Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Extras

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Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Extras
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Divi Extras is available in the Divi Marketplace! That means it has passed our review and has been found to meet our quality standards. You can visit WP Zone in the marketplace to see all of their available products. Products purchased from the Divi Marketplace come with unlimited website usage and a 30 day money back guarantee (just like Divi).

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Extra and Divi serve two different purposes. Extra was designed with blogging and publishing in mind. It’s great for magazines and blogs. Divi is more of an all-purpose theme and is great for creating websites in general. Divi is also a good choice for blogging and publishing but Extra has a few modules in its Category Builder that make it stand apart as a publishing theme.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to use Extra’s Category Builder Modules in any Divi page or post? That’s what a third-party plugin called Divi Extras does.

Divi Extras doesn’t turn Divi into Extra. It doesn’t give you access to the Category Builder or the post features such as the options, review system, related posts, WooCommerce, etc. For more information comparing Divi and Extra, see the article Divi vs Extra – How to Choose Which is Best for Your Website.

Divi Extras Installation

Upload and activate the plugin as normal.

Once the plugin is activated you’ll need to paste in your license key. Click the message at the top of the screen or go to Divi > Divi Extras in the dashboard menu.

Extra’s Category Builder Modules

The standard Divi Builder includes 37 modules. Extra has a specialized builder known as the Category Builder that provides 7 new modules that were designed specifically for displaying blog posts to create magazine layouts. Divi Extras adds those Category Builder modules from Extra, bring the total from 37 to 44.

The new modules include:

  1. Ads
  2. Blog Feed Masonry
  3. Blog Feed Standard
  4. Featured Post Slider
  5. Posts
  6. Posts Carousel
  7. Tabbed Posts

These are modules created by Elegant Themes and includes all of the customization features you expect in the Content, Design, and Advanced tabs.

Layouts that were only possible in Extra are now easy to make in Divi. Also, since Divi Extras adds the new modules to the Divi Builder the modules are available for pages and posts for both Divi and Extra.

You can also save your layouts with Extra’s modules to the Divi Library for reuse on pages and posts. Category layouts are not available in the Divi Library, so you can’t create a layout in the Extra Category Builder and use it for pages or posts for either Divi or Extra.

Divi Extras Modules

Here’s a look at the individual modules in Divi to give you an idea of what they do. I didn’t include the Ads module because I wanted to focus on the blog modules and we know what ads look like.

Masonry Blog Feed Module

This one uses the Masonry Blog Feed module. Even though the review system isn’t available within Divi, since I had added a review to the most recent article (when writing an article about Extra) it still displays the overall score like it does within Extra.

For comparison, here’s the same page in Extra. This is a normal page and not a Category page. The only difference between the way Divi and Extra display the module is the colors for the title and score.

Blog Feed Standard Module

This is the Blog Feed Standard module. It includes the line across the top. This is one of my favorite blog designs.

Featured Posts Slider Module

Here’s the Featured Posts Slider. It includes some nice title styling.

Posts Module

The Posts module creates a nice magazine-style layout. You can sort them by recent, popular, or highest rated. I’ve seen lots of designs that include two or three of these modules side-by-side with either different categories or different sorting.

Posts Carousel Module

This is the Posts Carousel module. It creates a slider that displays multiple posts at the same time.

Tabbed Posts Module

This is the Tabbed Posts module. It works the same as the Posts module but adds tabs for different categories, allowing you to display dozens of posts in the same space.

Divi Extras Layout Examples

Here are a few examples based on the pre-defined layouts from the Category Builder. I re-created them by hand within Divi pages.

Magazine Layout

For my first example I wanted to duplicate the standard Extra layout. It displays a Featured Posts slider in one column, two post sliders in 2 columns, a Posts Carousel in one column, 3 Posts modules in 3 columns to display the latest posts in three different categories, and a Tabbed Posts module in one column.

I created the layout in the standard Divi Builder with the modules from Extra. This layout comes with the Extra Category Builder as a pre-defined magazine layout. I’ve recreated it here by hand.

It gives me the exact layout I wanted. I used full-screen with no sidebar and I didn’t add the navigation to the first Posts module, but the layout itself is the same.

Masonry Blog

This one uses the Featured Posts Slider and Blog Feed Masonry modules.

