13 Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

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13 Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

If you run a business in the real, brick-and-mortar world, success hinges on customers being able to find you. Customers won’t spend forever trying to work out your location for themselves – it’s your responsibility to do the heavy lifting for them. I’m talking, of course, about providing them with an interactive map.

Although the Google Maps API comes equipped with embedding code, many WordPress users will feel more comfortable using a dedicated map plugin. After all, a dedicated Google Map plugin offers more features, customizations, and settings.

And that’s precisely the purpose of today’s article: to introduce you to 13 of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins. To cater to all budgets, this collection includes both free and premium map plugins.

WP Google Maps (FREE)

WP Google Maps

Let’s kick things off with one of the most popular map plugins, WP Google Maps. This is the free Lite version of the plugin, which currently boasts over 200,000 active installs.

WP Google Maps lets you add an unlimited number of markers to maps, letting you highlight locations of interest. To further draw visitors to a specific area of your map, you can add colorful polygons and polylines to them, too. Probably the best feature in this free plugin is the store locator – and also possibly the most valuable to you. Add pins to mark all your stores, and then let visitors use a helpful search function to find the nearest one.

You can also add a number of different layers to your website, depending on your needs. This includes bicycle, traffic, transit, and weather layers. The plugin is super-easy to use, too, with maps added to any post/page using a supplied shortcode. In fact, you can have your first map configured and live in a matter of seconds!

Google Maps Bank – Easy Google Maps (FREE)

Google Maps Bank

Google Maps Bank is a plugin that blends usability with a quality set of features. To avoid inexperienced WordPress users from getting lost, the plugin comes equipped with a helpful 7-step wizard. The plugin also supports over 800 custom marker icons, a variety of Google Map types (road, terrain, satellite, etc.), and directions to your location.

The free version of this plugin is admittedly somewhat limited – you can only build two maps, add five markers, and use one polygon/polyline. If you want unrestricted usage, consider upgrading to the Pro version, which also boasts additional premium features like custom markers and pre-built themes. Prices for the Pro version start at $25.

5sec Google Maps ($12)

5sec Google Maps

5sec Google Maps is one of the most popular premium map plugins among WordPress users – probably due to its cost effectiveness, ease of use, and neat range of features.

You can add maps anywhere on your website using shortcodes, plus the plugin ships with a dedicated map widget. You can also place an unlimited number of markers on your maps, with markers coming in 12 fun styles. You can add text boxes to your markers, too, a great way to provide potential visitors with more information about your locations. The plugin is available from CodeCanyon for just $12.

Maps Builder (FREE)

Maps Builder

Maps Builder is one of the better free Google Maps plugins around. It lets you build and edit your map using an intuitive builder feature – the builder resembles the WordPress Customizer. The plugin makes it as easy as possible to add unlimited markers to your maps, adopting a ‘point and click’ system.

The plugin also comes with full control over an extensive set of default map options – such as zoom level, street view, and map style. You can integrate the plugin with Map Icons, too, giving you a wide range of marker options.

A premium version of the plugin is available for $58. Maps Builder Pro supports map mashups, layers, and custom markers, in addition to all the free features just outlined.

WP Google Maps PRO ($39)

WP Google Maps Pro

This is the Pro version of the WP Google Maps plugin – as such, it features all of the Lite version’s functionalities, plus a number of cool premium ones.

One of the main new features is custom markers – color and icon. You can also animate these markers, to command extra attention. When visitors click on one of the markers, a small pop-up displays additional information, plus an image of the location.

Another cool feature is the location ‘carousel.’ Visitors can scroll a rotating wheel of places, which they can click to jump to a specific spot on the map.

The store locator feature also includes advanced functionality – notably the ability to categorize your locations so that visitors can find a more exact one. The plugin can also provide street directions to the nearest store.

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin (FREE)

Comprehensive Google Maps Plugin

Next up, the ever-popular Comprehensive Google Map Plugin – an awesome free plugin with over 200k active installs. Why so popular, I hear you ask? This is largely down to the plugin’s impressive feature set (especially for a free plugin), flexible customization options, and ease of use.

My favorite features include aggregated map ‘mashups,’ a choice of over 250 marker styles, and GPS location. This last one is particularly useful, allowing a visitor to find and plot the route from their current location to their desired destination with ease – ideal if you want more footfall in your brick-and-mortar store!

MapPress Pro ($30)


MapPress Pro is an awesome Google Maps plugin built by developer Chris Richardson. This premium plugin lets you add stylish maps to your WordPress website, with a selection of over 100 marker styles. You can also create cool map ‘mashups,’ combining multiple maps in one.

To help visitors find their bearings, you can also list your marked locations below the map (as seen in the screenshot above). Visitors can click on their preferred destination, which instantly jumps them to the relevant spot on the map. To further assist, the plugin can even display directions for getting there.

