Divi Meetup Network Community Update: April 2020

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Divi Meetup Network Community Update: April 2020
Blog / Community / Divi Meetup Network Community Update: April 2020

Hello to our lovely Divi community! We’re well into Q2 and also quarantining. 😅

Remote life is not too uncommon for our community but this global pandemic is not without significant challenges. However, we’ve had some nice positives come out of this trial our world is experiencing. Virtual events are how our Divi communities are holding their meetups now. 💯

Before all this, some of our communities had never implemented a livestream to their physical meetings. Now however, for the first time, they have been able to reach people that have never been able to make it to meetings until now. The beauty of our fully connected world and its reaches are such a silver lining during this time we are all in. What are some silver linings you see during this time?

And, hey! Check out our current stats and community updates.

The Divi Nation Meetup Network by the Numbers

  • Total Members: 7,331
  • Total Groups: 58
  • Total Events Hosted: 504
  • Total RSVPs: 3,030
  • New Members (Last 90 Days): 1,086
  • New Groups (Last 60 Days): 1
  • New Group Pipeline: 6

If you have a passion to build your local Divi community, locate a group near you here or use the button below to apply to become a local organizer.


Onboarding New Meetup Groups

During these unprecedented times, we are holding off on onboarding new meetup groups. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t actively accepting applications and moving potential communities through the process! If you’re interested in building up your local Divi community, then do not hesitate to click that button above. We would love to get your community started and ready to go when the coast is clear!

Let’s check out our Divi community updates from Existing Groups

Divi Auckland, New Zealand

Divi Auckland

Divi Auckland

From the Host, Robert Robertson:

Our first online meetup went well with 6 people attending using Zoom. People loved the way we opened it up to general troubleshooting at the end and they showed their sites and got ideas and support using screen sharing. We also had a new member who was so excited to find our tribe who was out of Auckland. Hence being an online event means we opened up to the entire country which was exciting.

Divi Auckland is coming with it on virtual meetups. Do check them out!

Go to Divi Auckland

Divi Bogotá, Colombia

Divi Bogotá

Divi Bogotá

From the Host, Jaime Eduardo Gómez:

A big greeting from Colombia! In April we had a virtual meeting through Google Meet. It was our first official meeting and we had more than expected attendance. This time we talk about the benefits of DIVI in times of crisis and how each of the functions helps us to be more productive and creative. We saw some examples of real-world applications on customer websites. We also mentioned the impact on website loading performance and several participants contributed tips to the group on optimization. Finally, we dedicate a space for questions and answers, and we [ended] with a short [social]. We have testimonials from people who have no relationship with graphic or web design, much less programming, but who are happy to use DIVI in their daily work. Already working very hard for [our] next May meeting. We will wait for you!

Jaime shows true kindness to the Divi Colombia community. Check out their virtual meetups!

Go to Divi Bogotá

Divi Cape Town in South Africa

Divi Cape Town

Divi Cape Town

From the Host, Dirk Tolken:

“…our session held on Friday where we had a turnout of 10 people including myself.

Our topic: Covid19 Survival Guide & Happiness Bar

We had a lovely discussion about the challenges of “WFH” and shared a great deal of knowledge and tips on making the best of it. We also created a Covid19 Resource for the attendees which is available here.

What a wonderful warmth this community brings! Have you visited yet?

Go to Divi Cape Town

Divi Chicago, Illinois, United States

Divi Chicago

Divi Chicago

From the Hosts, Joan Margau & Scott Winterroth:

Divi Chicago is zoomin’ with our first virtual meeting due to the stay-at-home order in Illinois and welcomed attendees from all over the midwest and beyond! Divi Chicago co-organizer Scott Winterroth showcased how Divi integrates nicely with WooCommerce with the new theme builder experience and we helped attendees with questions they had. Next month Divi Chicago co-organizer Joan Margau is presenting on how to redo a website with the Divi Theme.

Divi Chicago brings an online event like a pro. Do visit their group!

Go to Divi Chicago

Divi Kolkata, India

Divi Kolkata

Divi Kolkata

From the Host, Rajesh Ravidas:

Hey Divians, It was our second virtual meetup and it went wonderful. It was nice seeing Divi lovers joining from different part of India again. In this meetup, Rajesh showed how to use Divi Builder Plugin in any WordPress Themes.

Our next month’s topic is “Global Header & Footer” where we will be showing how to design a responsive menu in Divi using Theme Builder.

Divi Kolkata just got started and are super energized. Do check them out!

Go to Divi Kolkata

Divi Los Angeles, California, USA

Divi Los Angeles

Divi Los Angeles

From the Host, Christian Mauerer:

Greetings from Los Angeles, California!

