Top 6 Booking Plugins For WordPress

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Top 6 Booking Plugins For WordPress

Editor’s Note: This post was last updated on May 10, 2018

Whether you run a hair salon, work as a consultant or manage a hotel, being able to make and book appointments is undoubtedly essential for business. And if you have a staff to manage, too, you need more than a simple address book or calendar.

Honestly, the main reason you’d want to use a WordPress booking plugin is to make your life and the lives of your customers easier. Choosing the right tool makes all the difference because you want one that gives your clients a quick-and-easy way to make their own appointments, automates reminders and paperwork, and lets you work with your employees and locations to make the complicated business you run become a little simpler and less hectic.

The last thing any host or event planner wants is an incorrect reservation, and with any one of these plugins below, you can rest assured that your guests’ reservations are being handled the best way possible.

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1. The Events Calendar

wordpress meeting and appointment booking plugin

The Events Calendar is kind of a one-stop-shop for your WordPress booking plugin needs. Whether you need a free-and-functional solution or a robust, feature-rich platform, The Events Calendar can probably do what you need.

Key Features:

  • Free version that actually works
  • Premium upgrade to Pro that actually feels premium
  • Import from Facebook, Google Calendar, iCal, CSV, and more
  • Google Calendar and iCal export
  • Hooks and filters for devs
  • Event ticketing
  • WP REST API support
  • Event search and taxonomies
  • Translated into multiple languages
  • Multiple stylesheets and themes
  • WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integration
  • And more

While the sheer amount of options that come with The Events Calendar may be overwhelming, once you sit down and look through what you have available, you may be amazed at what you can accomplish for your business. The Pro version gives you options like recurring events, widgets, more filterable options, and you can also integrate with the company’s other plugins like Event Tickets or Community Events to put together the full appointment suite you need no matter what your business model.

Price: FREE with Pro upgrade starting at $89/year | More Information

2. Checkfront Online Booking System

Checkfront is by far one of the most comprehensive premium booking and management softwares around. The software streamlines a lot of the tasks that come with managing reservations by compiling a vast majority of your day-to-day business information under one easy-to-manage roof. Take that power and add a WordPress plugin, and you’re well on your way to smoother workflow.

Checkfront is pretty unique in the WordPress booking plugin environment because it is one of the few built on a platform that specifically has enterprise-grade business in mind. While it certainly does work for smaller businesses, it was really built for the accommodations and hospitality industry industry (tour and event companies, rental management, hotels, etc.)

Key Features:

  • Accept online bookings (via your website, or even Facebook)
  • Manage your business availability
  • Automate payments and invoices
  • Send automated email reminders
  • Create coupons for your customers to use
  • Take secure online payments
  • Get over 50 free integrations along with a mobile app to let you manage things while you’re on the go or away from a computer

Though it’s not the most important features, it is worth mentioning that the user interface is beautiful, too. That makes a big difference in the accommodations industry. The Checkfront WordPress booking plugin is premium software, and the pricing tiers start at $49 per month for 1,200 bookings made per year and it goes up to $199 per month for 6,000 bookings made per year. However, Checkfront does offer a 21-day free trial where you can test things out before you buy.

As impressive Checkfront is, the price when compared to some of the other options available may be a bit more than one can afford or need. Thankfully, there are other options out there that still offer WordPress integration and that may be closer to what you’re looking for.

Price: Starts at $49/month | More Information

3. Appointments+ by WPMU DEV

wordpress meeting and appointment booking plugin

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey than Checkfront, Appointments+ by WPMU DEV might be more your style. Appointments+ has just about all functions you need for making appointments directly from your WordPress site, but comes as a part of a monthly membership to WPMU DEV.

Your customers can schedule appointments with you in as little as three mouse-clicks. The Appointments+ plugin has a wide array of features that makes it perfect for small-to-medium businesses, and it is simple enough for your clients to quickly understand and use in order to make an appointment.

Key Features:

  • Allows customers to make appointments themselves directly from your WordPress site
  • You can make appointments for clients using the plugin
  • Social logins for Twitter, Facebook, Google, and WordPress
  • Manage all you client contact info
  • Uses MarketPress for payment gateways
  • Sync appointments with Google Calendar and update things weather appointments are made on your site or on your calendar
  • Create blackout dates so that you’re not working on days your business is closed or days that you or your employee’s have off
  • Schedule appointments as far out as a year
  • Send out emails to remind or confirm appointments with you customers
  • Create unlimited services or service providers from your admin dashboard (perfect for businesses like salons that have multiple people working within the establishment)

Another feature worth mentioning about the plugin is that you can customize each profile you create within it. For example, if a photography studio has more than one employee, the plugin comes with the functionality to customize the names, qualifications or skills, and time slots that each photographer would be available for. Additionally, you can set appointments for bookings at 4 different locations you may do business, and tie specific services or employees to those locations by Google Maps.

