Pricing Changes For New Members

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Pricing Changes For New Members

Next week we will be raising our base subscription price from $39 to $69 for all new customers. We are raising the price because we believe that it will ultimately result in the best product and the best experience for our users. We are on a mission to create not only the most affordable themes around, but also to create the flat-out-most-awesome-themes you will ever use. This effort can be seen in the way we pushed the boundaries with our most recent theme Divi, and you will continue to see this type of innovation in our new products. We want to grow our team and dedicate even more time to achieving our goals. Even at $69 for complete access to our entire collection of themes, the price is still incredibly low when compared to our competition. This price change keeps our package very affordable, and at the same time helps make us more nimble and better equipped to innovate.

The Good News: This pricing change does not affect our Developer Subscription, which will remain at the current price of $89. The Developer package is our most popular option, which means this pricing change will not affect the majority of our new customers.

The Better News: This pricing change does not affect any of our current customers. We have never, and we will never, raise the price for people who have already signed up. In fact, we still have thousands of customers grandfathered in at our original price of $19.95 – now that’s a steal! For those of you who haven’t signed up yet and want to get locked in at the current price of $39, now’s your chance πŸ˜‰

How We Compare

Even though our prices are increasing, we are still providing the most affordable themes around by a substantial margin. At $69 per year, our package is around 80% cheaper than the average price of our competitors. Below is a quick comparison of the cost of complete access to themes and support for one year from theme shops that offer a similar package.


Why Raise Our Prices Now?

We are raising our prices to ensure sustainability and efficiency. In raising the price we will be improving the Employee to Customer ratio, which means that all of our users will be getting more attention from our team. If you haven’t heard, Elegant Themes Is Hiring. In fact, we have already brought a new developer on board, and we are still looking to grow the team. This will lead to better tech support and a faster turnaround on bug fixes and theme improvements. While the standard membership will be a bit more expensive, I believe that the increase in value for all of our customers will greatly outweigh price change. Our goal is to create the best themes around and to give our customers the best value out of their purchase.

Three years ago, we decided on the price point of $39. At that time we had a small team of 4 people and a collection of 44 themes. Since then we have grown our team to 27 people, nearly doubled our theme collection, built several awesome plugins and updated our older themes with a ton of improvements. The value of our product has seen a tremendous increase. I am excited about the future of the Elegant Themes community, and I am eager to move forward in a way that ensures it will be bright and long-lasting πŸ™‚

Premade Layouts

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  1. As a product evolves, so must its price.
    The fact that you have always grandfathered existing customers in is a fact I am personally very grateful for.
    The work you guys put in is outstanding. Both in terms of the themes and plugins, but also the resources and articles you post here for free.

    Thanks for rocking the internet.

    • Well put ^
      The price is still well worth the products and services you guys offer!

  2. For me, 69$ for that themes is still the best quality-price relation. Sometimes it’s necessary to raise the prices in order to improve the service.
    By the way, it will be one of the news improvement to do support in spanish? Thanks from Spain!!

    • +1 Oh, yes, totally agree. Spanish language is the second language with most native speakers and it is also the second most used language in the United States.

      • Glad to hear that, since the vast majority of your themes arent including spanish locale. I’ve translated several of your themes and it was harsh sometimes. I’m available to be hired for translations. If interested, send me an email =)

  3. Still a bargain with the new pricing!

  4. Buying an ET subscription for less than $20 was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a consumer. It is a steal.

    Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely. Every time I come back to download a theme I feel a little more guilty. Thank you so much!

  5. It is a good decision and totally worth its reasoning.
    Sold πŸ˜‰

  6. Definitely an understandable and justified increase. You have certainly increased the quality of themes here greatly. Comparing older themes with those released just in the last year since I’ve been a member really shows you are not only keeping up with standards but learning and improving your own skills as well. It only makes sense that you ask for money for more work in return. The grandfathering in of old customers is also a nice touch – thank you for that.

