12 Cute Themes for WordPress Users in 2017

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12 Cute Themes for WordPress Users in 2017

You might be looking for a theme that contains cute and feminine factors that’ll help you redesign your personal website or create your next project. Although there are uncountable WordPress themes on the market that can bring added value, we’re going to handle 12 cute themes for 2017 you must take a look at.

And with cute, we mean WordPress themes that have a feminine touch. You’ll notice some of the same approaches in each one of these themes. One of those approaches is the use of soft (and often pastel) colors. That’s because these themes are usually used for personal websites, blogs or celebrations where the focus lies on the emotional aspect of it all.

1. Fleur

cute themes

The first theme in the list of cute themes is Fleur. With the purchase of this theme, you’ll have plenty layouts that you can use for various projects. This theme fits in all kinds of scenarios but it’s specifically aimed at weddings, celebrations in general and wedding businesses. If you have one of those things going on, and you need a website, the Fleur WordPress theme will do a great job at helping you create a cute website that matches the message you’re trying to bring. The theme consists of, among other things, 13 homepage examples and the ability to import demo content with one click. Besides that, the theme is also highly customizable.

Price: $59 | More information 

2. Zarja Blog

cute themes

The second WordPress theme in the list of cute themes is Zarja Blog. This theme is very multifunctional and has 3 standard layouts that you can choose from for the website you’re creating. The one in the screen shot above is the version with the sidebar. Besides this one, there are also a default and fullwidth version. Two of the main things that make this theme cute and very feminine is the use of colors and fonts. The combination of a light background color, a feminine color to accentuate and elegant font families makes this WordPress theme ideal if you’re considering creating a personal blog website.

Price: $39 | More information

3. Foodica

cute themes

Next up, we have the Foodica WordPress theme in the list of cute themes. This WordPress theme is ideal if you’re trying to create a cute magazine or blog website. The live preview, for example, shows how great the theme looks when you use it for a food/recipes blog. By default, you have 6 color schemes that you can apply to the theme which makes it easy for you to find a color combination that you prefer. If you’re looking for a simple but elegant and cute layout that helps your visitors focus on the content that you’re bringing, Foodica is an excellent choice.

Price: $69 | More information

4. Anni

cute themesMoving on, we’re going to take a closer look at Anni. Anni is a great WordPress theme to use for personal websites. This theme includes 3 different sliders that you can use for your header. Besides that, it also has 5 blog styles that will help you create the exact design you want. To top it off, you can add 3 custom widgets to create a nice sidebar on your website. These include an about the author widget, a social widget and a recent posts widget.

Price: $19 | More information

5. Deep Soul

cute themes

Then, we also have the Deep Soul WordPress theme. This cute theme offers all kinds of blog layouts that help you find the one that matches your website best. Besides that, this theme also includes 6 homepage styles that are one by one very elegant and well-thought-out. To top it off, you have the full integration and support of WooCommerce. Something which allows you to take your website into any direction you want.

Price: $49 | More information

6. Isabelle

cute themes

Moving on, we’d like to share the Isabelle theme. This WordPress theme has multiple layouts that help you build the website you’ve had in mind. You can choose to have a static homepage or have your blog posts shown instead. Besides, you’ll also have 3 promo boxes that you can use to create the calls to action on your website. The Isabelle theme also allows you to create a sticky menu, include the social icons on your website and much more. The layout you’ll get from this theme is very clean but playful as well. When using soft colors, the Isabelle theme can be used for all kinds of websites but especially blogging websites.

Price: $79 | More information

7. Paisley

cute themes

Another remarkably cute WordPress theme is Paisley. This theme is aimed at bloggers as well. Not a surprise since these types of cute themes usually are used for personal websites as it allows the person behind the website to add a personal touch, and in many cases, that’s the feminine one. The creators of this theme are the same as of the Isabelle theme and include some of the same elements that might make it worth to buy the theme. A few of those things are the sticky menu, promo boxes and multiple layout options.

