10 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2024 (Compared)

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First Pick


Pricing: $12 per month
Standout Features: Intuitive Interface, Detailed Performance Statistics, Integrated Podcast Directories

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Second Pick


Pricing: $10 per month
Standout Features: PowerPress Plugin, Podcast Media Hosting, Complimentary WordPress website

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Third Pick


Pricing: $9 per month
Standout Features: Mobile Integration, Drag-and-drop Feature, Versatile Monetization Options

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Blog / Business / 10 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2024 (Compared)

With more people tuning in to listen to their favorite shows, it’s no surprise that more people are seeking to create content in the form of podcasts. As such, podcast hosting platforms have become more important than ever. However, using a regular web hosting server to upload your podcast files can negatively impact your website’s performance, consume your bandwidth, and potentially provide a poor user experience for your listeners. The strain that the additional downloads and streaming can put on your server could impact the quality of your podcast. This is where the best podcast hosting platforms come in to save the day.

Podcast hosting platforms are the backbone of any podcast, adding the necessary infrastructure to upload, store, and distribute your audio files efficiently. This article will look at the best podcast hosting platforms in 2024.

What is a Podcast Hosting Platform?

A podcast hosting platform is a service that allows you to upload and store your audio files and then distribute them to various podcast directories and apps, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

These platforms typically offer a variety of features, such as analytics, hosting, and distribution tools, as well as the ability to monetize your podcast. These tools provide valuable insights into your listeners’ behavior and preferences and can help you widen your audience and earn additional income from your podcast.

10 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

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Our list of the best podcast hosting platforms takes into consideration their various feature sets, integrations, and, of course, price. Now, let’s check out the list!

1. Buzzsprout (Best for Ease of Use)

Buzzsprout, a podcast hosting platform

Buzzsprout is a user-friendly podcast hosting platform that makes it easy to upload, publish, and promote your podcast. The platform offers a simple and intuitive interface, allowing users to edit audio files directly within the app without additional software. This feature is helpful for podcasters who may not have access to expensive editing software or lack the technical skills to use it.

It also offers detailed statistics on your podcast’s performance, such as the number of downloads, the demographics of your audience, and the most popular episodes. This information can be used to improve your podcast and reach a wider audience. Additionally, Buzzsprout integrates with popular podcast directories and apps, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, making it easy for your podcast to be found by listeners.

Key Features for Buzzsprout:

  • Add show notes
  • Audio editing
  • Customization options for branding
  • Schedule episodes in advance
  • Powerful analytics and distribution tools
  • Integrations with popular podcast directories and apps

Buzzsprout home page

Buzzsprout is designed to be intuitive, so you can quickly get your podcast up and running even if you’re new to podcasting. You can easily upload your audio files, add show notes and episode descriptions, and even schedule episodes in advance. Additionally, the platform offers customization options for your podcast’s branding and design.

Buzzsprout design options

It’s perfect for new podcasters looking for a user-friendly platform to track the performance of their podcast and reach a wider audience.

Buzzsprout is for you if…

  • You’re new to podcasting and looking for a user-friendly platform
  • You want to track the performance of your podcast
  • You want to reach a wider audience

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $12 per month

Try Buzzsprout

2. Blubrry (Best for WordPress Users)


Blubrry is a podcast-hosting platform that offers a variety of unique solutions for podcasters. It’s the best option for WordPress users. Its standout feature is PowerPress, a popular podcast plugin that allows users to easily publish and manage their podcasts directly from their own WordPress website. You will receive a complimentary WordPress website with any Blubrry plan if you don’t have a WordPress site.

Additionally, Blubrry offers a Podcast Media Hosting plan. This allows users to host their media files on their server while utilizing Blubrry’s advanced and IAB-certified stats.

