versatile of all!
    Thank you for your dedication and devotion to creating such beautiful themes!


    • Thanks for the suggestion Timur. We hope to make the slider more flexible in this theme. We will see what we can you do!

  96. I do believe that a customizable LANDING PAGE (register to download for example) would be great and very useful. You could add this feature to latest theme…. PLEASE!!!!


    • Thanks Memok. This theme should actually be able to create a landing page fairly well due to way that content will be built using a more flexible builder system. Combined with a blank full width page, this should not be a problem!

  97. Looks so great. A professional, minimal theme, will do my level best to promote it. Wish to see high click rates.

    Personally I would love to see support for custom newsletter subscription box. It would be perfect if the user get option to move it either in the sidebar or to place it under the content block, juts above the author bio.

    This will make this amazing theme more professional and optimized for internet marketers. Just my two cents..

    • Thanks for the suggestion! This request seems to be a very common theme in this thread, so it is definitely something we will consider. Which newsletter systems would you recommend integrating? I am a fan of MailChimp, and I know that Awebber is also popular.

      • Also GetResponse.com is very popular, but it is important to allow to integrate any 3rd party services for email marketing.

      • MailChimp, I personally love using it, for me its better than Awebber. Constant contact is one among the most popular and widely used service. It would be great if you could also offer integration support for feed subscription ( feedburner and others ).

  98. Would love to see ET tackle the lack of WP login options. Either an option to easily skin the WP login page and not look generic or a login redirect to an ET page. This must be easier said than done because I’ve had a really hard time getting away from the WP login page. I would seriously be willing to pay $100 alone for this option.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Brad. I think this type of customization is more Plugin territory instead of theme territory. In fact, I bet there is a plugin out there that allows you to easily customize the login page. Have you tried searching the wordpress.org plugin repository?

      • I have tried several plugins but none that I have found are very elegant. Would be nice to have a login in the header or option to easily add it to the header and not redirect to the WP login page on failed attempts. I am definitely open to suggestions from anyone. πŸ™‚

        Speaking of plugin territory, would also love to see more plugins from ET. There is so much junk out there that doesn’t work with other junk. It’s kind of a mess. If you guys brought the level of detail to some great plugins that you bring to your themes, I think it would attract a lot of attention. It would be a great up sell too. I would be more than willing to pay good money for a plugin from ET that I knew would work and I could trust.

  99. Are you adding Retina Support, that would make this and future themes more amazing. If not, are you planning in near future on adding retina support? Also, I just wanted to let you know I’ve been a happy Elegant Themes customer for over four years now and I have loved everything that you guys have produced. And congratulations on your new addition, all ready happy with what he’s bringing to the table!

  100. Someone has already mentioned this, but I just want to reiterate. Can you please make it work (and look good) without the need of a thumbnail/featured image. I love the minimal look, plus I blog on the run and can’t be bothered looking for pictures every damn time.

  101. We just updated our companies blog to the delicate news theme blog.candygalaxy.com – and I love everything about it except for the fact that there is no easy “author” widget to use on the home page. Would love to have something like that in a future theme !

    • What kind of features are you looking for in an author widget beyond a simple list of authors?

  102. Nick,

    I challenge you to replace the traditional carousel option (which has been proven, repeatedly, to be a drag on usability and SEO — see http://www.ShouldIUseACarousel.com).

    I propose an alternative that I’ll call a ‘dynamic tapestry.’ On page load, it appears to be a static image (where a carousel might normally appear). But the admin would be able configure it.

    For example, I can specify that a different post (and its corresponding ‘tapestry’ image) is featured based on
    * Page load (randomly, as Apple.com used to do, or sequentially),
    * Date Range (e.g. Mon-Thurs, or Mondays only, or Aug 15 – Sept 1, etc.)
    * Time of Day
    * User Type (guest vs. WP user type)
    *… and more; I’m sure there could be other triggers for what appears in the tapestry area.

    I think this would be a triump of the modern-day “marquee tag” that is the useless carousel. Sure, “we” may like them, but the proof is in that our end users do not.

    This could also be something that is retrofitted into other themes, but hey – this is a great place to start…


    PS: Make the tapestry sync to the background image and my face will explode right off with the ensuing smile!

    • Wow, Joe C. that is an interesting website you shared. I didn’t know that sliders were so bad. I looked up the articles from that site and was surprised at what I read! I don’t mind sliders on a webpage when I visit but I have to say that you can’t argue with facts, and I really don’t wait around to see the whole thing.

      I like the idea of a configurable feature like this so you’re not stuck with a static image all the time, especially being able to flip it based on the WP User. I would add that this would be a cool feature to have if it including tracking, so you can see in WP admin which graphics are getting clicked.

      Anyway, that’s a good idea and I think I’ll turn off the carousel on my site for a while and see what happens. (“Modern-day marquee tag” — LOVED THAT!!!)

  103. I would LOVE to see an easier theme upgrade process. I realize there are reasons why we don’t have a one-click option within the dashboard for upgrading, but it’s such a pain to login to ET, download, login to our site, upload, install, troubleshoot. I’d like to click one button and get straight to troubleshooting.

  104. I love your themes and the way they’ve evolved over time. There is one thing that I I wish all the themes had… and that’s a one click install.

    I realize you can import the data and pics, but for some reason, seeing the exact same site on my domain that you have on your server (picks and everything) make it much easier to reverse engineer a project. Basically, I guess I’m talking about cloning a site (as is) and then we can upload it.

    Just so you know, I’m not complaining… I’m just throwing in a suggestion that may help people save some time “making things look right.”

    When someone likes and elegant theme, it’s because you set it up like a new car in a showroom. That’s what makes people say, “I want to drive that that!” πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jim. We do provide sample data, but differs slightly from our demos because those demos use copyrighted imagery. As long as we use quality photos from professional artists in our demos, we wont be able to provide you with that data for your blog.

      • Where can we find that sample data?

  105. Please add a portfolio option to make the same as your “Flexible” theme has on the homepage, with the expanding image and text/project details..

    it’s awesome..

  106. Other features I will love to see in “Divi” are location custom post format, team page, and events custom post format and also see vertical arrows just as Silver Knight had viewed.

    Thanks in anticipation to these requests. This theme will be breath-taking just like vertex!

  107. This looks pretty cool ! One area where Elegant themes can benefit is support for multiple Portfolio pages with support of filtering by Categories and Subcategories. If the options provided more flexible galleries and portfolios I would use an Elegant theme in every project !