  7. Without doubt the best decisions iΒ΄ve done when it comes to themes, and ever the support are awesome, thanks Guys


  8. Nick,

    All your themes are visually stunning. Great job at that.

    In my humble opinion, if it is possible, please also focus on performance optimization for these themes using sprites, minification etc.

  9. You deserve every dollar. You’ve earned it with great products and support.

  10. I have been a member at the $89 rate for several months. What does that do to my rate if I were to want to continue at the $89 when this subscription expires. Will you be raising the $89 and $249 rate as well?

    • Never mind (if I am to understand this correctly); this will only affect the people who sign up for that $39 rate…

      • The price change does not affect our current members, and it does not affect the Developer package.

        • I’m Happy i got in at 39.95….But for $69????
          $1.75 a day for 30 days equals….????
          WOW You guys & gals are the BEST !!!
          Thanks @Iam360WISE

          • $69.00/year is less then $.19/day Still very reasonable.

        • I was planning to upgrade to the Developer or Lifetime package soon. Will the price gap between those still be the same?

          So say, right now there is a $50 gap between the $39 and $89 upgrade. Will that then change to a $20 gap between $69 or $89, even if someone signed up under the $39 plan?

          I’m sure I’ll upgrade either way, but that’s just something I was curious about. (Hope that makes sense lol).

          • The gap will be based on your original subscription price. So it will still be $50 in your case.

          • Okay. Thanks for the reply.

            Still a great deal! πŸ˜€

            • If i take today a subscription of $89 and after 11 months i want to change to Lifetime Access how much i need to pay? Almost 239 of the difference between 89 en 239?

  11. I second all of the above and more! @ElegantThemes continue to create stunning premium themes and plugins with top notch support, makes this the most cost effective purchase in my arsenal of web design Tools;)

  12. $19.95!!!! Wow! And I thought $39 was a bargain;)!
    You have proven to me over the past three years as a member that your commitment,value and benefits keep increasing.

    Congratulations, continued growth and success, and thanks for delivering a n outstanding product.

  13. Too bad the “How We Compare ” chart didn’t utilize the animated counter module- Dole!!

    • Or any of the new animated counters we have planned for Divi 2.0 πŸ™‚

  14. You are the best in everything, I’m your fan

  15. Well done themes and congratulations for your success! So the price change is reasonable.

    I’m very happy with my Lifetime Access to your themes πŸ™‚

  16. For most products, you get what you pay for—as far as I’m concerned I get WAY MORE than I pay for with you guys. And the greatest value is in the way your great products make working on web design so fun and exciting. I’d pay a lot more for that (although I’m not going to say how much, LOL).

  17. 69$ is still best price & excellent support & tons freebies. I grow up with every post. Smallest price and bigest care about every customer!

  18. Wow, Signing up now – as owner of a web business, $39 is still an awesome deal – do not want the price to change, so making purchase right now πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for ‘current’/’new’ subscribers today….

  19. About time, $39.00 was simply giving it away πŸ™‚

    I have spent more on single themes on themeforest than a whole years sub to elegantthemes.

    Great you are taking more folks on-board, by the way, do you part take in wordcamp?

    I believe your input and influence will be most appreciated.

    Please please keep up the good work


  20. Good move. I think that is more than a fair price.

  21. Still a bargain. Other themes designers charge more and a vast majority does not have a “subscription”. Some places will charge you from $59 to $89 for a single theme.

    I bought hundreads of themes and have currently 5 subscriptions with the major theme developers around the world and I can say with absolute security that Elegant Themes are one of the best themes out there.

    Not only because of aesthetics which are (for me) the best around, but also because of the quality of programming.

    The php files are perfectly readable, well polished and easy to mod, the css files have a very good layout and are incredible easy to tweak and does not add custom blog post and custom wordpress fields, so, if you in the future need to change the theme, won’t loose the vast majority of your custom post (like it happens with a couple of developers out there).