Key Features of Blubrry:

  • PowerPress plugin for easy publishing and management from own WordPress site
  • Podcast Media Hosting plan for hosting media files on own server
  • Advanced and IAB-certified statistics
  • Buying any Blubrry plan will get you a free WordPress website

Blubrry website settings page

Blubrry sets itself apart from other services by offering great features such as the PowerPress plugin, a Podcast Media Hosting plan, a WordPress website, advanced statistics, and a Podcast migration service, giving podcasters more control, flexibility, and ease of use. It should be noted that the PowerPress plugin and Podcast Media Hosting plan are separate add-ons and not included in the basic subscription plan.

Blubrry is for you if…

  • You want to publish and manage your podcast directly from your website easily.
  • You want to host your media files on your server while using advanced statistics.
  • You want to use the PowerPress Plugin for your WordPress site.
  • You want to use Blubrry to create a website for your podcast.

Pricing: $10 per month

Try Blubrry

3. Podbean (Best for Monetization)

Podbean, a podcast hosting platform

Podbean makes creating and editing your podcast incredibly simple. This is especially true due to its mobile integration app, which allows you to use this platform from anywhere. The platform has a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to upload and organize their episodes, add episode details and cover art, and even schedule the release of episodes.

Key Features of Podbean:

  • Analytics and distribution tools
  • Built-in music and sound effect library
  • Mobile app
  • Monetization options, such as advertising and sponsorships

Podbean example page

Podbean offers several ways to monetize content; podcasters can sell ad spots, sell merchandise, and even use the platform’s built-in donation feature. This platform also offers a feature called “Premium Podcasts,” which allows you to create exclusive content and charge a subscription fee for your users to gain access to it.

Live shows feature with Podbean

Plus, you can create live streams directly from the dashboard to engage with your audience.

Podbean is for you if…

  • You’re looking for a comprehensive podcast-hosting platform
  • You if you want to gain insights into your audience through advanced analytics and statistics.
  • If you want to monetize your podcast through running ads, selling merchandise, and offering premium content to your audience.

Pricing: $9 per month

Try Podbean

4. Libsyn (Best for Reliability)

Libsyn for podcasting

Libsyn is a podcast-hosting platform that has been around since 2004, making it one of the industry’s oldest and most established platforms. Over the years, it has built a strong community of podcasters, making it an excellent option for those starting in the podcasting world.

One of the standout features of Libsyn is its unlimited bandwidth, which ensures that your podcast will not be affected even if it becomes popular and experiences a high volume of traffic. Recently, Libsyn has introduced Libsyn Studio, an addition to its platform that allows users to create and record a podcast using a computer without additional equipment.

Key Features for Libsyn:

  • Advanced analytics and distribution tools
  • Integrations with popular podcast directories and apps
  • Customizable media player
  • Multiple hosting options and monetization options

Libsyn podcast page

Libsyn is an excellent choice for professional podcasters looking for advanced features and options. However, it should be noted that Libsyn only includes essential features in its plans, and everything else must be purchased as separate add-ons. For example, if you want to use the platform’s monetization features, you must pay extra on top of your subscription. Even basic statistics are not included in the lowest subscription plan.

Libsyn is for you if…

  • You are looking for a long-standing and established podcast hosting platform with a strong community of podcasters.
  • You want the peace of mind that comes with unlimited bandwidth.
  • You want a user-friendly interface for creating and managing your podcast without extra equipment.

Pricing: $5 per month

Try Libsyn

5. Simplecast (Best for Professional Podcasting)

Simplecast, a podcasting platform

Simplecast is a podcast hosting platform designed to help newcomers and advanced users create professional podcasts. This platform has payment plans for independent users and larger enterprises and is trusted by noteworthy companies like Kickstarter and Nike. It provides its users with responsive and optimized hosting plus unlimited storage.

With its advanced analytics, you can track your podcast’s performance and reach a wider audience with its integrations with popular podcast directories and apps. The Recast™ tool from Simplecast is a powerful feature that allows users to easily schedule and share clips from their podcast episodes on social media. This is a great way to promote your podcast and reach a wider audience. The tool also allows you to customize your clips’ start and end times and add captions and hashtags.

