A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.6, Including New Modules, New Headers And Our New Responsive Editing System

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A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.6, Including New Modules, New Headers And Our New Responsive Editing System
Blog / Theme Sneak Peeks / A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.6, Including New Modules, New Headers And Our New Responsive Editing System

We are excited to start off the new year by doubling our efforts to improve Divi and the Divi Builder. We have so many amazing plans for Divi in 2016, and we are happy to kick things off with Divi 2.6 (coming very soon). If you are itching to know what new features will come with Divi 2.6, then today is your lucky day! Keep reading for a glimpse into this upcoming edition of our flagship theme.

A Few Things To Look Forward To

There are a lot of things to look forward to in Divi 2.6, including new modules, module improvements, new header styles, our new responsive editing system and much more.


Perhaps may favorite upcoming addition to the Divi Builder is our new responsive editing system, which will give you increased control over sizing and spacing on different devices. You will no longer need to toy with various media queries in your Divi Child themes to override a module’s advanced design settings on mobile devices. Combined with the Divi Builder’s live previewer and responsive testing tabs, this new feature works like a charm!


Not only is the Divi Builder getting a update, so is the Divi Theme Customizer. Divi 2.6 will ship with new header styles that I think a lot of people are going to love. It’s always nice to have a few different options when starting to build a new client site.


We are adding a few new modules in Divi 2.6 as well. As the basic list of Divi building blocks grow, so do the potential layout possibilities.


Not only are we adding new modules, we are giving Divi’s current module set a few upgrades. We have been listening to your requests, and Divi’s most popular modules are getting some highly-demanded upgrades!

So When Is It Going To Be Ready?

We have already been developing Divi 2.6 for months, and it’s almost ready! We will begin beta testing this week and you can expect 2.6 to launch 1-2 weeks from then. Sit tight and keep an eye on your inbox πŸ™‚


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  1. I have a customer who doesn’t like the “disappearing” main menu when scrolling down. I’m not finding a way to stop that. Any help please? Thanks.

  2. I would Love to see a simple way of being able to display tens of images without having to deal with them on an individual basis, a simple and effective way of working with many many images for display would be a nice addition.

  3. Is this still on target for an update this week? Waiting for the new form builder to complete a customer site. Fingers crossed…

    • Feels like today is the day !
      They are late on the daily blog post !
      Yes πŸ™‚
      No πŸ™

  4. We are waiting…. πŸ™‚ (almost can’t wait)

  5. Hi guys do we have an ETA for 2.6?

  6. Hi,

    I use Divi since it was released and you never stop surprising me. I’m very glad of having an account with you guys, the best investment I ever did.

    I just have a small question, how long is going to take to release this update?
    I read the comments but I didn’t find an answer, sorry If you already answer it.

    I’m also looking forward some of the changes you said in the other comments.

    Thanks guys

    • We’re looking to release before February.

      • Great!

        Thanks for the reply Nathan

      • I am very excited about this release! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Perfect timing.

  7. Hi,

    I use Divi since it was released and you never stop surprising me. I’m very glad of having an account with you guys, the best investment I ever did.

    I just have a small question, how long is going to take to release this update?
    I read the comments but I didn’t find an answer, sorry If you already answer it.


  8. Looking forward to 2.6 but really hope it will at some point include the category builder and blog options from Extra. Two fantastic Themes, but not enough overlap to be able to enjoy the benefits of both. Really frustrating. A lot of small businesses rely on content marketing, so Extra ticks that box. But then it doesn’t have the conversion applications of Divi – landing pages, customisable front page, as far as I can tell. A big mash-up of both themes would make on super-theme to beat all others on the market……. (surely a worthwhile goal Nick!)

    • This, absolutely this. Divi really needs to gain the blog centric options from Extra as soon as possible. Not only does the split confuse the product line for ET but Divi’s current lack of flexibility int he layout of the blog content is cause me to use other themes for clients who are becoming more demanding about the look of their blog.

    • +1 on that Julie. If Divi could handle categories & posts like Extra (or better…subcategories?) or Extra could manage full width layouts like Divi then it would be a dream…neither one fully satisfies at the moment.

  9. January 6 + (up to) 2 weeks = January 22. Does this mean we’re on the brink? I can’t sleep at night! – okay, that mainly has to do with my teething daughter, but still…

    I’m new to the world of WordPress and invested in Divi a few months ago. It was love at first sight, and so I’m very excited to see what you’ve done! πŸ™‚

    Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!

    • I’m with you! Have a site going live very shortly and would love a couple of the new features to add – especially the added form fields.

  10. This sounds great. Any chance a nice little carousel slider module will be included so we can configure it as a testimonial slider or logo slider?

    Wish ET could develop their own version of the revolution Slider or something similar. A more flexible, customizable slider would be a great addition.

    Also, we really need an esier and more robust and flexible way to edit the footer.

    At any rate, Divi is definitely going in the right direction. Thanks guys.


  11. Hi.

    I hope it will become easier and easier to write the information on my websites in the foothills of the websites.
    Kod Example:

    jQuery(“#footer-info”).text(‘ ‘);
    jQuery(” website checked 160117 Webmaster – Lasse Karlsson @ 2014 – 2016 SACson AB All rights reserved”).insertAfter(“#footer-info”);

    Lasse Karlsson
    self-taught webmaster wp and user of Divi

  12. Divi is surely delivered what it promised.

    I use it more and more as time goes by and can “see” that a lot of thinking and design was put into it.

    I found only 2 weak points:

    1. Divide to 5 columns
    2. Can’t use Divi builder to build the footer. for now it falls behind the rest of the components (header, body…)

    Translation to Hebrew is sometime embarrassing to misleading (in the builder especially)


  13. This is a much needed update! Do you have a date when this will be available?

  14. guys!! what about ads module in divi builder, they are in extra..!! but not in divi

  15. I hope the Contact Form will now be fully editable. I’d like to be able to style every aspect and choose positions for the various fields.

    I’d also like to see more providers (SendInBlue, MailerLite) added to the Email Optin Module along with more customization options such as the ability to have a skinny form with all elements in one row inline.

    Divi is extremely good indeed but often disappoints with strange omissions.
    Another one that perplexes me is the lack of a letter spacing option for Title and Subheader in the Header Module.

    Is any of this included with the update, Nick?

  16. What are the new moduls? It looks to me as some sort of “comments” module (i’m hoping). Is this correct?

  17. Oh hail Elegant Themes and Nick Roach!!!!
    Behold, DIVI 2.6!

  18. Love Divi. But will the new version finally be compatible with Buddypress? I have a Buddypress website that I would love to use with Divi, but at the moment am using another theme.