    Good job, this looks slick and exciting.

  108. You totally made my day! I’m looking forward to the ”Most advanced pagebuilder yet”! Can’t wait for the release!

    Cheers! BK

  109. a widget mini contact form would be handy

    • That’s a good one! It should come with the ability to add custom fields though.

  110. I’d love to have better and more comprehensive documentation. 😎

  111. I like what I see!

    The suggestions I’d have are:
    β€’ Easily customizable logo/photo for the main part. (I’m sure you were thinking that already, but just in case).

    β€’ Commerce and gallery compatibility.

    β€’ Solid blogging options as well.

  112. More interaction and custom forums?…

    I originally signed up a couple of years ago because of the “AskIt!” theme and have since used many of your great themes. I was wanting to expand my (small town community) blog site to be more interactive. I wanted a good community forum that people would want to use and that would be fun for “them”.

    In our community, people have upgraded from the ol’ CB Radio – and are now fixated on http://www.topix.com/forum/city/connersville-in

    Unlike AskIt!, when people comment on a topic (or start a new thread) it would move to the top of the list. Please think about building a theme built around the “end user” more than just leaving comments on stories.

    We VERY much enjoyed your “Flirt The Wind” video … have watched it numerous times – super, super good!

    Keep up the great work!

  113. I’ve seen a bit of banter between those who want nice big photos as blog featured images, and those who want it more minimal.

    What about something like a built in icon library and you could choose from slick looking icons based on the blog subject matter? With the option to upload your own also. More minimal and stylized. It’s just a thought really. I like the featured image options personally, but icons can work really well too when done right.

  114. An exif descriptions for the photos, and maybe an e-commerce integration, i’m also agree with the megamenu thing. I think it will be great.
    If you can also add a personalisable sidebar for each categories.

  115. This theme looks great.

    I’ll love to see a Membership/Subscription integration, configurable packages/membership levels with wooCommerce and newsletter solution.

    hehe πŸ™‚

  116. An editable contact form would be great

    • I second that. That is a excellent idea.

  117. 1)AJAX Page browsing!

    Especiallly on mobile devices.

    I think that would be a killer feature.

    At the moment, i do it with this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ajax-page-loader/



    (Including nice flags in the header-menu)
    — posts and pages in multiple languages (a menu in the et-settings at the pages-menu?)

    • Anything on this, Nich / ET? πŸ™‚

      • *Nick

  118. Looks sexy. Please keep the page builder stuff OPTIONAL. I know it’s great for people new to ET and WP, but I hate them…lol.

  119. Hi Nick,

    Look great !

    Should be nice to have some animations effects for pictures and texts… πŸ™‚

  120. Awesome preview, it looks like it will be really nice.

    • Thanks, I promise it will be!

  121. I’d really like to have more options that provide video integration built into the templates (galleries and portfolios, as well as slideshows that allow video). More media options would be great. The only theme I am aware of that does this well is “Envisioned”. Thanks!!!

    • THanks for the suggestion Steve. Actually all of our themes come with the Portfolio page template that is identical to Envisioned and supports video and photos. I agree the video integration would also be useful in other areas such as the homepage slider.

  122. My ‘Dream Theme’ is:

    Gleam + Nexus

    As a photographer and logo designer, I would love to have the amazingness of displaying my photos full screen (background style) you get with Gleam and the responsiveness and flexibility of Nexus. Gleam is amazing for photos, but it is quite limited otherwise. I also love the ad buttons and areas of Nexus.

    Thank you so very much for your consideration!!

    Ben Tolosa

  123. Is the pricing table representing new updated shortcodes? I hope so, they look so modern.

    • Yep the pricing tables will be freshly designed!

  124. I’m kinda excited by this! Think I may be able to use it as my new theme!

    • I am happy to hear it Jamie!

  125. The ability to change the order of the slides in the featured slider autonomously from menu / page order. Similar to what is outlined here. http://www.agentwp.com/change-order-of-slides-in-elegant-themes-featured-sliders

    I think it would be great if you could ad a text box in the ET Settings section where you edit text for slide. The number you but in the box is the order that the slides display on the home page rather than the current methods.

    • Out of curiosity, why would you want to adjust the page order in the slider autonomously from the standard page order setting in WordPress? I am struggling to find a reason to separate the two options.

      • I run into this issue all the time. I primarily work on church websites where most of the pages are static. However, I would like to promote a particular event that has its own page for a couple of weeks beforehand.

        I don’t want to make the event page a higher priority in the menu / page order because it is a limited time event and it doesn’t make sense to change everything. Right now, I have to either change the code as outlined (which is a pain to do on all my sites when I upgrade) or get creative with the menu numbering to make things work.

        http://www.crosswaychurchwa.com is practical example. The Barnyard is a limited time event that I would like to push so it is slide number two after the welcome. However, its structure in the site is buried a bit (Under Serving) because this is where it fits in the general narrative of the site. This pushing limited events a home page on a site that is primarily on static is really where I see the highest need for something like this. I played with the order numbers to get it where I want so I can work around it, but my goal is that others can modify their sites after I create them.

        Overall, splitting it up just makes the slider a bit easier more customizable. Personally, i think it would make the user interface with the slider a bit more intuitive. The slider order has been confusing to folks that I run into. Rather, than having to figure out why or how the slider works (different options in the Epanel) they can change the number where they edit things (if it is the box).

        You wouldn’t have to change this for everyone. Most might be happy with what you have. I envision that you could just give the option for a custom featured slider order in the featured slider panel and enable and disable it. If it is enabled, the numbers people ad on the ET settings in the page would work. If people like the current system, they could use the options.

        Love your stuff. Appreciate the question. Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

        • I see what you mean, but I think a good solution would be to use the Appearances > Menu system to manage your menu independently of your page hierarchy. This way we don’t create a separate set of options for page order.

  126. I would love to see more store functions able to be added. I love your themes, but they all seem to be for personal blogs and such. Would love to use all of these as a store front. They are great. That was actually the reason I left as a customer. No store templates.

      • Although it’s true that there is not much choice when it comes to ecommerce themes. Just 5 theme but I have to say that out of these 5, I’ve used 4. They are all brilliant. At the moment i am working on another Ecom site using Style shop which again is really amazing theme.
        I would like to suggest a feature of having an option to use a mega menu (something like Uber menu).
        Another one would be a better search filter which would allow, searching through posts, product pages, meta values etc. This would be very useful for creating filters and searching by product codes, prices, and other such parameters.

