30 Free Cursive Fonts for When Your Website Needs That Special Something

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30 Free Cursive Fonts for When Your Website Needs That Special Something

When you think about all the pieces essential to your site’s design, typography should be up at the top of the list. The typography you choose for your website will–to a large degree–determine how your brand is perceived, if your content is consumed, or even how effective a call to action is. That’s why in today’s post I’ve compiled a list of 30 free cursive fonts you can use (with the help of a certain plugin) to add something special to your WordPress website.

Find Your Match: 30 Free Cursive Fonts You Need to See

It requires a lot of thought and planning when trying to define each element of your site’s design. The same holds true for your typography, so make sure not to skimp on that part of the process.

While it’s not really difficult to find high quality free cursive fonts, you’d be better off spending your time looking at fonts that fit your specific style rather than sifting through multiple lists to find one or two that you maybe like. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of free cursive fonts, broken down by the following categories:

  • Standard
  • Casual
  • Hand-Drawn
  • Modern
  • Ornate

Standard Cursive Fonts

These tend to work really well for websites related to education, children, or for anyone who wants to showcase their lighthearted side.

1. 5th Grade Cursive

5th Grade Cursive

For when you’re feeling nostalgic about those cursive handwriting classes they made you take in elementary school (or because you have an education-related website this would look great on).

Download Now

2. Alex Brush

Alex Brush

For when you want to add a little more swoop to what would otherwise be a standard-looking cursive font.

Download Now

3. Allura


For when you want an easy-to-read cursive type that reflects your laidback style, but you need an extra dash of flare.

Download Now

4. Learning Curve BV

Learning Curve BV

For when you want to kick it old school: chalkboard style. Here’s a simple, clean cursive font that works just as well for bloggers as it does for educators.

Download Now

5. Little Days

Little Days

For when you need a font that shows off your website’s inner child… or when you just want to get playful with your typography.

Download Now

Casual Cursive Fonts

These are some of the more versatile fonts, working well for you personally, professionally, or somewhere in between.

6. Dancing Script

Dancing Script

For when you need a little extra spring in your step… and your typography, this casual cursive font works great in a professional setting.

Download Now

7. Honey Script

Honey Script

For when you’re looking to convey a dash of speed and urgency, but still want to keep it lowkey, check out this font that gets the “point” across.

Download Now

8. Variane Script

Variane Script

For when you’re feeling adventurous and want to venture out with a bouncy, rounded cursive font that’s not afraid to play around with with handwriting styles.

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Hand-Drawn Cursive Fonts

For businesses (and other website owners) that want to show that there’s a person beneath all this great-looking imagery.

9. Cookie


For when you want a cursive font that gives your typography a realistic spin and can work in a variety of settings.

Download Now

10. Crunchy


For when you want a font that looks like you took the time to personally handwrite each and every single note on your site.

Download Now

11. Dawning of a New Day

Dawning of a New Day

For when you want to put a fresh spin on your cursive typography and make your website resemble a journal entry or a school essay.

Download Now

12. Hickory Jack

Hickory Jack

For a pretty font with a laidback style, the Hickory Jack font is fun, easy to read, and can be used in a variety of settings.

Download Now

13. I’m fashionista

I’m fashionista

For when you want a fancy and stylish message to splash across your home page or any super-simplified, but colorful banner space.

Download Now

14. Nickainley


For a mix of modern and vintage to pair with your minimalistic web designs and eye-catching photography.

Download Now

15. Sacramento


For when you want your website to reflect how easygoing, yet super organized you are, choose this clean and imperfectly perfect cursive font.

Download Now

16. Serendipity Script

Serendipity Script

For when you want your inner artist to shine through, turn to a cursive font that looks like you brought your paint brush to the game.

Download Now

17. WindSong


For when you want to give your messaging a flair for the dramatic… or you want to include a “handwritten” note to your site’s visitors.

Download Now

Modern Cursive Fonts

These are the funkier fonts of the bunch. They work really well on minimalistic web designs that want a serious pop of content here and there.

18. Badhead Typeface

Badhead Typeface

For when you want a super cool and edgy font worthy of inclusion in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Download Now

19. Blenda Script

Blenda Script

For when you want a cursive font that doesn’t look like real cursive, but still gives you that super streamlined and connected flow of lettering.

Download Now

20. Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt Script

For when you need a casual and playful font to better draw attention to your main content.