Key Features for Simplecast:

  • Advanced analytics and distribution tools
  • Integrations with popular podcast directories and apps
  • A customizable and embeddable player
  • Multiple hosting options
  • High-quality audio hosting

Create podcast page

Simplecast is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a professional podcast hosting platform. You can start creating your podcast branding and marketing within seconds of starting with the platform, plus it’s a relatively cheap solution for both individuals and larger companies.

Simplecast dashboard

Simplecast is for you if…

  • You want to collaborate with a large team on a single account
  • You want to track the performance of your podcast
  • You want enterprise pricing for your podcast

Pricing: $15 per month

Try Simplecast

6. Transistor (Best for Teams)

Transistor, a podcast hosting platform

Transistor is a podcast hosting platform that is designed for teams and businesses. It allows you to manage multiple shows from a single account and gather data on them to grow your listener base, making it an excellent tool for creating larger-scale podcasting networks. Additionally, it provides team management and collaboration features, making it easy for multiple team members to work on a podcast. It allows users to add multiple hosts and guests to their accounts and assign different roles and permissions for each person. It’s all about collaboration with Transistor.

It also connects with various third-party tools, including social media platforms, email marketing services, and website builders. This makes it easy for users to promote their podcasts and reach a wider audience.

Key Features of Transistor:

  • Advanced analytics and distribution tools
  • Integrations with popular podcast directories and apps
  • Team management and collaboration features

Transistor dashboard

Transistor is an excellent choice for businesses and teams looking for a professional podcast hosting platform. Its advanced analytics and distribution tools, as well as team management and collaboration features, allow you to run and manage your podcast as a team effectively.

Transistor embed example

The platform also provides a customizable and embeddable player that can be added to any website, including those built on WordPress.

Transistor is for you if…

  • You’re a business or team looking to run a podcast
  • You want to assign user roles to your podcast
  • Do you want to integrate your marketing efforts with social media

Pricing: $19 per month

Try Transistor

7. Soundcloud (Best for Music Lovers)

Soundcloud, a podcasting and audio platform

Soundcloud is a popular platform for hosting and sharing music and podcasts. Its simple interface and the large community of users make it easy to upload and share your podcast with a broad audience. Users on the free plan are limited to uploading a maximum of three hours of audio per month, while the least expensive paid plan allows for twice that amount, with a cap of six hours.

Using SoundCloud is an excellent idea because it’s one of the largest social audio platforms available, but its free plan does limit you.

Key Features for Soundcloud:

  • A large community of users
  • Analytics and distribution tools
  • Embed player

Soundcloud podcast player

Soundcloud is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a popular platform to host and distribute their podcast. With over 76 million registered users and 175 million monthly active users, it offers a large audience for creators to share their work. They also have a built-in promotion feature that allows users to share their podcast easily with other Soundcloud users, which is a great way to increase the visibility of your podcast.

Soundcloud is for you if…

  • You’re looking for a popular platform to host and distribute your podcast
  • You want to reach a broad audience
  • You want a free plan with a cap of 3 hours of audio

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $16 per month

Try Soundcloud

8. Spreaker (Best for Audience Engagement)

Spreaker, a podcasting platform

Spreaker is a podcast hosting platform that offers a range of features to help you create, distribute, and monetize your podcast. It allows podcasters to interact with their audience in real time through live streaming. This can help increase engagement and build a stronger connection with listeners.

Spreaker also provides a wide variety of music and sound effects that can be used to enhance the production value of a podcast. Like the other solutions on the list, it has a customizable and embeddable player that can integrate with any website, including WordPress ones.

Key Features for Speaker:

  • Built-in music and sound effect library
  • Live streaming
  • Integration. with popular apps and directories (Apple, Spotify, etc.)
  • Monetization options, such as merchandise sales and donations

Spreaker page

This platform is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive podcast hosting platform. It integrates with popular podcasting apps and directories, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, to help increase the visibility and reach of a podcast.