  19. Give us already 2.6 πŸ™

  20. I’d love to be in the Beta. I’ve participated in previous betas.

  21. Sounds great. Keep rockin’ πŸ™‚

    I hope that also a possiility for easily changing the footer to ones needs is incloded.
    If not in that version than hopefully very soon.
    Sure a lot of other customers would like that very much, too.

  22. Oh yes! Thanks to you guys, and we can’t wait for this latest release from you.
    Divi is the number one theme in the world in my opinion.

    Thanks again for the ongoing development, support and the quality of your themes!

  23. pushing and pulling columns would be nice!

  24. A Table module would be a welcome addition.

    • Yes we really need a table module!

  25. I have a zenfoilio website for my photography. I would love to integrate it with a Divi WordPress site. Does anyone out there have experience using Divi to integrate with zenfolio, smugmug, photoshelter etc for photo print sales? Zenfolio and the like are good because they have dedicated photo labs that clients can order direct from but Divi would be great for seo, blog, list building and all the rest.

  26. If the post carousel from Extra is coming, would you PLEASE consider making a portfolio carousel as well (preferably with the option to have the same proportions as the post carousel; right now we have only the full width option for portfolio carousels)

    Thanks and kind regards!!

  27. More on slider module … in the extra theme you have the lovely transparent background for the text to go over the image – http://elegantthemes.com/preview/Extra/
    Are you planning to add this to DIVI?
    I have turned myself inside out adding this to my themes via css as there is never a photo that is either all light or all dark.
    Would love love if it were just a part of it.

    I will hold off a day or 2 before investing yet again in the Soliloquy plugin

  28. Looks great, and like you have really taken our suggestions and frustrations into consideration.
    I am wondering if you have added thumbnail options to the slider or will I continue to have to purchase “Soliloquy” in order to have them show.
    Thank you.

  29. Hi

    Is there going to be any more variations / options with the portfolio & Gallery modules. Divi is a great theme but this is one area options are a bit limited. Some grid options of various types would be a fantastic addition. Similar options like the plugin Essential Grid. Is this something which will be developed soon?


  30. I would really like to see Divi have the ability to have more edit capabilities for text in widgets . And also have their own set of widgets

  31. Hoping for a footer module and control over the blog sidebar when DIVI builder is not used to create the blog entries. An email subsribe widget that does not require mailchimp or other newsletter product would also be a nice enhancement.

  32. Super excited about the new responsive controls! I was just thinking about that the other. I wish we had more control with the responsiveness instead me playing with media queries! This is why I’m an elegant themes fan forever!

  33. Great!
    There is a possibility to join the beta testers?

  34. I am in the process of evaluating Extra vs. Divi. I’m struggling to decide… Clearly Divi is the best long term choice. However, extra has the Category Builder (which is shame changer for WordPress).

    Any plans to incorporate the category builder into Divi?

    • Please forgive my typo – “Game Changer”.

  35. Is the Accelerated Mobile Pages open source project, that Google is sponsoring, something that could be incorporated as a help for Divi users? Or is that something we should pursue on our own? Or would it not actually help with Divi?


    • I am also very Interested in this. The Accelerated Mobile Pages by google looks like a amazing set of code and wordpress is making a pluging but it would be nice to have it “natively” on divi

  36. I’ve been hoping for a new Blog Post ‘Divi Layout’ option: ‘Boxed’

    Currently the options are:
    – Right Sidebar
    – Left Sidebar
    – Full Width
    – Boxed (just hoping!)

    My client needs a blog post layout that has a class =”container” not “container-fluid” so they can use Divi Build to build the entire Post (with a Post-specific Sidebar). Combine that with Divi Library sidebars, and we’ve got a common look & feel for Posts, with a custom sidebar.

    The original request is here:


    Unfortunately, the Post TITLE floats to the left and I can’t HIDE it w/o a CSS hack (Show / Hide doesn’t work).

  37. Anxiously waiting for the new updates. I will like to see simple headers like some of the tech blogs use which cover little space.

  38. Divi is a real breakthrough and has transformed site building into more of an art and less of a science. I do feel that it should and could go beyond Bootstrap when it comes to screen compatibility especially with mobile devices. Let me know when we are there before I risk downloading something that could interfere with what is already working so well.

  39. Hi Nathan,

    This has been ticketed mutliple times for 2.5 months, by multiple ET members using ET products; especially the Explorable Theme. It has been stated that a fix in the works, but no timeline can be provided. Would it be possible to ascertain whether this has been addressed in version 2.6 of DB?

  40. Can somebody at Elegant Themes confrim that version 2.6 of this Divdi Builder will be fully compatible with Explorable Theme listings. Currently, version 2.5 of Divi Builder does not work with listings and disables the google maps on the home page and at the top of the listings.

    • Hi Jack, if you haven’t yet please create a ticket for this in the support forum. If you have then it is on our developers’ radar.

  41. Nice to see that Divi is improved in the section of header an modules.

  42. How about making the template/builder follow some simple CSS/JS rules?

    How about keeping CSS dynamically generated or not in the header where it belongs. You guys manage to break HTML5 validation for several years now. And now years later the divi builder is the only thing keeping a website from being HTML5 valid again. It’s like a personal mission of ET to keep breaking validation by doing so breaking the semantic.

    Ill get the same old same old lack of interest answer from you guys. It’s just to see html/stray tags/ to check if you closed all open tags etc etc.

    In essence you guys simply can’t deliver a HTML5 valid website and haven’t been able to do so for years.

    Yet you keep overbloating your theme with more and more useless stuff, don’t attend to customer feedback at all (I mean your divi form still sucks even after getting feedback on it for each divi release)

    Even the H-entry markup is invalid and won’t get through the Google search console. If you have an active blog you will get massive error reporting from Google’s console

    > Stop overbloating the DIVI theme
    > Deliver a template that can actually pass the HTML5 validation
    > Fix simple HTML5 markup (h-entry / schema.org / microdata)
    >> CSS should always be placed in the header, if you’re ECHOING it into the footer as “”> So besides not following HTML5 standarts you’re also not following WordPress standards when it comes to using wp enqueue script for styles and scripts

    PS: been a customer for many years and have been arguing with ET for many years to stop breaking the standard rules just because you read a article several years back on ” http://code.tutsplus.com/ ” that made you guyes believe HTML5 validation shouldn’t be taken serious…..

