25 Rad 80s Fonts for Totally Righteous Websites

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25 Rad 80s Fonts for Totally Righteous Websites
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The 80s was an interesting time for design. It was filled with pixels, neon, chrome, sharp edges, blocks, and totally tubular styles. In this article, we look at 25 fonts sure to help you capture that iconic 1980’s aesthetic.

I hope you like them!

1. Bayshore

This font with its neon colors makes me want to go a few days without shaving and drive my Ferrari down the streets of Miami wearing my rad blazer with cool drums blasting. It’s a hand-drawn font that’s ideal for logos and products. It also includes a few Photoshop actions.

Price: $16 | More Information

2. Outrunner

Another “drive my Ferrari” font that makes me want to race across the country with some awesome 80’s music, this one uses vivid colors that are perfect for logos, headers, branding, and more.

Price: $15 | More Information

3. Lazer 84

Another font that reminds me of 80s gaming, movies, and music, this one uses some radical brush strokes to provide a font with and without color shading and shadows. It’s great for headings, titles, posters, flyers, logos, and more.

Price: Free | More Information

4. Thunderstorm

With a blast of hot pink and aqua, this font was hand painted and is perfect for any retro, disco, or even a grunge website that borders on the 90s. It’s great for logos, books, clothing, headers, and more. It includes glyphs.

Price: $16 | More Information


This font brings back memories of movies, magazines, and glitch commercials. Its thick and boxy look is perfect for logos, headers, banners, poster, and lots more.

Price: $10 | More Information

6. Orlando

This retro font showcases some of that 80s layering that was so popular in commercials, posters, and the music industry. It also includes a set of filled-in fonts, making this set perfect for just about anything that needs rad fonts.

Price: $12 | More Information

7. Graveblade

Relive the 80s heavy metal days with this font. With sharp points and angles and a style that can’t be mistaken, this is an excellent font for any heavy metal website. Now I have to crank up the distortion.

Price: $14 | More Information

8. Copper

This font takes you to the movies. It has a simple design with just a few brush-strokes to keep the lines straight and it’s perfect for logos, magazines, headers, posters, bands, etc.

Price: $12 | More Information

9. Hacker

Here’s another font that takes you back to the movies – this time to that fancy corporate computer running UNIX that was hiding all the corporate secrets. This font’s great for any IT/IS needs including online stores, security, networking, or anything that includes older computer technology.

Price: $18 | More Information

10. Ate Bit

This font brings back the good old days of 8-bit gaming when game machines took quarters and you had to learn the pattern before the aliens attacked in the next wave. This font’s great for anything to do with gaming when you want to stand out with that 80s feel.

Price: $5 | More Information

11. Bitcraft

This one makes me want to pick up my C64 and play a round of Zork (Taste letter. ENTER. “It tastes like a letter”). This is an excellent font for any type of 8-bit illustration including icons, posters, etc.

Price: $18 | More Information

12. Razor

Go back to take another drive down to the beaches in Miami with this laser-etched, multi-line font. It’s an excellent choice for posters, logos, and more. It includes CSS to make your website shine.

Price: € 5 | More Information

13. Johnny Fever

Bringing back fond memories of 80s radio in Cincinnati, Johnny Fever is a unique block-style typeface that’s great for titles, headers, logos, products, and more.

Price: $8 | More Information

14. Uniwars

This one has a smooth 80s sci-fi look with 16 different styles. It’s an outstretched typeface that was inspired by Japanese logotypes and is perfect for titles, headers, logos, posters, or anything that needs an atypical style.

Price: $58 | More Information

15. Cyberglass JNL

This font’s designed to help you win the robopocalypse, which is always handy for those times when robots come back from the future to terminate you. I personally hate it when that happens. It includes two styles and is great for anything sci-fi or computer-related.

Price: $55 | More Information

16. Scott

Here’s another sci-fi typeface with a lot of angular styles that’s sure to set your sci-fi website apart. It’s kind of the next, next generation. It’s a great choice for titles, logos, flyers, etc.

Price: $12 | More Information

17. Ewok

This font makes me think of cute little cuddle-bear warriors that can take down any empire. They definitely have a style of their own and would make some interesting logos or titles for kid’s websites, books, or products.

Price: $12 | More Information

18. Rocket Rinder

More than a few 80s movies, games, books, and TV shows have used a sci-fi font like this one. With its sharp angles and neon colors, there’s no mistaking this font for anything but 80s sci-fi.

Price: Free | More Information

19. Lionheart

This font will look familiar to anyone that has seen some of the many 80s gothic movies and books. This font is great for websites and books that focus on medieval and gothic history.

Price: $25 | More Information

20. Squealer

If you love to rock and roll all night you’ve probably seen an album or two with a font similar to this one. It includes two styles and is a great choice for any website or flyer with a focus on hard rock. It’s particularly well suited to titles and logos.

Price: Free | More Information

21. Commando

Go back to the arcade with this font. It not only works well for military-style shoot-em-ups, this block-style design is also well suited for any website, book, or poster that focuses on all things military.

Price: Free | More Information

22. Road Rage

With another trip to the arcade, there’s nothing bogus about this font. It has an interesting brush-stroke design that’s great for gaming- especially racing games.

Price: Free | More Information

23. Cyberspace Raceway

This font is great for any type of cyber racing you might be into. It includes two styles and looks great as titles or logos for anything computer related.

Price: Free | More Information

24. Coubra

With large blocks of chrome and color, this font is well-suited for just about anything you can imagine being from the 80s. It’s especially well-suited to logos and titles.

Price: $10 | More Information

25. Ethnocentric

Designed with the next generation of 80s sci-fi in mind, this font can go where no one has gone before. It definitely gets the point across that it’s from the future.

Price: $58 | More Information

Ending Thoughts

These 80s fonts are excellent choices for those times you want to take your audience back to a more radical time of design. Fonts are great for this because they can give you a taste of those explosive designs without having to convert your entire website into a wild 1980s ride, letting you be excellent to each other.

Okay. I admit to having too much fun writing this article.

We want to hear from you! Which of these rad 80s fonts for righteous websites are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image via brainpencil / shutterstock.com


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  1. The 80’s were a time when everyone was confused and lost direction. The result was terrible design, bad fashion, horrendous colors… Thank you for the trip down memory lane though! 😀

  2. Thanks, great package!

  3. Thanks, great package!

  4. This article is the first Elegant Themes one in a while, which grabbed me and I just purchased BAYSHORE, it was font love at first sight. One of my favorite fonts is Imogen Agnes and I compared them before the purchase. Super excited to use BAYSHORE. Thanks!

  5. totally Rad.. was just watching the tv on a show about the 80s.. might one day create a nostalgic website using Divi.. 😀

  6. Not sure if I will ever use any of these fonts, but they sure made me smile an dfeel nostalgic… Thank you, Mr. Brown!

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