        Thank you for creating all these wonderful themes.

  127. Looks very promising, I’m especially interested in the page builder options! I always like options like a fixed header (with menu / logo / search / social media buttons), mega menu and flex sliders. Any chance you’re implementing things like this in themes? I would love to work with that!

    I’m very much looking forward to testing the demo of Divi πŸ˜‰

    Great work guys!

    Best Regards,

    Marcel Oerlemans
    Compass Creations

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Most of these things seem probably, although I am not sure if we will be able to fit Mega menus into the initial release. There may be some plugins that you can use instead.

  128. I’d really like to see on this theme, and most all the others, some real thought given to the styling of forms. I took a quick spin through some other themes and even things as simple as the submit button is the same grey across all themes.

    Nicely styled form elements are important to me and they seem to very much an afterthought on most all the Elegant Themes – which are otherwise totally awesome!

    But, hey, I’m still glad I got that Developer license!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Charlie. The color of the submit buttons on the forms of our last two themes were: Green & Red and you can customize the colors from within the Customizer πŸ™‚ I thought that the matched the style of the theme pretty well, but I welcome any suggestion you have about how we can make them better.

  129. Most flexible ever … needs a reviews type of post, testimonials, utter control of the number of columns on the home page _and_ subsequent pages, author details, and all your other amazing features!

    But I’d love to request something I haven’t even found a good plugin for. I’d really like a special post type that essentially works like a Twitter or (short) Facebook status feed for contributor role or higher. It could be a great community-building tool that is still something curated for the readers.

    And I’ll echo what others have said, Although they look gorgeous, sometimes the header section/images are just using too much real estate to work at the optimum for retaining those eyeballs we need.

    Thanks for asking, Nick!


  130. O melhor de todos atΓ© agora.

  131. Great Nick for listen your customers,

    My contribution, love elegant themes but these two templates ( both have Powerful Theme Admin Panel ) :


    – Mailing List Integration: Promote Your List Everywhere
    Newsletter Sign-Up Form (integrates with AWeber, MailChimp and other third party services)
    Featured Sign-Up Form in Banner (gets all the attention, converts best)
    Sign-Up Form Widget (use it on your blog and pages)
    Supports Popular Contact Form 7 Plug-In (fully-styled, works out of the box)

    – Fully Customizable Banner
    Static Image – if one product shot is enough
    Image Slider – slick image slider to showcase your product, with support for touch gestures on mobile devices
    Video Content – simply paste the video link
    Custom Content – use whatever content you need to convince your customers; use HTML and shortcodes, integrate anything!

    And if that’s not enough you can freely define the banner’s contents, using custom HTML and shortcodes, even layout blocks. You can also turn a WordPress page into a banner for your landing page!


    – Unlimited Home layout/ pages layout – (build your home with awesome page builder)
    – Ad Block (you can add it anywhere)
    – Social Networks button in articles

    And generally how they are created is fantastic, sure that their study can help improve ET.

    Thanks for asking to improve.

  132. Hi Nick! I would like that this new theme allow me to build a portfolio with a filtration system. Just like on the theme sextion on elegant themes website. You know, when you click on “responsive” you see all the responsive themes…

    Sorry for my poor english!

  133. Hi, advanced plage builder, multi positions widgets, please.
    Clean and responsive.

  134. Looks exciting

    Love the sneak peak hints at email sign ups integration.

    My suggestion would be to provide more options as to what can be shown ‘above the fold’.

    Can we expect this theme to be released in 3 weeks?


    • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

  135. I would like more flexibility in size and position of the logo and tag lines

  136. Menu like in Vertex Theme should be a must. I like to remove those big sliders and images to use the theme in more simple way. Would be nice if it would look cool also without the slider.

    Divi in latvian means two. Cheers, Nick.

  137. How about a system for proofing gallerys for photographers. A customerlogin to show and order photos. I have searched for a good WP solution, but haven’t found anything easy and clean.

  138. Eagerly waiting for this theme, need a new one for my site!

  139. Menu Improvements, a couple of ways to go

    1) Mega Menu support such as that provided by jquery megamenu or the excellent ubermenu, themes are crying out for this feature but ridiculous licensing (no developer) on products like ubermenu makes it a less than attractive proposition.

    example: http://wpmegamenu.com/mega-menu/

    2) Intelligent menus – i.e. A primary menu that offers the core categories / pages and a secondary menu that offers different links, dependent on which category/page is selected in the primary menu.

    WordPress menu’s generally suck, most large custom coded retail sites put wordpress to shame with the ease of navigation. Including some advanced menu navigation in a theme would set it head and shoulders above most of the competition.

  140. Simple is the best. I like it

  141. Adding a widgettized block of content into the header that will flow under the logo on a phone would be great.

    • This would be a nifty feature, personally I would use that area to add a Click To Call button for my mobile users, and essential function in today’s mobile web.

      • I agree and I do believe they missed that little feature. The “Header Element” Phone Number (the customisable bar at the top of the website) should definitely be programmed with a click to call function, at least in mobile view. VERY important little function for a local business.

  142. Responsive LOGO. For most of my clients your logos are too small full screen. Need wider width that is mobile responsive.

  143. Looks Great! Any chance there could be an option to add fields to the contact template through epanel?

  144. LOOKS very promising … can’t wait. I too would like to see more in-depth instruction to get the most out of your themes.

    Typo: “The Beginning of a Beautiful Friedship!”

    From one who can’t write a sentence without one! LOL

  145. Beautiful theme, congratulations!

  146. Looks good, but something that is missing that all costumers want is a bigger logo (yes they like to show theyr logo), so a way to change logo size in the many layouts (maybe add more them one image for the logo with different sizes). Other things is that all themes could support woocommerce, with a way to turn on and off offers and other things in the home.
    One point that is really a problem with the last templates s the blank spaces between elements, they are very very large! This create a very strange layout when you open in machines with less resolution, if theres a way to control all those spaces based in percentage this could be great also in the painel.

  147. please design the bulk of your themes around 4:3 images.

    i find many ET themes unsuitable for my average customer because the slider and thumbnail images don’t accommodate 4:3 ratio pictures that 99% of my customers want to use on their sites.

    force yourself to look at how 4:3 pictures appear in your sliders and thumbnails and you will see what the common user gets from your theme.