  43. Feature requests:

    1. I use my home page with a fairly obvious intent of grabbing email addresses like many bloggers do. I would like to set my root domain on a rotator, basically, to rotate through 3 or 4 different home pages every time I get a visitor; yes, basically one big split test with the option to either cookie each unique visitor to see the same page each time or allow each unique visitor to see new pages on successive visits.

    2. I agree that a responsive theme has to be the default; however, is there a way to have a toggle switch or link (as some sites have done), to allow visitors to “force” rendering of the desktop site/version on their said mobile device? I don’t think this would be penalized by the big G since the responsive option would always be default.

    3. I’m a big fan of custom CSS but not a great coder. I am a good “searcher”, though, and get codes from the internet. Sometimes, however, they work with Divi, and sometimes they don’t. I would love a Divi specific code glossery of custom CSS codes that play well with Divi. Perhaps there would be an attached section to make known our CSS code requests.

    Looking forward to the Upgrade!


  44. The preview websites like “cafΓ© divi” look very nice. I think it would be a big plus if those could be imported like sample data or divi templates or divi childs. Keep up the great work!

  45. looking forward to this one

  46. can you confirm if any efforts are being made to add functionality to upload more icons (vector images) for use with divi and the blurb module?

  47. Can’t wait πŸ˜‰


    Is it here already? πŸ˜‰

  48. It just keeps getting better and better!

  49. It’s already the best theme I use and it keeps getting better. Thanks Elegant themes ?

  50. I just bought lifetime licence few weeks back and trust me, I have earned lot more than what I invested.

    Thank you so much for this amazing theme, I love Divi the most… can’t wait for this update πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work (Y)

  51. Please, please, please make it to where updating the divi theme doesnt kill an edited footer.

    • If you really hate child theme – what you should not -, you should give Divi Footer Editor from Elegant Market a try. This plugin will smoothly overwrite Divi footer for only $10 (unlimited license…). So have a look on it.
      But remember that if ET changes something in the footer, Divi Footer Editor would no longer work. Then you would have to wait for the dev to update it while your website would be “footerless”….

        • Hello AndyF,
          Not the same one.
          Divi Footer Editor is just like the TinyMCE WordPress text editor. So you can really built incredible footers with it. It’s not limited to just on line of text…

          By the way, the actual name is Elegant MarketPlace…

    • It’s best to make a child theme, this way Divi updates do not overwrite your customizations.

      • It’s best to build it into Divi.

        Why will you not address this publicly? I’ve had posts deleted – posts that are in no way inappropriate – for simply raising the question as to why ET is so reluctant to add this feature!

        Your paying customers obviously want this. Please at least explain why you refuse to build it in. Is it to try and keep “Designed by Elegant Themes” in the footer of as many websites as possible?

        This is a serious question for a serious issue.

      • It’s BEST for this to be an editable field/customization within Divi tools. Why ET is so reluctant to add this incredibly basic feature is beyond me.

        It’s completely unreasonable and impractical to expect your customers to set up and manage a child them just to manage the footer.php file.

  52. Great News! Wonderful Work ET!

    An Idea Regarding Style.CSS,
    I’m using Divi heavily, my concern is that: The style.css is getting growing and by adding new modules it will be growing more. From performance wise, is there anything that we can do to improve performance. I heard about themes with dynamic CSS, that create only what you use. If that true, then it will be great idea and much great performance. From my own (little) experience, maximum 5 modules are used per page, but all pages need the entire CSS file (30 modules, and growing). I know, there are methods to speed things up (caching, cdn…) but there are limitations.

    I’m suggesting a new ET Performance plug-in, to boost up our lovely Divi,

    What Everybody Think?!!!

    • The problem with this idea is that you end up generating a different style.css file for each page, depending on the specific combination of modules that are used. Because of this, the browser never gets a chance to cache the .css file, which means you are loading a new style.css file on every single page, instead of just loading it one time and then using the cache. So in the long run, it increases load times.

      A better option might be to have the ability to disable modules on your entire site, in which case a single style.css file could be generated that is a bit smaller than usual. In the grand scheme of things, however, even a big CSS file is still a small part of your page.

      • I agree with Nick, the other thing that can be done to the css and js is to minify the files, but that won’t matter in the near future when HTTP2 is being used more regularly.

        Nick I would focus on HTTP2 and having each module in it’s own css file and js file and load those separately since that is what it will be like if I’m correct about how HTTP2 will access those files.

      • This sounds interesting…. maybe I should look into this plugin.

        However, Divi comes with pretty good accommodations for adding custom CSS modificatons under “Theme Options” and within many of the “Modules” themselves.

        I do try to keep my plugins down to the bare necessity to keep things running smoothly. I can see the logic in putting all your css modifications in one plugin to avoid the customization glitches that come with later theme and WP upgrades; but why go straight at the styles.css file (even through a plugin) when you can just do it via custom CSS?

    • I super agree with @MBT to have a complete solution on divi an ETperformance plug-in which could deal with css and javascript and modules, reducing the server queries and so on.
      So we would not download useless plug in but quality ones like those provided with the ET pack.

      I think is quite a big deal to create a dinamic CSS, but it could be a solution, Divi is such a great theme with a huge possibility of customization, but it is affecting the performances quite a lot.

      Besides ‘Extra’ has such cool features, not only the twitter module, but also the menu with images, the hover on the articles and vedeo, which could be funny features for the Divi users.

      And we need a dynamic sidebar, which could follow the scrolling of the pages, without using any plugin


  53. You guys ROCK!

  54. Any way to update the portfolio module to include all categories not just a few of them?

  55. Please please please get rid of the automatic divi logo inserted into every install and also the footer text… LEAVE THEM BLANK! No one wants it or uses it. You provide a customisable theme and insist on inserting your logo every time there is an upgrade. In the article you talk about “You will no longer need to toy with various media queries in your Divi Child themes to override a module’s advanced design settings” and yet insist on each and every one of us changing the logo and footer for every install. In case you have not noticed we will STILL need child themes to stop the logo and footer from being overwritten every time there is an update!!!!!!!

  56. Awesome!! So excited for this! Will this also include a way to add other social media site icons to the site ?

  57. Good news and thaks for the note

    Is that possible to have all the extra new modules on this new Divi version. Considering that Divi is sold as the “most flexible…” it does make sense to have those new extra modules incorporated on Divi theme.

  58. Great news –

    Extremely happy to see an extended contact form module included in the update! Hoorah!

