Divi Feature Update! The Divi Design Initiative 2.0: Doubling Down On Great Design

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by 230 Comments

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Divi Feature Update! The Divi Design Initiative 2.0:  Doubling Down On Great Design
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The Divi Design Initiative 2.0

We are double down on design, doubling the size of our design team and double the amount of design resources we will be giving away to the Divi community!

We are always looking for ways to over-deliver, to surprise and delight you with even more value and to prove just how special the Divi membership is. Several months ago we launched our Divi Design Initiative and created a new design team to provide the community with a steady stream of stunning Divi Layout Packs every single week. Today, we are announcing the Design Initiative 2.0. We are doubling down on design, doubling the size of our design team, and doubling the amount of amazing design resources that we will be producing, starting today. That means that you can look forward to two new Divi Layout Packs every week, for free. These packs feature world class designs filled with up to 8 unique layouts that can be installed with a single click, allowing you to get a full Divi website up and running in no time.

Two New Layout Packs Every Week

That’s over 100 new packs and over 800 new layouts every year, for free!

Over 800 New Layouts Per Year, For Free!

Starting today, you can expect two new Divi Layout Packs each week. That’s over 100 new layout packs per year, which means Divi will have the biggest collection of pre-made layouts anywhere! We will be announcing each new release on the blog, so be sure to subscribe to get notified about each addition.

Something For Everyone

Using a Divi Layout Pack is almost like getting access to an entirely new theme since each pack comes with 8 layouts designed in a unique and cohesive style, and created for a specific purpose. With each new release, we satisfy the needs of more and more customers and their clients. When you consider how many diverse layout packs are available for Divi, it’s easy to see just how powerful the theme has become, empowering you to build just about any type of website you can imagine. Our layout packs bring the amazing potential of Divi to life.

A Look At Our Upcoming Designs

We are hard at work producing all kinds of beautiful designs on a wide range of subjects. Our goal is to satisfy a different niche with each release. No matter what kind of website you are building, we want to provide you with some inspiration that will help get your project up and running quickly. Just take a look at a few of our upcoming designs!

Designed With Care

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our design, and we hold our layout packs to the highest standard.

Simple, Beautiful & Easy To Use

A great layout pack doesn’t just look good, it’s also easy to use and uses native Divi features to the best of their ability. This is a core philosophy that guides our layout pack production. The results are layout packs that strike a great balance between simplicity and beauty while at the same time teaching customers how Divi layouts should be built. These aren’t just great tools, they are also great sources of inspiration for all Divi users.

Available Right Inside The Divi Builder

All of these layouts are available right inside the builder and can be imported onto your page with a single click.

Just Click And Build

Whenever we release a new Divi Layout Pack, the layouts will appear right inside the Divi Builder. No need to download anything and no need to update Divi to get access to our latest designs. Simply click the Load Layout icon in your Divi Builder toolbar, browse and search through our wide array of designs and then click to import them right onto the page. It’s that easy!

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  1. Hi guys, I know that you will read this comment. It comes from a newbie lifetime enthusiast member.

    For this Design Initiative 2.0 why don’t you realize a Bitcoin/Crypto Template?
    It would be awesome! Maybe you just thought about it, but I really will hope your fantastic design crew will realize something amazing about the world of cryptos.

    Thank you guys, and most of all long live DIVI!

  2. Divi Lifetime membership: these were the best 300$ I’ve ever spent.

  3. This is a wonderful focus and I’m loving how easily the layout packs are now integrated into the builder. I would love to make a request for a Church/Non-profit layout pack and maybe even a plugin feature for donation functionality. That would be awesome!

    Is that something on the horizon already and if not would you be taking it into consideration?

  4. This seems really exciting for the type of sites I’m interested in.

    Question, how will these adapt/integrate with the Gutenberg release?

    It’s terrifying to think everything about everything breaking…

  5. awesom

  6. Newspaper/Jannah (Themes) layout? with myltiple blog layout modules would be awsome

  7. Great work. I’d love to see a booking system for events / appointments for a smaller business like wix.com have rather than using a plugin

  8. Hi!

    Have you seen the latest Elementor update?

    It is basic to be able to edit publication templates, categories and other pages with dynamic content.

    Divi blogs look really ugly …


  9. Well done (again) guys…. real value, and consistently surprising and keeping that value growing.

    As a professional specialist in Competitive Advantage, I think you guys have got the best evergreen business model. One that actually serves the Customer, doesnt befuddle with technology or digital confusion, but enables anyone to do anything online.

    I like that. As a full Lifetime member, I would not only recommend this package, but I would wonder why anyone *wouldnt* want to take it! Keep up the great work.

