The 10 Most Popular Divi Freebies of 2018

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The 10 Most Popular Divi Freebies of 2018
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This past year we took our Divi Design Initiative to a whole new level by giving away two free world class Divi layout packs every single week. Each pack includes all the pages needed to get a site up and running quickly. Plus all the custom images, graphics, and icons included are free for you to use without restriction. Looking back on the year, some of these freebies stood out from the rest. So, we thought we’d share the 10 most popular Divi freebies of 2018.

The 10 Most Popular Divi Freebies of 2018

1. Web Agency Layout Pack

“This layout pack includes some important “must haves” for a Web Agency, including a pricing page, a services page, and a portfolio page. The design is tastefully colorful and clean throughout. The background images stage the content in creative and effective ways. I particularly love the CTA on the Services page. The Pricing page has exceptional color schemes with some valuable sections for establishing credibility (the trusted brands section is a nice touch). Plus, with the thoughtful inclusion of text (not just dummy text), I would expect any agency would be able to use these layouts out of the box, with only minor adjustments.”

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2. SaaS Company Layout Pack

“This SaaS layout pack is designed to get your SaaS website up and running in no time. With seven stunning and elaborated layouts, your website will contain all the pages it needs with the necessary information which you can adjust to your own needs. A professional approach is the primary focus of this layout pack and matches perfectly with the stunning illustrations and advanced built-in Divi options that were used to bring you a completed and easy-to-install layout pack. On top of that, the layout pack includes, among other layouts, a documentation page that’ll allow you to share your documentation in an elegant and targeted way.”

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3. Interior Design Layout Pack

“This interior design layout pack represents the core values of each interior design company out there; style and expertise. With eight elaborated layouts that contain stunning and unique images, this layout pack is ready to bring your interior design website to the next level. Each one of the layouts is a combination of some of Divi’s most desirable built-in options and look great on desktop, as well as on tablet and mobile.”

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4. Business Consultant Layout Pack

“This Business Consultant layout pack is just what a consultant needs to market their services online. The landing page is beautiful. The services page has unique design features that stand out. And the Case Study page layout has been thoughtfully designed to give the user just what they need. I love the overlapping technique used throughout the layouts because it makes those CTA’s really pop.”

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5. SEO Layout Pack

“This SEO layout pack follows, design-wise, many trends that evolved in 2017 and keep existing and growing in 2018. One of the biggest assets this layout pack has are the section backgrounds that bring vibrant colors to whatever type of website you might be creating with this layout pack. There are 8 different layouts included in this layout pack that provide you with all the elements an SEO website needs to communicate with its visitors in an elegant and easy way.”

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6. Software Marketing Layout Pack

“The software marketing layout pack can be used for any type of website related to tech. The appealing illustrations that are included elevate the professionality level of your website and improve your company’s branding. With its 9 different layouts, this software marketing layout pack allows you to build a software marketing website from scratch and finish it with just a few steps.”

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7. Digital Payments Layout Pack

“This Digital Payments layout pack is designed to provide all the necessary pages to get an online digital payment company up and running in no time. Some of the key pages include a Signup page which will work well as a registration page. And the features page gives an exceptional framework for showcasing all featurres associated with the product. It would be easy to use the different elements on these pages (like those feature boxes) to add more content. Also, the map on the contact page is unique and fits the design theme perfectly. I know you are going to enjoy this layout pack.”

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8. Pottery Studio Layout Pack

“This Pottery Studio layout pack is perfect for any Pottery business looking to expand their services. The Classes and Class page layouts will provide what you need to start marketing and selling Pottery classes online. The design is both familiar and unique. The testimonials standout nicely and the high quality photos used are as beautiful as they are professional.”

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9. Real Estate Layout Pack

“The Real Estate Layout pack would be an awesome fit for real estate companies and agents. The color scheme works with the light background to make images standout. The header on the homepage has a unique desgin with dual CTAs which should help boost conversions. The Team page is also a nice addition since listing real estate agents is a must for any agency.”

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10. Food Recipes Layout Pack

“This Food Recipes Layout Pack allows you to focus on what’s really important which is the tasty recipes you’ve worked on so passionately. The different layouts that come with this layout pack fulfill every communication need you have. The recipe page sets your creativity free by providing you with all the elements you need to present your recipes elegantly and effectively. You can reuse the recipe layout for every new recipe that comes out. The only thing you’ll need to do is change the steps, media and copy according to your new recipe. And with the Visual Builder close within reach, this will take you almost no time.”

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In Conclusion

These community favorites definitely highlight some fantastic freebies that make us all here at Elegant Themes very proud. We love to help empower you to do all those wonderful things you do with Divi. So, if you haven’t taken advantage of these world class layout packs, they are right there waiting for you in Divi. Start your year off right with some Divi awesomeness today.

