Post Status Launches a New Curated WordPress Job Board

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Post Status Launches a New Curated WordPress Job Board

Some of you may get WordPress information from Post Status. The site has a blog, podcast, directory, and excellent interviews with the top WordPress professionals in the industry.

Recently, the Post Status WordPress jobs board launched, opening up opportunities for developers to get in front of the best companies for full-time gigs. In addition, the job board is designed to connect brands with WordPress developers who stand out.

WordPress directory

A Taste of the Types of Jobs Currently Listed

Post Status specifies that its job board is meant to connect the highest quality WordPress professionals with full-time jobs. Out of the current listings, it seems as if the majority of them are indeed full-time jobs. However, they do have quite a few part-time gigs included, so applicants have a little variety to look forward to.

current jobs

As for the current job listings, they have something for everyone, including full stack engineering, support, and even writing. Post Status clearly wants to make a job search and hiring experience meant for WordPress professionals and developers in general, but they haven’t limited it to only highly technical jobs.

Although this list is going to change on a weekly basis, here’s a taste of what’s being shown on the featured job listings page:

  • Back-end developer
  • Contract writer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Team lead
  • PHP engineer
  • WooCommerce support engineer
  • JS engineer
  • Customer relationship rep
  • WooCommerce developer
  • Application optimizer

And this is just a small sample of what you can find. As you can see, not everything is focused on WordPress, but they do seem to lean that way.

Who’s Allowed to Post?

The Post Status Membership club boasts around 800 club members, and it starts at $99 per year.

The membership has been around for awhile as a way to further bring together a solid community of WordPress developers.

However, Post Status has decided that in order to post to the Post Status job board, you must buy into this membership.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t include those who want to apply for jobs. Applications are open to anyone who follows the job board and notices they might be suited for a particular listing. All an applicant has to do is follow the instructions provided through the job listing. Sometimes they ask you to navigate to another application page. Other times, you simply fill out a form and attach your resume.

But back to the Post Status membership. Seeing as how you’re required to have a membership for making a listing, let’s take a look at what the the membership involves:

  • Join the Club: For $99 per year, you receive everything from members-only content to a personal directory listing.
  • Become a Patron: For $365 per year you get a prominent directory listing, lots of WordPress swag, and some special surprises throughout the year.

Membership perks

Membership Benefits

Besides the ability to make a job listing on the job board, what does a Post Status membership include?

  • They send out beautiful WordPress-related emails with news and insights. You can also access the member’s only content through the Post Status website. The emails are sent out several times per week.
  • You gain access to a WordPress directory, letting you contact and chat with others in the WordPress community. Some of these are company profiles, while others are developers or even writers. It’s set up like LinkedIn where users create posts and other information about themselves.
  • Members get invited to a private Slack channel for discussions.
  • The member’s site also includes exclusive content like videos, breakdowns, and how-tos.
  • There’s even a page with over $1,000 worth of deals. These are generally business and development-based deals, all brought to you by Post Status corporate partnerships.

How To Hear About New Job Listings

Bookmarking the Post Status WordPress jobs board would most certainly do the trick. However, signing up for the Post Status email newsletter is probably the easiest way to hear about new job listings.

This weekly digest of new jobs goes right to your inbox, eliminating the need for job seekers to keep going back to the Post Status website. All of the new jobs are highlighted in the email, and you’re able to click on the Apply button to move forward with an application.

Post Status newsletter

The Current Status of the Post Status WordPress Jobs Board

As of right now, the job board is in the beta stage. That said, it’s completely functional and has a wide range of full-time jobs for WordPress professionals to apply to. As mentioned, there is a members-only requirement for generating a job board post and sharing with the Post Status community.

However, the job board landing page suggestions that this is currently only part of the beta program. It seems like they’re testing out how this goes and potentially making changes for the future. Although I can’t imagine them giving away job postings for free (how else would they make money with it?) It’s possible that job-listers don’t respond to the membership program as expected.

Anyway, just keep in mind that the job board is in the beta stage so we could see some changes at some point. Who knows, maybe Post Status will make a completely separate membership for job posters. Maybe they’ll turn it into a one time payment for every single job listing created. But that is purely speculation.

What a Listing on the Job Board Looks Like

From the looks of it, each company seeking job candidates can generally fill in whatever they want for the job listing.

However, it all starts with informing readers of the basics.

For example, each job post has the job title and the company for which the job is for. After that, you can see whether it’s a full or part-time job and where you’re expected to work from. Some positions are remote, while others are based out of certain cities.

They have a tagline with a quick job description, but then that leads into a more detailed description and any other information deemed necessary by the employer.

For example, this FlowPress job says it’s looking for a Senior WordPress Engineer, and the listing has requirements like general skills, tools, and experiences. They explain a bit about what types of benefits can be expected and what they want sent in through the application.

job listing

Each job post has a button for applying. Some of them lead to an external link, while others (like our example) show a form with fields for things like Name, Email, Website, and Resume upload:

job application

Check Out the Post Status WordPress Jobs Board

Overall, the new job board has a sleek interface and a transparent application process. We enjoy that you can see logos from the companies and they don’t seem to have many “anonymous” companies, which makes everything run smoother for applicants.

We’ll see how the pricing structure ends up for job posters, but for now you must sign up for the membership. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple process for applicants. If you would like to check out the Post Status WordPress jobs board, submit your application for a job, or make your own job listing, be sure to check it out.

Have you used the new job board? What do you think of it? And please let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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  1. Post Status membership pays for itself. The Slack community is incredible and the discounts are helpful. The news and commentary from Brian are insightful and time-saving. No fluff, just pure usefulness. It’s exciting to see the job board rolled out.

  2. That’s going to be super helpful for a lot of people looking for jobs, especially in the niche market of WordPress! Great post, I’m going to check out Post Status’ job board right now!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tips at least this an eye opener to stay at home moms that are so many jobs that can do at home while looking after their children. Since not every mom who is talented working online at least, you have shared other offline or handmade business they can do at home

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