    I will still strongly recommend Elegant Themes as the First subscription to pay for, either if you’re a newbie or a experienced developer.

  22. You guys have produced some fantastic themes, Divi being my favourite. I take my hat off to you and your team for making it possible for me to get back into producing websites. My team have been very impressed with the results we have had since joining you guys and now we are ready to take thing to the next level. I just want to give a big thank you to you all for producing these fantastic themes and look forward to your future works. At some point I will submit my story for all to read as I’m sure it will raise a few eyebrows and will hopefully inspire Elegant Theme readers. I must say some of the stories I’ve read on here have definitely played a a part in my current state of mind in in my companies future goals. Once again I thank you and you team, keep up the good work! : )

  23. That’s still an absolute steal at $69. In the past I’ve paid a lot more than that for a single theme! Divi is absolutely awesome so keep up the good work and, hopefully the extra income will help that along:)

  24. Outrageous!
    You guys are robbers. Half a fine English pound for a theme – that would buy me 1/5th of a cup of coffee, 2.5 days of a netflix account, 13% of the cost of a haircut. Yep definitely overpriced.

  25. You’re worth it! Your themes are beautiful and your support is second to none. I’m very glad to be a lifetime member.

  26. Please, pleassssse, can you make TheStyle theme responsive?… with your added resources. πŸ™‚

  27. Congratulations Nick, fantastic achievement.

  28. Worth every penny. Anyone that bi$%#@, send them my way, and I’ll straighten them out.

  29. I love the themes but struggle with the support. Can I suggest, as you look for new employees, that you look for an experienced customer service manager who can help you set up a better system for tracking and responding to problems?

    • No chance! With over 222K customers and 27 folks on board? Impossible! That makes over 8K customers per 1 (ONE!) ET team member. They are doing the amazing tons of work almost for nothing, so PLEASE(!) DO NOT COMPLAIN. Or change the supplier πŸ˜› (I bet you won’t be more satisfied).

  30. Great value, glad I found you folks earlier on, definitely will continue to direct my network to your site.


  31. I will certainly get back to you guys. I was out for about 6 months and ready to go again.

  32. Not bad, but maybe you can add an option to buy just one theem, or two…sometimes someone just need one template, and doesn’t want to buy a full collection that won’t use. In those cases, if that person see 69, he will probably search an option cheaper with just one theme…it’s just an idea.

    Well, keep rocking guys!! AWESOME themes =)

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Luckily $69 is still cheaper than purchasing a single theme at most other theme shops πŸ™‚

      • Agreed!

    • $69 for 87 themes is nothing. $69 for a single theme is still “nothing” if you buy a single theme to another company. I’m very happy with Elegant Themes, I tried many of the themes but not currently using them. However, I’m planning to use just one theme and I think that $69 is a bargain to just that single theme.

  33. I think it’s a good decision, only the price of Divi could be $69!!!! I love your work, it’s amazing, and elegant themes is my best friend!!!!!

  34. This I hardly a surprise, I was amazed at how low this price has been. Will this affect the lifetime membership at all? I know it doesn’t the developer but wasnt sure about lifetime…

  35. FYI – I changed from Developer $89 to the lower $39 level as I have been unable to get any of your themes to work properly with my logo. I sent in queries but those who might be able to fix the problem either wanted too much money and/or no statement of hours and no deadline on getting the work done – still love the themes although I cannot use any of them (I have tried many without success) – I’ll still keep signed up just to keep abreast of your work and to tell others of your website – all the best, LC
    PS you should have a tel. # to give us some personal contact

  36. I was one of those guys who joined early and have stuck with ET because of the service and great themes. I prefer working with a reasonable company that makes a good product. Thanks for all your effort and personal attention.

  37. I have to say as one that was able to get in at the $19.95 rate can say that the value has surpassed the price in multitudes…if I were a new member, $69 would still be a bargain…I look forward to the growth you guys are experiencing…keep up the good work.

