Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Den Pro

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Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Den Pro
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Divi Den Pro is available in the Divi Marketplace! That means it has passed our review and has been found to meet our quality standards. You can visit Divi Den in the marketplace to see all of their available products. Products purchased from the Divi Marketplace come with unlimited website usage and a 30 day money back guarantee (just like Divi).

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Divi Den Pro is a third-party plugin for Divi that integrates a cloud filled with 1000’s layouts and modules for the Divi Builder. It includes lots of page layouts, modules, PSD’s, icons, button hovers, and customizations. It also adds features to the theme customizer such as a login editor and the ability to assign archive and 404 pages. It also includes white labeling. In this article, I take a look at Divi Den Pro and see what it offers and how easy it is to use.

Divi Den Pro Activation

Upload and activate the plugin as normal. In the dashboard menu, go to Divi Den Pro and enter your license key.

Divi Den Pro Layout Finder

Once you activated the account, the screen will then display the Layout Finder with layouts, a search feature, filters, and tabs for more tools. It’s currently showing 1071 results, which includes layouts and modules. This example shows styled button modules.

On the left, you can search or click on any of the filters to help narrow down your choices. Filters include free, pro, or all, collections, categories, Divi modules, page packs, page types, and UI kits. You can use the filters together. It also includes a button to clear all filters. The filters will also clear when you leave the page.

Opening one shows the options within that filter along with the number of layouts for each option. In the example above, I’ve selected the Category / Topic filter. It has 234 layouts. Within it are dozens of topics. You can click on one at a time. I’ve selected Coach & Personal, which displays 3 layouts.

Hovering over a layout makes it scroll so you can see the entire layout. Across the top, it shows the name, category, type of layout, and the package that it’s found in.

Clicking on any of the tags shows all of that type of layout. It’s the same as selecting it in the filter.

Clicking View opens a new tab and goes to the layout’s demo page where you can see it as a normal website.

It has 808 styled modules to choose from. Here’s a look at a few of the 117 blurbs.

Clicking Save downloads the layout and adds it to your Divi Library. You’ll see a message that the layout is being added to your library, and then a popup alerts you when it’s finished. It doesn’t indicate in the layout screen if you’ve added a layout to your library, but if you try to save a layout that you’ve already saved it shows you the success popup again.

The layouts are added to your Divi Library where you can use them like any layout. They include categories and type.

The Layout Finder is also added to the Divi Builder when using the Classic Builder. When you select to load a layout you’ll see Divi Den Pro to the far left at the top. This works the same as the Layout Finder in the dashboard menu. Currently, the Layout Finder tab isn’t added to the new builder.

I didn’t get the images for the saved layouts to show, but that could have been a problem on my end.

Divi Den Pro Custom CSS Files

Some of the layouts require custom CSS to work. Fortunately, this is provided. The Custom CSS Files tab includes links to CSS for specific bundles. It also provides information and a link to a detailed video on how to use them.

Divi Den Pro White Label

The white label feature lets you add your own branding to the dashboard screen. It changes the plugin’s name, URL, icon, author name, author URL, description, and contact page. The white label feature is disabled by default. When choosing a name, keep in mind the name isn’t just a label. It’s also used as the URL for the settings screen. Be sure to use proper URL naming conventions (in other words, I don’t recommend using symbols).

Advanced settings let you enable features such as update notifications, hiding the name in the dashboard menu, hide the plugin panels in the customizer, and hide the premade layouts tab.

Divi Den Pro Theme Builder

The Theme Builder makes it easy to customize your website without having to modify your theme’s PHP files. Use pre-made layouts for archive pages for categories, authors, and tags. This is one of the more interesting features.

Utility pages include search results, 404 page, coming soon, sticky bars, and popups. Popups include contact forms, portfolios, contact info, pricing, etc. It also has several sidebars. It currently has 43 layouts to choose from.

Here’s a look at the sticky bars. There are 9 to choose from. They include events, holidays, sales, etc.

Navigation templates include a mega menu and a navigation menu.

Save the layouts you want to use and then assign them to their pages in the theme customizer. Three new tabs are added: pages settings, blog settings, and global settings.

Pages Settings

The Pages Settings let you choose the search results template, 404 page, and the coming soon page.

Blog Settings

Blog Settings include the archive templates for global, category, tag, and author archive pages, and the template for the single blog post.

