How To Create Surveys On Your WordPress Website Using Plugins

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How To Create Surveys On Your WordPress Website Using Plugins
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Online surveys are a great way of finding out more about your customers, readers, and visitors. The information that participants provide is vital and the cost of acquiring this data is very low.

WordPress offers a lot of options on how you collect information from visitors. Plugin solutions allow you to perform simple polls, fun quizzes, and long detailed surveys.

In today’s article, I would like to show you some of the best survey and poll plugins available for WordPress. I hope you enjoy the list πŸ™‚

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy is a fantastic plugin that allows you to create surveys, polls, and quizzes. It also allows visitors to rate articles and comments.

The plugin’s drag and drop interface allows you to change the order of questions easily. Nineteen types of questions are available and you can integrate images, video, and audio, into your questions and answers. It comes packaged with twenty different styles and you can brand surveys with your own logo. Results can then be displayed inside articles or in a widget area such as your sidebar.

You are free to create an unlimited number of surveys and polls using the plugin, however the free version restricts email invites to 1,000 per month. This can be extended to 10,000 per month at a cost of $200 per year.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy is free to use and comes with a lot of great features.


WP-Polls takes a simpler approach to polling than PollDaddy. It allows you to define the question, answers, and whether participants can select multiple answers. Voting can be restricted to registered users if you wish.

The settings area allows you to change the color of your poll background and border, however you can change the complete look and layout of your polls using the in-built templating system.


WP-Polls is a good option if you just want basic polls.

YOP Poll

I found that YOP Poll worked in a similar way to WP-Polls, however it has more advanced options. It offers many options on how results are sorted and how they are displayed to visitors. Custom fields can also be added to polls. In addition to restricting voting to registered users, you can also display a CAPTCHA field to cut down on spam.

The templating system works really well. Rather than just offering one template that can be modified, it comes with fifteen different templates and color schemes. You can then modify your preferred template.

YOP Poll

YOP Poll is easy to use and comes with fifteen different poll styles.

Social Polls by OpinionStage

Social Polls is a responsive polls solution that has great social media integration. The OpnionStage service promises traffic and social media shares will increase as a result of using their polls. I am not sure whether this claim is true, however their polls are more colorful and interactive than most alternatives.

Unlike most other WordPress survey plugins, Social Polls stores all data on OpinionStage instead of your website. Due to the fact that most surveys and polls lose their relevance over time, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it means you are not increasing the size of your own database.

Social Polls by OpinionStage

Social Polls is a colorful solution with great social media integration.

Advanced Polls for WordPress ($11)

Advanced Polls is a useful plugin for asking your readers basic questions. Participants can choose one or multiple answers.

Four graphical results options are available: Normal line, full line, Google pie chart and Google bar chart. Sadly, there is no templating system, however the styles that are available have a clean professional look.

Advanced Polls for WordPress

Advanced Polls presents results in a professional manner.

WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager Pro ($28)

WP Form Builder is one of the most advanced survey solutions available for WordPress. It offers many features that other plugins do not such as conditional logic, file uploading, image slideshows, collapsible containers, and custom redirection dependant on the score that a user receives.

Surveys and quizzes can be designed using a drag and drop interface and the plugin provides detailed charts and statistics for results. The forms are also responsive and have been optimized for high retina display devices.

WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager Pro

WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager Pro is the perfect choice if you want to build complex forms.

WordPress Simple Survey

WordPress Simple Survey lives up to its name as being a simple survey solution. The free version of the plugin only allows you to add one question and does not allow multi-response questions.

I love the look and feel of WordPress Simple Survey. Sadly, the premium version costs $50. It offers many more features, however it is hard to justify this cost with other solutions such as PollDaddy available free of charge.

WordPress Simple Survey

WordPress Simple Survey looks great, though the free version has limited functionality.

Bolder Surveys for WordPress ($15)

Bolder Surveys allows you to create long detailed surveys. Multiple question types are available including checkboxes, dropdowns, and content fields. All questions can be rearranged using a drag and drop interface and can be restricted to registered users.

Results can be displayed using bar charts and pie charts. As you can see, the output looks very professional.

Bolder Surveys for WordPress

Bolder Surveys displays fantastic looking charts from your results.

Poller Master ($15)

Poller Master is a stylish survey solution that features over eighty five visual effects and over forty unique styles. It allows users to give multiple answers and there is an option to show a countdown timer until the poll closing date.

All elements of poll forms can be customized through the settings area including colors, fonts, and widths. You can also modify the error messages that are displayed to users when they complete the form incorrectly.

Poller Master

Poller Master has everything you need to create stylish surveys and polls.

