Divi Meetup Network Community Update: December 2019

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Divi Meetup Network Community Update: December 2019
Blog / Community / Divi Meetup Network Community Update: December 2019

Hey Divi Nation! We hope your holidays were awesome and that the first week and a half or so of your new year have been just as good. With all of the busyness that comes with the end of the year we’re just now getting our December 2019 Community Update out, but of course we wouldn’t dream of missing it.

Check out our end of year stats and community updates!

The Divi Nation Meetup Network by the Numbers (for December 2019)

  • Total Members: 5,930
  • Total Groups: 51
  • Total Events Hosted: 401
  • Total RSVPs: 2,131
  • New Members (Last 90 Days): 1,662
  • New Groups (Last 60 Days): 5
  • New Group Pipeline: 5

Would you like to attend a Divi meetup in your area? locate a group near you here or use the button below to apply to become a local organizer.


Let’s Welcome Our New Meetup Groups

Please give a warm welcome to our new hosts! December brought us three more Meetup groups and six more organizers, We’re thrilled to introduce you to the hosts.

See below for introductions (in the host’s own words) and info on their next Meetups.

Divi Madrid, Spain

Divi Madrid

Julio Hector Loupias of Divi Madrid

Meet the host, Julio Hector Loupias:

I am a WordPress implant, Since 2004 I use WordPress as a personal blog. I used WordPress to develop different ventures of my own and friends. As of 2016, I started using WordPress more professionally. I decide to start using Divi for my personal projects and some clients. I still have a lot to learn. In 2017 I started participating in different events of the WordPress community. In 2018 I participated as a volunteer [for] WordCamp Madrid. It was an unforgettable experience. In 2018 I was the co-organizer of the WordPress Alcobendas meetup together with my son who is a programmer. In 2019 I was a member of the organizing team of WordCamp Madrid.

I believe that technology must be approached to people in an easy, simple way and with a short learning curve.
Divi gives us that possibility.

Luis Melgarejo

Luis Melgarejo of Divi Madrid

Meet the host, Luis Melgarejo:

I started freelance website builder in 2014 with WordPress. Then in 2015, I discovered Divi and my life has never been the same. Founding partner of CREATIVE WEB.
I want to create a community of DIVI to disseminate in a disruptive way as DIVI changed my life and gave me the opportunity to create my own business. I believe that sharing my testimony and the best of DIVI, can help other people.

Their first event is at the end of this month! Don’t miss out on this new community, Madrid!

Go to Divi Madrid

Divi Chicago, Illinois, USA

Joan Margau

Joan Margau of Divi Chicago

Meet the host, Joan Margau:

Joan is the founder of Website Consulting & Design in real-time and RealTime Paradigm. She developed a training method using the Divi Theme to help businesses and individuals bring their idea to life through a website. She teaches people how to use Divi and WordPress and enables the user to create content, be independent, and have the website they always wanted.

When the Divi Theme came out in 2013, I had to find out how to use Divi. To me, Divi is the ultimate tool to create the movement of ideas through a website. When I didn’t know how to do something with Divi, there was always someone from Elegant Themes to show me how. Now I want to give back to the community and enable others to learn about the incredible Divi Theme for their project or website.

Using Divi has brought out the designer, the developer, the writer, and the user in me. This has inspired me to want to participate in creating a Divi Community, to share and exchange knowledge and learn from other Divi users and create an environment to help those just starting to use Divi.

Scott Winterroth

Scott Winterroth of Divi Chicago

Scott Winterroth is a WordPress instructor, digital marketer and Divi web developer. He provides optimization and digital strategy coaching for a variety of clients utilizing his DAC Model, a system he designed to create a sustainable online marketing ecosystem as outlined in his book, The Digital Acquisition Cycle™️ for Content Creators. Learn from Scott on his podcast at blogyouwant.com.

Teaching and enabling others is how I live a more fulfilling life. For me, being able to help others realize their full potential is very rewarding. Especially when they can build their own website and manage their marketing strategy with tools like WordPress and Divi. I know for me, blogging and creating content with WordPress has become one of the most important things I’ve done in my life and helping others realize they can do it too. That is exactly my mission.

Divi Chicago has been in the works for quite some time now. You definitely want to join!

Go to Divi Chicago

Divi Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

Chris Tierney

Chris Tierney of Divi Bucks County

Meet the host, Chris Tierney:

Chris is a husband, father of three, military veteran, educator, and entrepreneur. His areas of expertise are within Real Estate, Property Management, Facility Management, and Education. He has taught all over the country at various colleges and universities as an adjunct instructor as well as on government installations, national industry conferences, and private organizations. He is new to the tech industry and in the process of learning WordPress and Divi. His goal is to establish a holistic understanding of websites and how they interact with the web and develop educational videos to help others do the same.

