Theme Security Audit By Sucuri

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Theme Security Audit By Sucuri

The security of our customers is extremely important to us. While I have complete confidence in our developers and their secure coding practices, I still like to have our code audited regularly by third party security experts to make sure that no critical issues have slipped through the cracks. Most recently, we approached Sucuri to do an intensive audit of one of our newest themes, Lucid, and along with it the ePanel codebase, Shortcodes Collection and Page Templates that power our entire collection of themes.

After two weeks of extensive testing by their team and their partners at WebDev Studios, Sucuri has reported that zero critical issues were found and that the theme has been awarded the Sucuri Safe Seal without any required updates.

While I didn’t expect there to be any major issues in the first place, this type of review is a great validation to our team and their efforts. I am pleased to know that the coding practices that we use are air-tight. Going forward, we will continue to keep your security at the top of our priority list and to collaborate with security experts to ensure that we are leveraging every possible tool to do so!
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  1. Since the timthumb vulnerability was found, I am always worried about security issues in the theme. When ET removed timthumb from their themes, I was relieved. But now I can be 100% confident that ET themes are safe to use. Thanks for writing secure code.

    • Agreed, I was a victim of timthumb. waaa 🙁 but now that the themes do not reply on it anymore I am very much relieved.

    • Agree too. I really hate timthumb 🙂

    • Tim Thumb was a nightmare. I had two sites hacked and spent far too much time cleaning up the mess. Thanks for the extra help in keeping my sites safe.

  2. Same here, almost all our six project websites running Elegant Themes were affected by timthumb vulnerability (it took days to figure out the problem (using Sucuri Scanner btw) and repair the sites), I was always worried about security (although this wasn´t Elegent Themes´ fault). I´m happy that your themes seem to be safe… now I only need to worry about the WP plugins I´m using 😉

  3. This is a really trustable security stamp on your service. We all know how vulnerable wordpress sites can be. Glad to hear it.

  4. Nice to hear that! Just did a free scan at their site and it looks pretty promising! Keep on with the great work ET team! Cheers

  5. I’m glad to see you doing this. I’ve definitely had to help out my customers who were affected by the Tim Thumb thing, so you’ve regained a lot of my trust by signing up w/ Sucuri to review your code. More theme providers (and plugin providers) should do this.

  6. I have to say this is a good move. I recently had a spate of attacks that were focused around ET themes I was using and it made me stop my subscription.

    Knowing security is being taken seriously would make me reconsider using ET themes again.

  7. Great to hear. Next you should get your themes audited by someone from the theme review team for coding standards

  8. thanks for continuing efforts to communities ET 🙂

  9. Most Remarkable Security Performance By Sucuri……

  10. Good news ! Like this secure and safe

  11. Excellent news!!

  12. BRAVO!!!!! That’s a very nice validation for you, and greatly reassuring! Congrats to you and your team, and keep up the good work!

  13. Glad to see that you guys are taking care of security, I am using Sucuri fan myself, and I use their service to secure all my sites since last year, pretty good team that you can trust.

    Well done Nick.

  14. Great to hear. That’s great news and that is one of the reason I recommend your themes to my clients and customers.

    Good job and continue your work on bringing more awesome themes to make our life easier and more secure.

  15. Thanks ET for taking the extra step in validation. I appreciate that you and your team take enough pride in your work so that you can provide everyone with Quality and Secure themes.

  16. That’s fantastic! Do you guys have any plans to have all of the themes tested and certified?

  17. Congrats! Security is crucial value to choose a WordPress theme.

  18. This is a great validation indeed. This puts everyone at ease.
    Thank you for all you do.

  19. Great to hear !

    Security is a crucial and essential value to choose a WP theme today.

    Really important point !

  20. Congrats! I plan to buy this theme for my blog. This theme is really just amazing not only by its security but also by the looks and speed.

  21. I Like the professionalism and truely believes on Eleegantthemes.Great piece of work.

    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  22. I think this news make me and others believed in our choice when choosing Elegant Themes for our blog/web. With this result, Lucid becomes the hotest theme in your them store, right?

  23. This one reads like the attention paid to the safety of a lot of value, but to praise and thanks.


  24. Another Great Work from ET Team, I always love ET from the first time and Now ET showing me more to keep me using ET.
    Thanks for ET once again!

  25. Amazing ET! Thanks for providing quality themes at a great price.

  26. AWESOME! We have been using Sucuri since last year for our clients and it caught the timthumb problem. But there are false alerts sometimes but better than catching anything later 🙂

  27. Congrats, passing with no updates is a very good achievement. Keep up your great work guys!

  28. Well done. I must add to the fact that the support from elegant themes is excellent as well.

  29. Working with your themes for over 2 years now and I really never had any security issue with it… Still a happy customer!

  30. Well done guys, good going, you are the best wordpress theme company who cares more about users’ security.

  31. I have tried to have a client site hacked, first time ever, the hackers came in through a unsecure plugin. had to reinstall it all :-/

    I have never heard about sucori before, now i wil try them, thanks

    Per / denmark

  32. This is good news. I have had two ET theme sites hacked and kind of lost my thrust on ET but this is definitely a good sign and I might consider becoming your customer again.

  33. Great to hear. That’s great news and that is one of the reason I recommend your themes to my clients and customers. and I really enjoy the article.Thanks Again. Fantastic. Enjoyed every bit of your article post…

  34. Nice

  35. We recommend ET themes to our customer and also provide FREE sucuri malware scanning for all our customers. Both companies are awesome!

    Thanks guys!

  36. Congratulations on the zero errors in security ! Customers like that .

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