  10. Hi there, This might be your worst question for the week so let me the one to ask.

    Where can we preview all the new layouts…

  11. Bonjour,
    D’abord mes félicitations pour votre bon et beau travail!
    Bien que je comprenne votre philosophie, votre cheminement et vos développements, c’est de plus en plus difficile de vendre votre Divi.
    En tant que concepteur c’est bien, mais mes clients n’en veulent plus.
    Trop de mises à jour, trop de choses à apprendre c’est pour eux comme pour moi devenu laborieux de vous suivre. Il faut y mettre beaucoup de temps.
    Travaillant en français, je reçus une tonne d’appels. J’ai même dû retirer Divi de certains clients exaspérés.
    Comprenez que même si j’ai ma licence à vie, je préférais que mes clients achètent leurs propres licences chez vous.

    Voici ma question : est-il possible de concevoir pour vous une version lite de Divi?
    Une version de base (style 2.xx) pour des clients qui veulent avoir quelque chose simplifiée et où nous (les concepteurs) pouvons élaborer et construire des pages prête à importer vers une version de base.

    Merci d’avance de votre réponse.

    First my congratulations for your good and beautiful work!
    Although I understand your philosophy, your progress and your developments, it is increasingly difficult to sell your Divi.
    As a designer it’s good, but my clients do not want it anymore.
    Too many updates, too much to learn is for them as for me became hard to follow you. It takes a lot of time.
    Working in French, I received a ton of calls. I even had to remove Divi from some exasperated customers.
    Understand that even if I have my license for life, I prefer that my customers buy their own licenses at home.

    Here is my question: Is it possible to design for you a lite version of Divi?
    A basic version (style 2.xx) for customers who want to have something simplified and where we (the designers) can develop and build pages ready to import to a basic version.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  12. How about making a theme for Promotional Products Industry – I dont think any theme builder has every made and there are thousands and thousands of Promo Products Distributors are there in North America and all over the world for that matter. So many of them will join Divi just for that reason. Besides the regular websites of their own – they also constantly build Promo shops for Individual large clients – Just imagine the possibilities of new clients. If you need any information of what they use – I can certainly help.

  13. Love this. Please make sure the designs are fairly bulletproof. We tried out the first few designs on different devices and they just didn’t hold up responsively. SO please make sure you do good testing. If they don’t work well on different devices or platforms they are worthless.

    • Yes! Was going to write this comment. As much as I love the fact that we are getting these free layout packs – my biggest gripe with them (and Divi in general) is poor responsiveness.

      Literally 50% of the time I spend on building a website for myself or a client is spent simply making sure the site looks good on both PC and mobile. I’ve given up on tablets all together…

      As far as I know – more than 50% of all internet activity is now on mobile devices, so it makes sense that the website should be working flawlessly here.

      I get the feeling that your (talented) designers are putting a bit too much emphasis on making the designs look good on PC (Mac – to be specific), rather than ensuring optimum responsiveness.

      I would gladly trade some overlapping boxes, animations and gradient color schemes for solid, responsive design.

  14. This is awesome! Thanks for the great work. Ever thought of doing a theme for barbershop quartets or flooring stores? 🙂



  15. OMG… You are out of your mind Nick!! But I love your Mind lol

    I make killer coffee, “Killer coffee” means awesome coffee in Australian, can I come and be the Tea lady that makes Killer Coffee !! If your floors are too shiny like mine were, I have poodle helpers to fix that problem they would skate on your shiny floors with sweaty little paws! You’d never see glassy reflections on your floors again! They are really good at fixing Shiny floors lol


  16. My double WOW and awesomeness to you guys are way too small to appreciate your hard work. My nth times thanks to you Nick and the Team.

  17. Divi team – you guys are AMAZING! Thank you for making web design incredibly fluid and visual! You guys are pure genius – love it!

  18. Amazing, congratulations with this new step…. I will have to work 24h a day to keep up with you guys 🙂 Much respect.

  19. Great Work. Love how your team just keeps going! Continually improving the tool, sharing so many good useful articles and such.

    Thanks…. Looking forward to incorporating some of these great features!

  20. Very good news, I do not regret my purchase, continue we love Divi! , agree with the previous comments about woocommerce, and thank you E.T with all my encouragement.

  21. Really loving Divi!! – Fantastic new features, updates each week. Look forward with anticipation each week to see whats new… great work Nick & Team

    Would love to see:
    1. Some Church & not for profit template designs added
    2. improved Menu layout/design options
    3. Making the settings panels pop out into a separate window for duel monitors.

  22. any chance of doing the same for the other Hero of ET Extra, or merging extra features in Divi?

  23. ok the two features I want , being able to make sections global , without losing selective sync on the row and modules inside of it , and a top bar function like elegant themes , where you can display a top banner that can be closed , (people would love that ) and I hate plugins for things like that. One that sits above the secondary menu and not over it too . And yeah more control over the header would be nice .

    • Yes, it would be great to save sections as global, but then to easily edit rows and modules without affecting the originally saved section.

  24. Would be useful if these were available offline.

  25. Great Job once again.

  26. Are there any developments and features coming for menus, for styling etc.?

  27. Hi! Thanks for your really great work! Please can you add a hover options? Something like:

    – Image size at hover: +/- 100%

    – Text Color at hover: #******

    – Drop shadow at hover

    Etc, etc! This should be really nice! Thanks in advance! =)

    • +1 Nick stated a few days ago that this will be coming soon (but he already said that months ago. :/ ), admitting now that it would be a ‘tricky’ implementation for some reason….

