10 Cool Themes to Check Out Before Creating Your Next WordPress Website

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10 Cool Themes to Check Out Before Creating Your Next WordPress Website

Whatever kind of niche or style you can think of; there’s a WordPress theme for it. People have been using WordPress to build all kinds of websites which makes it no surprise that all sorts of themes are keep being developed, improved and purchased by web enthusiasts all over the world. In this post, we’ll specifically be sharing some cool themes that are made with WordPress. Make sure you also check out the following post containing cool websites that are made with WordPress.

1. Flow

cool themes

The first theme we want to start our list of cool themes with, is Flow. This great WordPress theme speaks to your imagination. Flow is a perfect fit if you’re planning on starting your blog, or if you’re about to create one for a client. It offers three different ways of approaching your website with the original, creative and waterfall layouts. Each one of them looks stunning and unique in its own way. With one click, you’ll be able to import the demo layout and get started right away.

Price: $49 | More information

2. Minimum

cool themes

The next theme we’d like to share is Minimum. This cool theme is nothing you have seen before; it’s clean yet mysterious in a very attractive way. It offers you, among other things, AJAX animations, bonus parallax pages, two drop-down menus and a stunning catalog page. There are also over 500 Google fonts present and there are four integrated colors that allow you to do quick and easy customizations.

Price: $59 | More information

3. Heli

cool themes

Moving on, we’re going to take a look at the multi-purpose Heli theme. This theme is all about knowing how to balance the white and black color to make your website look bold and cool. This theme has, among other things, advanced portfolio and blog layouts, menu variants, one-click demo site imports and WooCommerce integration. On top of that, you have tons of layouts that’ll make your next website look professional, neat and artistic.

Price: $59| More information

4. Rife

cool themes

The third cool theme in the row is Rife. The Rife theme can definitely help you take your website to the next level. It’s responsive, it includes premium plugins that’ll help you reach specific results, it has over 600 Google Fonts installed and is SEO proof. With more than 16 designs and more than 15 pages at your disposal; this theme will help you bring style and beauty to your next WordPress website in an effortless way.

Price: $9/month | More information

5. Milano

cool themes

Another excellent theme in our list of cool themes is Milano. What is there not to love about multi-purpose WordPress themes? This theme offers you, among other things, more than 6 monochrome demos, more than 30 stunning slider effects, 5 menu styles and beautiful hover effects that’ll help you personalize your website as much as you prefer. One the best things about this theme is how clean and user-friendly it is for both the website builder and the visitors.

Price: $38 | More information

6. Bateaux

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Next, we have the Bateaux WordPress theme. What’s not cool about having over 25 unique homepages at your disposal? This theme also offers the drag and drop and live preview options. On top of that, the smart interface and the inline text editor will give you a great experience while creating your new website. This theme is absolutely worth checking out before building your next site.

Price: $59 | More information

7. Air.

cool themes

Or what about the Air. WordPress theme? It’s probably one of the cleanest themes in this list and it’s mainly used for portfolio websites that want all the attention to go to the previous work that is shared with the visitors. With its well-thought-out layouts, different menu possibilities and customizable footer, this theme allows you to focus on the cool stuff you want to share with your visitors in an environment that screams professionalism and dedication.

Price: $55 | More information

8. The Agency

cool themes

Another theme that belongs on this list of cool themes is The Agency. This theme offers you all kinds of good stuff. It includes a child theme, it’s ready to be used in multiple languages and it has unlimited color schemes at your disposal so you can make your website look exactly how you want it to. And oh; one of the really cool things about this site is the endless scrolling through different sections on the homepage.

Price: $99 | More information

For Elegant Themes Members

For the Elegant Themes members out there, the following two go-to themes we’ll mention in this post are included in your membership. And if you’re not an Elegant Themes member yet, you won’t only get the next two themes by becoming a member; you will also enjoy all the regular updates that’ll make designing any type of website easier.

9. Divi

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Being the most installed theme on WordPress, Divi is the must-have (and only) theme that’ll allow you to create all kinds of websites without having to get to know a new theme everytime you design a different website. Divi provides tons of different modules, rows and sections that will help you add all sorts of content to your website and modify them to your needs. And with the Visual Builder within reach, you can see changes happen in real time. All of the built-in design options that Divi offers will make using code a nice-to-have instead of a necessity.