Spreaker is for you if…

  • You’re looking for a comprehensive podcast-hosting platform
  • You want to use the app to record and mix your podcast
  • You want to monetize your podcast

Pricing: $12 per month

Get Spreaker

9. Acast (Best for Monetized Content Creators)

ACast, the Creator's podcast hosting platform

Acast is a relatively new podcast hosting company making waves, especially in digital content creation. With a focus on monetization, Acast provides both the tools to create, edit, and distribute your podcast and the ability to monetize it. With Acast, you get free access to Podcastle, a browser-based podcast editor. Acast also provides tools to promote your podcast across social media, making it easy to transform your episodes into video content. Acast’s insights are also an area where this podcast hosting company excels. Not only can you see stats for your podcast across platforms, but you can also track your monetization and advertising efforts. To monetize your podcast to the next level, consider using Acast as your podcast hosting company.

Key Features:

  • Distribution to 100s of podcast listening apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more
  • Multiple monetization options, including advertising, sponsorships, and member subscriptions
  • Native audio-to-video converter to share your podcast on social media and beyond
  • Deep analytics and insights for growing your audience, podcast revenue, and more
  • Customizable web player

Acast website builder platform

An exciting feature of Acast is its native website builder. You can change the color, add your Facebook Pixel, connect your social media accounts, and more. Add comments from Disqus or Facebook and include links to your other podcast platforms from one simple interface.

Acast website builder frontend

Have all your latest episodes listed in a simple format that gets updated every time you upload a new podcast episode. You can also add an About page to share more about your podcast with your listeners.

Acast is for you if…

  • You are a creator who wants to have a platform that supports
  • Want deep monetization options and analytics
  • You already have a podcast following and want to move to another platform easily

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $14.99 per month

Try Acast

10. Streamyard (Best for Video and Audio Podcasters)

Streamyard, live streaming, podcast, and more

Streamyard is more than just a podcast hosting platform. With Streamyard, you can live stream, create video podcasts, and record your podcasts remotely. Unlike other platforms that focus on only audio podcasting, Streamyard wants to give you the ability to add video to your listeners’ podcasting experience. It prides itself in being able to add up to 10 guests from anywhere in the world to join each recording session. Streamyard also allows you to edit your audio files for each guest if you upload your audio podcast to other platforms. If you’re looking to host live-streamed podcasting recordings, you have a variety of places to stream your podcasts, like Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few. If you’d only like to have Streamyard handle the audio aspect of your podcast, it comes with adequate tools to enable you to be still able to edit

Key Features:

  • Live streaming functionality with branding and engagement capabilities
  •  Create video and audio podcasts from one convenient location
  • Add logos, lower thirds, and green screens to your visual podcasts
  • Stream pre-recorded clips and download recordings for external editing
  • Interact with listeners and viewers, showcase comments on screen

Streamyard destinations

Streamyard sticks out from other platforms on our list because the platform takes video very seriously. While it is a decent audio recorder and editor, you can also live stream your podcast recording to multiple destinations across the web.

The Streamyard recording studio

The Streamyard studio allows you to add guests, banners, and logos and allows for listener interaction. For a fully immersive podcast experience, Streamyard beautifully combines video, audio, and live streaming capabilities to your podcast.

Streamyard is for you if…

  • You want to build a video podcast, use Streamyard.
  • You want to quickly interview guests worldwide, no matter their internet connection, consider Streamyard.
  • You want to add live streaming to your viewers and listeners’ podcast experience.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $25 per month

Try Streamyard

Podcast Hosting Platforms Price Comparison

With our top picks listed, let’s look at how each stacks up to each other in terms of price. You may be surprised to know that some of them come with free versions or trials, helping you to start your podcast today for little investment:

PluginPriceFree Option
5Simplecast $15/mthVisit

What are the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms?

Regarding the best podcast hosting platforms, we believe all the ones we’ve put on our list will help you with your podcast. For our overall best pick, choose Buzzsprout. WordPress users or bloggers with podcasts can get good use out of Blubrry’s WordPress plugin, making adding your podcast episodes to your blog easy. Lastly, for the user focused on making money with their podcast, choose Podbean as your podcast hosting platform.