    Will the new update include full width footers option? It would be great to have the footer widget margins matching the full width content margins to balance the site designs. If not in this update would it be included in the next round?

    Thanks for all your hard work – you make my work so much easier! πŸ™‚

  59. Are you planning to add Menu and Comments modules (or develop standalone plugins)?

    • What they need to do is use the modules they already have and create a special page builder just for the menu area.

      This would extend DIVI and EXTRA big time.

  60. Are you going to be adding the Linkedin icon into the epanel?

    How about Youtube too?

    Seems a bit odd to leave out the biggest business social medium and the world’s 2nd largest social medium.

    • Yes, YouTube would be nice!

  61. sounds good, iam new in the divi club, but at the moment I need to say you did a good job and I hope all the changes are going easy for us …
    But with your support I donΒ΄t fear the change to 2.6. πŸ™‚

  62. Looks highly promising. CanΒ΄t wait to try out the new features. Thank you for keeping divi fresh and updated!

  63. Do the contact modules now tell you what page the enquiry came from?

    This is a very important feature that should be included; like the jetpack message form tells you what page the message came from.

    • No, but the new module let’s you edit the format of the email that is sent, which means you can have each contact form add a different note or different combination and order of information.

      So you could add a note that says “From: URL”

  64. Merci pour vos développement très actifs !
    Continuez comme Γ§a !

  65. I’m sorry if this has been brought up before, but what I would like to have is the ability to filter posts in a blog or portfolio module not just by categories, but also by tags. I had to hack Extra for a site I was building to add this functionality (it’s basically just 2 lines of code – at the end of the day, it’s just another taxonomy), so it’s very easy to accomplish and I think it would be another great addition to the flexibility of Divi. πŸ™‚

    Thanks and as always, please keep up the excellent work!

  66. Very happy to hear that Divi 2.6 is just around the corner! If you’ll have me, I’d love to help Beta test, ET products. Can somebody please contact me about getting on the beta programme?

  67. DIVI rocks! ?

  68. Sounds awesome!

    I got one question – and I may have missed some setting somewhere – can Divi do pinch and zoom on mobile devices?

  69. do You kan ad post module and gallery whit popup module like as fullwidth Portfolio, And ad this module to standard section.

    this functionality much I was missing

  70. Thanks Nick. This is great

  71. Looking forward to the new update!

    btw, can you remove the requirement in the comment – URL field to include http://.


  72. Nice!! cant wait to see the header styles.. Hamburgers all around! Great job D-team

  73. Really really excited about this announcement. Divi has reduced my cost considerably. Earlier for every website I had to buy a new theme from themeforest. Now I hardly buy any new theme πŸ™‚

  74. Will you add the features to the Divi Builder as well? I am using Extra for now.

    • Yep, any changes to the Divi Builder will be shared by Extra as well.

  75. Fantastic! While I look forward to release of DIVI 2.6, I’d really love to have a custom ‘Registration Page’ module along with a customizable ‘login’ module. Perhaps something you can consider for DIVI 2.7?

    Also, do you plan to add something like UberMenu to Divi? I mean, let Divi Builder handle complex menu design on its own than having to rely on a new plugin.

  76. Congratulations guys , your Divi is unbeatable . It would be great you could customize more the high bar titles , adding background image, customize the buttons , and the size logo banner (hanging over the bar ) .
    Moreover footer customizable and different possibilities of graphic design modules . ( too square ) . Thanks so much for your great work .

  77. Best decision I ever made was buying the lifetime membership a little over 18 months ago or so. I was a total StudioPress / Genesis fan. Divi and the Divi Engine and now Extra, just keeps getting better, and you continue to pull away from the competition at light speed. Thanks for these tools!

    • Another Lifetime member as well.

      Thanks Nick and team!!

  78. Looking forward to the upgrade!!

  79. Excited.

  80. You should get rid of the very outdated epanel and integrate the theme options in a whole new panel, similar to the monarch plugin, for example. It seems very odd to work on what it seems an advanced platform not having its own structure as a back-office. Yes, and 6 columns, please. Thanks and keep it up.

    • PS. The whole pack of Google Fonts, Separated option for submenu fixed navigation, Sidebar dynamisation, Wider header options, Icon awesome package. Thanks!

  81. Please make sure the new release is fully compatible with WPML. There have been lots of issues lately, as you know.

  82. I’d like to be part of the beta-testing team, Nick!
    Lifetime access member here *waves*

  83. Visible captions for images would be great!

  84. Genial!!

    Would be great to have the possibility of add more columns in the blog grid…

  85. Super Excited!
    Well done Nick (I mean Nick Roach and not me, of course!)

  86. YESSSS!!! Brilliant upgrades. Keep up the awesome work ET Team!

  87. Yayyyyy!!!!! Divi 2.6 YESSSS SIRRRRRR!!!! I can’t wait…. I’m always up on Elegant themes news because your Elegant style matches my lifestyle and artistic style almost to a T. Nick and all you guys & gals at Divi ROCKKKKKK!

  88. That’s great news. Good to hear that you are listening to our request. There are some complaints posted here about the request forum though, so I’d like to post my earlier request for a better feedback system again…

    There are crowd sourcing systems to gather ideas and feedback from your user base. These systems allow users to submit their ideas and other users can vote for them and add comments. This gives you insight in the most requested/voted enhancements and also allows you to provide feedback to your users by adding comments, questions and give status updates like considering, planned, declined etc. Most used systems are http://uservoice.com/ and https://getsatisfaction.com but here are 3 lists with more options:

    There are also two WordPress options but they are a bit limited in functionality:
    http://usernoise.karevn.com/ (WP plugin)
    https://www.appthemes.com/themes/ideas/ (WP theme)

    • The plugin can be created by Elegantthemes as next one on the line πŸ™‚

  89. I hope you will introduce a standard menu module. It is not logical to have a fullscreen only menu module. Menus can be placed everywhere not at the header only!

  90. Great to know that you will be updating the Divi theme. You guys are awesome and your support is great.

    One concern I have and hopefully the updated Divi would resolve the header issue. Till now it is very hard to have a universal header uploaded in Divi ePanel without additional coding to make it look right. I hope that the divi update will make it easier to have a universal, easy to upload header.

  91. Divi is so easy to use! Keep the great features coming.

  92. Can’t wait! Custom forms will be very useful. Also new headers will help in designing new websites. Thank you guys!

  93. Cool !

    a slider option in the Blog Module maybe ?