  28. I want to send a big THANKS to Nick and the ET team for always improving the services! Many of us users do appreciate the work you are doing, so I wanted to take a minute to send my gratitude 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  29. with so many layouts the search and filter options may need an update too. searching by colour or by section types, modules included and to filter by date etc.

    great work again ET 🙂

  30. Sounds great but will this include “Extra” themes, and where is the space left for developers?

  31. Right now I can proudly say Divi is the best site builder theme in comparison to others like Elementor, Betheme, Themify, Beaver, etc. I can see progress towards making it better through time. Really appreciate your team effort Nick. Kudos to Divi!

  32. Thanks so much guys! I LOVE these layouts – a great source of inspiration

  33. Brilliant! Divi never fail to surprise its users. Thumbs up!

  34. Guys I know this might be a very small issue in the grand scheme of things…but by default the option to overwrite the existing page layout is selected by default. If you don’t remember to uncheck this which I have done accidentally a few times I must admit, you end up removing your entire existing page.

    Could you think about making it so we have to select the option if we want to overwrite the existing page?

  35. We’re blessed with Divi and her builder, its the most intuitive and worth every penny. I remembered when Nick had 50 well designed themes and upped it to 80 with bespoke layout, headers and footers. Can Divi recreate these designs? And if not because of time constraint, can the headers of these 80+ Elegantthemes be created for the divi header module? Some of Divi long time users know that to create a unique scintillating design would required some js for subtle effect, I believe this will or may stop the whinnings of samey designs because I know ET is well advance in JavaScript and generally front end development. Bring back your design wow that make some of us pick Elegantthemes among the competitors. Nice design layout for the listing property site…only of there’s an accompany plugin that handle custom post types of the listing, we have a real world theme just like of old. Thanks for poineering the design paradigm for WordPress. Cheers

  36. Stellar!

  37. Absolutely Fabulous!!! Thank you!

  38. Keep in mind work for make Divi Builder plugin full integrated with OceanWP. Is the best free theme with a lot of extras like a premium theme. I love OceanWP + Divi builder, but Divi does not integrate with OceanWP library (for example for create top bar call to action).

  39. With the rate to which the layouts will now be released, could we get a “recently added” layouts section from the layout selector?

  40. This type of feature would do well in a Multisite setup…Don’t you think?

    Another great added value. Hopefully you guys can deliver every week, since you guys are setting this type of expectation. To me this is more of a fluff than actual features that can advance our web design services. I’ll admit…it’s convenient having all these designs on hand. But what about other important features? You know what as much as I was praising this design initiative move thinking I would use it. Now that I really think about I haven’t used it for one client project.

    I saw somewhere in the comments regarding more of a Header design control. Similar to what Superfly released…Mhmmm mighty header menu maker.

    There should be more of deeper integration with woocommerce as far as design, modules…At least activate divi builder within the woocommerce product page and shop page while it’s installed.

    The blog module needs major update in design and more functionality.

    Multisite user role editor would be nice too… (beaverbuilder)

    Going back to delivering once a week, I really don’t mind if you guys do the features like twice a month. I don’t want you guys to burn yourselves out of ideas.

    Thanks for the hard work ET!

  41. This is just too much guys, really 😀 Divi rules!

  42. Hey Nick:
    Please include Donjete in the design team. She’s come up with some of the Best design modules ever introduced.

    • +1. She’s really good but most of her designs are css based without js

  43. Brilliant! I hope I do not get confused with all the possibilities when designing and building a site.

    Additionally, I would love to see more possibilities as far as the modules are concerned. For instance, it would be good to be able to add a button to a blurb modules as a standard feature

  44. I think this is great!
    Are you also working on a parallax on several levels?

    • No sure if that is on the radar.

  45. I love the energy and dedication! I hope the new layouts don’t all look similar to each other and previous ones. I’d love to see some outside the box creative design.

  46. My challenge.

    Make the settings panels pop out into a separate window much like you can do with the inspector in Chrome. This would be very useful for those of us with second monitors.

    Whenever you get a chance, no pressure, I want it next week: ?

  47. Great news! thanks. How about some layouts for B&Bs, guest cottages and the likes in rural areas? Single page layouts work great for these small businesses but need to be appropriate for non-urban locations.

  48. I LOVE you guys! Thank you for always finding ways to raise the bar!

  49. Love it. I was wonder if you make the ability to also browse several designs for each model. Not full page design. or add just section from page design i like not the full page.

  50. Nice, don’t forget to add the Share WhatsApp button, we need this feature in this amazing pluging

  51. Hi and thank you for the amazing work you are doing on Divi.

    I would like to know if there is a way to see the layout packs other than in the builder. Do you have a webppage that regroups all the layout packs.

    Thank you.


  52. I love Divi Layouts and that’s such an amazing news. From the moment I found out about Divi till now you guys didn’t stop deliver new features and making our job much easier! Thank you!

  53. oh my Good!!!