  38. Your themes and the support you give is SO good I find I never want to go anywhere else for my themes! Certainly a justified price increase. Keep up the amazing work!!

  39. I absolutely approve this price change and appreciate the fact that you guys are giving us a heads-up. Now the dev team must realize that the expectations going to be high and people will want more from their subscription.

    You guys are doing a fabulous job and hope you can hire more dedicated support group as elegant theme still lacking in support. Would I purchase elegant themes at 69? even 89? the answer is yes.

    This is a good decision Nick. Your quality of work hopefully justify increasing the base price.

  40. $69 is still nothing when compare to the value you bring to us. More power to you πŸ™‚

  41. Completely agree. At $69 the value still remains outstanding. Completely justified.

  42. will the lifetime access of $249 be going up as well?

    • No, for now only the Personal package will have its price changed.

  43. Sure, guys you are doing an outstanding job. I use other theme providers and that’s why I can tell that your support is the best in the industry. I don’t mind paying 69$ and I think it is absolutely fair, and it still is a huge bargain for what you can get for that money.

    But… you set a very high bar: “but also to create the flat-out-most-awesome-themes you will ever use.”
    I’m absolutely your loyal fan but there are more flexible themes out there with better layout support and with more advanced page builders. If you set bar that high then there is quite a lot to do.
    Divi is a step in the right direction, and as a ‘flagship product’ is really amazing. But there is a space for improvement.

    I wouldn’t mind taking part in beta-testing and providing input for your development from the client perspective. Or simply let you know what is missing in from functionality perspective – in other what would make the theme “ideal” for me. If you ever need it – let me know.

    • Sorry for the bold letter – I can’t edit my posts here to correct it, but of you want you can change it back to normal.

    • Love your view Elijah…however, if only we can have logo and nav-menus modules to enable us move them around with various css styling for pro customization. Just thinking about how many people it will attract and no theme developer has given this option in an easy way.

  44. Justified! looking at the sites I’ve built @$39 particularly with Divi, I was preparing for an increase few days ago and was saying to myselfl Divi 2.0 will definitely dazzle the community. Thanks Elegant for your fair dealings and care.

  45. Two investments in my online business that I hold most valuable, my Elegant Themes subscription at $39.00/year and my GoToWebinar at $99.00/month for 1,000 seat license.

    Keep up the great work and believe that your hard work and quality products has earned you the raise in price.

    Proud to be a subscriber.

  46. At this new price ET is still great value for money, because of the good combination of consistent approach to theme design and the quality support.

    I think for this new price some customers may want to see more themes based around common niches, ie e-commerce and booking themes are a little thin at ET.

    I full support this nw price structure because as said, it is obvious the size of the support team has grown enormously, but the price has stayed the same for a long time.

  47. About time! I have paid for so many other themes over the years only to keep coming back to ET. Wish I had given all that money to you instead as those themes are just collecting dust now. Well worth it at any price. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  48. As all the other comments, the price increase still offers great value for money, although I do hope this will help with the support a little as my finding has been this is the only area that could use a bit of improvement.

    Excellent work on the blog posts as well, I can’t tell you how much I have learn’t from this. Although this blog post was my least favourite πŸ˜‰

  49. Hello! I was a member of Elegant Themes about 3 years. Do unless drew attention to professional topics on the themeforest. I agree that your prices are low. But one of the themes opened my eyes – theme “Startup” costs about 55 dollars. But in the end it was bought, she’s the best at that time. Whats why I urge you to develop a more critical upgrading the functionality and quality. I really hope that you will create something else. Just even DIVI is not pull on the super theme. It’s should be more functional capacity and quality admin panel. Good luck!

  50. Also I wanted to add the style you should pay attention to more business topics and corporativity. In all of the elegantthemes are very similar to each other with their cute, cartoon. Make a solid strict layout, it will allow your customers to create websites with traditional business activities. Respectively that will cause more demand for you

    • Totally agree – business theme is missing.