  94. Thank you for sharing. Are there any plans to add an events calendar module anytime soon? If not, can you recommend the best WordPress events calendar plugin that works with the latest Divi theme? We are a non-profit organization that offers multiple classes to our community per week and would like an easy way to display (on all devices) as well as for our content managers to update easily. Thanks for anything you can do to help!!!

  95. Awesome!

  96. You guys ROCK!

  97. Relatively new to Divi but these improvements have already addressed limitations I’ve come across. This sort of ongoing development is reassurance that I made the right choice.

  98. Looking forward to this update!

  99. Hands down this is THE theme for me now.

  100. I love DIVI! The main thing for me is the Header and Footer using the builder like DIVI is.

    That would me the best theme or plugin ever! If this has the option – I would literally use Divi on everything. Your team has nailed “Simplicity” and its perfect. Super clean and super easy to build amazing sites.

    I really hope you include the Header and Footer with the ease of the building blocks – that would just be top shelf!

    • oooh. yeah. that would be AMAZING. i’d more-than-willingly pay extra for that!

  101. Awesome! I absolutely love this theme! Can’t wait to see it!

  102. OMG! Im so excited!! If i can easily make changes to the look of the mobile menu I’m will seriously forum blast elegant themes everywhere!!

    Keep of the great work!

  103. Canz I haz beta? Droooling ??

  104. Seems like most image links in the post are broken?

  105. I just ran into a case where the responsiveness of the Divi header did not work properly on all systems. I would love to see a new way to size headers!

    One request… how about an option for a better Captcha on email forms? If you can integrate with something like reCaptcha that would be great!

    • We are adding a honey pot to the module, which should filter out almost all bots.

  106. Hope that the contact form will be fixed. So people will receive the input in their (Google) mail. Perhaps the ET should take a look at ENFOLD. Other than that great theme and great work guys!

  107. Great news, please in furtherance to this can your developers add a course module like a Learning Management System so as people can offer courses on their site without third party integrations, just like what the Rainmaker platform has. Thanks and great work

    • It might take another 24 months and i don’t think it is in their schedule to turn Divi into a Nich-based WordPress framework yet. You can use WPCourseware or CoursePress pro Plugin

  108. Again, all sounds wonderful.

    But, is there documentation SOMEWHERE that explains how to use the Divi builder in another theme (even by another WP theme company) and maintain the character of that theme? Or once I use Divi, will it matter what the original theme was? I can’t imagine this and I don’t have a them to try it on.

    Someone has a masonry portfolio that has a navigation bar so I could create a site for a dozen photographers to display their pics with photog-specific portfolio choices. I can’t figure out how to use Divi to do this. I don’t see masonry portfolios on ANY ET theme.

  109. Awesome! I am really looking forward it! πŸ™‚

  110. You rock, Nick! Never regretted a moment after signing up with your company! Antipating the email updated module to be a big hit.

  111. Please scrap the slider controls! They are NOT elegant!

    The numeric values should be visible with keyboard input (plus control perhaps) to set font sizes, padding, etc.

    It is AWFUL UX to require manual dexterity on a repetitive task that can pose difficulties to get just right.

  112. Can you PLEASE make a custom row type that is a swipe able row? So we can place standard divi modules in whatever column layout we want, and then press either back and forward buttons, or swipe through them? This would add so many possibilities!!

  113. Hello
    Please, the email module Whith more personalice.
    It is very important the module can is personality.

  114. Looking forward to new and updated modules as well as headers.

  115. Happy days, can’t wait as Divi just goes from great to even greater!

    My only one addition/change would be to make the portfolio titles an H3 or H4 instead of the standard H2 tag as it sometimes spoils the on-page SEO.

    Looking forward to the header styles πŸ™‚

    • I really like in some of the other themes I’ve used where you can utilize the styling of say, an H2, with it technically being an H3, H4, etc. Makes it simple to achieve the look you are going for without spoiling on page SEO.

  116. Magnificent.

    Share demos divi whose example Include Him in the library or you come preloaded

    Compartan los demos de divi que tienen como ejemplo o incluyanlo en la biblioteca que vengas precargados

  117. You guys are a amazing! Love ET. Love Divi. Can’t wait for 2.6.

  118. Good job, as always. Will it offer the option to place a semi-transparent color overlay over background images and videos?

  119. Still no Footer editing?? At this point I have to take a deep breath and count to 10 every time I update my site before I then I have to go into the Editor and correct the footer.php file… for the billionth (seemingly) time…

    Divi is so amazing and powerful that it makes this lack of a such a basic feature even more incredibly frustrating. And no, I’m not setting up and managing a child profile just to handle the footer.

    Please ET, get this in place!!!!!!

    • I found the divid footer plugin from the marketplace works great for this issue.

    • Absolutely agree. Divi is a great tool – powerful, intuitive and versatile, but I also don’t see why we should have to create a child theme simply to customize a footer. Why are ET so reluctant to include such a basic and obvious feature when there’s clearly a great demand for it? Come on guys, sort it out please!

      • Yes, ET, pleeeeeaaaaaaasssseee!!!! Its such a bsic thing? Why should we have to fiddle around with a stupid Child Theme for that?!

    • are you not using a child theme? using a child theme would solve that issue for you.

    • I fully share , update the menu editor footer is a big waste of time . Also it would be perfect if the menu was customizable footer for each page . Eg . The credits some customers want them only on the last page .

  120. Sounds good. Would be great if the new header styles include also a more professional looking vertical navigation.

  121. It is really great the job you all do there at ET, constantly improving your product. I am really a very big fan and am always excited when a new update comes and was never disappointed.
    There is a but a short list of wishes I mentioned here and there in the blog or in the idea’s corner of the forum, which most important part, the everlasting “Google Structured Data Errors” is still waiting for solution.
    Humble me, and I know of many other users, would be very thankful if this would be solved in this or the next update!
    Thanks for your excellent work!!

  122. Hope you’re adding a module that allows you to input raw HTML code, not just short codes. Some clients want to use iFrames (I know, they’re bad form), specialized third-party solutions like scheduling, or for specialized functionality that requires you to code the content by hand and include calls to custom style sheets.

    • You can do that in the code module. I added an iframe like that to integrate a third party restaurant booking form.

    • Hi Ted,

      A module already exists for that purpose. You can learn more about the Code Module from its documentation.

      Cheers! πŸ™‚

      • The code module is great to a point but still gives users access to html code to screw up, which is not always ideal. I would love to have a similar module that allows me to specify the opening and closing code plus or minus styling then allow the end user to only add/edit plain text or visual text content with zero access to the html.