Being a beginner with WordPress and Divi, I wanted to join a group where I could learn about Divi and be around like-minded individuals.

Divi Bucks County has been around for almost a year and Chris has just joined Andrew in organizing! They have a ton in store for this year so check them out!

Go to Divi Bucks County

Divi Bogotá, Colombia

Jaime Eduardo Gómez

Jaime Eduardo Gómez of Divi Bogotá

Meet the host, Jaime Eduardo Gómez:

Jaime Eduardo Gómez is the founder and director of Koryfi.com, a company that provides specialized hosting services in WordPress and DIVI. [An] Entrepreneur since the age of 17, he is a Business Administration technologist with complementary studies in digital business. For more than 13 years he has studied and worked in various areas of the internet. He participated in the MercadoLibre University program, was also an initial participant of Google Partners Colombia and in Colnodo in partnership with Facebook in relation to the use of information and communication technology tools for entrepreneurship, among other training platforms.

With 13 years of experience, he has dedicated his professional life as a web developer and administrator to help people generate additional income in their lives using the Internet as a tool, thus living their “Ikigai” or purpose of life.

He has been using DIVI for more than 3 years exclusively in his work on all types of projects, from a personal blog to a store and a corporate intranet. DIVI helped him improve his workflow and increase the quality of projects.

When he is not working, he is most likely in the company of his wife and children, applying homeschooling and enjoying family walks.

One of his recent passions has been the learning of the violin that accompanies his daughter and the learning of other languages, such as Portuguese and Japanese.
His favorite quote: “Discipline, sooner or later, will beat intelligence” – Yokoi Kenji

Divi Bogotá is brand new and so ecstatic to start our first official Divi meetup in Colombia!

Go to Divi Bogotá, Colombia

Updates from Existing Groups

Monthly meetups are required for all of our Divi meetup groups and with December being so full, holding a December meetup can pose a bit of a challenge. But this is where the wonderful wizardry of our community organizers comes into play. We get creative with our meetups this month. The majority of our groups host a Winter/Holiday Social where we get together over drinks and food at a local restaurant or bar. We simply celebrate the year together. Others host Divi Show-and-Tell meetups or End-of-the-Year recaps. The bottom line is we get our meetup in and continue to grow our communities with another opportunity for connection.

Check out the monthly happenings of some of our communities below!

Divi Douala, Cameroon

Divi Douala

Divi Douala

From the Host, Francis FOKWA:

Good end of [the] year 2019. This month of December we had a workshop during our meeting. The theme: My first steps with the ultimate WordPress theme: DIVI. The meeting was magnificent and appreciated by the participants. The current challenge is that of the presence of people who register for the meeting. The object of the meetings is really interesting said a participant who wishes to learn more. We think the New Year will be more fun for what we plan to do. The objective of the workshop was to already allow the participant to quickly end with the tool and make at least [1 one-page] site.

Divi Douala is getting established with their meetups now. Come on out and meet the community!

Go to Divi Douala

Divi Cairo, Egypt

Divi Egypt

Divi Egypt

From the Host, Mohammad Sobhy:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We made something like challenge same section between coding by Yahya Al7arony and me using Divi theme. They found that is very helpful and [great]. Some opinions:

“I love this piece of code to get this builder”

“It takes 5 mins to create the section and I like to see more next events waiting from now”

Divi Egypt is so enthusiastic! Join them and catch it!

Go to Divi Egypt

Divi Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

Divi Gulfport

Divi Gulfport

From the Host, Suzi Wilson:

Our group in Gulfport, MS is growing [so don’t be bashful and come on out, members!] We have 51 members. Every meeting we try something new from the list of blog post ideas from the Elegant Themes Blog and I follow a step-by-step guide [to be helpful]. [Don’t worry,] we discuss new releases too!

Are you in the Gulport area? They’d love to have your presence. Check the group out!

Go to Divi Gulfport, MS

Divi Los Angeles, California, USA

Divi Los Angeles

Divi Los Angeles

From the Host, Christian Mauerer:

Happy Holidays [and may] you have a merry time.
[We covered these topics at our last meetup:]
Divi 4.0 Modifications
– Hosting Providers
– Getting started with Divi

LA Divi is incredibly consistent so don’t miss an opportunity to grow with this group!

Go to Divi Los Angeles

Divi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Divi Mumbai

Divi Mumbai

From the Host, Gaurav Sharma:

Hello from Mumbai! Our last meet up was successful and we had a great time discussing Divi 4.0, we gain a lot of different experiences of using some of the best and unique features from this tool. We are definitely growing big very soon.

If you live near or are just visiting, you have to check this group out. They would love to have you!