Download Now

21. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

For when you’re feeling festive or just want to add extra fun and pep to your words, this easy-to-read font can be used across your website.

Download Now

22. Hamster


For when you’ve got a really cool headline or title that could do with some extra flash and chunky letting.

Download Now

23. King Basil

King Basil

For when your web design deserves some bold brushstroke typography that’s imperfectly aligned, but still really pretty to look at.

Download Now

24. Lobster


For slick marketing-savvy typography that’ll put your website on par with the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Download Now

25. Marketing Script

Marketing Script

For a smooth, streamlined cursive font that has the built-in flexibility for all your marketing needs.

Download Now

Ornate Cursive Fonts

For a website (and business) that prides itself on being classy and doing things the traditional way, an ornate font is the perfect complement.

26. Aguafina Script Regular

Aguafina Script Regular

For when you want to demonstrate your brand’s edginess through sharper and slender lettering.

Download Now

27. Blessed Day

Blessed Day

For when your website sells cupcakes… or does something equally worthy of this cute font.

Download Now

28. Great Vibes

Great Vibes

For when your visitors deserve a more grandiose welcome or when you want to add a touch of flare to the top of every page.

Download Now

29. Precious


For websites that want to give their initial letters a literary flare while preserving a simplified sense of professionalism throughout the rest of the text.

Download Now

30. Wisdom Script

Wisdom Script

For when your high-class, professional web design deserves a sophisticated cursive font to go alongside it (or, rather, on top of it).

Download Now

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

The cursive font you select—whether it’s one of the ones we’ve recommended or one you’ve found on your own—should abide by the following:

  • The kerning, tracking, and leading shouldn’t detract from the readability of the font.
  • Use only one cursive font per website.
  • Align the cursive font’s style with the overall look of the website.
  • Choose a font that invokes the right type of emotion from your visitors.
  • Check the font across all browsers to test for compatibility and responsiveness.

Once you’ve found a winner, add it to your site and give it one more gander. At the end of the day, you want any typography that appears on your website to somehow reflect who you are. If you choose an ornate cursive font that screams “super sophisticate”, but you’re running a website around selling kids toys, that will clash just as badly as mismatched photos or an incompatible color palette will.


If you think about it, free cursive fonts are a pretty useful tool to have in your arsenal as a web developer. Not only are they a really fun way to add an extra bit of flavor to your website, but they’re also a quick and free way to give your website a facelift every now and again.

Over to you: let us know what makes a good font choice for you and if you found a match for your project in our list of free cursive fonts!

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  1. It can be tedious to find modern, playful, and edgy fonts that are free. Thanks for this easy reference list!

  2. I’m always looking for fonts. This came in very handy. Thank you. 🙂

  3. How can we add custom fonts to DIVI?.

  4. Thank you so much for curating this wonderful collection of fonts. It’s like a two for one because they’re useful to me in both web design and my graphic design work! Cheers

  5. I’m not interested in discussing motivations that could exist behind the current move away from teaching cursive in many public schools.

    We should, all the same, keep in mind that the beautiful art of cursive lettering can be viewed as the equivalent of writing in secret code. Not only is it nearly impossible for some modern high school graduates to read, it can also be very difficult for the international community.

    I’m not an advocate of running from the art. But those of us using the art do need to find creative ways to include a translation. Well at the very least, we should include the decryption key.

    • Sad, but a very good point nonetheless.

    • I agree, MarillaAnne. That’s why I personally like fonts like Hamster and Lobster since they merge the fanciness of cursive with a standard font. I think if developers are looking for a compromise, those modern cursive fonts will speak well to a universal audience.

  6. Thank you. Always looking for new fonts to set the mood

  7. Thanks

  8. Cool!

    I like Crunchy and Aguafina Script Regular a LOT. Perfect timing.

    • Have you been able to use these in any web designs, Ron? If so, I’d love to see them!

  9. Thank You Very Much Suzanne!

    This is the nicest collection of Cursives I’ve seen in a great while! We graphic designer/web developers Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. . .


  10. Can Millenials read any of these fonts though?!

    • Nathan B. Weller

      I’m a Millenial. I didn’t have any trouble reading them while editing this post 😛

  11. Once I’ve found a font that I like, how do I add it to my WordPress sit for use?

  12. Great stuff – thank you guys!!!

  13. I know it was the right thing to follow your blog!
    This is exactly what i was looking for to upgrade my website style – Thank You!

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