Our Divi Meetup didn’t congregate in April due to coronavirus concerns, and we will do a virtual Meetup for May.

Until then, I’m hunkering down at home with the wifey and child, and drinking lots of green tea (caffeine wohooo) and creating epic [websites]!

Divi LA is back at it with virtual events this May! Do be sure to give it a visit

Go to Divi Los Angeles

Divi Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Divi Milwaukee

Divi Milwaukee

From the Host, Kimberly Huges:

Our last 3 Divi meetups have been game-changers in our ability to answer Divi questions, walk around the dashboard, show the power of the Divi Builder and troubleshoot attendees’ problems. We also had more participants than in months previous; last week, we had 15 very engaged Divi users. The reason, we believe, is that we’re hosting our meetups online with Zoom.

This community continues to pour and pour into their members! Have you been?

Go to Divi Milwaukee

Divi New York City, USA

Divi NYC, Divi New York City

Divi NYC

From the Host, Patty Rose:

Divi NYC Meetup 4/16/2020 | Co-Hosts Patty Rose + Jeanine Polizzi | Presenter Marc Silverman – Special Stock Tables for Website Client
Marc took us through his success building Stock Tables for his client websites that were built on a Divi Theme.

“It’s important to know your own limits and bring in the experts to help you get things done” Marc Silverman

The group is becoming more of a community with members showing up for each meeting and getting to know one another better.

Patty & Jeanine are so warm and welcoming to the Divi NYC community! Check it out!

Go to Divi NYC

Divi Sacramento, California, USA

Divi Sacramento

Divi Sacramento

From the Host, Rosalinda Huck:

For April, Divi Sacramento held a virtual Meetup via Zoom! Our topic of focus was [on] how to use Divi modules, and we discussed traditional, versatile, and creative ways to use them. Our May Meetup will also take place online, and we’d love for you to join us! We’ll be talking about creative footers, with a little bit of possible show-and-tell.

Don’t be shy… say hello at our next Meetup on Thursday, May 14th at 6pm.

Go to Divi Sacramento

Divi Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Divi SLC, Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Salt Lake City

From the Host, Dustin Olsen:

In May, the Divi Salt Lake City group will be holding a Virtual Meetup on Google Hangouts answering your questions about your Divi website. Because we’ll be virtual, you’ll be able to share your screen so we can all see what is going on. This will help us learn together and be more confident using Divi.

We’d love to have your presence at this meetup! Join today!

Go to Divi Salt Lake City

Divi Seattle, Washington, USA

Divi Seattle

Divi Seattle

From the Hosts, Bradon Garley & Shane Griffiths:

Our latest meetup covered how to integrate FontAwesome with Divi. Our community was shocked at how easy it is to get started. We showed several examples of Divi sites that used FontAwesome to make the designs pop. Then we did a demonstration of how to add FontAwesome icons to the navigation menu, to a title, to body content, and as list items in ordered and unordered lists. We shared a code snippet that enabled multi-column, responsive lists with FontAwesome icons. By the end of the meetup, everyone was excited and ready to try it on their next Divi project.

The community in Seattle is hoppin’! Have you been apart of the magic?

Go to Divi Seattle

Divi Tampa, Florida, USA

Divi Tampa

Divi Tampa

From the Host, Steve Willingham:

On Friday, April 24, our wonderful Divi-Tampa group held a virtual meetup bringing together four mindful, spirited souls seeking to share ideas and learn some answers to some WordPress curiosities that they’ve encountered. While 9 members had originally registered, these four followed through and a great virtual connection was enjoyed for about 1 1/2 hours as we shared experiences with WordPress & Divi, as well as stories about our families and situations in this strange time of our lives. This virtual meetup was everything it was intended to be, thumbs-up by everyone, and we are determined to have another in May and possibly kick it up to two per month.

Be sure to check out Divi Tampa if you live or are visiting the area!

Go to Divi Tampa

Want to Host Your Own Local Divi Network Meetup?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for people around the world who are passionate about Divi and building community and want to spread that enthusiasm to their local community. We take care of the monthly Meetup fees, and we provide all our hosts with tons of resources to help plan and promote their events, including help with finding a venue and coming up with topic ideas.

Starting a new Divi Meetup group is simple. Just apply by filling out this form or email [email protected]. Once the form is complete, we will work together to get your group launched and linked to our Meetup Network. Easy as that!

Not sure if there’s already a Divi Meetup Group in your area? Just head to our Meetup Network page to see a map of our current locations.

Global Divi Meetup Network

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