A free version of the plugin is also available – and very popular – with a more limited feature set. If you’re working with a budget, the free version is well worth checking out.

Snazzy Maps (FREE)

Snazzy Maps

Want to build the funkiest, most stylish maps possible? Look no further than Snazzy Maps – a free-to-use plugin for personal purposes, or available from $10 for businesses.

Snazzy Maps lets you apply user created ‘styles’ to your maps – similar to filters in photography. There are hundreds and hundreds of creations on the Snazzy Maps website – browse them here – with plenty of beautiful, distinct styles to pick from.

Best of all, Snazzy Maps integrates with the majority of popular Google Maps, meaning you can combine Snazzy Maps’ style with another plugin’s functionality. Awesome, right?

Mapify.it ($17)


Mapify.it is one of the top map plugins available to WordPress users. Although fully compatible with Google Maps, it also allows you to upload your own custom maps while retaining Google Maps functionality – for example, the ability to pan and zoom. So, if you want a tailored, branded map to display directions to your business, this plugin is probably best-suited to your needs.

Mapify.it also lets you place custom markers for your destinations, complete with hover boxes. You can add text to these hover boxes, or, more impressively, entire image galleries. The plugin is available for just $17 from CodeCanyon, representing excellent value.

Google Maps Widget (FREE)

Google Maps Widget

Looking to add Google Maps specifically to your widget areas? Many plugins offer this feature, but Google Maps Widget was built primarily as a widget. However, due to shortcode functionality, you can add maps to any post, page, or custom post type, too.

The plugin boasts plenty of customization options – zoom levels, size, map type, pin marker style, color, and text. If visitors want an expanded view of your map, they can also click to activate an expanded lightbox-version of your map.

Responsive Styled Google Maps ($16)

Responsive Styled Google MAps

Another premium one now. Responsive Styled Google Maps is capable of producing some of the prettiest maps around. In fact, there are over 50 unique styles in total, with a further ten marker icons (or you can upload custom icons). Note: some of the map styles are courtesy of Snazzy Maps.

With map style the focal point, it’s little surprise that this plugin ships with a handy ‘live preview’ option. This allows you to view the map you’re building and the changes you make in real time. The plugin comes with extensive settings, letting you configure the map exactly to your specifications. Other features include marker pop-ups, clustering, and search functionality.

Intergeo WordPress Google Maps Plugin (FREE)

WordPress Google Maps Plugin

Next up, a powerful, feature-rich map plugin from the team at Theme Isle. The Intergeo WordPress Google Map Plugin’s main draw is the ‘map builder’ functionality. This gives you full control over your maps’ appearance, with a choice of default positioning, the opportunity to configure a stylish color scheme, and the ability to overlay a variety of marker styles on your maps.

The theme also supports a helpful ‘cloning’ tool – this allows you to duplicate the settings of your maps for speedier configurations in future. Most innovatively, though, the plugin features an awesome AdSense integration service, so you can even monetize your maps.

Geo Mashup (FREE)

Geo Mashup

So far, we’ve talked a lot about plugins that are targeted at the internet’s most popular map service, Google Maps. But what if you want to use a different service? What are your options then?

Well, Geo Mashup gives you more flexibility than the average map plugin, with full integration with OpenStreetMap and Leaflet – as well as Google Maps, of course.

This plugin’s coolest feature is the ability to ‘map’ content – in others words, assign your posts/pages/custom post types to a location on the map. This is a feature that could definitely appeal to travel bloggers, estate agents, and job boards. The plugin also supports a Geo Search widget, marker clustering, and the ability to connect markers.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we’re done: a quick run through of 13 of the best Google Map plugins WordPress has to offer.

All plugins featured in this list are easy to use, offer a neat collection of features and functionalities, and are affordable – in fact, the majority of the plugins included today are free.

As always, this list doesn’t include all Google Map plugin options. With this in mind, it’s over to you: If you want to share your favorite map plugins, please do so in the comments section below!

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  1. I’m using Divi’s map and loving it.

    • Solid, but can interfere with the use of plugins stated above.

    • I personally like Geo Mashup.I will try rest of plugin asap!.thanks for your useful plugin list

  2. Great post Shaun!

    These plugins are perfect for the local business websites, you made a great effort collecting this valuable source of plugins, you really left no stone unturned.

    Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I can’t believe Geo-My-WP didn’t make the list. It’s one of, if not the most flexible mapping plugin, not to mention it’s fast and easy to move over to. It had me leaving MapPress Pro in a hurry. The free version has a ton of features some of the other premium ones lack and their add-ons add great value.

    • ps. thanks for the post Shaun. Hunting down the right Mapping plugin took a lot of trial and error testing for me. Good post!

    • Thank you Shea for the kind feedback. It is nice to know that my work is being appreciated :).