It provides a nice masonry blog layout with featured post. I limited the posts to 3 and set it to ignore posts that already display on the screen. This allows the masonry blog to ignore any posts in the featured post module so I don’t have duplicate posts on screen.

Standard Blog

Standard Blog uses the Featured Posts Slider and the Blog Feed Standard modules.

It displays the standard blog feed with the posts stacked. I’ve set the display settings the same as the previous example.

Masonry Blog Homepage

This one uses the Featured Posts Slider, three different Posts modules, and Blog Feed Masonry.

This created a nice magazine-style layout that could feature categories. I didn’t have enough demo content to ignore posts that were already displaying on screen, but this should give you an idea of what you can do with this design.

Standard Blog Homepage

The Standard Blog Homepage layout uses the Featured Posts Slider, two Posts, and Blog Feed Standard modules.

This creates a nice magazine design with a couple of different ways to present your articles.

Magazine Layout with Extra

Since Extra uses the Divi Builder, Divi Extras works with Extra too. This is the magazine layout that I made in Divi. This is a standard page without using the Extra Category Builder. The advantage in using the plugin with Extra is you can create multiple pages and posts using the Category Builder modules.

Divi Extras License and Purchase Information

There are 4 licenses to choose from:

  • 1 site – $27.00
  • 3 Sites – $47.00
  • Unlimited Sites – $77.00
  • Lifetime – $147

You can purchase Divi Extras from the developer’s website.

Ending Thoughts

Divi Extras doesn’t do away with the value of using Extra. Extra still has many advantages such as custom widgets, the review system, related posts, and WooCommerce features. However, this is the easiest way I’ve seen to create magazine layouts in Divi.

The only downside I’ve seen is any layouts you create with these modules has to use the plugin, which limits your ability to distribute the layouts. The solution of course is for anyone using your layouts to purchase the plugin for their own use.

I’m a fan of magazine and blog design and Extra’s blog modules are some of my favorite modules to use with the Divi Builder. Having them for use in Divi opens up a ton of design possibilities. If you’re interested in designing magazine layouts in Divi, Divi Extras might be the plugin you’re looking for.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried Divi Extras? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Featured Image via venimo / shutterstock.com

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  1. I am in the process of finishing my first site (my own) which I did to learn everything I could about DIVI. Most things I have been able to work through and have learnt heaps but I do not understand why you can’t open the builder for Archive Pages. I have stylised my blog how I want but when you sort by catagory you get a page that is not styled and this let’s down my site. I have also had to buy many plugins to accomplish what I want and find this very annoying for basic stuff that should be included. PLEASE extend builder to the category archive page at least but even better one SUPER THEME would be great especially as you get both when paying for a lifetime membership. At least fix the blog module.

  2. I have it but its not working with the latest divi theme, the controls in the tabbed post module don’t work, you cannot adjust text by the looks od it, total waste of money

  3. It is the common WP Ripp Off which takes place here. People get caught with a nice look and limited features and then get fed up if they don’t update for 1, 5 or many or even lifetime sites etc. Rip Off.

    Actually, all those articles about third-party plugins are more or less worthless as they fulfill the only purpose to get more out of the pockets form DIVI users. GNU GPL v.2 bye bye!

    In fact, all who use Divi and run plugins or extras or anything else which needs DIVI has to be GNU GPL v.2 too which means can be posted on GitHub and be shared worldwide. All those 1 site 5 site or lifetime is complete nonsense as it is violating the freedom of people who believe in GNU GPL v.2.

    If those third party providers at least would have also support which they could charge for but the support of ET already is far below what i.e. WPMUDEV gives on support with more or less instant replies.

    Extra is a nice theme which does not much rather it creates a lot of fuzz and confusion among DIVI users and clients who use a DIVI site. We have a lifetime membership at ET and that we did for a good reason as we really don’t like to put the burden on our customers to repurchase every year so-called licenses for products which have to be by default GNU GPL v.2 We are NOT the WP drug dealers to make those third-party providers pockets full by getting only additional problems.

    We really like the articles about the possibilities of DIVI here at ET as they are way better than any article on WPMUDEV but with the support, it is just vice versa. The only real problem with all those articles at ET is that 75% is about Third Party plugins which costs each already as much as a lifetime membership at ET. Why isn’t ET emphasizing on plugins which are under GNU GPL v.2 and which are free of charge so everyone can really test out all those nice possibilities you discuss in your articles.