The one possible downside to Appointments+ is that the visual end result is something that some may think is lacking. However, that’s fixable if you’re willing to spend some time with it and customize it by CSS.

Price: $49/month for WPMU DEV Membership | More Information

4. Team Booking

wordpress meeting and appointment booking plugin

Team Booking is both simple and powerful. Not only is it easy to use, but it has better aesthetics to it than some other more expensive booking plugin options. And like I said, that matters for people. They do judge a booking by its cover.

Key Features:

  • Fully manage your availability through Google Calendar
  • Syncs with Google Calendar and vice versa so things are always up to date
  • PayPal or Stripe as payment gateways
  • Create different services or products available at your business
  • Let your team members, or employees to have their own personal availability slots
  • Notify and/or confirm appointments with customers using customized emails
  • Multiple team members with separate schedules
  • Custom API for developers

The author looks to be quick respond to questions and pretty great on the customer service side of things. That, along with the features and price, means its worth checking out. And even though it’s a premium plugin, you can check out some live demos on the developer’s website.

Price: $24 at CodeCanyon | More Information

5. Bookly – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

wordpress meeting and appointment booking plugin

Bookly is quite possibly the most impressive WordPress booking plugin because of the ridiculous amount of extensibility it offers. Available throug CodeCanyon, the plugin and its various addons are not free, but the only option that even comes near the amount of features you can get here is The Events Calendar.

Key Features:

  • Syncs with Google Calendar
  • Responsive layout for great user experience while booking via mobile device
  • Add and edit unlimited staff member details: add member details, services offered (you can personalize the prices for services offered), days they work and days they have off
  • Add an unlimited number of services that can be color coded to create an easy to read backend calendar
  • Send email notification directly from WordPress dashboards
  • Edit the colors of the front-end booking calendar to match your site colors
  • Edit the text of the front-end calendar
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Configure a payment report to see payments you’ve collected
  • Export your appointment list to a CSV
  • In-depth documentation to help you get things up and running quickly
  • Simple, easy-to-use back-end
  • Clean, attractive front-end

The back-end admin features on this plugin are so robust and easy-to-use use that it could easily rival even the most expensive booking options out there. And the fact that you can customize the front-end colors to match your site colors takes the plugin a step further. You don’t get full CSS customization, really, but Bookly is easy enough on the eyes, you kind of have to look at it.

Price: $89 at CodeCanyon | More Information

6. WP Booking Calendar

wordpress meeting and appointment booking plugin

This is yet another premium plugin available on CodeCanyon — sorry, but most of the best appointment booking plugins aren’t free. You do get what you pay for most of the time. WP Booking Calendar is slightly different than the other mentioned above, though: this one is made for non-technical back-end users. Everything is handled from within the WordPress dashboard, so it feels like a native part of Core.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with WPML Plugin
  • Unlimited number of calendars, each with its own settings
  • Multiple choice of reservations
  • Unlimited number of timeslots that can vary a far as length
  • Enable or disable a CAPTCHA form to lower spam
  • PayPal integration
  • Easy to use interface
  • Nice roll-over modals

Though this plugin has fewer options and features than the others listed above, the features it does have are still pretty powerful. The easy-to-use interface alone is enough to make it worth considering. While some of the other options on the list can be overwhelming to set up, WP Booking Calendar makes setting appointments as simple and easy as posting a new blog. That’s saying something.

Price: $18 | More Information

In Conclusion

And these 6 aren’t even scratching the surface of what’s out there in terms of WordPress booking plugins. There are tons of options out there, whether you need a free option, an enterprise option, a freemium option, or a nearly-native plugin. Whatever it is, someone has you covered. You’re busy, and these developers know that you need a solution that is reliable and solves more problems than it causes.

Any of these 6 will work for that, I think. Or hey, you know what? Make that 7 and check out our review of the vCita Meeting Scheduler plugin. It’s pretty cool, too. See? There are tons of them out there.

What has been the best solution for your booking needs? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I did these researches recently and finally took a license of appointment+ wich is probably the best for my usage. Another one not bad , specific for buddypress is “Rendez vous” the latest version is not that bad and fully integrated to the latest version of Buddypress.