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  1. I loved the SEO Layout pack. In fact, I use it for so many pages on my website. Thanks for the freebie.

  2. We need new modules, please!

  3. I Agreed

  4. Really like Elisandro’s idea of getting the community involved in creating more diverse designs. Then all the critics of the free layouts could contribute and show-case their awesome designs.

    • Thanks for the support, Karin! 🙂

  5. Custom Header design must be there in DIVI

    • +100

  6. Timeline module would be nice to have. It already exists in a 3-d party paid plugin. Why not in a Divi builder?

  7. very nice designs!

  8. yes most of the layout is just put something here and there and change the images. you need to create better layouts with new modules also please add header footer custom menu design its pending for so long this is a basic need for website design

    • I agree with the header and footer comment – I have been waiting for a way to have different layout types for this, especially the header.

      I know we can change with css but would be nice to have more options than just moving the logo position.

      Love DIVI though 🙂

  9. Thanks Jason, for compiling all this. Lots of things to learn.

  10. First of all, excuse my English. I am so grateful to have all those freebies twice a week. Indeed, I think the layout packs are more than just freebies, they are part of Elegant Themes’ portfolio. They can attract more new buyers or the opposite. The layouts should present to the market the ET’s best resources, creative ways of designing pages that stand out from the crowd. Most of the time we can see one layout is being copied from another previous layout and quickly tweaked to create a new one in order to meet the deadline. That just bloats the library of the same.

    What if Et changed its pace? I mean, no need to rush and deliver 2 packs of layouts every week. Maybe the focus should be on delivering outstanding and unique layouts instead of running against time.

    What if Elegant Themes created a monthly layout “contest” for the community to submit their layouts and have people vote? The best layouts would go to some sort of “community’s layouts” in the library. No, I know Natan has mentioned on the Divi Theme User group the idea of creating a marketplace right into the library. Ok, that could be done as well, but I’m talking about engagement with the users. I’m talking about making people feel really part of Elegant Themes. Something to say: “I created that layout and now it is part of the Elegant Themes Library” with my name mentioned or my company’s name. I think that would bring a huge value to both sides: Elegant Themes and the Community.

  11. I thought this would have been something other than your cookie cutter designs. I was expecting something along the lines of plugins or perhaps other people’s work. Quite the misleading title…again. :/

  12. Sorry but i have to say that ,all designs are same and just pictures are different and colors ,there is no new things for these layouts

    • Hi Thomas, just in case you haven’t tried them, I’ve tried most of them and used different parts of each to mix up for different typed of content on pages and I can assure you they are not all the same !!

      They are all very different in the way that the features, effects, animations, borders, shapes and tools have been used. I agree that some of the styles and sections look very similar at a glance, however when you actually download and put them in use on a page, all designs behave very differently.

      They are really great for time saving and further customizing to make them your own, I’ve built at least 5 sites using substantial parts of these layouts alone, simply by deleting parts of a page or section I don’t need and adding to them when needed. 🙂

      • I agree with Liz. The freebies are great as an idea starter and time saver – never to use as a plug and play. And like Liz, I use them a bit, but not for the ‘cheap’ clients. It’s awesome to be able to demo something and then muck around with it to see what else it can do.

        What you all forget is that those of us that have been doing this a loooong time also have some other skills including coding that we bring to the table too. So we’ll happily take a time saving AND a good client outcome.

    • +1

    • I’m going to have to agree… Everything is starting to look the same… We need a diversity of designs… unique styles and functionality… It’s time to break the monotony…

      • Sorry to say but if you want diversity and cutting edge design then you must hire a web design artist. These layouts are for the cheap clients or the lousy web devs. 🙂 These layouts are gorgeous if you change the images, colors and use the sections you need. For the clients who don’t want to pay for web desing. But they must know that they get what they pay for.

        You must understand that the days of jack-of-all-trades web devs are over—we need to have specialists for design, front end, SEO, online marketing etc.

        • Peter, I don’t seem to have any trouble with all trades after 20 years as a web dev at 58 years young! I use substantial parts of the layouts for speed, never for cheap clients. You are right about one thing, they certainly are gorgeous when you add your own Photoshop creations to suite each clients needs and style. I also know many “Jack’s of all trades who’ve simply been in the industry since the beginning and moved forward with it 🙂
          You’d be surprised to know one of them is almost 81 years young. Yep he’s an ET lifetime member too!

          None of us are lousy because we take advantage of using some of these beautiful time saving layouts. We know how to work smart!

          • +2

        • +1000!

    • Yeah, we need new modules. I dont remember any new modules were added this year

      • STILL no layout for artists and musicians. Very disappointing.

    • Agreed

    • +1

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