        • @Tim, That’s an interesting idea. We’ll certainly consider it for a future release πŸ™‚

  123. Sounds amazing πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait

  124. Great theme and countless options ! Going forward to download and install πŸ™‚

  125. Nice, but about modules: could you first increase the number of modules in the french version ?? Some are missing compaired to the english one !

  126. Some really nice new features, especially the responsive stuff, but I am really sad and disappointed that Divi’s modules which use images don’t seem to be getting correctly sized images, as in using the WP core “add media” functionality to select appropriate image sizes, and to make use of the ‘srcset’ attribute to make images more responsive.

    I would really love to hear why this is being ignored.

    • I agree with you… It’s a little disappointing. Hope it will be managed with this new version ! πŸ™‚

  127. Woow amazing new things on Divi and i cant wait!
    Are you planning to add in the future for example make two or three columns portfolio, or carousel images? With some clients i am using plugins but i love to check if we can get in divi soon πŸ˜‰
    Im excited to check all the new things divi 2,6 will give us.
    Thanks for your impressive work


  128. It’s like Christmas all over again!

  129. I’m on the cusp of building my first Divi site for a client. I have not yet installed the Divi builder or begun work on the site. Is it wise for me to hold off until this new version is available with a 2.6 clean start or install the current version and make the update once work has begun?

    • If it were me, I would go ahead and install Divi 2.5 and begin work on the website. While Divi 2.6 certainly appears to have some changes, it will not waste all of the work you have done in Divi 2.5. Also, install the Elegant Themes Updater and the theme will be update-able through the WordPress interface. Just my 2 cents.

  130. I am giving myself away here as obviously not highly techno savvy by this question: when I download the 2.6, how do I update my WP site with it? Will it change everything? Do I go in and choose the new options and update?

    • Hi Jane,

      You can find a tutorial on installing theme updates here. If you have any trouble, open a ticket in the forum and our support team will take care of you. πŸ™‚


  131. This is great news + can’t wait.

    If you could integrate the collapsible mobile menu integration (see the ticket called “Mobile Menu Collapsing Items” on the Members Area, answered by Dustin) as an option/checkbox in the Divi Options or Customize panel, that would be really great.

    Thanks + keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  132. Any news about new Divi development advancements are great news, and we all look forward to put our hands on the news modules and headers, keep up with the great work, dudes! πŸ™‚

  133. Thanks for the good news and hard work!
    Will this update have any other Animation Options on Sliders? For instance Left to Right Swipe?

  134. Happy New Year to you all!

    With Divi 2.6 and Extra It will be a great year for sure!

  135. So looking forward to the “Live Editor” coming in Divi 3.0 !

    Any rough timetable for when that would be released ?

    • It’s hard to say for sure, but maybe 3-4 months.

  136. looks Great

  137. Thanks Nick.
    It would be nice to have a row option to have up to 10 columns, or at least 6 columns, and each column able to be independently resizable.

  138. Would love to see the email optin module have a lot more options, both for layout/styling (so tired of having to code out the last name box), as well as support for more email list management providers, like MadMimi, Ontraport, etc.

  139. May I ask you to give me a beta test option? So in that case I could help you to translate Divi to Hungarian. Thank you!

    The update is amazing! Thank you!

  140. Thanks for your hard work and constant focus on improving an already great product.

  141. I’d love to see an appointment scheduler module for Divi. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes, that would be nice as well.

  142. Great work Nick… you and the team at Elegant Themes are doing amazing work. You have changed the face of WordPress forever! Thanks for all the wonderful stuff. πŸ™‚

  143. I love the current Divi Builder, can’t wait to put the next version in action. Thanks for giving your clients such great value.

  144. Ook in Holland wachten we in spanning af!

  145. Great! Did you also improved the video background? So it shows a placeholder image before it loaded enough to start playing? The perfection would be the ability to add a preloader video file (before the bigger main video is loaded) and optional stop/play/mute/unmute buttons. πŸ™‚ Recently found this: http://cl.ly/code/1b2x3n2I2V19

    And another feature request here (forum seems usually to be ignored): Why not extending the functionality of the fullsize-menu module with the same behavior as the “normal” menu. Then we were able to create different top navigations on different pages. Or let us choose the menu for a page, that we want to show in the main navigation.

    • Hi Toby,

      Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it. We actually utilize the Theme Suggestions section of our forum to gauge which features and fixes are most important to our members. While our development team may not personally respond, I can assure you that they do read and consider each and every suggestion πŸ™‚


    • And I forgot… documentation + API for custom modules would be fantastic. We would love to extend divi this way πŸ™‚ !!!

  146. What a great news to wake up to. Thank you Nick and ET team for doing amazing job. Will be waiting patiently.

  147. I love Divi and am excited by the new changes.

  148. Great news for a new year, I look forward to the release!

  149. I’m excited. The contact form module was very un-impressive in previous versions. Nice to see that’s getting addressed.

  150. This update sounds great! I do hope that there will be an update that allows me to use the Google Fonts of my choice at some point though… that would save me so much frustration and headache!

  151. It looks like an awesome update!! Ut takes care of some of my most wanted features. Good job! Looking forward to it.

    I would love more blog layout options.

  152. Hi,
    It’s a very good news.
    I have a suggestion : You should give the choice to webmaster to have the back-end translate to their native language or stay in english.

    I’m french, and i hate to have the divi admin in french. The translation is just ugly !

    • There is already a choice in the Divi Theme Options to disable translations.

      • Hum,
        I already test that, but the builder is still in french for me πŸ™

    • Yes , please, in Spanish I have to go back to look the english version to understand….

    • Same for Dutch. I offered to help improve the nl_NL translation and support replied they will also introduce a crowd translation option in a few weeks!

      • Is the same with Brazilian Portuguese. To be honest, the Google Translator can make a better translation. It’s something from someone with the first year of an elementary school.

        With 80+ clients speaking Portuguese, I made my personal translation because I can delivery it for them. They should think “he’s good with programming but with languages….”

        Help us to help you. I can handle with in my mother togue.

  153. Extremely happy worth the Elegant Themes team and ask the wonderful things they are bringing to web site development with Divi

  154. Yes! Was just discussing Divi limitations with a client, this will help so much!!

  155. I would love to see the ability to create site wide color pallettes.

  156. So cool! Great news!

    There is one question I have regarding Divi. Are there any plans to integrate Typekit fonts? I appreciate the integration of google fonts very much, but if you want more or different fonts, it gets quite complicated using CSS custom code… That would be a great thing to have when using Divi.