    • The WPMUDEV plugins are useful. you can trust them. i have used many plugins from them.

  2. I really find booking system pro really good! I use it for renting villas.

    • Hello!

      I saw your comment regarding the booking system for your villas. We are too in the business of renting out apartments, and I was wondering if you could send me your url so that I can see how the system operates in real life.

      Thanks in advance:-)

    • Hi there, I visited your site… cool! What booking system are you using? Thanks

  3. Thanks for this post, and we appreciate any thoughts that people have on products they’ve used. We looked for a long time for a solution for a small (20-room) hotel without much luck, so this is a welcome post.

    • As for motel/B&B booking, what I’ve learned is that there are a lot of options out there because it’s a huge market.
      All of the good options have monthly or annual fees.
      Apparently it’s a very complicated business and the connections to all of the services and discount brokerages (Priceline, Trivago, etc) have to be maintained and updated often, thus the providers have to pay a staff of programmers. I can;t make any recommendations, but I’d love to hear feedback from people.

  4. Very impressive article thanks for share

  5. Can anyone make a suggestion for two sites I’m working on a Personal Training Fitness and a Massage Therapist. Thanks

    • For massage therapy I use full slate. They offer excellent tech support as well as a solid system

    • I integrated Acuity scheduling for my wife’s massage business: – Have been using it for 8 months with no hitches.

      For free you can embed via iframe, or pay $10 per month for more features. She pays the ten bucks a month.

      Her business increased with the addition of online scheduling. We found that many people prefer to go online and schedule rather than call or email to do the same thing.

      • Hey

        Really like your map direction information. Is it a specific plugin or did you code it yourself?

        Kind Regards

    • I have to second Acuity Scheduling. I’ve used it for years, considered switching last year when opening a new office and after looking around thoroughly, I decided Acuity is still the best bang for the buck. New feature are added practically weekly and their support is excellent!

  6. I have done a lot of research on these solutions as well and was surprised that the Booking System Pro didn’t make the cut. After many hours researching solutions for a tour provider client, I settled on this one because it has a good interface and allows inventory management as well as online payments and the new version also supports WooCommerce and can be used for tours, hotels / lodging, hourly appointments, etc.

    Its a bit spendy (but not relative to the Checkfront pricing mentioned) but worth it for the features. Configuration is a bit difficult up front but once you have a system for your needs down, its a good solution.

    For others looking:

    Did the trick for me.

    • Thanks for mentioning this one. It looks like a pretty great solution 🙂

  7. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the info, however we are still far from what I would need for a travel agency…
    This is an unsolvable issue I believe, but I’ve been trying to find a competitive booking system for my travel agency for a long Tim e but nothing seems to fit…
    Any idea on something very robust (with various fonctionalities for products and bookings ) without the recurrent 45$/month price to pay? For startup that makes it impossible to get without ruining cashflow

  8. Birchpress Scheduler is very very good. We use it for managing training workshops and conference meeting rooms. Highly customizable, WPMS compatible, and the support is top-notch.

  9. I’m a big fan of WPMU’s plugins (as well as Elegant Theme’s themes of course). And Appointments+ is a great plugin and would work well for a business such as a salon.

    My requirements were slightly different – hiring of 2 soccer pitches and a cricket pitch but sometimes all of them at once. So I’ve gone for Bookly, as you can see here:

    • Thank you for posting your example Ben. I really appreciate it. Looks good for a project I’m working on. I hope they will have Stripe as a payment option in the future. How is the support? I’ve already bought it (through your link Ariel) but would still love to know.

      • I was told we had some nice comments on here so I thought I’d drop by to check them out 🙂

        Thanks everyone, really appreciate it 🙂

        If you need any support at all then please give it a shot, we aim for a first response time within the hour, and follow up response times within a few hours. Sometimes it takes a little longers especially with more complex ones.

        We are also currently hiring more support guys to ensure we hit those targets when we have staff off. 🙂

        If you ever get an issue with our support then use our contact form and address it to me, I’ll look into the matter for you 🙂

  10. I’ve used Bokii on a customer site. First i tried WPMU, but their email notifcations did’t fit my needs. Bokii – found at codecanyon – only 28 dollars. and it fits my needs perfect.

  11. I’ve found that for many of our clients they want value and simplicity and the best solution in a start-up phase has been Setmore Be interested if other’s have tried it and what they’ve thought for various client needs.