  51. 69 is still less than one sunday family lunch + coffee in restaurant, so it’s symbolic price for worl best quality templates with support

    PS: 69 is sexual position too that i love

    So 69 is good i mean …

  52. This is the best deal on themes I’ve found… and I looked for a long time before joining… just a couple of weeks ago in fact. What a deal… WHEW!

  53. Enjoying my first year of subscription, great work! I have the developers’ package this year, but didn’t realize that it was overkill for what my needs are and plan to downgrade to the normal subscription next year….would it be at the $69 point for me since I technically wasn’t on the $39 plan when it changes?

    I think $69 is still a great deal and would probably continue at that price anyway, but just curious πŸ™‚

  54. Nick, I have only used one theme so far, for one customer. At the lifetime price of $249 that was an absolute steal. I get to deliver a truly gorgeous website, make my client happy, and I made money on the deal myself. I have no idea how you can make this available at $69, personally… but I can only say that you have one very, very impressed customer here at Longmont Website Solutions! I’m really excited about Divi 2… – Jon

  55. Hey Nick,
    I bought a lifetime membership to Elegant Themes and used Vertex on a client website. The membership had paid for itself in a half day and made me look like a ROCKSTAR. I’ve subsequently used Foxy on another client site and am working on a Divi design for another microsite for the first client. I’m feeling a little guilty about not sharing the wealth with you guys so is there some kind of office treat I can send you guys? Everyone likes cake… How about a nice Link Digital hearts Elegant Themes cake? Chocolate? Ice cream cake? Next on the list is finally finding some time to flip the Link Digital site into Divi.

  56. I like it! Good job Nick Roach

  57. Still the sweetest deal in the industry.

  58. What about fixing the MySQL leak issues that users have brought up on your forums countless times? What about actually crediting your affiliates for sales without them having to email you several times with proof before you actually pay them? I doubt this will get published, so I’ll have to bring this up elsewhere as well.

    • We credit all of our affiliates to the best of our ability and with as much effectiveness as is possible with an affiliate tracking system. Some of your sales might not be tracked if your visitors IP changes and their cookies are cleared. It’s very rare that this ever happens, however. Usually when a sale is not credited to a particular affiliate, it’s because the computer used had already clicked on someone else’s affiliate link in the past. Only one affiliate can get credit for each sale, and that’s the first affiliate to refer a visitor.

      Often affiliates refuse to believe that it’s possible that their visitors could have clicked on someone else link in the past (even though the visitor’s IP is clearly logged in our system on a past date from a different account), and instead of argue with them we just credit the sale twice and lose money on the sale. This is possibly what happened in your case.

      • Helo nick roach, i like your video Flirt the Wind… i like your style

  59. I think this is a reasonable increase. It’s quite cheap compared to templatic or themefuse

    Liam Dang.

  60. How about those who are not renewing yet? Are new or current members?

  61. I agree, $69 would still be a bargain, and I for one find your support very helpful. I have had many questions and have the answer quickly and it always spot on. I have several web site, each running a different theme. Thanks and keep up the good work, and being able to be grandfathered in is something that is so good. Most of the time new customers get the best rates, such as dish network, direct tv or AT&T, that is BS, you guys are doing it right, give the best deals to the loyal customers. Great.m

  62. Nick, I’m actually very happy to hear this! The quality, creativity, professionalism and support you (all) provide here is worth $$69++++

    Thank you for Elegant Themes!

  63. It is good as you are increasing the price for the subscription. Will the price will be the same for the Existence customers??

    As of now we are paying $.48/theme.. So what will be the revised cost now??

    • This change does not affect our current customers, as stated above in the post.

  64. Congratulations $69 yearly, for one theme… best offer from market possible !

  65. I’m glad I’m at 39$ yet. But one question: Is it really DIVI the very last ET Theme? (not counting 2.0 ver).
    DIVI has been released a lot of months ago. And I mean a lot. Before DIVI ET released almost one theme a month (more or less).
    Now I agree DIVI is very versatile and powerful, but it’s really far from being the *ultimate* wordpress theme. And I still think ET lacks some “power users” options too.
    So what do we need to expect in 2014? Only a DIVI 2.0, or at least just one other theme, or will ET ever return to prior speed release?