  54. Sorry, too many layout packs, not enough new custom modules.

    Elegant Themes started out with unique features, unique store layouts and sliders, unique review themes, now we are drowning in layouts that are starting to look samey.

    More and more ET members are saying this – please put more resources onto unique functionality and less into pumping out similar layouts.

  55. I am hoping that we are able to add/upload otf, ttf, woff, eot and other web fonts via the font selection using an upload feature that places the fonts in a fonts folder of the child theme. It would be amazing to have an option in the customizer along with specific options such as H1-H6 and body.

  56. Sorry guis, but i love you!

  57. Just a quick thank you. You guys really deliver exceptional value like no one else, in themes, layouts and blog posts alike.

  58. Cool, but please, I think is better qualitty than quantity. The actual layouts are really basic, specially, landing layouts.
    It’s just a suggestion, but your designs don’t convert very well, I have to modify most structures to get better conversions 😉
    Anyway is a cool initiative. Congrats!

  59. Can I just say how freaking awesome ET is.. can’t love you guys and gals enough..

  60. I love the Divi layouts for inspiration they provide. I love them for the ease of use and efficiency they provide. I love the stunning images (and wish my clients has images half as beautiful).

    I’ve been mixing page layouts from multiple layout packs, which is working fine for me… but once there’s hundreds of layout packs in Divi and thousands of page layouts, it might be more trouble than it’s worth to search out the best option for a client’s site.

    I hope you’re working on some sort of filterable reference guide/library that shows the layouts like you’ve been doing in the blog posts, so that say I wanted a page layout for a nonprofit that needs a donation request, a newsletter signup and a blog post module, I’d be able to filter for some features/options, and come up with a manageable list of layouts to go through.

    It’s lovely to have all these layouts, but without referring back to the posts for each one, it might end up being a bit tough to find the page layout/layout pack that most closely meets a client’s needs.

  61. I just love these updates. People that work in web-design/development know that being able to use these layout packs and the photos in them royalty free make it even cooler. Not even mentioning that having these packs helped me just last week with a client. Site mock-up was done in 20 minutes 🙂

  62. Hello!
    And what could be the problem when the layouts can not be downloaded?

  63. Love all these updates! I bought Divi before I even knew how to use WordPress lol, and it’s still not “easy” but it’s a whole lot better!

  64. Just wanted to make sure … if I’ve built a site I like and only want to use the new layout on ONE new page, is that OK? I don’t want to overwrite anything

    • yes. this is the exact reason layout packs have their own independent styling. You can rest assured that uploading a layout to a specific page will not effect any other page on your site.

      • wonderful … thanks so much from a newbie

  65. Fantastic!

    I hope they come with a [new] and [date published] tag.
    It’s a matter of staying fresh! 🙂

  66. you guys are killing slowly child theme designers 🙂

  67. Love all the page layouts so far. If we could possibly get some blog (page) layouts/post layouts amongst these, that would be outstanding.

    • +1

  68. Awesome!

  69. Proud and happy lifetime member! 😀 Love this initiative!

  70. Layout Full Packages are great!

    But we also need the ability to select “Sections” from the Layouts WITHOUT having to install the Full Layout to get them.

    Can you add another selector for the layout to just import a Section at a time into a page?

    Or break out the layouts into an additional Section list, like Elementor? If it can already do this and I’m not seeing how, please help me out… 😉

    This gives us the ability to be more creative with our client Designs using Divi.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Stay tuned 🙂 We are focusing on full layouts at the moment, but this inherently comes with numerous sections for this initiative! Because this can create a lot of mix and match of styles we are rolling out some styling efficiency tools first to lay the groundwork for exactly what you are describing.

  71. Just Love it!

  72. Nick, you have built such a great and visionary company, I am very happy to have purchased the lifetime license many years ago… I truly never thought this evolution would come about (looking back that is…). I happy to see that you and your team keep pushing the boundaries and keep your ear to the customer.

  73. I love all of the new designs and new initiatives the Divi team is putting out there for the community. I have been building various personal business websites and just personal sites with divi, everything from travel blogs, to graffiti artist portfolios. I believe with my experience that I’m ready to take on the business of building websites with the divi for other customers other than friends and family.

    Is there any blog posts out there or does anyone have any recommendations on what might be the best way to go about crafting a business plan as a full time divi website designer? I feel like I’ll be able to make it work, but just thought I’d ask some of the experts out there that might already being doing just that.


  74. How about some squeeze pages, landing pages, video marketing pages, webinar – the sorts of things Thrive and Leadpages have. I am sure Divi could do them even better 🙂

    Just ideas for you 🙂 Keep up the tremendously good work!

  75. Coupe you make bloom gdpr compliant? And I would love a fireplaces layout pack…

    • GDPR update is coming.

  76. I’m surprised and delighted! You’ve done it again!

  77. So happy to work with but! you rock, that said! must said i was tempted by Elementor Pro. The looks the Headers the footers etc… very fast and very interesting. Im still sticking with Divi. it is the best money Spend in my freelancing life.
    Im sure you will pullit and we are going to have headers. i maybe need something to keep track of the API i used to my clients sites. thanks Elegant Themes

    • A header update is coming. A nice new feature update will be out next week.

