5 Fun Lorem Ipsum Alternatives You Should Start Using Today

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5 Fun Lorem Ipsum Alternatives You Should Start Using Today
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Download one of our spectacularly designed free layout packs, and you will see many instances of the phrase Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Why? Because all the way back to the 1500s and the invention of the Gutenberg printing press (not the Gutenberg WordPress Editor, haha), lorem ipsum has been used as placeholder text when you just need to show what something will look like filled in.  The problem, however, with text that has been used since the 1500s is that it’s kind of boring and kind of everywhere. Lucky for you (and me) there is more than one lorem ipsum alternative out there that can offer a unique take on the age-old placeholder text.

1. Bacon Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Alternative

One of the more famous ones (maybe the most famous?) is called Bacon Ipsum. This placeholder generator will take the standard lorem ipsum text, but spice it up with pork-related goodness throughout. You can even set how baconated you want your ipsum. There’s even a Slack for Bacon Ipsum, which means there is a pretty hardcore community around this thing. I don’t quite get it, but hey, who am I to judge? I’m using bacon-related filler text for my websites.

Sample Ipsum

Bacon ipsum dolor amet jowl pig pork meatball pork belly. Beef ribs buffalo hamburger burgdoggen. Pig pancetta pastrami shoulder fatback bacon kevin ham hock doner sirloin prosciutto t-bone meatloaf. Sausage swine flank pork, spare ribs pork loin ribeye beef ribs hamburger. Tongue pork chuck, biltong spare ribs pig jerky salami frankfurter flank drumstick leberkas pork chop pastrami jowl. Buffalo cupim alcatra tongue prosciutto, pork chop short ribs pancetta meatloaf corned beef chicken flank sirloin spare ribs. Boudin meatball andouille tenderloin meatloaf.

2. Zombie Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Alternative

If Bacon Ipsum weren’t enough, or you don’t eat pork and don’t want anything to do with it…how do you feel about braaaaiiiiiins? Because with Zombie Ipsum, your placeholder text just got a lot more unlively. Depending on your client, having a placeholder text talking about qui optic gland animated corpse will make them either join the resistance (hire you again) or go running for the hills (but no one likes those people in zombie movies, so they’ll definitely join up).

Sample Ipsum

Zombie ipsum brains reversus ab cerebellum viral inferno, brein nam rick mend grimes malum cerveau cerebro. De carne cerebro lumbering animata cervello corpora quaeritis. Summus thalamus brains sit​​, morbo basal ganglia vel maleficia? De braaaiiiins apocalypsi gorger omero prefrontal cortex undead survivor fornix dictum mauris. Hi brains mindless mortuis limbic cortex soulless creaturas optic nerve, imo evil braaiinns stalking monstra hypothalamus adventus resi hippocampus dentevil vultus brain comedat cerebella pitiutary gland viventium. Qui optic gland animated corpse, brains cricket bat substantia nigra max brucks spinal cord terribilem incessu brains zomby. The medulla voodoo sacerdos locus coeruleus flesh eater, lateral geniculate nucleus suscitat mortuos braaaains.

3. Hipster Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Alternative

Here at Elegant Themes, we’re equal opportunity. Not only do we have a fantastic roundup of hipster fonts, now we give you the hipster lorem ipsum alternative for you to try them all out with! Aren’t we just the best? No? Well, you gotta admit our flannel and beard are, though.

Sample Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor amet etsy pabst nulla incididunt YOLO marfa 90’s pickled sriracha lyft kale chips irure. Gentrify food truck before they sold out viral hot chicken pariatur tilde retro cupidatat microdosing mumblecore man braid aesthetic bespoke dolore. Bicycle rights hella vinyl, plaid venmo twee XOXO viral cred cupidatat chartreuse. Officia ugh lyft, mustache tousled mollit vape ex vaporware shoreditch unicorn.

4. Cupcake Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Alternative

Maybe this should go with Hipster Ipsum, but I think it’s just too delicious not to have its own entry. Cupcake ipsum puts all sorts of delectable filler into your, well, filler. From cupcakes to bonbons to even more sweets that will make your mouth water as you double- and triple-check your design. Once you’re finished with this ipsum, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is your hipsum.

Sample Ipsum

Cupcake ipsum dolor. Sit amet candy canes powder cotton candy. Gummi bears chupa chups cotton candy halvah candy canes. Sweet roll lollipop tootsie roll cheesecake marshmallow macaroon chocolate bar biscuit candy. Donut chocolate cake sugar plum icing dragée pie. Chocolate marzipan jelly-o soufflé donut pudding apple pie jelly beans. Liquorice bonbon lemon drops marshmallow. Sweet roll gummies gummies jelly tiramisu chocolate fruitcake. Jelly chocolate jelly beans marzipan brownie bonbon muffin.

5. Pirate Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum Alternative

If you had one lorem ipsum generator to bring with you to a deserted island…don’t let it be this one. I mean, after you generate some downright fantastic placeholder text, you may start to wonder “why’s the rum gone?” Because you can’t bring Pirate Ipsum to your island without getting the Seven Seas’ worth of ballast, booty, and buccaneers pillaging your rum! And remember not to make a big deal out of the text generator’s patch or peg-leg, and maybe it’ll let you pet its parrot. Arrrrrr.

Sample Ipsum

Boatswain marooned nipperkin scourge of the seven seas lateen sail holystone Shiver me timbers port Sail ho fire ship. Hornswaggle coffer hands nipper lugger topgallant interloper pinnace me boom. Bilged on her anchor Plate Fleet crack Jennys tea cup case shot loaded to the gunwalls killick bucko warp brig jury mast. Shrouds overhaul barkadeer fluke provost cutlass landlubber or just lubber Arr pillage hands. Rum draft Pirate Round Jack Ketch measured fer yer chains ballast belay yawl aye gibbet. Mizzen clipper starboard Admiral of the Black jack execution dock bucko Blimey hempen halter strike colors.

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit…Down for Some Fun!

Finding ways to brighten up your designs and copy with special lorem ipsum generators is one of the perks of being a web worker. Not all clients will want their text spiced up with bacon or cupcakes or kale, but a lot of them will find it funny and be glad that you took the extra time to seek out something to give your product and service just a little extra pizzazz. Or, pizzas, if you ever run across a pizza-based lorem ipsum alternative.

What is the most fun you’ve ever had with lorem ipsum text?

Article featured image by Belozersky / shutterstock.com

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  1. One I like for filler with real sentences is Aesop Ipsum – Fables For Dummy Text.

  2. Very good collections!

  3. I go for Zombie from now. Bye Bye Simple lorem ipsum 🙂

  4. I’m waiting for someone to make Hillbilly Ipsum. Something like this:

    Lorem ipsum ain’t we havin possum fer supper? Where in tarnation is them vittles? Dadgum city slicker fishin down in the holler. Etc.

    • +1

  5. I like the pirate ipsum. This is fun. Thanks!

  6. Funny, but who needs …

  7. Well bacon does make anything better.

  8. There’s also Samuel L. Ipsum. But unless you have a really obliging client (or you’re doing it for yourself) it’s pretty much NSFW haha

  9. There’s also Samuel L. Ipsum. But unless you have a really obliging client (or you’re doing it for yourself) it’s pretty much NSFW haha

    • Sorry about the duplicate post! You can delete if you want. Phones! smh

  10. This is hilarious — love it!

  11. The hipster doesn’t work with the occasional all caps (e.g., “YOLO”).

  12. Fillerati.com is the best one!

  13. Ignore fillerati.com. Not active anymore ?

  14. Can’t forget Samuel L. Ipsum

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