Price: $89/year | More information

10. Extra

cool themes

Are you specifically looking for a theme that offers you the power of a multi-functional theme such as Divi, but allows you to focus on blogging and online-publications at the same time? The Extra theme is the way to go. While being specifically focused on creating a magazine-friendly layout and supporting the content you provide to your audience, the Extra theme is also focused on making it easier for you to create the exact design you imagined. With multiple category modules, tons of pre-made layouts and countless design possibilities, Extra makes the experience for both you and your visitors a real pleasure.

Price: $89/year | More information

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shared some cool themes you should definitely check out before creating your next websites. Each one of them has a creative and cool side that you might have been looking for. If you have any questions or suggestions; make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below!

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  1. Thanks for listing our Rife theme in your list! Nice to be here:-)

    Huge optimizations are coming soon.

  2. Has Elegant Themes changed it’s policy? I have never seen disguised affilate links in articles before. This article is full of affiliate links and there are no disclosures. I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for unbiased reviews and comparisons.

    • Looks like our writer made a mistake and accidentally copied in a few links with affiliate tags still in them. I’ve removed them. We haven’t changed out policy on affiliate marketing via our blog.

      • Glad that to hear this. I can now start recommending your articles again on the LinkedIn Articles & Events Community Group.

      • Hi Nathan, I have been reading the blog almost every day since joining ET Just prior to Divi 3, and have seen many affiliate links from time to time, therefore I thought it was normal, which is why I haven’t mentioned previously.

        I am now really glad to know ET has a “no affiliate links” policy. To be honest from a relatively new members perspective and avid reader of the ET blog, until right now, I had been reading any recommendations on the ET blog from a skeptical point of view due to seeing a few affiliate links in the past.

        Please would you mind giving an affectionate friendly reminder to your Blog Authors about the use of affiliate links, it would certainly help with confidence levels when deciding what suggestions and tips to try or perhaps buy. I would like to share your blog post with my contacts and friends, however I have not shared so far in case an affiliate link may be present in the post.


    • reasonable

  3. All well and good but all of the above are no where near a flexible as Divi and most if not all could be copied by using Divi – sorry you are still the only one for me 😀

    • I agree with your love of DIVI. But I have to say there SOME themes I really like. What I would love to be able to do is recreate those themes I love using DIVI. In fact, THAT would make a great tutorial/blog.

      For example, I want “Minimum” but I want to create it using DIVI.

      How about that?

  4. I love Divi but know that sometimes you have to work outside of this wondeful tool. The original FLOW theme layout is very appealing; is it possible to acheive the same using Divi?

  5. Great list of themes Donjete. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am not sure why you are promoting Envato. I go out of my way to avoid giving them any money.

  7. Sorry but there are much better themes than this selection

  8. I feel like extra is neglected in WordPress , it’s a really great theme too. Nice list!

    • I say Extra gets a good sized Extra only update after DIVI 3.1 is released. The EXTRA theme has been getting the same bug fixes and special updates like fonts and borders.

  9. Sticking with Divi& Extra….

    How can one create the Rife header layout like this http://rifetheme.com/rife-14/

    Hope ET can create more menu header design and offer it for sells as modules…just hoping though 🙂

    • If you are talking about the slider I say that is a flickity slider.

    • Yes, it is flickity slider, but with our modifications to make it work in then end;-)

      I understand that level of Divi is hard to reach for any theme out there, but we will try anyway with our Rife Theme, even with 2 man team;-)

      Good job Divi team on creating such great community around your products!

  10. I’ll agree that there are some nice looking themes on Themeforest, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been burnt by buying a theme and shortly after seeing support for that theme drying up when the developer moves on to their new theme. This has caused a lot of problems especially if the theme wasn’t written quite as well as you thought and breaks when a new version of WordPress is released. I now very rarely buy themes from Themeforest because of this.

    This is one of the reasons I switched to Elegant Themes as the support for their themes has been great, and I don’t just mean Divi or Extra. I’ve used some of their older themes and they’re still going strong!

  11. Divi Theme Is awesome!

  12. Divi is at #9.
    I love the list!
    Divi is the theme I like a lot.

  13. awesome one!
    Thanks to shear useful tips for beginners like me

  14. Now I have plenty of choice to select to. Thanks for the post. Great collection.

  15. I love Divi, but unfortunately it is very much part of the webshop part 🙁

  16. Will be sure to consider these 10 before I set up my next site!

  17. We at Web Choice UK have tried Elegant themes in the past, its always one of the fastest routes to take to get a great looking site on a limited budget. A word of caution though- some of the themes can be very slow and you will struggle to get even 60/100 on Google Page Speed analysis. Better to check the loading times and Google Page Speed analysis score to see if the theme is idea for you.

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