  12. Hello
    and thank you so much for sharing. I am really interested in these plug in but I am looking for a booking system for yoga courses (différents weekly or monthly or one day courses). People could subscribe to different courses, and I could get the student list, send emails, …
    do you have any idea?

  13. thank your shared =))

  14. A welcomed article, thanks a ton!

  15. Events Manager Pro is a great one I’ve used for a client who is a sports coach – amazing customisation ability and great support.
    Not exactly a WP one, but the most flexible system I’ve used for a mobile tradesperson is Booking Bug. Some people bag it, but I haven’t been able to find anything that will accomodate multiple service people operating in different areas, as well as Booking Bug does.
    Great article ! Clients are asking me about this more and more, and each one has unique needs, so a “one product fits all” approach doesn’t work here.

  16. Depends on your needs,this is a huuuge area with very different needs. I run a small hotel and I’d love to have one of these decent plugins that would integrate with a channel manager for online travel agencies. Alas, none do. The guys that made Booking system pro promised it for some future update. Checkfront has Tripadvisor but that’s it. For their price i get a channel manager, property management system and a booking engine all in one elsewhere,but the catch is it’s not integrated directly into WP.

    • I Tea,
      did you risolve your problem? And how?
      I have the same problem: i need a channel manager that can communicate with a booking theme that uses woocommerce.

      Thank you


  17. The developer of Appointments+ is really available to help. I’m speaking with him since a few days on the wordpress support and he’s building codes in ordrer to adapt the plugin to my need. This guy is great! I recommand! (sorry for my english, i’m french)

  18. nice post. and all these plugins look like very useful , i will suggest my friends. about this….

  19. Thanks Ariel!!

    This is an awesome list. I have a client who has a *functional* booking system for their cooking school – but its 10+ years old and built in ColdFusion. Every month I have to code the new calendar in PHP

    I’ve been looking for a clean WP replacement for this (don’t want to build it myself!!) – some of these may work.

    I need a Calendar view that shows all upcoming events, allows registration and payment – and I need it to be easy to use.

  20. Great article, I want an appointment scheduler that is free, robust and I can schedule without having to go into wordpress on my android. Which one would you recommend?

  21. Hi

    Thank you for the great descriptions but I’m looking for af booking system where the B2C clients can search for a specific treatment in their area and book it.

    For the B2B clients(which is the one who is paying) they need to be able to set op their own calendar, with individual prizing for every treatment. Simply, they need te be able to log in and make changes that only affects their own calendars.
    Do you know any pluing for WordPress that delivers this or most importantly the log in part for my B2B clients?

    • Hi Stefffen, did you find something like this? Please let me know. Kind regards, Roger

  22. Hi there

    I am not a developer but setting up a website using the Divi theme (which is great!). The business is a walking tour service. I am looking for the ability to offer a product (a tour), that runs on particular days of the week and is recurring. Also, lets say it runs every Thursday and Saturday, and on a particular week the Thursday tour is not running – we need the ability to either make the date unavailable, or sell it out or something similar. We need to be able to create multiple tours (products) which have different calendars associated with them. We also need to be able to cap the number of bookings available.

    Would love to hear any plugin recommendations! I’m considering using WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin.


    • I have the same issue like you i have the same work a tour guide and i found that the plugin that you mentioned is by far the best for our work the only problem it’s a bit expensive for me if only there is a coupon or a discount for it
      if you can afford it bye it

  23. I appreciate the thoughtful approach to reviewing these plugins. I thought you gave a great synopsis without just throwing out a list from a quick google search. Also, these plugins had nice looking interfaces that didn’t look dated. I was wondering if you would consider creating a similar list for class booking plugins. The plugins listed here are a bit complicated for what I need. I have a gym that wants to allow members to book spot in a class with a capacity limit. I’ve tested several plugins that had way more capabilities than I needed but still didn’t fit what I wanted to do. Class Booking ( comes closest of all, but I was wondering about other options. I would really appreciate your expert opinion.

    • I tried class booking plugin, but couldn’t get the calendar to show up with the theme I had purchased. I ended up using Event Espresso. Expensive but got me up an running in a pinch.

  24. I haven’t found a simple booking system shared across subscribers.
    I’ve got a WordPress installation which are closed for the public, but visible to all subscribers. I would like to have a calendar where all subscribers can reserve a meeting room with a description for the meeting purpose and everyone can see the reservations (and what they are reserved for). Such a plugin seems not available. Can anyone help me?