Choose the page layout and adjust all of the fonts including the headers, body, author bio, comments, meta, etc.

Global Settings

Global Settings include the navigation menu, header, headings, sticky bar, pop-up customizer, login customizer, footer, and new icons. As expected, these settings are site-wide.

The sticky bar lets you choose the template, the location, when it displays, the time delay, the number of days before it shows again, and a close button.

The popup customizer lets you choose the popup, set when they show, the time delay, exit intent, show at a percentage of the page, and the number of days before it shows again.

The login customizer lets you see the login screen as you customize it. Choose the layout, change the color, logo, fonts, and buttons.

For icons, it adds Font Awesome 5 and Material Design.

Divi Den Pro Tutorials

The Tutorials tab provides a list of toggles with detailed videos on how to use the plugin. You can watch the videos from here or view them on YouTube.

Divi Den Pro Support

The support form is built into the plugin’s dashboard menu in a tab called Support. Here, you can provide all the information about your request. You can also click the Browse Knowledge Base button to see written articles.

This opens the knowledge base at the developer’s website in a new tab where you can search, select categories, and select the most popular articles.

Divi Den Pro Price

There are three purchase options:

  • 1 website – €12 per month, €49 per year
  • 5 websites – €14 per month, €120 per year
  • Unlimited websites – €21 per month, €189 per year

Ending Thoughts

Divi Den Pro is an intuitive and interesting plugin. All of the layouts and modules are well-designed. There are new layouts and modules added on a weekly basis. The layout tab is only added to the Classic Divi Builder, but they are working on adding it to the Visual Builder. It’s easy enough to add the layouts to the library and then use them from there.

There are a lot of support and tutorials in the form of a contact system, articles, and video. Fortunately, I found it intuitive enough that I didn’t need to use it.

I found the Theme Builder especially interesting. This feature sets Divi Den Pro apart from other cloud-based layout plugins. I’m impressed with the hidden features in the theme customizer. I didn’t expect to see a login editor that allows you to see the login screen as you edit, hundreds of icons from Font Awesome and Material Icons, sticky bars, and popups.

If you’re interested in added a cloud-based library of layouts, modules, and new tools to Divi, Divi Den Pro is worth a look.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried Divi Den Pro? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Featured Image via Golden Sikorka / shutterstock.com

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Premade Layouts

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  1. Too expensive for a website designer usage for unlimited sites, needs to be once off for web designers

  2. I am sadden that so many folks take time to take a negative approach toward a fellow developer – goodness so much time to find fault (and I have noticed each have been experienced DIVI people). For each one full-fledged member of the “Divi Expert Club” there are 100 (say) novice user – such as this writer – who value the efforts of the like of Divi Den. Full disclosure – I fall into the latter class. I for one, am a paid-up member of the Divi Den Club and I thank them for two things (1) their valuable product and (2) proactive and faithful service backup.

    • Well said, Paul.

  3. It would be a good idea if I try it for 14 or 30 days, then I will be able to decide by my self without going through different opinions like the above ones and even I could not decide to buy it or not yet, the best is a FREE TRIAL.


    • You can. 30 days, I believe

  4. Unbelievable that these negative comments are in here. Just because ET has a lifetime license doesn’t mean that bootstrapped and contributory businesses have to follow suit. Even if you have it for just one year, access to over 1000 items for 189 euros is phenomenal value.
    As for pricing in Euros, it’s not always about the dollar right?

    Go Divi Den, this is fantastic value in whatever currency from genuinely motivated Divi community members thank goodness for you!

    • +1

      • +1
        I have used Divi Den Pro since they launched and got the unlimited for 13Euros per month Early Bird. It has sped up my time I spend on a site and adds verity to my portfolio. The support is excellent. The plugin will update for life regardless if you carry on paying. There is no contract – you can leave when you want without loosing what you have used.
        I feel they deserve every penny – so far – and the fact that I can leave when I want just keeps them on their toes to keep producing high value. Win win

  5. What a nonsense! For an annual fee of $189, the plugin is completely useless! For a one-time fee I might even have bought it!

  6. Kind of saying “watch for this while waiting for the Divi Theme Builder”…

  7. it’s a really great addition in the form of Divi Den Pro.
    really excited to use it

  8. I am using this plugin since several months and love it! You have just so many options and most of the time everything works fine.