  148. Hi,
    I was wondering if the main portfolio page could have the usual text headings as categories and also have an image to represent each of the categories so the main portfolio page could have:

    and a photo could represent each one – when you clicked on the pets image it would lead to the pet portfolio etc.

    could that be done – does it already exist in any of your themes?
    Thanks, Rosy πŸ™‚

  149. -blank templates (may be only the heather and the footer)
    -a css classes map
    -a simplified version ( a version to make more tweaks)

    I don’t know how your themes support CPT (defined by a plugin) but a css map would be helpfull

    (yes I know firebug πŸ™‚

  150. Integration with WooCommerce would be nice.

  151. Adding tables with adjustable row/column design on the pages would be great, not necessarily to make calculations but rather to align things properly. The theme looks promising!!

  152. Elegant themes,

    Right underneath theblack section where it says, “the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” could you make the three boxes (the one entitled “developer best value” sticking out) rotate like a slider? If we could put small pictures in there (I’m thinking book covers) that could be an awesome way to highlight them.

  153. Looks great! Clean and minimal, just how I like my designs. When is the expected time of release?

    • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

  154. Fully customisable homepage will be great! πŸ™‚

  155. Have you though of doing a series of videos showing us how to do tricks?
    Like using short codes easily,
    or changing the font
    I could think up a hundred possible things that you could show us.
    I have often used a theme and only found out months later that it can do a “thing”
    (as a bonus I can use them as possible bonuses for your affiliate program – if I am allowed naturally)

  156. I would like to see a theme that doesn’t force me into using blog posts on the home page. I also don’t need such huge photos. I want a simple site which I don’t have to code to death with custom styling. Want to be able to customize part(s) of homepage or to add ET shortcodes wherever we want to.

  157. Looking sleek and elegant. I like the responsive design and it would be cool if we can choose which page appears on mobile device.

  158. Looks very good πŸ˜‰
    Cant wait to see it live…

  159. Cannot wait to try it out – Cheers

  160. Please integrate WPML.org

    • Thanks for the suggestion Christoph. All of our themes are already compatibility with WPML, and Divi will be no different πŸ™‚

      • Unfortunately Divi does not play nicely with WPML – it interferes with Divi’s ability to detect whether page builder has been used, which means the layout gets broken. Please test it some more.

  161. My needs are simple. An easey peasey Google Fonts integreation

  162. My suggestions:

    1. Default inclusion of all ET plugins, including Maintenance Mode.
    2. Removal of current social media icons found in ET Shortcodes.
    3. Inclusion of Social Media icons released a while back, selectable from ePanel.
    4. Option in ePanel to have content text justified.
    5. A way to safely update the theme using the WP update feature (like with plugins)
    6. New ePanel tab called “Translation” where you can select form all available languages, make personal changes and even submit improvements that other users can benefit from.
    7. Add to ET Shortcodes a nice Lightbox so you can easily show an enlarged version of one or more images, without leaving the page.

    Hope this is usable.

    • Verdi (and Nick of course),
      I totally agree with your suggestions. Especially the language part is important. I mainly work for Dutch companies and going through all the .php files to make sure all text is in Dutch is an incredible hassle.
      I would also be very happy if the css codes could be more standardized, and easier to look for.
      Other than that, the new Divi looks tremendously beautiful, and I can’t wait to use it on one of my projects.

  163. I would love to see a parallax/modular theme. I have been searching very hard for a combo theme that will support a strong photography AND a strong blog presence at the same time. So a large front page header for gorgeous photos, with several slider options, would be great but expose a little of the next section at the bottom so visitors see News/Blog posts which encourages them to scroll. That’s where the simple parallax comes in.

    For the Blog allow more than a few posts in the parallax or make it modular so the visitor can see the blog section, in a classic non disruptive format. I love the wow of the parallax but find it too busy and truncated for blog reading.

    Finally, I like the ability to radically change the look of a site without having to change themes or coding. Maybe offer alternate versions in which you can change textures/colors on the fly. It’s nice to vary the site from time to time to keep it fresh.

  164. How about a Landing Page template bundled in with individual options to turn off the menu, header, navigation, title, featured image, and/or footer but still deliver thematically consistency in font, styling, colors, etc.?

    Basically, an optional blank slate already set up to be responsive and easy to work with using Builder, for example, but with site-wide styling in place.

    It’s a feature that’s needed for high-converting landing & squeeze pages and using some competitor’s landing page products leave you without theme styling in place making them nearly useless (or a lot of work).

    • Definitely need ability to turn off the menu on a per-page basis!

    • +1

  165. Hi again,
    1) a Fast theme
    2) Optional second menu at top of the page
    3) Contact page with a new functionality: be redirected to another page after sending
    4) Logo section (inside header) more customizable, mainly allowing logo picture and slogan/title text

    Thanks again for your really nice themes

  166. My suggestions, and sorry if someone else has already given them (I could’t read the whole thread before commenting):
    – table management (creation of CSS tables for lists, like those usually done with table management plugins)
    – option for smaller media slider (i.e. framed pictures or video with text aside, in case one doesn’t have large images for a large slider)
    – portrait image galleries and portfolio, or better mixed formats (portrait AND landscape images), we really miss that as it doesn’t work in current themes
    I can’t think of anything else at the moment, those were just the only missing features in current themes (apart from the first one, which is actually included in some themes, but with a single mode slider).
    As usual, you’re going to go beyond our expectations, Nick! πŸ™‚


    • +1 for portrait gallery / portfolio

      Also it would be great to have a filterable photo and video gallery.

  167. It just keeps getting better and better. If I had one wish, it would be to have a responsive page builder incorporated with ability to copy pages – content that can be edited in WYSIWYG formatting instead of shortcodes. I thought it was going to be tough to top NEXUS, but this one should do it πŸ™‚ – Looking forward to it.

  168. Hi Nick,

    Great looking theme!
    I hope that you will deliver the theme together with a child theme.

  169. Hi,
    It’ll be perfect a FAST and clean theme


    • It will definitely be fast and clean πŸ™‚

  170. Hi Nick,
    How about a search bar in the top right hand corner on the white header area?

    Great looking theme by the way

    • As far as i can see, it already exists! πŸ™‚

      • Yep, this will definitely be a feature πŸ™‚

  171. I often make use of Tabs but currently it is impossible to send a link directly to a specific tab. It always opens the page on the first tab. So being able to directly link to a tab would be great!

  172. Looking forward to another brilliant theme!

    One thing I always like to have is “Back to Top” with an anchor at the #top. I love that function for long scrolling pages.. well every page because any page can become long on a phone or tablet too.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Eric. Perhaps we can integrate this into the footer.