Go to Divi Mumbai

Divi Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Divi Phoenix

Divi Phoenix

From the Hosts, David and Raquel:

So since our 2nd meetup would’ve been Christmas Day, reluctantly we decided to just stick to 1 meetup this month. 😅 We continued with our deep dive into learning Divi but our group is getting super involved and asking for specific Divi topics, so we’re going to deliver! We resume our two meetups this month. See you there!

The Phoenix community meets at the beautiful Galvanize space in the Warehouse District. Check it out!

Go to Divi Phoenix

Divi Pune, Maharashtra, India

Divi Pune

Divi Pune

From the Host, Sandeep Apte:

When you FISH for SEO tips with DIVI – chances are you might encounter a screaming FROG as well! 🙂 The DIVI Pune Meetup on DIVI SEO Basics on December 24, proved to be a nice finale to 2019!

Vinit Desai is a DIVI wizard – actually a web wizard of sorts as he rattled of finer aspects of SEO, having worked on more than 300 web sites! From intricate settings on a DIVI site to off-page SEO, Vinit covered most aspects clearly and precisely.

The young Saurabh, a software professional with India’s No.1 software company and, yours truly Sandeep Apte, were leaping around like frogs – being bewildered and also finding sharp, pinpointed SEO insights!

We were in vibrant, colorful company with the beautiful fish in Vinit Desai’s office, which is actually dedicated to aquariums and fish from all across the globe! But yes, yes we did encounter that screaming frog who was actually a spider of sorts.

Now looking forward to 2020 with DIVI in Pune. And we are sure that the DIVI Pune tribe will increase and flourish. Here is wishing all DIVIans across the world a happy, prosperous and creative 2020!

Our Divi Meetup presence is growing in India. Be sure to join this group!

Go to Divi Pune

Divi Sacramento, California, USA

Divi Sacramento

Divi Sacramento

From the Host, Rosalinda Huck:

The Divi Sacramento Meetup convened for its second meeting on Dec 12th. We welcomed a few more new members as we shared our current Divi website projects with each other, and offered up feedback and tips. This supportive network is a fantastic mix of new and veteran Divi users who bring eager energy to helping, learning, AND growing our Divi community!

Divi Sacramento just had their first meetup and would love for you to join in the fun!

Go to Divi Sacramento

Divi Seattle, Washington, USA


Divi Seattle

From the Hosts, Bradon Garley and Shane Griffiths:

The Divi Seattle community has grown to become a healthy mix of Divi professionals, business owners using Divi, and members looking to try Divi for the first time. Our recent event was designed for the last group. We did a live demonstration on how to rebuild an existing WordPress website in Divi.

Working with Scott Schaefer, a local award-winning publisher, and filmmaker, we rebuilt a promotional website for a UFO documentary he produced. The entire site was finished in 2 hours. It was a great exercise for members to see what Divi can do for the average site.

We have some members that can’t make it to the monthly meetups in person, so we live-streamed and recorded the event. The video and details about the event can be found in this blog post.

Be sure to check Divi Seattle’s community out!

Go to Divi Seattle

Divi Tampa, Florida, USA

From the Host, Steve Willingham:

December 18 was our inaugural Divi Tampa meetup. At that time we established only a couple of weeks earlier, but about 28 members had already joined the group. Our first Meetup goals were to discover our collective knowledge, talents, strengths, and gaps in the realm of Divi and WordPress. We wanted to share or expectations of our meetup group, what we want to learn and what we might be able to share with our fellow members. Our group actually has an especially convenient site-location inside a mall that’s being reimagined and redeveloped, so we have free parking and easy access from anywhere in the Tampa area. As our meetup time approached, not surprisingly, few members actually were able to attend as the holidays grew near and family priorities took the forefront. Nevertheless, those of us that were able to attend had a wonderful time viewing and discussing our website creations as they displayed on a huge TV screen. We shared Divi tips and tricks and discussed objectives for our future gatherings. We’re so looking forward to our next Meetup in January.

Tampa just got up and running! They have wonderful leadership. Be sure to join!

Go to Divi Tampa

Want to Host Your Own Local Divi Network Meetup?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for people around the world who are passionate about Divi and building community and want to spread that enthusiasm to their local community. We take care of the monthly Meetup fees, and we provide all our hosts with tons of resources to help plan and promote their events, including help with finding a venue and coming up with topic ideas.

Starting a new Divi Meetup group is simple. Just apply by filling out this form or email [email protected] Once the form is complete, we will work together to get your group launched and linked to our Meetup Network. Easy as that!

Not sure if there’s already a Divi Meetup Group in your area? Just head to our Meetup Network page to see a map of our current locations.

Global Divi Meetup Network

Featured Image via cosmaa / shutterstock.com


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