  78. The designs released so far have been really amazing and building out the static portions of sites are a breeze being able to cherry pick sections and whole pages.

    Is there anything in the works to update the Blog Module?

    I am incredibly patient and appreciative of all ET does to make Divi the best theme ever, but would love a response to this question. Thank you.

  79. Hi,
    congratulations for the work you do. Is there a page where we can see all the layout packs you have created?
    Thank you

  80. I’m not a web design guru and have only used Divi for my own business website so far (have a couple more to do), but I think what you guys are doing is amazing!

    Loving Divi – the designs, ease of use and support are all first class.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  81. As much as I love divi dearly, the mobile modules need refinement. Simple things like testimonial sliders and pricing table sliders are simply not available even though they are the norm everywhere.

    Everything renders nicely on mobile, but it is not optimised for the mobile. Time to fix this too.

  82. All this is very good, but it does not mean anything until there is no possibility of designing the archive pages, search, tags, ….
    Better features are also needed to design the header and the footer.
    You need a way to design the page of a simple post.
    Better features are needed to design the woocommerce product pages.
    Until these characteristics are met, DIVI will be incomplete, very incomplete. 🙁

    • I second this!

      I definitely agree about the header, woo product page and woo shop page.

      • I would love this too…. However I’m struggling to get my head around how it could be done because Woo Commerce is actually a third party plugin. It is not part of the Divi Theme. Therefore How can Elegant Themes accommodate “Automatic’s” Woo Commerce plugin? All they can do is make Divi compatible with it just like any other 3rd party Plugin, It’s like us asking ET to give us features to design Contact form7 plugin forms pages…

  83. I have a challenge for your builders. I am a music teacher and need a layout that would give me a way to provide information and lesson material to my students. Can Divi do something like this? Thanks,

  84. Great news for the Divi Community! 🙂

    Please consider creating a Gallery on the Divi Library for all the Stock Images and Vídeos used by ET for creating these amazing layouts!

    This, gentlemen, would come in handy!

    • Thanks Vini!,

      This is definitely something that we would like to do. It would be great to be able to access all that goodness in once place 🙂

      • While you are at it, Please also allow us to upload and share our own royalty free copy-left photography images too.
        like Pixabay with out people having to donate coffee and FB likes and PayPal donations, I have hundreds to share.

  85. How about 1 or 2 Layout packs with side navigation, please.

    • The layout packs actually function independently of navigation settings. If you are using the Divi Theme, you can enable vertical navigation in combo with each and every layout pack 🙂

  86. I’m a Divi lover but I get that it’s hard to be everything to everyone. Up to now many of your recent themes had a very similar and very spare look to them. I find myself going back to some of the old standards – things like the Avada default theme or some of those more “real world” less beautiful – but practical site demo content. I don’t mean to be too critical but I often didn’t find what I needed in your “if the world were perfect” designs. So in addition I hope you’ll look at some of that type of site design. I “get” it’s not quite as fresh – but I have a FULL Divi license & still sometimes find I need to buy another Avada/Salient/Jupiter license to upload the DEFAULT demos – that kind of site really saves me time. I would love to be a beta-tester on this issue. I do LOVE Divi and your super support team!

    • I agree with you Karen. There are some amazing Divi designs but they are not always practical in the real world or business world. I would love to see some of this type of design as well.

      • Thanks for the detailed feedback! I understand where you are coming from and will definitely take this back to the team. In the meantime, I hope that some of the great styling and efficiency tools we are building into the builder will allow you to make quick work on text sizes, layout spacing/density, and rearranging things in general.

        • Kenny, I told you the same when you guys released only the first 3 layouts so nothing changed from that time. For people who know what design is your designs are useless. I am sorry to be straight but that’s true.

        • @Kenny what @Karen holds true and i also feel this… i also especially think there really is no real world WooComm layouts created. They seems to be very basic, i think in general WooComm has been put into the shoulder lane and you need to start to focus more on that side on things.

  87. Fantastic, very excited about some of the answers others have gotten about the weekly feature updates and sneak peaks too. I think once the header builder comes out Divi is going to be so far beyond every other theme… It’s gonna be like when Microsoft took over PCs, Divi is becoming the standard.

    Glad to be part of all this awesome.

  88. Great! But I would love to see layouts being tested in all browsers before you publish them. This way we are more like a beta testers than customers.

  89. Don’t suppose you’re also doubling the size of the team responsible for truly new features? Any chance ET is working on the following and if so when we might see it…

    “These are the types of changes we need to see in Divi now days. The ability to create a single template where all options can be filled dynamically, and the ability to apply these templates to entire post types, categories etc. The ability to design the template for a single post item of an archive page with dynamic data and have that template be looped in grid, row, masonry etc. The ability to use any dynamic data from any custom field powered by Toolset or ACF to control the content of ANY Divi module field. The ability to fully design headers, footers and nav.”