  173. Hey, i would like to see a Theme for Doctors.

    Btw. this looks nice – BUT: look similar to other themes from you… I am looking forward.

    • I promise, this will be nothing like our other themes πŸ™‚

  174. Looks like an awesome theme!!!

    Could I suggest that the theme was ajax response, meaning there was no reloading of pages?

    Additionally two other suggestions is, is it possible to have the social network icons change colour to the networks applicable colour, when the mouse is hovered over it. And it would be awesome to have an arrow link on the pages that fluidly takes the viewer back to the top of the page!

    Cheers ET, can’t wait for the release!

  175. yeah, I’m looking for this kind of theme. I think it is very suitable for my new website

  176. Looks good. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh so to speak.

    • Thanks George, keeps your eyes open for the theme’s release sometime next month πŸ™‚

  177. Hi Nick

    Great design as usual. Would it be possible to maybe do something different with the gallery like a hover/roll over effect similar to the one in origin home page.

    regards Luke

    • Thanks for the suggestion Luke.

  178. New gallery/portfolio design would be perfect! Also, the posibility to switch off when needed the buttons over gallery/portfolio images (more and zoom icons).

    A slideshow with thumbnails under would also be amazing and the posibility of moving the sidebar to the left too!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Joan. Divi will feature a newly designed portfolio section πŸ™‚

  179. I am excited to see this theme. I am underwhelmed by the new Nexus theme. However, I love elegant themes. You guys put out some of the best products out there.

    I just want to see more versatile business themes. Modern look with full width designs. Easy to design and if need be customize to fit any businesses needs.

    Looking at this preview, I want to see Divi in action. Appreciate what you guys have done for this community. Hope to see more business themes

    • Thanks for the suggestion Luke. I would be curious to know what you did not like about Nexus. What features were you expecting to see in a Magazine theme?

      • Did you get around to fixing the 1300 px instead of 1280 px width bug of Nexus?

  180. A new Contact page – it looks like the design team have thought “oh yes, the Contact page, we better put that boring form in again, and again, and again . . .
    There are some great contact pages put there, the most obvious option would be to incorporate google maps.

    and also get the parallax to work on the iPad – below is a good example of it working on an iPad


    • Thanks for the suggestion. My idea for this theme is that there will not be a simple contact page template, but instead the contact form will be a module that you can place anywhere, allowing you to create your own contact page along with additional elements such as maps and photos.

      • …just don’t inline form labels (inside the text area). They are poor for usability. Stick to form labels outside the form.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will,look forward to utilising the functionality and versatility you are refering to regarding the ‘Contat Page’.
        Just need to get the Parallax working on the iPad iOS, especially considering that the preferred choice of device for browsing seems to be mobile.

        Thanks again

  181. Look clean and professional design πŸ™‚ hope WooCommerce integrate. Any blog page options?

  182. Mostly features are included in comments….

    I just say ” can’t wait for released”……..

  183. Hi Nick,
    a. You should look at enabling creation (as in Explorable) and *search* within custom post types.
    b. You may improve the advanced search to include search within custom post types.
    c. Ability to customize part(s) of homepage ( a la Builder) or to add ET shortcodes wherever we want to.
    d. Custom text layer with Google fonts on top of slider
    e. Flexible slider size options (960px or full page size)

    That should keep you and team busy πŸ˜‰

  184. The theme looks fresh and minimal. I hope it would have a review system and optional to choose boxed or full-width layout. Great job πŸ™‚

  185. a “page template” for Facebook page tabs, or some sort of solution so I can maintain my website and html for my iframe fb page updated and in sync from the same place, current workarounds are kinda annoying

    • Thanks for the suggestion Pedro. It’s a great idea, though I don’t think that it will be a feature of this theme. Such functionality might be better served in an individual theme. Is a Facebook page theme something that you would be interested in?

      • I would really much appreciate that

  186. On the iPhone, I will the space between the top and the first image can be optionally disabled. Site title and large blog title consumes too much space on a phone.

    • We try to design or responsive breakpoints with minimal margins so that everything looks great on phones. There shouldn’t be too much space between each element – just enough to give separation and provide clarity.

  187. 1: Image overlays with ability to add our own content i.e HTML/Shortcodes inside.

    2: Modal window shortcode

    3: Buddypress intergration

    4: Digital download solution

    5: Ability to create new full width areas

    6: Page in page content like this theme:


    7: Image BG uploader definable for all areas including page in page

    8: Styled HTML audio player

    9: Full width slider

    10: Font awesome icons

    • BuddyPress and bbPress compatibility. Please!

      • +1

      • Has divi become BBPress compatible or buddy press compatible?

    • Thanks for the suggestions. Some of these items are definitely feasible. As for Digital Downloads – this is something that would be better served via an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce, which we plan to integrate. Modal window shortcodes are something we may add to our shortcodes collection, but it wont likely be an addition to this theme.

      What do you mean by “Ability to create new full width areas?”

      • Hi Nick,

        I’ll try to elaborate.

        Lets say you have a page that you are using as your homepage, and you have poulated it with shortcodes to look something like:

        Main navigation
        full width slide show
        Call to action area
        3 column text block

        Now after these areas it would be great to add our own width definable areas.

        For example on any page to be able to add lets say a full width banner add or an area where any content can be added.

        Or page in page content..:)

  188. I like the fact that you produce themes that are not focused on pictures. I write technical blogs and can’t always find suitable pictures for each post.

    • Thanks Eric. We will keep this in mind when designing the blog. Featured images will not be required for each post.

  189. A fixed menu would be awesome. But if you could give the option for a menu link to scroll up or down to it’s corresponding place on the homepage, that would be even better! I’m not sure what this is called typically, but it’s found on most “one page” websites. Looking great though, Nick!

  190. This looks REALLY good, Nick. Google fonts, color schemes and full-width post option would be great. And parallax layer slider…that would be the ultimate.

    • Thanks Dave. Seeing as those first three items are common in all of our new themes, you can count on them being present in Divi as well πŸ™‚ As for a parallax slider, this is also a likely addition! Thanks for the suggestions.

  191. 1. Something along the lines of this filtering system, but for blogposts:


    (sorry to quote the competition, but this would make the theme very useful for a variety of purposes… maybe as a page template?)

    2. The ability to turn on or off the animation effects (or have some control over them), since sometimes there is an ET theme that is perfect for something, but there is usually a lot of animation effects that I would like to control or turn off.