    That Extra plugin here which can’t do this and that like you wrote in your article better forget. Divi Space is nothing else then another RipOff place! And that applies to many other places too. Go there and you will soon realize that they actually do most of their advertising with DIVI s own ET stuff – why – probably because their stuff won’t even be able to reach to what DIVI quality would mean.

  4. Please just combine functionalities on Divi and Extra. It is, after all, what many of us have paid for with a Lifetime Developers License through ET.

    This would solve SO many problems for many of us, and make Divi a better fit for many others.

  5. Used this plugin recently on a client project, works perfectly. It’s cool to get an ET endorsement of tools and resources that aren’t on the ET feature list.

    I’ve learned to be choosy about the plugins i use, and avoid the freebies. Paying for that API is a mark of credibility. 😉

    Although I can understand ET’s thought process in developing two themes, and having built several sites with both, I’m also very interested to see them folded into a super theme.

    I don’t think that anyone can complain about anything. ET’s pipeline is factoring in more things than we know, and they’ve consistently shown that they’re listening to the community. We’re all here on their good graces, so a little more gratitude, y’all!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  6. This should be incorporated into the core… I always feel frustrated I can’t access some features of Extra in Divi and the opposite is also true.

  7. I hate to pile on, but I completely agree. ET should just make those functions available on Divi AND Extra. However, that said, I’ve used Aspen Grove’s Extra Module Mate — just think of it in reverse, adding Divi features to Extra — and it’s worked very well. It’s a very minimal expense, like less than $15, and is well worth the investment. So far, it’s worked rather well, and has allowed me to accomplish some new features for my website.

  8. DIVI is great and so is extra. But as previus post, divi needs some improvmentes asap on some modules.
    One is gallery.
    Other is grid only for 4 columns.

    Slider is not exciting at all. I always use rev slider.

    ANd plugins as this, about two other themes from sam publisher which are offered in same price to buy to have same funcionalaty is for me really wierd, or maybe ELegent themes is the seller of plugin. Anyway i dont think its good move.

    Im looking back to avada again. And that is the throught.

    Please elegant themes listen to some comments and make move about them.

    • +1 for improvement in Slider & Gallery. I also used 3rd party slider, ET has to improve it soonest possible.

      Basically I don’y have issue with 3rd party plugins. I think its good to have more choice, as it’s impossible for ET team to build everything. Furthermore, if you include everything within Divi, this may cause the theme too slow to load.

  9. I have bought a few Divi specific plugins from third party developers to try and save a bit of time but I will N E V E R being doing so again!

    The main issues are poor quality coding, lack support or complete absence of support, in particular Sean Barton (Tortoise IT) and Elegant Market Place – absolutely no response for over a month now from either place.
    There does not appear to be any type of quality control and often things don’t play well together.

    In my experience these guys are typically not very reliable.
    Of course there are exceptions but how would we know?
    Buying third Party plugins in my opinion is a complete waste of money.
    I’d much rather just stick with what we get from ET.

    I have resorted to doing my own coding when I need something special or outside of the Divi scope.

  10. The clients of Elegant Themes, why do we have to spend money on third party plugins? This functionality should be available in ET memberships. Thanks.

  11. Afraid I also have to add my voice of unhappiness to this post and its intention! Why do Elegant Themes feel it necessary to promote third party plugins when the ET Team themselves have built both Divi and Extra?

    ET, do this yourself so it at least works without issue! Charge extra if you feel the need!

    We have used certain plugins from this company before with compatibility issues.

    Not great ET!

    • Agree Agree Agree!!! come on ET…phone home already will ya!!

  12. I agree with most people who said that this kind of things should be builtin in Divi & most important open the builder for Archive Pages. There’s some really great themes that has this feautres builtin while ago.

  13. It work with Custom Post Types?

    • All I know is that the people at ET are going to do something for custom post types. I do not know what it will be though.

      • Is there a blog somewhere where ET say they are going to do something with CPTs? Lack of CPT support in the Extra and Divi blog modules makes both themes useless for serious content sites.

  14. Divi Plugin is very helpful for me.This plugin builds amazing Pages for WordPress website.Also, elegant themes are really Great.I’m using “Elegant Themes” on my most of the websites.Thanks for providing us outstanding themes.Elegant doing great work for bloggers.They provide great themes and plugins.Thanks, the Elegant team for their good work for us.Keep up doing.