    • It’s not our last theme, in fact we have already begun working on a new theme that will be released after Divi 2.0.

  66. Still a great deal, love your work. I still need to dig into Divi and figure it out!

  67. Here’s a thought, which I’m sure you considered:

    At $39 it was a no brainer. Almost like picking up something near a cash register on the way out of a grocery store.

    At $69, I would have stopped to think about it, compare it to others, see what my friends were using, and (which often happens) failed to return.

    Clearly you need to test. A fallback might be $39 for first year and increase it after that.

    As for the rest of us… I don’t think you’d lose any of us if you raised the price after a year or two. We can’t expect to keep getting such great themes at an old price (even though many people select only ONE theme and then don’t change it for years).

    Just another perspective for you. (VIdeo-Crazed MBA Marketer here… just giving you something else to think about).

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  68. Still on the $19.95 plan from several years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made. I now work for two companies, one of which is a start-up I’m helping gain clients, and ET has helped me a TON. Much like how some others feel, I feel guilty every time I login and see the $19.95. With everything ET has given me and continues to give, I think on an annual basis, I may make a large donation to ET. If ET has an investment option, I wouldn’t mind investing large sum of capital into ET. πŸ™‚

  69. I guess it’s a good thing. I have a Developer membership myself and I think it’s worth every penny (and possibly even more).

    Good choice and thanks for sharing the news, maybe I can quickly convince some friends to join before next week πŸ™‚

  70. I think at $69 it’s still a great deal! If I could suggest one thing….do a series of online teaching videos on using Divi, not the standard screen capture type of tutorials but one for graphic designers (not bloggers) that starts from set-up to finish. Too many on-line teaching sites and videos have you put together some “mickey-mouse” looking site as a project which you’ll never use or design. Take a REAL website like Nike, Adidas or some purposeful website that REAL consumers use and try and re-build it using Divi. This would be something I am sure all your subscribers who are graphic designers in the real-world would love.

  71. “This will lead to better tech support and a faster turnaround on bug fixes and theme improvements”

    What’s the best avenue to submit bug fixes? I’ve patched Divi to support the Divi Builder in posts, not just pages, and posted the patch in the support forums, but not much feedback from there. Thanks for the good work.

    • Wow…thanks Seb…

  72. Hi!

    I love Elegant Themes templates!
    Please tell me if any of them are compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce plugin and are fully functional as eCommerce templates using this plugin.
    I have a subscription to Elegant Themes, but eCommerce themes that already have eCommerce solutions integrated are very limited and narrow.
    I expect more dedicated eCommerce templates from you as soon as possible, even if the subscription price will be a little higher.

    Thank you very much!
    Arthur Mustafa

    • Divi, eStore, StyleShop, Foxy and Harmony are all built for WooCommerce.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        So with those only I can use WooCommerce?

        • Yep Arthur…

  73. It’s still a bargain. You are the most generous in your offer. Wish you more success.

    I can’t wait for the DIVI 2. I love it. It’s the most advance template I’ve seen.


  74. Finally you did it – raised the price. But rest assured at $69 too, your themes are awesome value for money!!

    And, I’m hoping that the extra revenue would go towards bringing at least one or two *new* themes every month. Though Divi 2.0 preview looks super-cool, the past few months have seen no other new releases. Hope you would also put efforts on turning older themes mobile responsive. Cheers again!

    • We have already started working on a new theme, which will be released after Divi 2.0 πŸ™‚

  75. You guys deserve all of this with your amazing work!

    If we are with the old subscription, as long as we continue to pay it off every year, are we grandfathered into the $39 as well?

    • Yep, you will continue to be grandfathered in at the old price.