    3. The ability to not have a link overlay (with the spyglass icon) over image thumbnails and portfolio items.

  192. Hello !

    People are always looking for new ways to upload, organize, and share their photos online. I think they would like to have their own portfolio in elegant theme style plus ability to user register and login to uploads photo.

    Every picture should be open in lightbox and automaticlly be resize to user screen resolution…users should be able to give ajax star rating and leave/read comment in lightbox without page refreash…

    Yeah ! It is really good idea…. but I know it is unreal to do becouse it is simply too good…..

  193. Add lightbox/modal support to your themes! I know this might have to be a separate plugin that you offer, but it would be really handy to have.

    • Thanks Shawn. More realistically, this is something we could add as a Shortcode in the future, or as a plugin (as you said).

      • I, also, would love to see some shortcode support for modals! Any update?

      • Hi, is this feature already implemented? I can’t find it and it will be very usefull for mi page.


  194. I’d like to see automatic updates integrated into the theme. I love the themes, but the first thing that happens when I log into Elegant Themes is that I go do something else because the home “Themes” page in the members area takes so long to load, and it’s already a PITA to have to come here to download the latest version and then manually go out and update all my sites that use that theme.

    It’s not very difficult to build automatic update functionality, even protected by the username and password of the appropriate license, which would make maintenance [i]much[/i] easier for those of us that have a lot of sites.

    • Ah, to be able to remove the theme name and replace it with text or an image WITHOUT HAVING TO USE PHOTOSHOP. Most WordPress themes can be customized simply, but not Elegant Themes. I haven’t put my Elegant theme into service because of this. I’m still using Weaver II Pro because it’s easier to bend to my will.

      And about updating, doesn’t the Easy Theme Installer plug-in work with Elegant Themes?

    • Thanks for the suggestion Blaine. This is definitely something that we hope to do in the future.

    • +1 for automatic updates, it’s currently such a pain to manually disable, delete, upload and activate every theme on each site. Using the regular WP dashboard update mechanism would be fine, even if a WPMU DEV style Dashboard Plugin would be super-awesome.

  195. I’d like more flexibility in presenting my email newsletter signup in the header and/or the sidebars on the home page.

    There is a significant dearth of good calendar driven event themes. I’d very much like for you to expand on what you’ve done with the event theme as an optional feature of this theme or as another stand alone theme. However, please do incorporate all the bug fixes identified on your support pages.

    Also, make it easy for the calendar to handle a mix of events–for example, both exhibitions that last 3 months and an concert that just lasts one night. Perhaps the calendar handles the “one night only events” and the featured events section is replaced with a parallax scrolling section that presents ongoing exhibitions.

  196. Great! It’s desired to be both mobile and web versions. I think several interesting and multi-propose themes in ET, are restricted to be used as web mode in mobile devices.

    I think is interesting display option to make responsive theme, or not!

    Congratulations. Next theme shows a seccesfull.

    Spain community.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. All of our new themes are built with mobile in mind, and Divi will be no different πŸ™‚

      • It would be great for responsive themes to have a clear option for site visitors to “Click here for Desktop version of website.”


        • I agree with Tim. Using CSS media queries to create a responsive design is preferred, and is the method suggested by Google.

        • Deb G.

          The option for a user to view desktop version only really works if it’s a separate mobile site. Responsive is the same website as desktop, just resized to fit the mobile screen size. This is the latest standard and is the best for SEO. It also requires you to only manage one website.

  197. WooCommerce please

    • You can count on it!

  198. Awesome preview, eagerly waiting for live on my one of new sites!

    • Thanks Asad!

  199. Featured Image header on Full Width Pages or Interior Pages (like Origin).

    • Thanks for the suggestion Dan. This is definitely something that will be possible with Divi.

  200. Independant slider please (or one that’s independant of my web content) and I might renew my sub – the only thing I can’t stand about Elegant Themes. Also, option for a big logo! Responsive has made people forget just how important branding is – now it’s possible to have a ‘big’ responsive logo, please integrate! Oh, and woocommerce with everything, just in case πŸ™‚

    • WooCommerce integration is planned. As for an independent slider, can you elaborate on what you mean by having the slider independent of your content?

  201. At least that the menu is moving whit the page. (position: fixed;)
    So you can always enter the menu and search, even at the bottom of the page ;).

    • Thanks for the suggestion Kevin. A fixed menu is something that we plan to include.

      • Make it easy to move the menu to below the slider or to the left column. Perhaps in Page Builder.

        • Definetely +1

          If the header was totaly gone and just moving menu to left bar we would have so much stuff possible over the fold!

          The best layout for reading is like Medium has. If this is possible to attain with builder or better yet, would be in the new theme…. Im throwing my money at the screen πŸ˜‰

  202. Imaging how would look all themes without all large images of iphones/ipads/macbook? Also adding large images on the top or adding big sliders. Not everyone use this.

    • All of these things will be optional in Divi, so you can build out your page however you like.

  203. WooCommerce would be stellar!

    • Thanks Nicole. We definitely plan on integrating WooCommerce.

  204. Just a reminder from a photographer and long time user of Elegant Themes.

    The word “portfolio” means something different to photographers. When I get a theme that has a link to a ‘portfolio’ what that seems to be these days is a link to a set of posts… so I see a cool mosaic but when I click it goes to a post with copy and such.

    For photographers i guess we use what WP designers call “Galleries” – and we need strong galleries for photographers.

    Mosaics are great, with a lightbox or new layer approach. Photographers need a way to work with IMAGES only, and not have them constantly tied to posts or pages or projects or whatever.

    Love the themes, but I will say that you can increase sales with photographers who are flocking to other sites because of their professional photographer aesthetic. I would rather they come to you.

    Just a thought and not a criticism.

    • Also totally agree with Donald. Galleries without being tied to posts or pages would be super. Current themes are not optimized for photographers.
      Should love your themes even more and they would become very popular in the photography world.

      Thommy Andersen

    • Very well said Donald and I express the same sentiments. I am new to ElegantThemes.com and I love it however I have been constantly changing my theme to find that just right layout for photography portfolio.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Donald. My thought behind using posts or custom post types for portfolio items is that the photographer or designer would build out that post to detail their project. You don’t have to use only text.

      Instead of adding just text to your post, you could add a gallery of images, or larger featured images, or even a photo slider using out shortcodes. The post/categories is just a way to organize and separate your content from the rest of your website.