  9. I bought the Pixie bundle a while ago. My advice is to skip the Divi Plugins because eventually, they all cause issues. Many “features” ought to be part of Divi—and slowly those features are arriving.

  10. Subscription based, no thanks… One time fee would have had me sold.

    • You guys do not even consider the developer’s life. You think they owe us their soul. Something like: I pay you once, and you work for me forever! Lifetime deals exist but do not abuse.

      • I agree with you, Elisandro.

  11. It’s a very good article, and obviously a HUGE plugin. However, there are three things about it that shout NO!! to me from the get-go. Developers of Divi-Den and other plugins need to take heed.

    1. RECURRING FEES. This is a big screaming DO NOT BUY for me. In today’s world, I absolutely refuse to obligate myself to recurring monthly fees. This is the main reason I bought Divi – they have a lifetime subscription for one fee. With a lifetime subscription, I can be confident I can always update the plugin and not have to worry about “what if I can’t pay my bill?”

    2. NO INFO ON WHAT IF I LAPSE? What if I build a website that relies on this plugin, and three months or three years down the road, I get tired of paying those irritating recurring fees? What happens to those websites? What about my clients who have websites and are counting on me to keep them running? What if my client wants to take over managing their own website? In other words, In a reading of the PRICING page, there was no indication at all of what happens to my websites if I have to stop paying the ransom. Er, I mean fees. This is not acceptable, and I as a customer should not have to spend two hours and more digging to find the answer to this.

    3. PRICING IN EUROS ONLY. It’s not that difficult to have a website sense where a visitor is located, and at least make a stab at offering a price in that visitor’s own currency. If the developers are this lax in attention to this sort of detail, I have to wonder where else are they lax?

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pan what might otherwise be a bodaciously good plugin, but if the Divi Den and other developers don’t know that these issues are preventing sales, then they have no chance of fixing them.

    • Couldn’t agree more with this.

    • Hi David – Thanks for your feedback on Divi Den Pro. I’m part of the Divi Den Team and just wanted to reply to your comments.

      1) RECURRING FEES: We do offer lifetime plans during Black Friday. But the real value of our plugin comes from the huge layout library and weekly new layouts. Designing original layouts and modules, coding them for desktop and mobile, testing them for browsers and maintaining those layouts along with regular ET Divi updates, takes a lot of time and team resources. Our plugin updates are FREE FOREVER, whether you have an active subscription or not. You can cancel anytime knowing that wherever the plugin is installed (with active license key) everything will work as expected, with no extra cost.

      2) WHAT IF I LAPSE?: We thought this through very carefully and you can cancel anytime without worry. The plugin will update free forever. Installed layouts will update. I’m sure you will be happy with it. The video on our website explains it perfectly. Please see “cancel anytime overview” in the main navigation of our website WP-Den. (Sorry I can’t link to it because the ET comment policy forbids links in the comment body)

      3) PRICING IN EUROS ONLY: I hear you, and I wish we could make it easier for you. Our challenge is twofold. [Challenge #1] – Divi is very popular worldwide and we already sold to 120 different countries. Selling to 120 countries presents painful problems for most payment gateways. Even Elegant Themes (at the time of this comment) sells in USD and don’t offer EUROS for Europeans. [Challenge #2] – Currencies can fluctuate a lot in a day and even between banks and providers. If we list a price in the local currency, almost always the price is different from what the customer ends up paying. This makes people even more upset. Sadly, it’s out of our control. And that’s why (as a German company based in Berlin) we list our prices in EURO. We’ve found this works best for everybody.

      Thanks again for your comments, David. Best wishes 🙂

      • You guys should read up a little on framing (in context of pricing) and show people what you would charge for the plugin once-off for life. If it was $5000 people would see the monthly amount as cheap – which it is considering the amount of amazing options available. Added to that I’d be surprised if WP + Divi is the best option in ten years as the net is changing so quickly.

      • You guys should read up a little on framing (in context of pricing) and show people what you would charge for the plugin once-off for life. If it was $5000 people would see the monthly amount as cheap – which it is considering the amount of amazing options available. Added to that I’d be surprised if WP + Divi is the best option in ten years as the net is changing so quickly.

      • You guys should read up a little on framing (in context of pricing) and show people what you would charge for the plugin once-off for life. If it was $5000 people would see the monthly amount as cheap – which it is considering the amount of amazing options available. Added to that I’d be surprised if WP + Divi is the best option in ten years as the net is changing so quickly.

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