      • Was going to point this omission out as well! Geo my WP is a great plugin to plot all your current posts on a map, geolocate nearby posts, front end submission of location via gravity forms and a nearby location widget. This forms a core functionality for our site and we’ll worth a look (both the plugin, and our site ?)
        And, no, we’re not on commission!

  4. Lately i’m using the Google Map Plugin from Toolset (wp-types.com). It can be combined with types & views to fully build custom maps, with custom pins, content, grouping etc.

  5. Oh my… no Leaflet Maps Marker (free and pro versions) or MapListPro. Both are excellent plugins. Just wondering why you stuck with (or decided to call it “google maps plugins”) when a lot of people are moving away from google maps due to pricing. What about open source maps too? Another observation would be that it would depend on what kind of maps you need. Most of the above cannot overlay .gpx files for hobby or sporting sites which Leaflet Maps Marker and the excellent (free) WP GPX Maps can. And if you want to embed a really nice looking map then try mapjam. Here’s an example: http://mapjam.com/oregoncoastbeer

  6. Is there any maps plugin suitable for a marketplace website whereby, vendor able to pin point thier location based on uploaded product?

  7. Do you know of a map plugin that integrates directions within the map??

  8. Awesome! Thank you so much for this post is pretty much exactly what I was looking for lol I think you have made my new client a very happy man 🙂

  9. Note that development and maintenance of Comprehensive Google Map Plugin has been discontinued.

    • Yeah too bad! The only plugin supporting gps locations. Bummer…

  10. Thank you for this excellent list, very informative and helpful. I just wonder why you didn’t mention the maps module of Divi, which I find very useful and might make all plugins expendable.

  11. Great review thank you. I am however a little confused as to which of the plugins would be best for me. I am currently developing an art website and want to use a map plugin show the locations where I have painted a particular picture. I will need the ability to use many location pins 200+ with the possibility of showing several images of the paintings as they progress. Would ‘WP Google Maps’ be the best option?

  12. I’ve been using WPGmaps Pro & Gold on a few sites now for a couple of years & can’t fault it

  13. Great plugins, thanks Shaun!

  14. I so am tired and sick about all your “Best of Lists”! Since you are just mixing totally different plugins together, your list is totally useless and waste of time to the readers.

    The decision for a plugin is all about need and user case:

    Some of the map-plugins are created to quickly add a (direction) map to the contact page. Some of the map-plugins can help to geotag posts by adding a coordinate to them (i.e. for travel blogs and directories). Most of the named plugins create a new post type, so you can create a map with entries (i.e. shopfinder) but these are not easy to connect to any existing post.

    So before just listing all plugins you can find, you should define a usercase. If you are not doing it, it looks for me like the only reason you are doing it, is click-baiting and affiliate marketing traffic generation!

    • seems a fair number of people here appreciate the lists as starting points. if you’re so “sick and tired”, you do have the freedom to unsubscribe and get your needs met elsewhere, yes? 😉

      • Jordan,
        just because a fair number of people appreciates the list does not mean criticism is not allowed!

        your answer suggest indeed that you do not like the criticism and want the user to go his way.

        You are not being fair here

  15. If you have say 300 locations to display and they are all in a MYSql database, which would be the best choice to display the data?

  16. Thanks for the list, although I do tend to agree a bit with Konrad about the need for the list to be curated. It seems that just about every plugin is fabulous, but some must be better than the other?

    I am also wondering if anyone has any idea how to find a plugin (if there is one) that can generate a map of the country, and then one state can be highlighted and a link created to another page with information about products in that state. Or do some of these plugins able do that sort of thing?


  17. I am also wondering if anyone has any idea how to find a plugin (if there is one) that can generate a map of the country, and then one state can be highlighted and a link created to another page with information about products in that state. Or do some of these plugins able do that sort of thing?

  18. Great article! I create service area maps for my clients all the time and WP Google Maps as you mentioned has a great polygon tool for drawing on the map.

  19. We use WP Google Maps Pro to build our new site and love it. They have good documentation and are very responsive.

  20. Very useful. Thank you!

  21. This is not google map but I like Amcharts for maps. I used them for my last website project and it is awesome. It is not as easy as cut and paste as you to know some JS but they have a WP plugin to make it easy for you. Plus, their support team is awesome. I asked them to create a map for a specific country for me and they did it without any hassle.

    I am not affiliate with Amcharts in anyway. Just thought I point them out in case you need to use maps for your next project.

  22. Which is the most accessible? if find alot of these google map plugins have issues for disabled users un able to tab on to controls etc.

  23. Great post, thank you! Do you have a recommendation which one to use to customize the maps module in Divi builder further?

  24. Thanks for the shout out to Mapify.it! We also have a pro version that has a LOT more features and versatility: http://www.mapifypro.com

  25. Is there any maps application that can make my post targeted some specific area?

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