    • Agree totally Donald – that’s why designing a website for photographers or artists is so much cheaper for them with galleries. Posts folios are pointless in my opinion unless you’re a Gallery or something. Isn’t that the point of visual?

  205. I would like to integrate tweets to use them has clients recommendation, also i would like an easy way to add call to action, maybe like a plug-in to do so in every theme. but anyway i’ve been using ET 1 year now, and it’s AWSOME! Thanks!

  206. Hi.
    1. Perhaps the option of reducing the header or logo area, even removing it completely. I find that a lot of your themes look impressive, but do not allow for much above-the-fold stuff.
    As the themes have become more “modern” so they have become slider orientated, and image orientated.
    2. Plus custom background images done for us. I seem to be too stupid to ever do a cool background like your sample ones. They can be generic images, but I have wasted days trying to make a background work, and often end up abandoning the entire theme. πŸ™
    3. what about an old school header look – BUT the header is a slider, still narrow 100 pixels, sort of like having three headers.
    4. what about some cool transitions for the sliders?
    5. free pizza? πŸ™‚

    thanks for listening

  207. Please refresh the galleries. They don’t seem to match the themes anymore. I’ve had to resort to using NextGen for this. Maybe make a plugin that works like that? Maybe an option in the slider area that would accept smart content scripts. Seems like having a static front page jacks with the SEO in the ePanel. Make Elegent Builder “searchable”. It currently is not and it some cases makes itself useless.

    This might sound silly but a Front page for the site or the option of this. I’ve had a few requests for this in the past where a client wanted a consumer or dealer entrance to the site.

    • I second the request for a protected client log in. As it is I need to go outside Elegant Themes for this plug in.

    • Haven’t had a chance to use the page Builder yet, but that’s what sold me on getting an Elegant Themes membership… are you telling me that when I use the Builder that all that content is NOT searchable by Google and doesn’t help me with SEO at all?

      – Deb

      • Anything that you add to your page will be indexed by google, whether you use the builder or not. Google sees exactly what you see when you view your page.

  208. …I really would love to see WooCommerce support in it…

    Looks like a really nice theme though. Could work for a project I am in the beginning stages of working on!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Eldon. WooCommerce support is already planned, so you can count on that πŸ™‚

      • So awesome! I’ve been loving the latest themes…

        Keep up the great work…

  209. I’d really like a theme that gives me the option to have a post grid on home page as well as category archive pages and custom archives, with a nice clean very straight layout like the portfolio shown here, not masonry. Not sure if you can do that with this theme but that’s what I personally have been looking for.

  210. Full Woocommerce integration please

  211. Definetely lots of opitons for signing visitor for newsletter. Every single one theme lacks it like hell. A box/ribbon spanning whole width just at top of footer? A box just below the menu and before the content? A box on right in sidebar? Separate page where its possible to explain in depth why its worthwile to join newsletter and at the same time page is big enough to provide some pictures or even a video box featuring what freebie ppl will get for signing.
    I been waiting for such newsletter itegrated into design ffor years now. I really cant understand why u never do it.

    • Thumbs up! I already love the idea of this new theme and the new options.

      However, these “optin” “lead-gen” type features would really take the cake.
      Nick, any chance of something like this on the horizon?

      PS – Do you have a release date for this new theme? I’m building my new site and will wait if I can. πŸ™‚

      • It will still be a while before the theme is finished. We don’t have an ETA as it’s simply not possible to give an accurate estimation at this time. We are working hard to finish the theme as soon as possible, but this is the most complicated theme we have ever made and it will take much longer than usual to finish.

    • +1 to Piotr.

      What’s really missing from all the themes is something that recognizes that many blogs are commercial enterprises with specific conversion goals on the home page.

      If we’re selling a product, you’ve got some themes that work but if your conversion is to an email list, for example, there is nothing that does the job in any ET theme I’ve seen.

      What I did to get a home page feature box was to convert the Featured Slider to show content from Featured pages rather than the image. It was a simple change – contact me if you want the code.

      Doing something like that, replacing the Featured image with Featured content, which might be an image, a sign-up form, bonus offer, or whatever HTML content we decide to put there would be ideal.

      BTW, I did this using Nimble but it should apply equally well to similar Feature Slider home page themes.

      All in all, I love the look of your themes but my biggest complaint is that they aren’t focused on maximizing conversion nearly enough.

      One final thought, when using mouse-over techniques, remember that there is no hover event on touch screen devices. Nimble, to take a specific example, uses hovers in the Projects section to show titles and that doesn’t work well on mobile devices (no titles are ever shown, just the image). Hovers are fine so long as the meaning is not lost on touch devices.

      • Ken,

        I completely agree.

        As an entrepreneur building a list of like-minded people is priority #1.

        Recently, I posted the following theme suggestion from top to bottom in the forum:

        -Logo (Top-Center)
        -Large Video (Explains key points/benefits)
        -Opt-In Box (Maybe through drag & drop interface)
        -Site Navigation (Pages)

        This layout allows us to prominently place our company logo at the top without the distraction of the navigation bar.

        A video allows new visitors to see us, hear us, learn why the site exists, and provide a call-to-action to join our list.

        The opt-in box is pretty self-explanatory…That’s how they join our cause. Same for the nav bar…Shows what else is on the site.

        The last couple of themes Nick has produced have been focused on blogging, which I love, but I’d like to see the blog on the homepage or at the very least have the option to include it on the homepage.

        And, I love the large thumbnail images!! Lucid, StyleShop, and Fusion come to mind.

        Blogging is how we share our belief with the world.

        –> OR… <–

        Provide a drag and drop interface allowing us to design the layout?

        There are aspects to each theme that are beautiful and amazing and I have found myself saying, "If only I could take this from that theme and this from another theme and combine them, I'd have EXACTLY what I want."

        Instead of limiting us to the designs you create, which are still amazing, just create a drag and drop interface where we can take different aspects from a number of different themes that allows us to create the perfect theme for us.

        This goes beyond the Elegant Page Builder, which was a great idea but it really comes up short.

        I'd like to be able to take the logo setup and blog post style of Lucid, the Team functionality of Vertex, the eCommerce aspect of StyleShop and combine them all.

        Thanks for listening and I look forward to seeing what you breath life into.


        • Agreed. I would definitely like to see the eCommerce functionality, integrable with WooCommerce

        • @Brandon. That’s the SHEER POWER we have been waiting to see happen but it seems ET doesn’t want us to have that yet while most popular frameworks (like ET) allows their members to at least create a unique landing page different from the demo. Even if ET gonna make another “elite membership” for this, we wouldn’t mind and I will immediately secure this membership knowing fully well that I shall be building unique landing pages without spending weeks with html tags, wp calls, function.php and ET calls just to have a unique landing page from ET design sets!