    Kind regards

  157. Will I finally be able to use a image as background of the main horizontal menu? Like on my own site?

  158. Divi has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my membership site – THANK YOU! Would love to see ya’ll add more flexibility on what gets posted in the Blog module and the sidebar module (that lists the categories and dates for posts).

  159. Great job! Can’t wait to get the update!

  160. Still awaiting SEO Fix for Extra…! ;-(

  161. Nice! Bring it on! #shipleyphoto

  162. This has pushed me over the edge to get a ET lifetime membership πŸ˜€

  163. Do I dare hope for those gorgeous mega-menus from Extra….

  164. Always checking for your dev activity. I think you made something
    that really helps a lot of humans πŸ™‚ Thanks

  165. This is absolutely amazing watching Divi grow and set new standards. A job well done ET.

  166. Hopefully, soon there will be a scrollable and fixed column option, to make layouts of the “two column” kind πŸ™‚

  167. This is great news! Looking forward to the new header options especially πŸ™‚

  168. Please give the pt_PT language!!!

  169. Surprise us with a custom field or two in the contact form πŸ˜‰

  170. This is great news Nick! Any update on the tease of new developer documentation from the Extra release?

  171. This looks amazing! I would personally love a slick carousel slider – such a great way to display horizontal and virtical images as a photographer!

    • Related to this, I’ve been hunting for a simple text carousel/slider to give me a ticker tape scroller – something that I can put quotations in for example which has limited height so doesn’t chew up too much of the page.
      I’ve had no luck, so Nick it would be great to have a dedicated and customisable carousel module to keep Divi ahead of all the other themes!!

  172. Woohooo!! Go tigers πŸ™‚

  173. You are genoius!
    Extra Revolution is just appeared that the flight remains high!
    I’m not a professional, but I can create my websites as I want since when use Elegant Themes Team Themes. My sincere thanks.


  174. Fantastic job as always ! Thanks for being always so innovative.
    The greatest investment for web developpers.

  175. Very good news, I am waiting impatiently to see it in action.

  176. Good news!
    Good job!
    Happy New Year 2016!

  177. Can’t wait!

  178. Looking forward to it. Just seeing what you posted gives me some pretty good ideas as to whats to come. Cant wait to see if I am right. Especially the new modules. Hope that Slider icon represents a slider that can pull from recent posts πŸ˜‰

  179. Do our current DIVI sites automatically update to the new theme?

    • If you’ve set up your updater under WordPress Dashboard > General Settings

  180. Some quality looking upgrades/additions.

    Looking forward to the new header styles and excited to see the new modules that are being added.

  181. looking forward to new updates.. keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  182. LOVELY! and perfect timing! πŸ˜€

  183. Looks great Nick, looking forward to it!

    Quick question will some of the modules that are not in Divi but in Extra be added to Divi for this release? For example the Twitter feed module? It’s always nice not to have to use plugins for things like this is they can be included from Divi itself. Thanks

    • Are you referring to the Twitter widget? This would make a nice module too, now that I think of it. I’ll add it to our list of ideas πŸ™‚

      • I would consider selling my soul if there was just some documentation for building my own custom modules… I would consider an Elegant Themes tattoo if that came about… Being able to finally use Divi for CPT’s would be possible if there was just a way to create my own modules…

      • Yes, sorry the Twitter widget, it looks great in Extra and great to have it as part of the theme without having to use a plugin for it or Twitter’s own widget. Would really work great as a module I think!

  184. Looks great, can’t wait for the upgrade! I’m curious to see what the new header options will be, and looking forward to playing with the mobile options.

  185. You forgot one thing, i think this is the most important one. Is it possible to edit the content of the page directly without having to login to wp-admin?

    It’s hard to stare at the page editor (especially in a large page with a lot of modules like a landing page) and trying to figure out out how it will looks like after we click on the Update button.

    • If you are referring to the Divi Builder shipping with a “Live Editor,” this is something we have in the works, but it’s a very big project and we are planning to release it in Divi 3.0.

      • Thanks is very exciting news! Thanks Nick for sharing that nugget of info.

      • You just got me so pumped about 3.0. WHAAAT?! no way. my mind just literally exploded.

        • 3.0 is going to be a game changer πŸ˜‰

      • That me does look like a 3.0 thing…

      • Will the “Live Editor” be as easy to use and preview results as the “Beaver Builder” drag and drop page builder plugin? That is is my favorite and is far easier to use. .

        • We plan to make it better than the Beaver Builder, and better than any other Live Editor πŸ™‚

      • I hope the speed of the template stay the same.

    • You know Divi has a preview button, right?

  186. ET rocks!

  187. Very nice! As usual, Divi is more and more my #1 choice for all jobs!

    Wating for the day we can see Custom Post Types inside Divi (or Divi Builder), to create more refined post types templates… please, consider this for future updates.. : )

    100% Divi lover here!

    • +1 for CPT !

    • You are right, CPT are absolutely necessary for a good CMS!
      Especially for websites with a lot of contents, WP post categories and Divi’s portfolio are simply not enough.
      Having different Custom Post Types, not only would simplify the content administration, but would also create a very clean and logical structure in back-end……. if only Divi’s modules could access CPT… ;))

    • Yes this could be a very helpfull feature.

      I’m also a DIVI lover!

  188. Perfect ! I can almost see a Category Post Module within Divi Builder in my dreams πŸ˜€

  189. Woohoo!!!!

    Tell us more…


  190. always happy to hear of the new stuff. I Love the entire system

  191. Awesome! Thanks for all your efforts, including Extra!

  192. Ah so cool Nick. Will themes like Extra be updated with the new features at the same time?

    • Both Extra and the Divi Builder Plugin will receive any updates that were made to the Divi Builder framework.

      • This is awesome

  193. Wow, I was complaining about the inadequate contact form of Divi and looks like it was already being developed and will be ready soon. I love the way you update this platform, great work.

  194. Anyone know if it’s going to be require a great deal of recoding? 2.4 to 2.5 wasn’t bad, but 2.3 to 2.4 was brutal.

    • We don’t expect this update to cause any problems with child themes.

      • Thanks, mate.

  195. DIVI 2.6!!! YES!!!

    I hope some of my ideas that I posted in the support forum like using the modules we already have in the menu area come in 2016.

  196. Perhaps may favorite upcoming

    should be

    Perhaps my favorite upcoming

  197. Bravo Sir! ET has done it again.

  198. Great Job ET Team. Question about the new responsive editing system , is that per module or site wide?

    Looks like the media queries are predefined by those tabs can you adjust the break points?