  76. I had expired subscription. Will I still have a chance to renew my subscription for example next month for 39 USD or Do I need to pay 69 USD? Thank you

    • You can still renew at the old rate.

      • Wait, he said his subscription was expired. You saying that if you renew a subscription that has been expired it will bill at the rate you originally signed up at?

  77. What is Elegant Theme’s policy for upgraders? For instance, if you want to go from the $39/69 plan to dev @ $89 or lifetime @ $249 or dev –> lifetime?


    • You can upgrade for the difference in price, based on the price of your current subscription.

  78. I have a lifetime access but as I’m Buddhist I’m supposed to get 7 lives. I don’t really know what’s the count of current one but assuming it’s not the last one what will be the price for my next lifetime access renewal?

  79. I would pay 100$ or more for Your themes, if I had to!

  80. $69 is still an awesome price for what you are getting. That is the average price for one theme.

  81. $69 is still nothing when compare to the value you bring to us. More power to yo

  82. Since Divi is out, the price shall have been raised to this level. Great job for Divi.

  83. I concur the increase is minimal considering the high and valued returns!

    Congratulation on your success and improving vision. Love all the extra helpful posts you guys keep coming up with. Your blog is a great place to look for and gain great ideas and suggestions. Thanks for that! πŸ™‚

  84. The price is $ 69 a fair price. But increased prices also mean increased quality of products and services.

  85. Divi only at $ 69 is a bargain, nice to know the new price is awesome!

  86. Elegant themes is worth every penny. I have been following elegant themes development for some time now. You guys are coming with 2-3 new amazing themes every month. So the price should not be an issue for most of guys who want to use elegant themes.

  87. I would consider a pricing scheme like rocketthemes, where you have the option to purchase single template or a yearly membership. I was a member here when the price was 19.95. I thought that was a great deal at the time which Is why I jumped on it, in fact I thought you were underpricing your work.

    I still currently use one of the themes (polished) to this day and I probalby would of paid the $40.00 to get an update, however, I’m not willing to pay $70 to update a single theme every year. I would much rather be able to purchase a single template that I can receive updates for than pay a yearly fee for many templates I will never use, the fact that it’s .79 per theme doesn’t much matter if I don’t use 99% of them.

  88. Its still a bargain to echo everyone else but to grandfather existing customers on the price they signed up for is amazing quite frankly.

    I am not a big user and enjoy it mostly for personal use but for the price, product quality and friendly support, its a no brainer.

    Keep up the great work guys you deserve all the success!

    • Oops, forgot about that. Thanks πŸ™‚

  89. Thank you for rewarding loyalty and not raising prices on renewals! For that reason I’ll be sticking with you for years to come! Thank you, Nick!

  90. I, too, would like to thank you for rewarding loyalty in such a great manner. For the reason alone that you guarantee to grandfather existing customers on the sign-up-price – which I find absolutely amazing – I decided to upgrade my 2 year old Personal to Lifetime package. What a surprise to find your 20% promo in my mailbox today. That made my day. Subscribed right away. πŸ™‚

  91. The price is $ 69 a fair price. Thanks πŸ™‚

  92. Hi there:) I’m currently on search for renewing my account. I don’t see any options anywhere and my account will expire tomorrow. If it does expire… do I pay at the new rate of $69 or continue to pay $39?

  93. If I buy a developer access for a year and than after a year if i want to swtich to a lifetime access than those $89 will be deducted from that $249 offer ?

    • Yes the upgrade price will be for the difference in price between the two packages.

  94. At present, according to me you have some of the best prices for the quality of the product. Whoever asks me – I answer, it is worth buying from you.

  95. I will certainly get back to you guys. I was out for about 6 months and ready to go again.

  96. I have a lifetime access but as I’m Buddhist I’m supposed to get 7 lives. I don’t really know what’s the count of current one but assuming it’s not the last one what will be the price for my next lifetime access renewal?

  97. elegant themes are really fast and mobile responsive which makes My site rank quick in search engines Thanks elegant themes

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