If you’re using WordPress, we’ve made an article about podcast plugins to help you find the right plugin to work with your podcast platform. Check it out today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, let’s answer some of your most common questions regarding the best podcast hosting platforms. Did we miss one? Leave a question below, and we will respond!

What is the best podcast hosting platform?
Buzzsprout is considered one of the best podcast-hosting platforms. It simplifies the podcasting process by making it easy to upload, publish, and promote podcasts. Buzzsprout can also help you add show notes, perform audio editing, and customize your branding. Its advanced scheduling feature enables creators to plan episodes. The platform also provides powerful analytics and distribution tools and integrations with popular podcast directories and apps, ensuring maximum reach and engagement for podcasts.
What is the best free podcast hosting platform?
Buzzsprout is a standout free podcast hosting platform. The platform's intuitive interface enables in-app audio editing. Moreover, it offers detailed statistics on download numbers, audience demographics, and popular episodes, allowing podcasters to enhance their content and expand their reach. Buzzsprout's intuitive design facilitates quick setup, with features like uploading audio files, adding show notes, scheduling episodes, and customization options for branding.
What is a podcast hosting platform?
A podcast hosting platform is a service that specializes in storing and distributing podcast media files. These platforms offer dedicated servers for hosting large audio files and often provide additional features to help podcasters grow and distribute their podcast. By choosing the right podcast hosting software, content creators can streamline their podcasting process, freeing time to concentrate on content creation, their unique voice, and achieving their mission.
How can I choose the best podcast hosting platform?
When selecting a podcast hosting platform, consider factors like the frequency and storage limits, ensuring they align with your podcasting needs. Look for platforms that provide robust analytics to track your podcast's performance. Integration capabilities with other tools and platforms can enhance your workflow. Consider whether the platform offers monetization options and promotion features to help grow your podcast. Finally, evaluate the cost and compare it with the features and value provided to make an informed decision.
Can I host a podcast on multiple platforms?
Yes, you can host a podcast on multiple platforms, and Libsyn is an example of a podcast-hosting platform that supports this. To begin uploading your podcast on Libsyn, follow a simple process. Log in to your account, and fill in the title (avoid adding keywords as Apple Podcasts may reject it). Provide a description (which appears in Libsyn's podcast directory), input a Show Type (episodic or serial), and include your topic, contact details, author name, and other necessary details.
Can you host a podcast for free?
Yes, you can host a podcast for free, and Buzzsprout is a popular option. Buzzsprout allows you to store audio and video media and provides a range of podcast analytics and monetization tools. With the free plan, you can upload up to 2 hours of content per month, but it's important to note that audio files are automatically removed after 90 days. Additionally, Buzzsprout offers advanced analytics and statistics compliant with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards, providing valuable insights into your podcast's performance.
What is the best podcast hosting platform for beginners?
Buzzsprout is the best podcast hosting platform for beginners. It allows users to edit audio files directly within the app, eliminating the need for additional software. This is especially beneficial for podcasters who need access to expensive editing tools or limited technical skills. Buzzsprout's user-friendly design ensures that even newcomers to podcasting can easily set up and launch their podcasts.
Does Spotify offer podcast hosting?
Yes, Spotify offers podcast hosting through its "Spotify for Podcasters." It is an all-in-one podcasting platform that allows podcast creators to perform various functions, such as creating, distributing, growing, and monetizing their podcasts directly from the Spotify app or website. This free service provides podcasters with a comprehensive solution for their podcasting needs.
Which platform hosts the most podcasts?
Spotify is the platform that hosts the most podcasts. As of February 2022, Spotify had 32.5 million US listeners, surpassing Apple's 28.5 million. The gap is expected to widen by 2025, with Spotify projected to reach 42.4 million listeners while Apple steadily grows to 29.2 million.
Should you host your podcast on multiple platforms?
Yes, hosting your podcast on multiple platforms is beneficial as it increases the chances of exposure and growth. By making your podcast available on different platforms, you can reach a wider audience, potentially attracting more listeners and accelerating the growth of your podcast.

Do you have any podcast hosting tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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