    • Yep, we doubled the size of our Dev Team as well and we are working on all the stuff you mentioned.

      • Now we are talking about a Divi update…

      • Thanks, Nick. That’s great to hear. You all have done an excellent job on the visual builder, now we need the tools to apply the visual builder in more productive ways.

        Looking forward to seeing what yas can do.

    • The size of the developers for features like a theme customizer update has been increased as well so faster and more frequent updates will be coming.

      • Not sure how close the theme customizer is to what I’m requesting. Although being able to style the site at a site level and then being able to override those styles at the module level is important too.

        My requests are less about the style of the site and more about the structure of the site… web design vs. web development. I don’t want solutions that have to be applied on a page-by-page basis. I’m looking for solutions that can be applied to hundreds of pages without ever having to touch those pages… beyond data entry.

        For each post of a post type, we should first be able to fill in all the information we need via custom fields powered by Toolset/ACF, never actually opening the Divi builder for any of those posts. Now we should be able to build a template with Divi, using those custom fields to dynamically fill in ANY Divi module field, and then apply that template to the entire post type or a category etc.

        Imagine you’re building a business directory where you’re going to have hundreds or thousands of posts, one for each business. You of course would want to use custom fields(Toolset/ACF) to track info for each business such as their address, postal code, phone numbers, email etc etc. Imagine having to enter that data manually in Divi for each business and how you’d handle changes in the future… scary thought!!

        Now imagine you only have to design a single Divi layout that will apply to ALL those business directory posts. One where you use Divi modules to place where each piece of business info will go, then fill that module with dynamic data(custom fields). One layout… thousands of posts/pages. In the future if you want to change the layout for those thousands of posts, you simply change one template!

        Dare to dream… (although others are well on their way to delivering this)

        • +1 Peter

          The only way to do this today would be to write custom code. That would remove the entire point of Divi altogether.

          Make Divi a tool for large scale web-projects as well. Not just for 4-10 page big, static websites.

        • Doesn’t Toolset Views have an implementation for Divi that does what you are suggesting. I use it on my own site. Very effective. There are some small styling issues extant that need to be ironed out at set up that I would like to see fixed like the post meta having to be hidden with css.

      • Richard, don’t push the customizer, it’s clunky! Nick just commented that they are not focusing on the customizer — I think they have a BETTER Divi way up their sleeves.

      • How do you know this Richard, do you work for ET?

    • +1

  90. PLEASE address mobile functionality as that is how the majority of people view these sites. Having beautiful layouts only helps on bigger screens. On phones all modern themes look the same–BUT the dropdown menus that work well on a desktop do not work on mobile. The hack your gurus suggest for making the upper level navigation function on mobile is not a good solution. Thanks.

    • +1

      Responsiveness should be number #1 priority in my opinion. Divi suffers a lot from this.

      I’ve used Divi for almost two years and built probably 20 sites using it. However – if I were to build a bigger site with the need for lots of sub-pages and updates, I would not choose Divi at all. That’s a shame really – as there’s “little” that needs to be done.

      Could it be an idea that your designers started designing “mobile first”?

    • I find that a lot of people still use desktops and laptops – especially in the business world. One of my client’s adwords campaigned showed that 70% of the click-throughs were from desktops.

      Plus a lot of people use tablets and these designs look good on them. So this initiative has a lot of value.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying the magnitude of the mobile market share. It is huge and has to be catered for.

      As a side note, I reckon there’ll be a kind of desktop renaissance in the not-too-distant future 🙂

    • +100000000000

    • +1

  91. You guys continue to blow my mind and help me easily grow my design business. Love it!!!!

  92. Excelent ????☺

  93. Awesome Guy’s Thanks for all you do.

  94. I think this is great! Thank you!

    Would LOVE it if we could pull in just certain section or row into our page.

    As many of these layouts are looking the same, the next step could be other graphic ability, such as quickly dropping in the patters* or other graphic affects**. Adding more section dividers in unique ways.

    And PLEASE will you put the black friday layouts into Divi? By now, just give them to everyone. Having to import these the old fashion way is not fun.





  95. More great news!

    Elegant Theme’s instincts on what their user base is looking for is truly amazing!

    Great work Elegant Themes’ team!

  96. It seems like I’m thanking you for something new every day lately… Thanks!

  97. Fantastic!

  98. Love the layouts, but can you make some cool changes to headers and footers!
    Rather than just block looking layouts, can you incorporate some other types?

    Thanks so much.

    • +1000000000000000

  99. I am excited to see the fresh designs and looking forward to the increased style management.

  100. Would it be possible that if a layout is chosen, the styles that are applied on the page can be applied sitewide so that fonts and everything else matches and makes it easier to update or add to the site?

    • …i think this was already discussed here. but as it is soooo important for me too: yes, very good idea, carlos!

  101. Great, love it. Just wish you could tell us whats coming to save me building a new website and your layout pack arrives a week later and makes my effort look pants.

  102. I’ve come to really love Divi. This is a great initiative. Would love to see healthcare related layouts, specifically senior living/assisted living.

