Divi Child Themes for Entertainment Websites

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Divi Child Themes for Entertainment Websites
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Divi is an excellent WordPress theme for websites about entertainers and entertaining. There are several well-designed child themes available across the web that was professionally designed to give you a head start on your next Divi entertainment website. All you need to do is install them, add your own content and branding, and you’re good to go.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 9 Divi child themes for entertainment websites. I hope you like them! They’re in no particular order.

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1. Musician

Musician is a one-page theme that was designed for musicians that play live events. The intro section shows a full-width image with the musician’s name and links to learn more about them and to contact them. The next section uses blurbs to show the types of events the musician is available for. An about section uses text and number counters to show information. Embedded videos are displayed within a 2-column masonry grid. Images are displayed within a 5-column gallery. Prices are displayed with number counters. The custom footer shows the contact form in a large column with a styled contact form over an image with a bold red overlay that sits next to an image of the musician.

Price: $19 | More Information

2. Musicalz

Musicalz was designed with music lessons in mind. It includes 4 main pages: the home page, instructors, the process, and contact. The home page displays a full-width image and the title to one side and a styled newsletter form separating it from the next section. CTAs display graphics of musical notes in the background with text and a styled button next to overlapping images. There are two of these that are mirrors of each other. Services are displayed in blurbs over a dark blue background. A custom footer shows the contact form over a background with styled musical notes. The other pages follow this design but add elements such as person modules and a timeline.

Price: $49.95 | More Information

3. Divi DJ

Divi DJ was designed for DJ’s, musicians, and artists and includes a one-page design with 7 main sections. It includes lots of dark backgrounds with bold yellow highlights throughout. The menu is built with large buttons. The hero section displays a large image with the title and text to one side. Following this is a set of circles to show the types of events that the artist is available to perform. It also includes a masonry gallery with yellow borders, styled testimonials, number counters for pricing, and a styled contact form.

Price: $22.50 | More Information

4. Event Us

Event Us was designed with party events in mind. It includes a home page, a category page, and a post page. The categories are placed within the menu. The home page displays a full-width background image in parallax, blurbs for category pages, a 3-column blog post section, a 2-column blog post section, a large email form that overlaps a parallax background, a matching contact form, blurbs, and a masonry gallery. The category pages show blog posts with full-width featured images and an excerpt followed by the contact form, blurbs, and gallery from the home page. The blog posts display the full-width featured image, a single column of text with a large title to the left, another full-width image, a booking form, and the contact footer from the home page.

Price: $49 | More Information

5. Play

Play was designed with electronic games in mind. It has five main pages and uses a poker theme for the backgrounds. It includes custom archive pages, custom posts, and a custom single post page. The hero section’s background image flips toward the screen until it gets into place as the page loads. Solid gray backgrounds display information and are separated from the other sections with angled separators. Large images are used for backgrounds with styled icons to make them stand out. Icons follow the poker theme. Number counters display prices and the number of games that are available to play.

Price: $59 | More Information

6. Simple Escaperoom & Appointment Booking system

Simple Escaperoom & Appointment Booking system was designed specifically for live escape games. It comes with several premium plugins including Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress with three add-ons: Booked Woo Commerce Payments, Booked Frontend Agents, and Booked Calendar Feeds. It also includes the Menu Image Plugin so you can add images to your menus and create mega menus, and it has a 404 page. The theme has dark images with dividers that have a torn paper effect. Blurbs are used to show THE rooms with reservation buttons. The details about the rooms show the stats on one side with an overlapping image. The pages for the rooms have a reservation calendar. The theme includes lots of styled modules.

Price: $49 | More Information

7. Solitaire

Solitaire was designed with musicians, artists, performers, narrators, and vocal coaches in mind. It has 5 main pages, WooCommerce pages and styling, and a custom audio player. The home page displays a full-screen image with title and CTA to listen to music. The styled music player follows this section and includes a large play button along with the song title. An events section shows tour dates, locations, and buttons to purchase tickets. CTA’s for albums are displayed within a styled slider. It also displays a styled about section and a contact form.

Price: $60 | More Information

8. Bands

Bands is one of the layouts for the Divi Ultimate child theme. It’s mostly a 1-page design and includes a large background image for the hero section that follows through two sections and a large title with CTA’s in the center with a large embedded video under it. The CTA’s include links to the app and music stores. Albums are shown in a project slider. Clicking on an album opens the styled project page and includes navigation and sidebars. Several full-width sections display a single testimonial over a background in parallax using styled section dividers that look like paint smears. A section for popular songs shows the album covers and an audio player. Events are displayed with dates, locations, and buttons to purchase tickets. It also has styled blog pages.

Price: $120 | More Information

9. Josefin Band

Josefin Band is a layout for the Josefin child theme that was designed with bands in mind. It includes a full-screen image with a large title and a CTA to see the tour dates. Information is provided in a clean section of text modules. Another full-width CTA shows an image in parallax with a title and button in the overlay. A double-column section displays an image in one side with text and CTA’s in the other. Another full-width CTA displays a background image in parallax that shifts diagonally. It also includes sections for embedded video, number counters, testimonials with parallax backgrounds, blog section, a discography section using projects, contact form, and lots more.

Price: $75 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 9 awesome Divi child themes for entertainment websites. Whether you play live events, sell music from your own online store, host offline games, or even blog about entertainment, these 9 Divi child themes are sure to have something to help you with your next Divi project.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these 9 Divi child themes for entertainment websites? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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