          Hope Nick is listening. I’m ever elegant!

          • bb,

            I’m not a programmer/designer but I still understand that a total drag and drop interface requires an immense amount of work.

            Nick offers a great service at a great price and continues to push the boundaries in his design concepts. That’s why so many of us love ET.

            The final piece of the ET puzzle is the “Squeeze Page” element.

            I’m really looking forward to what’s next.


    • Both hands up!

  212. Love to see front page slider that is video rather than photo.

    • I second this sometimes you don’t want slider but a video instead

      • 100% agree that most Elegant Themes are far too similar and lack the video support that is in such high demand in this day and age.

    • As Aydin mentioned, or incorporate a “Designer’s Choice”, like the Feather theme and allow for any type of Media in the slider.

      If possible, not only have slider have options for Video, Full Images, Quotes, Image w/ content, but also to allow adding a row of vertical/horizontal Buttons so visitors can quickly be redirected to Sign-up pages, Featured Item, etc.

      And allow the buttons to all me the same size and not just based on the text in the button.

      Thanks Guys.
      Looking forward to the end result.

      • love that vertical arrow suggestion!

  213. Clean, easy to use video gallery for use with Vimeo/YouTube … true drag and drop interface for the homepage especially … cool, graphic-heavy customizable rollover navigation — Lucid has a GREAT menu, so something similar would be perfect!

    • Lucid does have an excellent menu and I use it for my website. There tends to be a lot of great elements between all the different Elegant Themes. Problem I run into is that: One theme will have a great feature, menu, layout but not be a good fit for my project. If it were possible to have a similar panel to the page builder to take different elements from all the Elegant Themes and create our own theme, that would be unbelievable. Wish I knew more code and could take a certain slider, certain menu and certain feature from a particular set of your themes and combine them to be precisely what I need. But that would be far to Perfect and a lot of work for Elegant Themes. Just my .02!

    • I would love this and if you hover over the video it gives the description but if you click it shows up in a lightbox.

    • +1 for this.
      It should be possible to add one-click play video on homepage in flexi-size.

  214. Hi Guys,

    Please try to forget the pictures. There are some minimalist blogs, that dont use pictures. Neither the highlighted pictures nor the large headers and so on. The blogs that are for writings, are not for photographers. They cant gather large pictures to all posts.

    Thank you

    • Agree – while images are important, a good, flexible multi-purpose theme is NOT going to revolve around just images, besides Elegant themes already have tons of great options for those. Whereas Software Products, Apps, Corporate themes are still limited…. I like what I see so far!

    • I have always found that photos on blog posts are quite important, even if you are not a photographer. Having a photo that gives a visual representation of your post gives your visitors something catchy to look at. This is especially important when your content is shared on social media websites. Posts that are shared with an image get a surprisingly higher rate of engagement.

      That being said, including a featured image with your post is not something that will be required in Divi, and if you want to build our your page without any images that will be something you can chose to do.

      • Very belated response but important: The focus on photos is problematic. Using quality pictures you have the rights to display is not easy if you’re not a photographer. Most people get around this by just grabbing whatever they can find from the internet, legal or not; big sites can afford stock site memberships, but even those bigger sites tend to use stock photos as illustration without labelling them as ‘stock photo’ rather than actual photographic part of the story. Using images wisely and well is a big job.

      • I get what Balazs’ is saying, as I have been is sales 30 years. Whilst most people are “visuals”, like Nick, [and myself], and “see” the message”, and like pictures to get meaning, thinkers see the actual words as pictures, especially people that write beautiful prose, create pictures, in even the visuals mind.
        To thinkers, “words are actually pictures” whereas visuals turn words into pictures in the mind.
        Then pictures and images can get in the way of the message, or confuse the message. That’s what Twenty thirteen is all about.
        Visuals [like me] can never understand this, unless they are forced into learning how others process information, as in the case of professional sales.
        So whilst most people are “visuals”, if your market is thinkers, then pictures are a bad idea. Paint the pictures with prose. And because most people can’t do this, the people that can shine. “ProBlogger” comes to mind. An Australian blogger who is a professional photographer BTW, who rarely uses photos or images in his [main] blog on Problogger. Why? Because he is a thinker! And so his is niche, but big audience.
        So if you are a creative writer, you don’t need pictures or photos, just as the articulate sales person does not need visual props to sell. They can paint pictures with words. They are memorable. Abe Lincoln didn’t use photos. He used words.

      • In line with these comments on images, I would like to be able to easily choose to use a MUCH narrower image header for much less vertical scrolling.

        • YES. Narrow heading. Vertical scrolling = bad

          • +1 on the header comments, although I believe folks mean to request a header (and possibly page title area) of minimal height, not “narrower”. Look forward to seeing the new theme!

      • As Nick points out- the visual impact of a photo really enhances the overall effectiveness of the message. Referring to images along with video as dynamic media is not a wasted term.

        I think writing can be inspired but I have also come to realize the importance & disproportionate weight that the headline combined with an image has on communicating.

        So much to read; so little time; people skim…

    • I agree– Something that looks great with pictures optional is still high on my wishlist!

      • Hmmmm… First, I think the ‘most flexible theme ever’ bodes well for your desire, and second, there are a LOT of themes out in the wild that are friendly for non-image blogs. Nick and ET are very visually striking in their work, and I applaud that because of the impact of visual imagery.

        Let’s see how this plays out…

  215. Looks clean and minimal.

    Looking forward for it’s release.

    • Yes, Looks amazing. Waiting for the release.

  216. Nice preview. Parallax scrolling for background image would be a good feature. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. There will definitely be full width content options with fixed background images, and perhaps parallax effects as well.

      • Cool theme, I have request from customers that are in
        the Author publishing niche and would like theme that
        can easily integrate Book section, and Also have a two step
        optin button features.

      • I install woocommerce on chameleon theme, on the store and product page i have problem with side bar, how i can fix that

      • Will the parrallax work on the iPad?

    • This is looking really great. Can’t wait to see it live πŸ˜‰

    • Ditto to JS. Two more features that would be cool:

      * An (optional) music player section (like the Harmony theme)

      * An (optional) photo gallery section (like a number of recent themes)

      • I’d also vote for a music player.

      • A music player would be great

      • I second the optional music player section request!

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