  15. Whilst I agree with all other posts above, in my opinion from purely a business perspective; we all have such a good deal with ET because the general community is so well supported and very large. For example the fact that 3rd party developers are involved leads me to believe that their involvement in the community has over time contributed to the magnitude of the community as a whole.

    Many 3rd party developers have based their business model and livelihood around building products for Divi & or Extra.

    Whilst almost, if not all of the functionality in 3rd party plugins could essentially be built in to the Divi builder and included or combined (which would be awesome!). It would be extremely difficult to shoot 3rd party developers in the foot. Apart from ET being dependable and reliable, there are many in depth factors involved as to why ET has become #1 over time.

    The size of the extended community is just one of those many factors.

    Let’s face it who wants to join a small potentially unstable community and build their business model and livelihood to rely on it. You can bet your house on ET as being reliable for the long term period.

    What I’d like to see in the future, and I think this is a practical idea, taking into consideration that customization options and free layouts will eventually become exhausted, there will be so many over time, it might become confusing and or overwhelming when on-boarding new users (possibly).

    Take the ET older App themes for example, there are 10 of them available they are very good, albeit very outdated in “presentation” and design by today’s standards.

    Those themes are: likely to generate revenue, for ONLY a hobbyist actively involved in one of these niches.

    Harmony, (good if you are the band or 1 only band)
    Elegant Estate, (good if you are the only the single agent)

    All 10 of these themes, have specific functionality for a single person operator niche market if this is your niche.

    I think it would be very useful if either ET themselves, or 3rd party developers offered or concentrated on either useful child themes ( functionality) rather than pretty colours and designs, and or plugins for Divi and Extra with additional functionality for a wide range of markets.

    Specifically With “REVENUE GENERATING” in mind for both the developers (via affordable volume sales) and End users, Designer/Developers.

    For example (child theme or plugin):

    Directory functionality (child theme or plugin)
    Reviews (visitor populated) not just site owner limited opinions.
    Match making for general purposes markets (not specific to dating)
    Classifieds for local markets and niches
    Car & vehicle local niche markets
    Job boards for niche markets,(Most businesses employ people right!)

    Auctions for local markets and niches (I have 203 handbags to offload)
    Shops – eCommerce (+ added functionality like wish lists & filters etc)
    General Child themes to improve the look of Woo Commerce)
    Travel – Hotels – General Listings for niche markets.
    Niche Markets, there’s millions of them to give people revenue ideas.
    I could go on for hours!

    Currently many general WP 3rd party plugins are available in the WP repository, however they are not community based, therefore not always stable enough to build a reliable long term business model with as many of them become abandoned over time. and when this happens, your business or your clients business becomes messy or falls apart at the seams!

    One of the essential reasons we are all here is because ET is reliable. Reliability is the number one ingredient necessary for any business foundation. With out reliability all you have is wobbly footings that can be blown down in a storm, everyone abandons and evacuates the building.

    Think about this.. WHY ARE WE ALL BUILDING WEBSITES!! Either for ourselves or our clients? Obviously to make money and generate revenue
    (from the website) not just for building it (I hope).

    So wouldn’t it make sense to aid our endeavor and build App type functionality for general purpose and niche markets?

    PremiumPress themes for example, have excellent revenue generating general purpose theme functionality, however I don’t recommend buying them due to unreliability, limited support, lack of updates for well over a year,to date and theme plugins are abandoned, most not updated for 3-4 years, to date (21 Jan 2017) Probably because The Dev is a one man band with 2 support agents, who take days sometimes weeks to answer tickets or forum posts. In my experience over the past 4 years, This company has never been reliable enough to build a stable business model on.
    I couldn’t even recommend it for a reliable hobby as it stands today. However as mentioned the revenue generating ideas for the end user are very good.

    PP Sales are obviously due to the revenue generating functionality of the PP themes.

    Just some shared thoughts?

  16. Thanks for the write-up – looks like a useful plugin, but I just don’t get why it’s needed at all.

    In the past I’ve done all sorts to get a Masonry blog feed working in Divi – and yet THE FUNCTIONALITY IS RIGHT THERE IN EXTRA. Yes, I’m feeling shouty! I don’t understand why this stuff isn’t available in Divi and it drives me nuts!