Modal Survey – WordPress Feedbacks & Polls Plugin ($15)

Modal Survey is a responsive survey solution that features a visual builder. The builder gives you a live preview of your form as you change it.

With over six hundred and fifty fonts and thirty animation effects; the builder gives you a lot of freedom over how your forms are designed. Results can be displayed on your website using a variety of charts and bars.

Modal Survey - WordPress Feedbacks & Polls Plugin

Modal Survey allows you to style your forms using a visual builder.

As you have seen, the survey and poll plugins that are available for WordPress offer a wide variety of features and styles. Basic plugins such as WP-Polls are useful if you just need to perform a simple poll. For longer surveys and complex forms, I recommend looking at Polldaddy and WP Form Builder.

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  1. Many thanks for this helpfull post.

    However, I would like to use a plugin that does:
    -take a survey from several team members using a login code to identify the team
    -publishes the results of all team-members in a single 4 quadrant graph

    Who can suggest me a plugin that does the job?
    That would be of great help!

  2. Does anybody know of a live-site using FSQM. I would like to see it in action.
    Thank You

  3. Hello, one of these plugins allows me to offer the possibility to a user send the form/survey to another user and receive the answers in its own e-mail? Without the need of sign up.

  4. We have a new suggestion. I have programmed a Drag&Drop Survey Plugin where you can make short polls or bigger surveys. You can get it free in the Repository:

  5. Nice overview! But have you already heard of PlanSo Forms ( With this plugin you’re able to easily create big surveys via drag-‘n-drop without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Just try it πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  6. Hello, do any of these survey plugins integrate with the bar counters in your Divi theme?

  7. Any poll plugins that allow for custom answers? I know Yop Poll can do them, anything else?

  8. great list of plugins. Was using wp polls for its templating features but that’s about it.

  9. I would like a survey that has my colors, has conditional responses (if x, then go to question #2, if y, then go to question #3) and is responses. What is my best choice?

  10. Is there any poll plugins (or themes) that allows site visitors to create polls? Many thanks in advance…

  11. Kevin, Any polls that allow you to add a logo, I would like to include a sponsor logo as part of the widget.

  12. Do you have any experience, or heard any feedback, regarding SurveyGizmo as a polling platform?

  13. Kevin – great overview as this is very relevant to what I am up to and could not have come at a better time! Thanks!

    • You’re welcome Anthony πŸ™‚

  14. Many thanks Kevin; Useful as usual.

    • Thanks. Glad you found it useful πŸ™‚

  15. Nice compilation list of WordPress poll plugin. Bookmarked.

    • Glad you liked it πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you for the plugins – but in the Codecanyon do they update with the new versions ?

    And will they work with new WordPress Versions !

    • It depends on the developer. Some plugins are updated every week, some are rarely updated after launch.

  17. Which one can you recommend for a medical website that need to take up demographic survey of a particular group? Thanks for the premium tips Kevin, ET blog is my first surf once its evening πŸ˜€

    • Apart from the basic poll plugins I referenced, I think they would all be suitable.

  18. I’m trying out the YOP Poll on one of my sites. I was able to choose *red v1* which matches the colors chosen for the Quadro theme. Since a poll hasn’t appeared on this site since long before I became the site admin, I was SO happy to see this blog post.

    This is a simple poll but if you want to see it — go to

  19. I’m going to add Polldaddy Polls & Ratings to my site: shortly if anyone wants to check it out. I find an example is helpful. Anyone testing the other polls?

  20. Read Kevin’s post is simply fantastic. I have saved a lot of time searching through plugins Kevin recommendations. Thank you again!

    • You’re welcome Agustin πŸ™‚

  21. I never supposed that there are such great poll plugins for WordPress. Pricing for Pro Version in Polldaddy is really crazy πŸ™‚

  22. Gros merci, de bons plugins que je garde dans ma tΓͺte au cas ou.

  23. Can I use Polldaddy on

    • You can use it on a self-hosted WordPress website, if that’s what you mean πŸ™‚

  24. Do any of surveys allow sorting ppl into different mailing lists depending on the overall score? Like there is test for one of the four types of temper and depending what you get it automatically sends the corresponding description and sorts person to 1 of 4 subgroups on mailig list.

  25. The Polldaddy offers more features, is easier to use and more attractive.

    • Let us know how you get on Keith πŸ™‚

  26. The last few boast some pretty impressive features. Do you know of any sites using these right now? I would love to see them in action on a live site. Thanks Kevin, you always make my day with your posts.

    • Thanks Adam.

      If you check the comments area of the plugins from CodeCanyon, you will see some references to websites from people who are using the plugin.

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