    • Hi Hensor,

      I’m looking for a same solution you are/were. Were you successful in finding one? Would love to hear what you’ve found out there.


  25. I’m trying to find an appointment booking plugin that will allow me to sell multiple appointments for one price, then allow the user to book the appointments.

    For example

    Buy 1 session for $50
    Buy 2 sessions for $75

    • I’ve been searching and unable to find any plugin that will allow you to sell a multiple number of appointments at the same time then allow that number of bookings. Or something that would give a discount dependent on the number of booked appointments. Any one have any ideas?

      • Me too. Something that would create a credit balance for the customer, and track their consumption of bookings.

        Another related feature I would like is ability to track payments received in cash during the appointment. From what I’ve seen, those plug-ins that accept payments just drop the ball after that.

        It should really be an entire sales tracking system I guess.

    • You can offer Discount vouchers

  26. Does anyone have any experience with the mentioned plugins or even ones not mentioned for a salon? I’m looking for a good plugin for booking appointments on a salon’s site. Thanks!

  27. Can anyone suggest me a theme/plugin for a “rent a car” website?

    I will require a pick up and drop location, car type, car model, car brand etc in the search .


  28. Hi,

    I am creating a travel package site selling packaged holidays to 4 different islands. Could anyone suggest a booking plugin for customers to book packages for predefined dates.


  29. Hi, I am looking for a special booking plugin. Basically, we have parking spaces at two locations. They are allocated to regular users, but sometimes people are not around, and the parking space becomes available for others to use. Right now we use a time consuming excel sheet to keep track of who uses the spaces.
    I am looking for a plugin that enables users to inform that spaces are available, and others to reserve these available spaces.
    Anyone have an idea on what to use?

  30. Hey Ariel,

    Thanks for sharing.. Found interesting plugins in your article. I’m trying to create a website with calendar, price and location; looks like Appointments+ is perfect for what I’m looking for. Again, thanks for the list and the great tips too!

  31. This post was really helpful when I came to choose a booking section. Thanks to the comments above I chose Acuity, which I have been really impressed with. Very low start up costs for a solo user and the interface is really easy to use and customise.

    I also look at which looks good, but it takes 1% commission on Stripe payments and for a similar price, Acuity looked the better option.

  32. Very impressive article thanks for share

  33. Hi,

    Nice collection you have there. I was hoping to find a WP plugin which can reserve 10 slots for a specific time. A user can reserve a seat for that specific time by clicking “Reserve me on this time”. Something like that.

    Anyone has an idea for that plugin?

  34. Im struggling to find a plugin that is suitable for people booking to a class.

    We need customers to be able to book into the same class/time slot but for that class to have a capacity, so when it reaches capacity, it then becomes unavailable.

    Im using appointment + at the moment, but it wasn’t designed for this, so it doesn’t work correctly. With so many gyms using expensive systems for classes, there really is a gap in the market if this doesn’t already exist. If it does exist, this feature is not clearly promoted.

    Can anyone suggest anything or know of a plugin that caters for classes?

    • Hi Mike .. sounds like you need an “event” manager rather than a booking/appointment calendar.
      I found this incredibly simple to setup and use.
      There is also a Pro version .. but the free one does all I need.

      Good luck with your search!

  35. I purchased Bookly but it’s having fits when I have the Bloom plugin activated. Is there are a work-around so I can use both?

    jill 🙂

  36. Hi, I am looking for a simple hourly room booking plug-in for classrooms and conference rooms at a university. I just need tabs for the rooms and hourly blocks. This is one on Drupal and so I am looking for something like this for WP.

    thanks for any ideas.

    • Did you find any solution yet? Because what you describe is exactly my situation too. I would be grateful for anyone with a solution for this

  37. Hi, i’m looking for a plug in that will handle the hire/rental of our healthcare equipment and quoting, purchase orders, invoicing, barcoding/asset tracking, reports, accounting…any ideas?

  38. Thanks guys, useful article. I’ve chosen Bookly!

  39. Hi

    I am looking for a simple booking system for a nail salon that allows the receptionist to book client through phone. Appointment can be view able by manager through web or app. Employees (esthiticians) can see only their bookings and not others. Also they can only see customer name and not other information such as phone number and DOB

    It would be great if it can have some kind of CRM system build in.

