11 Car Sales Websites Created with WordPress

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11 Car Sales Websites Created with WordPress

Wondering if WordPress is the right platform to use for building car sales websites?

In this post, I hope to prove to you that the world’s most popular content management system is a great choice for your next car sales website by showing you some real-life examples of car sales websites running on WordPress.

These examples will cover both auto dealerships as well as smaller niche sales. The only common thread is that they sell cars and use WordPress!

Ready to go? Let’s jump right in…

11 Car Sales Websites Actively Running WordPress

Before I start sharing examples with you, I first want to give you a quick look at how I built this list because it might slightly affect the types of sites you see listed.

Basically, I looked up the popular WordPress car dealer themes and used Google search operators to find automotive websites running those themes (and WordPress, of course).

This approach worked well because it allowed me to actually find a solid number of car sales websites using WordPress. Before using search operators, I was struggling to come up with the list.

The downside of this approach is that it only turns up car sales websites using pre-made themes (even if they customized them afterward). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a reliable way to find car sales websites using custom WordPress themes.

On the other hand, the upside of this approach is that I’ll be able to link you straight to the theme for most of these examples! So if you like a certain design, you can quickly get it for your site.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into some examples of car sales websites using WordPress…

1. Mazda Oman

Mazda Oman

Mazda Oman is, as far as I can tell, the official Mazda website for sales in Oman, which makes this one of the biggest examples of a car sales website using WordPress.

It includes a bold slider at the top, as well as tons of forms to book service or appointments, information about the cars, testimonials, and lots more. There’s’ even a neat Showroom Locator powered by Google Maps.

While the theme is called Automotive, I actually think this one might be custom coded, as it doesn’t look to be close to the demo of any of themes named Automotive that I looked at.

More Information: Go to Site

2. Public Automotive Group

Public Automotive Group

Public Automotive Group is a car sales group located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Their website is running the Automotive theme from Theme Suite and features their many locations, inventor, contact information, and more.

They appear to also be using Visual Composer to build out some of their layouts.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

3. Auto Reuvers

Auto Reuvers

Auto Reuvers is a Dutch automotive website that both sells and repairs cars. It’s also built with our very own Divi theme! Auto Reuvers is one of the best examples I could find of a car sale business website running on Divi and WordPress.

While it does use Divi for the front-end, Auto Reuvers appears to use some type of iframe to bring in their inventory, so I’m not sure if they use WordPress to manage their actual inventory.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

4. Forest Lake Chrysler

Forest Lake Chrysler

Forest Lake Chrysler is a Minnesota-based car dealership running on the X theme. The site features a full inventory list, financing information, appointment booking, testimonials, and lots more.

Forest Lake Chrysler also uses the CarDealerPress plugin to manage their inventory, as X Theme doesn’t include a dedicated system specific to car dealers. I imagine that plugin could also integrate well with Divi to accomplish something similar, though I didn’t do any testing.

All in all, this site is a good example of how you can adapt a multipurpose WordPress theme to car sales by using a WordPress plugin.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

5. Car Solutions Florida

Car Solutions Florida

Car Solutions Florida is a local car sales website with two different locations in Florida. Their site includes all of their inventory, a contact page, as well as a neat comparison tool that allows shoppers to directly compare up to three different cars against one another.

All of this is powered by the Motors theme from Stylemix Themes.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

6. Cars in Jamaica

Cars in Jamaica

Cars in Jamaica is a public car sales website where visitors can list their own car for sale. Then, shoppers can search by manufacturer, model, price, and more.

While all of the previous sites were for car dealers, this one shows you how you can also use WordPress to create a classifieds site specifically for car sales.

Cars in Jamaica is powered by the AutoDealer theme from ThemesDepot.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

7. Sherry 4×4

Sherry 4×4

Sherry 4×4 is a car sales website dedicated specifically to selling lifted trucks and jeeps. On its inventory page, Sherry 4×4 showcases all of the trucks it has for sale, along with a neat AJAX filter that even allows shoppers to filter by body style.

Sherry 4×4 uses WordPress and the Auto Trader theme from ThemeFuse.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

8. Jersey Auto Lease

Jersey Auto Lease

Jersey Auto Lease is a New Jersey-based dealership that’s using WordPress and the dual-purpose Shandora theme (which appears to no longer be for sale at the time of writing this post).

The site features a bold video header, as well as a sortable inventory listing and plenty of helpful information.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

9. CC&C Auto Sales

CC&C Auto Sales

You might notice that CC&C Auto Sales looks awfully familiar to Car Solutions Florida. That’s because the two are running the very same Motors theme from Stylemix Themes.

CC&C Auto Sales hasn’t done much to change the look of the theme – but it’s another good example of what you can do with the Motors theme and includes some different style options.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

10. Toyota Duri

Toyota Duri

Toyota Duri is an Indonesian Toyota Dealership running on the Autocar theme from Torch Templates. It features a huge animated slider on the frontpage, detailed vehicle information, and testimonials.

It’s a bit hard to navigate because of the language barrier, but I didn’t see any individual car listings. The website does have a page listing all the makes and models that are for sale, though.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

11. Daniel Auto Sales & Service

Toyota Duri

Daniel Auto Sales & Service is another good example of what you can do with the Motors theme from Stylemix Themes. Only this time, Daniel Auto Sales & Service opted to do some decent customization work on the theme.

You can see that they removed the Compare tool and search button, opting for a cleaner navigation menu. They also put more work into the hero slider – it looks a bit more professional on this site than the other two.

All in all, it’s another quality car sales website built on WordPress.

More Information: Go to Site | Get Theme

Wrapping Things Up

Whether you want to go with a custom coded theme or use a premade car sales theme like many of these examples, WordPress is a great platform for building car sales websites.

I hope you enjoyed these examples. And if you know of some great car sales websites running on WordPress that are worth checking out, it would be great if you shared them in the comments!

Featured image by Manuchi / shutterstock.com 


  1. nice sets of sites but how much in sales do they bring in like lingscars.com which is one of the all-time greatest sites on the web.

    • Richard,
      You think like I do. lingscars.com is the definitive automotive website on the internet. I would like to take credit for that one. I just hope that when they convert it to WordPress, they ask me to do it.

  2. Hello

    I clicked the Daniel car sales link

    Then got the insecure message dialog box

    I was using a local store wi fi

    Which then blocked me going to the Daniel car sales website

    This is an example
    Of how web sites can be blocked or users involve inconvenience

  3. I wish Divi had a listings module. I’m using the Motors theme for a motorcycle dealership and it’s nowhere near as user-friendly as Divi.

    • “Listings Module” ? you mean this could be a feature suggestion !!
      the mind boggles with hope! Something we could perhaps only dream about Les. 🙂

  4. Hi All,

    Please be careful visiting the Mazda Oman website as I believe there is a Malware/Virus/Trojan buried within the sites source code.

    • It seemed to load rather strangely. I wish that I would have read your comment beforehand. THIS SITE AND LINK SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THIS POST ASAP!

  5. How about Property Sales Sites

  6. Good looking websites….. Perfect for cars

  7. i didnt knew that all these websites are created in wordpress.

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