Price: $79 | More information

8. Airy

cute themes

Next up, we have the Airy WordPress theme. This theme is probably one of the most recently created themes in the list. Although very recently created, the theme looks very promising as well. In overall, the demo website looks very clean and well-organized. The soft colors and font families that are being used reflect a certain feminity and order. One of the best parts of the layout that come with Airy is the footer that we’ve decided to show you in the print screen above as well. Besides, the Airy theme allows you to install the demo in one click and it offers a drop and drag widgetized homepage as well.

Price: $49 | More information

9. Tiffany

cute themes

Next, we have the Tiffany theme, also created by Bluchic. This WordPress theme is specifically designed for e-commerce shops. When taking a look at the demo website, you can immediately notice that this theme is quite different from the other ones in this list. The homepage is mainly used as a navigation with images instead of just menu items. Each one of the images represents a different page on the website and when hovering, it shows which page on the website the image represents. Besides, this WordPress theme also offers, among other things, a hamburger menu and a banner ad ready layout.

Price: $79 | More information

10. Highfill

cute themes

Another great-looking WordPress theme is Highfill. This WordPress theme is probably the most visual one on our list. It is mainly made for bloggers and it has over 600 Google fonts included in it as well. Besides, they’ve also included, among other things, 2 featured slider types (basic and carrousel) and 4 custom widgets (about me, social links, popular posts, banner ads). If you’re looking to make a cute blog that has an excellent balance between visuals and content, the Highfill theme is the way to go.

Price: $59 | More information

For Divi Users: Cute Child Themes

If you’re rather looking for an all-in-one solution, the Divi theme and builder might be a good choice. You can make your website as cute, feminine and elegant as you want by making all the customizations yourself. Or, you could of course also opt for a child theme that does most of the work for you, yet still lets you make as many modifications in a fast and easy way. The last two themes we want to showcase are both child themes that are created with Divi.

11. Fleur Child Theme

cute themes

The Fleur child theme might sounds familiar since it shares the same name with the first WordPress theme mentioned in this list. The Child Theme is made by Divi Soup and contains all kinds of advanced tweaks you might’ve been looking to give to your website. Besides all the pages that are included when purchasing the child theme, you also get styling for the Bloom opt-in form and Monarch social follow and sharing plugins. Basically; all the elements you need to create your own cute and elegant website.

Price: £120 | More information

12. Just Pink

cute themes

The last cute theme in the row, and immediately also the last Divi child theme mentioned in the list is the Just Pink theme. This Child Theme includes 13 page layouts that’ll help you share all the content your website has creatively within different pages. Besides, there are also 3 homepage layouts that can help you transform your website into your desired end product. On top of that, there’s also a Mailchimp and WooCommerce integration that helps you fulfill most of your client’s needs.

Price: $65 | More information

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve taken a look at some cute and feminine WordPress themes that you could use for your next project or your own website. Each one of these cute themes has added value and it really just depends on which one you prefer better. If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below!

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Featured Image by Your Design / shutterstock.com


  1. Hi Donjetë,

    Foodica is the cutest option and i loved it.

    Thanks for sharing this list with us

    • Hi, Keith

      Even I loved the Foodica. It is one of the awesome themes. This is indeed a good list.

  2. Great article! I like your honesty, and that you don’t just push your themes, but support other developers! That’s why I love Elegant Themes! Solid, helpful blog posts!

  3. I love the nav for Fleur. Wish there was a header option like that for Divi. 🙂

  4. Cool! I love the Airy one and Foodica! Looking great!

    • Thank you!
      We’ve put a lot of effort in making Foodica one of the best food-related theme 🙂

  5. Nice collection of responsive premium theme. Among all of them I like Paisley theme. thanks for the collection with specification.

  6. Which theme is suitable for nutritious food and gym?

  7. Thank you for sharing this wordpress collection. I really like them for I’m looking one clean them for my website

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