  40. Hi there,

    I have a new project in which I require a wordpress booking platform. However, I am looking for a particular function. I hope I will be able to explain…

    I have four bookable sessions on the same day

    Session A – 9am to 10am
    Session B – 11am to 12pm
    Session C – 1pm to 2pm
    Session D – 3pm to 4pm

    Each of the sessions have 12 spaces for people to book into.

    I need only the first 2 sessions to be available to book.
    Once either session A or B have been filled I want the next available session (Session C) to automatically open up and allow people to book onto the session. This would keep going for all of the sessions that we have available have been filled.
    The only way the person can book a session is to pay with Paypal so the whole process is automated.

    Is this something that your Word-press bolt on will be able to accommodate ?

    Many thanks

  41. Great article. Quick question. I like some of the options you proposer from code canyon. Do any offer cc payment rather than paypal?

    And also, do you have any newer plugins you prefer, since this article almost a year old.

    Thank you!

  42. The reason why i like Appointments+ by WPMU DEV is because it allows you to sync appointments with Google Calendar and it is very easy to manage client info as well. I have recently used it in a car rental wordpress theme i was working on for a project.

  43. My Experience with Appointment+ and WPMU Dev that are the developers and service providers behind this Plugin, is very, very, very, very BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

    Run far away from it because 1. The Plugin is not as easy to setup as they make it out to be.
    2. Their Technical Support Sucks, their respond is after you sent all the information on the Problem very general, not helpful and at times takes 7 Days or longer to get back to you to solve a simple error with the plugin.
    3. Their Support is not allowed to connect with you on a Chat System, if they need to assist you with Google Calendar function to get working, google has a 2 step security system so even if you give them your password you will need to give them the security code for them to login and assist you with the Issue at hand, however if you just do it through email or the ticket system that won’t work because the code is only valid for a limited time and by the Time they get back to you, that has experied and they will ask you to do it, yet again not helpful, because if you could do it you would not contact support in the first place.
    4. Their Support is only available when you are a Premium Member, premium Membership is at a special Rate over $284 expensive, when renewed they charge over $588 a Year, only when you are a Premium Member you get the Lackluster Support from them and can continue to update the installed plugins.

    Granted they gave me a free month access twice to make up for the troubles but getting any problem with Appointment+ resolved has been an absolute nightmare experience from my end with them and I would recommend anyone thinking about joining them to use their Plugins to Run the other Way.

  44. Ariel, thanks for sharing! Appointments+ seems to be the most popular choice of the bunch, but I can tell you from personal experience that their support is not as good as you would expect it to be. That said, I’ve been using the pay per session plugin to manage scheduling and it works like a charm:

    Obviously this is mainly for consultants and professionals who want to schedule online consultations. Anyway, it’s a great implementation.

    Cheers and good luck with your articles

    Big fan here 🙂

  45. Can anyone suggest me a great plugin for booking restaurant? Choose table, check avaiability, ect.

    Thank you 🙂

  46. I have seen this extension called WooCommerce Booking. Curious as to what makes people want to pay $249 for a single site license.

  47. Can anyone suggests me a plugin for online booking for tour package??
    I want to set two timeslots per day dynamically (Timeslots in morning and evening, the times of these slots vary depending on time of year.)

  48. We are a small fitness studio and we want to start taking bookings for our classes. Is there a particular plug in for this? Appointments + has been recommended to me. Would this work? Can we set a max of 20 per class etc?

  49. Completely agree!

    I’m a beautician and on a colleague’s recommendation, have recently started using

    10to8 Online Booking system is perfect for my business. Its intuitive calendar management system lets customers book free slots directly from my calendar. In turn, it sends them notifications about bookings, reschedules, cancellations etc.
    My administrative duties are reduced and my customers find it easier to fix appointments with me!

  50. I really enjoy reading this article. Hope that you would do great in upcoming time. A perfect post.

  51. We are renting locations for classes and workshops as well as parties, in three timeslots, morning, afternoon and evening. I have found many booking plugins for this, but so far I haven’t found any where we can select for example every wednesday evening to be blocked, or every friday morning. Anyone has a solution for this one? Now I have to either block an entire day, or block every timeslot one-by-one. And we are talking about 5 timeslots every week, that’s 5×52=250 to do by hand… 🙁

  52. Hello all, I’m looking for a booking tool where

    a) subscribers can see availability of vendors by location, price and date
    b) subscribers can see availability of venues by location price, capacity and date

    Vendors and venues are not synced so they would normally be two separate bookings

    Please help. Many thanks

  53. can any one suggest me the best plugin for booking an multiple appointment for sports club.

    Thank you in advance

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