  103. This is truly amazing!

  104. That’s great news. No need to buy any more themes on theme forest or creative market or any other lifetime membership. Just one more thing, release some packs for ecommerce stores – been looking for them for quite some time. Nine of the existing layouts are made for shops. Some Woocommerce layouts would be nice.

    • But their Divi Builder doesn’t really affect WooCommerce products. It would be nice if the theme came packaged with a few different “layout” options for the product pages of WooCommerce.

      • It would be nice if WooCommerce was half as good as ET in staying on top of its own product and updates in order to make things more intuitive and versatile. The “problems” are WC’s to fix, IMHO.

    • +1000000000000000

    • I second that…ecommerce is overlooked!

  105. How about going back to some of the layouts you have and giving us a second round of graphics for it

  106. WooHoo!!

  107. I’m so glad I chose Divi all them years back and stuck with you guys. I’m just loving the updates and new designs with 1 click…. OMG keep em coming, cheers guys..

    Jay London UK

    LK Web Media

  108. doing a funeral home website – so something for that would be great – nothing upbeat 🙂

    • Just replace yellow with black, blue with gray, and green with maroon. Done.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! adding it to the list

  109. I love the layout packs! Even when I’m using one for a different industry than originally intended for, it saves me so much time, and they look fabulous!

    • Awesome! We design these with a niche in mind, but we definitely intend and encourage them to be used for any industry 🙂 glad you are getting creative and saving time!

  110. Fantastic news folks and as it says on the tin…you keep bringing useful and growing value to members on an almost weekly basis. Whatever you do, don’t stop! As a Lifetime Member, it’s rapidly becoming obvious what a great decision that was. Onwards and upwards and, of course, thanks again.

    • I agree with Mark. You guys rock. Don’t let the whining get you down! I whine myself occasionally but am awed by your work.

      • Same here. ? a lot, ? as well. I will add that waiting to see features added properly is better than a rush job.

  111. Love this news! 😀

  112. I LOVE your layout packs. I’ve mixed and matched for my site and have spent an embarrassing amount of time playing around with them.

    • Me too! ?

  113. Will there be more options to customize the menu?

    Right now Divi sites usually look very similar because of the sparse menu customization options.

    Something like Mighty Header & Menu Maker for Divi looks promising.

    But I’d like to see this in Divi core instead of an additional module that is not officially supported.

    • Stay tuned for some big announcements here on the blog this week and next week.

      • I’m replying to this comment because I’m a Divi lover but I get that it’s hard to be everything to everyone. Up to now many of your recent themes had a very similar and very spare look to them. I find myself going back to some of the old standards – things like the Avada default theme or some of those more “real world” less beautiful – but practical site demo content. I don’t mean to be too critical but I often didn’t find what I needed in your “if the world were perfect” designs. So in addition I hope you’ll look at some of that type of site design. I “get” it’s not quite as fresh – but I have a full Divi license & still sometimes find I need to buy another Avada/Jupiter license to upload the DEFAULT demos, that kind of site to really save me time. I would love to be a beta-tester on this issue. I do LOVE Divi and your super support team!

        • Agree here.
          What is the sense to release every week two layouts if they will differ only in section positions and colours of the modules?
          We need useful things:
          – possibility to change a menu
          – possibility to create or change our own footer
          – really responsive designs.

          • A quick workaround for footers: a friend of mine told me that he simply removed all widgets from the footer placement (besides the bottom bar) and then created a “footer” using a global block in Divi. Works great for sites with less than 10 pages, but beyond that it’s a pain.

      • I’m hoping for the ability to build mega menus at some point 🙂

        MHMM is great for custom headers (Timon – it’s worth it!) but it only allows mega menus from a hamburger menu icon… I’d like to do a traditional menu where each item drops down into a real mega menu.

        • Well Mellisa go check out the quadmenu plugin that has been made for the DIVI theme. That gives you the mega menu you are looking for.

        • You can do that already. Just add ‘mega-menu’ to the top level menu item, extra CSS class setting in Appearance->Menu

  114. hope to see inside divi and not with a third party plugin the breadcrumb! 🙁

    • +1

  115. Looking forward to upcoming eye candy, thanks Nick!

  116. 😀

  117. Thank you so much – looks great!

  118. How do these packs work when we need to make a redesign?

    From what I’ve seen so far it’s hard to make global adjustments. Every CSS parameter is tied to a single item.

    This leads to design inconsistencies very fast once you start to customize the design packs to your own needs.

    • Indeed, I came at a point of asking myself the same thing as I’m about to redesign my own website! I thought that it would be nice if we could load only a specific section/module from the packs.

    • This is something we will be addressing soon 🙂 In fact we have an update coming out next week the lays the foundation for a better way to manage styles on the page, and this concept will be extended to the website level, allowing you creative freedom at the builder level and then the ability to take those ideas and use them across the website. We have been avoiding simply adding lots of new options to the Theme Customizer since we don’t think that would lead to the best experience.