    I would also add an option for display:none for smaller screen sizes, some elements don’t need to be visible on small screens.

    Keep up the great work.

    • There are going to be new options on a per-module basis to not only adjust settings on different breakpoints, but also enable/disable the entire module on different breakpoints.

      • That’s great news. Just a recommendation that you may have already thought about. Have the break points settings saved, so that you can load them up for other modules, otherwise you will have people using different break points for everything.

        • I second that suggestion… Setting break points in general settings would be great. Then have them loaded for each particular module as “default” values which can be modified as needed.
          Would be great!

          • I third it πŸ™‚

      • Nick,

        Will the enable/disable on breakpoints take place on the back-end (CSS) or front-end (PHP)?

        • They will take place on the front-end, unless all 3 breakpoints are disabled, in which case the element will be removed completely.

  199. Need anyone to Beta test 2.6 πŸ˜‰

  200. Sweet πŸ™‚

  201. So exciting! I’m glad we will be able to add custom fields to the form module!
    Thank you!

  202. Beautiful I see that there would be an improvement to the contact module to allow us add a field for phone numbers, that would be perfect. The “responsive editing system” too would maker working very very easy. Thank you guys.
    You are the best.

  203. Yee-haw! Love Divi <3

  204. I would love for the new contact form module to support Google Recaptcha rather than the math question. That would be huge.

    • Hopefully the new contact form also supports Google email addresses (or provides an inbuilt method to correct the problem) as currently an old plugin is required to get the DIVI contact page to work if using google for email which is a shame.

    • +1

    • +1

  205. Can’t wait to try it ! You rocks !

  206. Awesome, can’t wait! Any chance you can tell us whether full screen sliders are on the horizon with Divi 2.6? πŸ™‚

    • It’s in the works, but not for 2.6. Our plan to have fullscreen options for a lot of things. Sliders, sections, rows, etc. There’s a lot more testing that needs to be done on that, so it will have to wait for 2.7 or 2.8.

      • What if there were a way:
        – To select if a particular module will be presented only on particular screen sizes? Today we have to turn it off by CSS media queries. Should be nice to have it as a selector.

        – To add custom media queries stops?

        – To have that whole sort of CSS tricks on blogs and other websites absorbed by the interface, like the CSS arrow-like between sections?

        – To have back the possibility to expand the CSS editor on e-Panel

        – Or to have the CSS Panel on it’s own tab?

        – Or if we have on the CSS Panel a CSS import/export library, already populated with some common CSS templates)

        – Or “simply” to have a better or not so old-fashioned e-Panel?

        – To have some videos specially made for us to provide a basic training to our customers?

        Well, that’s it…

        Thanks a ton! Cheers!

      • Understood, makes perfect sense. We definitely have a lot to look forward in the future versions of Divi. Thanks for the response πŸ™‚

      • Hi…

        Can I know if you have the below portion for divi 2.6?
        1) contact number option in the contact form module
        2) image mapper module to indicate points on an image or slider image
        3) a way to adjust how the image of size base on the customizer by dragging the boundary

        Thanks for answering…

      • Great news! Thank you Divi Team. Looking forward to more full screen options.

      • Please put these options on the fullwidth header in 2.6! : )

        • Fullscreen sliders are highly appreciated! The sooner the better! πŸ™‚

  207. Nick, I’m Super excited…. Looks absolutely amazing. You guys have been a wonderful team and I really like Divi.

    Here is what I was wondering… Where you have multiple columns in the same row, would it be possible to interchange the way it appears on mobile screens?

    Is there something you could do?

  208. Looking forward to 2.6. Sounds amazing.

  209. Great news – thanks!

    With your new mobile improvements, will we be able to choose the order that the columns stack up in on the mobile view?

    I find people often want the middle column to show first on mobile view, instead of the left column. This should be flexible.


    • Agreed Em. I just had a client who I had to suggest moving their left sidebar to the right side for this very reason. Fortunately I didn’t get much of an argument I just needed to show her the difference on an iPhone.

      ET developers are doing a great job. Just this developer’s opinion of course. More variety in the header options will also cut down on special CSS coding. There are tons of posts in the support forum about making logo’s larger and adjusting header formats. Any change in that part of the framework should help reduce development time.

    • Oh please. I need this badly!

    • They “often” want that? How about “always”… Content up top should be the default.

      PS – this site sucks on mobile. Why not show some sense and use a decent responsive layout? It’s 2016.

      • I believe the responsive issue of ETs website has been addressed by the team several times before. They are more than happy to update if you don’t mind taking them away from all of the great projects they are working on for their clients (us). I for one much rather have an awesome Divi and plugin enhancements available than worry about if ETs site is responsive.

        I’ve never had issue reading posts on my phone.

    • Good question! I second that request.

    • I agree, great suggestion / question!

      Andre Foisy

    • This is a very good point, EmDee.

  210. Can’t wait for that update πŸ™‚

    • ElegantThemes.com isn’t responsive and works fine on my iPhone – please let us have the option to turn it off in the new Divi Design Control.

      • That really doesn’t make sense in 2016. I don’t think you can base anything on only one person’s use of only one website on only one device. The majority want websites which work well on mobile devices, and in addition, sites which don’t are penalized in Google searches..

        • Exactly Patty. Just because a site can be viewed on a phone, doesn’t mean it’s responsive, and IS a guarantee Google will derank your site. Not something any developer should want for their clients.

          • Except you know, clients that don’t want their site in Google results. Your blanket statement doesn’t apply to everyone.

          • Yes, Matt., I was just going to point that out. Also, if you notice on Google searches, the descriptions are starting to be prefaced with “this website is responsive on mobile devices”.
            Divi is most awesome and I love the Elegant Themes blog posts with loads of great advice.

        • Unless your site is geared to a specific demographic that is desktop based only. Especially as you can target ads to specific devices as well.

          Just because everyone believes the earth is flat (responsive design is the only way to go) doesn’t mean that we have to believe or operate the same way. Sometimes, deviation leads to massive success… And not falling off the map, so-to-speak.

          Examples: targeting business buyers (purchasing agents) during normal business hours. That only took a second to think of, I’m sure there are 100 or so other niches.

        • So true! There are far more people using their mobile devices (smart phones, in particular) than there are desktop now. Mobile usage surpassed desktop in 2015.

    • Hey, I am a newbie to Divi. I just came on board a couple months ago. Sign me up to beta test!!! Let me see if I can break it!

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