  17. Seems like a useful plugin but I just don’t get it Elegant,

    Is it that not including Extra’s Category Builder in Divi somehow helps to generate more sales?(naaah), is it just too difficult?(naaah), is it that if you did combine the two then Extra would become redundant? or maybe you just want to be nice and support the 3rd party developers (which is cool)? I dont know but I just feel that this is one of the things that should be built into Divi from the get go. I just don’t want to be worrying about compatibility with child themes and external plugin for this issue.

    I mean Divi and Extra are great and I think we are getting a good deal but it just seems instinctive that Extra’s Category Builder Modules would be available within Divi.

    oh and ‘just one more thing'(in a Columbo voice) We need Header layout options update. Please.


  18. It is for this reason I only use Divi for budget projects. Minimal header options. Reliance on 3rd party plugins and constant updates for total beginners (e.g. all these ‘Help’ elements) are very frustrating

    Lifetime member here by the way.

  19. I totally agree! Why to go for third party plugins when ET Team themselves have built both Divi and Extra! Why don’t ET merges the modules that are in Extra into Divi itself when they claim ‘Divi to be one and only theme that customers need to have! Why promote third parties when you have it all!? When ET is giving away such awesome Layout Packs for free to its customers every week, merging Divi & Extra into one solid theme isn’t too much to ask! Isn’t it!? What do you say divines?

    • YESSSSSSSSSS!! I’m over here trying to implement the extra trending posts into divi and am just wondering why divi just doesn’t include all this to begin with? Why even make extra theme? makes no sense…

    • I quote what you say . i’m agree with your thought

  20. Elegant Themes built both Divi and Extra Themes, WHY is it they don’t provide this module as part of Divi… Not a third party developer.

    It drives me nuts adding all these extra plugins for something common sense says this should be an included module in Divi because they are the developers of Extra Theme and know the code inside and out.

    Another issue I have is when you have a problem and contact Divi Support they will say to contact the Third Party developer for support and you get caught in the back and forth between them wasting time and money and maybe not resolving the issue.

    My 2¢

    • A”GREEEEED”!! I’ve started to look for other themes…this is not sustainable in the long run! It slows down everything as well!!

  21. I agree with Shaun.
    ET is promoting plugins which we have to buy and maintain. If client moves away from us we can’t give them our licenses, so it increases cost of their renewals etc.

    Also many other competitive builders and themes do provide grate features.

    I’m still waiting for Divi to improve inbuilt Header and Slider features.
    and I wish all other 85-86 theme to get some improvements. I’m still using 2-3 of them. (e-list for eg.)

    If other themes as originally offered are not updated as per trend, then those features and functionality must be included within Divi.

    -Vinod Rawat

  22. I’d rather see Divi and Extra fused into one super theme. Then we have the best of both worlds.

    • Agreed. I am wasting tons of time trying to make these plugins work.

  23. I wonder why this extras are not part of Divi, and need to have sepperat plugin…

    • money money money moneeeey! 😉

  24. Thanks for this write-up, Randy. I have used Divi Extras and found that it interfered with using Divi with a child theme (a common, and recommended approach). I found that Divi Extras overrode the child theme settings and applied it’s own instead.

    I say that to caution others who may choose to use this plugin. It does provide some great additional modules, but may cause display issues. Be aware of this.

    Lastly, why doesn’t Elegant Themes just put the features of Extra into Divi?

    • The deeper we get into divi and divi additional stuff, the more we think it is buggy and just for making fast money! It is just disappointing!
      The Blog Feed Mansory is really bad. You can’t even easy set it up to another language than english! The “Read More” button for example. The styling is uppercase oder capitalized h2. I’m not able to set up a custom code. My CSS-Debug says, it’s text-transform “none”, it display “capitalized” letters.

    • Why don’t Elegant Themes just update Extra and Divi, for that matter, so they play with custom post types? When it comes to building serious sites with custom post types and not just regular posts both themes are useless. Is it too much to ask to let a developer specify which custom post types are to be included in WP_Query args without having to reverse engineer Extra or Divi? NOTE. I am not suggesting any special handling of custom fields just CPTs.

    • Could this be why I am having tremendous issues with this plugin, which currently does not work?

    • +100000000000000000000 – would make so many customers happy

    • +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
      This is more important than a help system

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