      • It would be great if the layout packs you download took the CSS of your current site. No matter what pack you choose, or which layout. I think the goal of having these layout packs is to save time for designers, but it complicates things when new fonts, .css gets added to your site to use a specific layout.

      • I am so keen to see that..

      • I always thought global settings like h1-h6 headings would have to become settings in the Theme Customizer. What about creating blog post layouts and blog post page layouts that can be changed globally…I have seen a plugin by Divi4u that creates Divi childthemes with extended Theme customizer settings that then allow for easy blog post customization at a global level.
        I’m curious what plans you have in that regard.

      • Awesome! I would recommend creating a custom Divi theme customizer dashboard and adding all site wide styling there. This is the first thing I noticed missing when I started working with divi. I thought it would be easier to set global styles with css but then noticed various modules set different identifiers for paragraphs and headers. It was simple enough to go into each module and set them to default but that would be horrible with a site that has over 20 pages.

      • The thing is the theme customizer does need new options at the very least for the menu so we can deal more with things such as spacing, colors, etc…

        • I agree with this point.

        • Totally Agree!

    • +1

    • Save the modules as global modules on all the pages you’re using them on or add your own custom CSS classes.

    • Good point Timon, we need some global settings that override each module.

  119. Most designers and developers are getting worried! But this is great as a designer, reference are a few click.

  120. Cool. Thank you for that!

  121. Sounds good, Nick! Thanks for leading the team in this initiative! However, please assure us that you also understand that a lot of the design comes in the header. When the header builder is released, will you also be releasing header layouts?

    • Dude, a header builder is a must have, especially for Divi. Nick, I really encourage you to get a copy of the Impreza theme from UpSolution (via Theme Forest) to see a successful way of implementation.

      They’ve had a Header Builder for a while now, and it’s phenomenal. So much customization, including the ability to create multiple headers and assign per page or post type.

      • Yes the Impreza options for the header are well conceived. Better than the way its done in Flatsome.

      • I was a major Impreza Fan, until Divi. I think Divi is better in IMO. I would love to see a couple of church / not for profit / community based layouts.

    • This is something we are working on, so just hold tight. We are working on everything people are requesting, it just takes take time 🙂 The design team does not develop Divi features.

      • Great! Could you also add art gallery and artist layouts please?

        • I also agree. Artists (Multiple Genre) Layouts would be a great asset.This is missing from divi…MUsic, Digital, Entertainment, Painting, Sculpting, Fashion and Music and Film Especially!!!…and Tshirt business/store layouts. That’s my space and well as business Layouts.

        • +1 on header and footer builder, this will be the game changer 😀

      • Thanks for answering that, Nick. I am utterly impressed on your output speed. Keep on. Divi rocks.

      • A header builder is a must have, especially for Divi. 🙂

        Nick, I really encourage you to get a copy of the Impreza theme from UpSolution (via Theme Forest) to see a successful way of implementation.

        They’ve had a Header Builder for a while now, and it’s phenomenal. So much customization, including the ability to create multiple headers and assign per page or post type.

      • Awesome! Do you think you will publish a sneak-peak blog post for 2018 like you guys did in April one year ago for 2017? We’re all excited lol

        • We are starting weekly sneak peeks this week actually 🙂 The goal is the release a new feature and sneak peek a new feature every week.

          • Please give us a possibility to make our own footer. Currently, we can make it only combining 1,2,3 or 4 widgets.
            It is quite ugly, isn’t it?
            Thanks in advance…

            • There are good plugins for that till there is a solution within divi. Visual Footer builder or Layout Injector are working quite well and offer visual builder capacity within the footer.

            • We will get something at some point of time for the header and footer for sure.

          • This makes me very happy! Sorry that so many of us “complain” or beg for features but I hope you always interpret it as excited loyalty and love for the product. 🙂

  122. I love your Divi layout packs, and I hope that with this new design team you will begin optimizing your layout packs for mobile devices before they’re released. I would also love to see a one-click install for all pages in a Divi layout pack, as offered by Themify.

    • +11111

      As much as I love Divi and ET – it is TOO revolved around design rather than function. Well, too revolved around design on full-screen monitors rather than function.

      As it stands, I can not envision myself building a large scale website using Divi. It would be too convoluted.

    • YEEES!!!!

    • Great point… especially that Google is already rolling out Mobile-First indexing algorithm… 🙂

      • Yeah absolutely! That would be a real asset to Divi!

      • +1

        • Yes! +1

    • +1

    • Yes to optimizing layout for mobile.

    • That’s an awesome point!

      • +1

        • Yes!! 🙂

  123. That’s awesome. Keep up the good work!

  124. How about one for an intranet? Seriously, these are great, and that would be a useful one that goes in a bit different direction than the others you’ve provided.

    • I agree. This would be super helpful.

    • You can use any of the designs for building your intranet– you’re looking to add functionality to WordPress via plugins, not anything to do with Divi. I’ve used Divi as the theme when building multiple company intranets.

      • Ryan, just curious, but what plugins do you use for intranet websites?

  125. Love it!

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