How to Add a Motion Slide-Out Email Optin Box with Divi’s Scroll Effects

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How to Add a Motion Slide-Out Email Optin Box with Divi’s Scroll Effects
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If you’re looking for a way to highlight your email optin box, you’ll love this post. We’ll show you, step by step, how to add motion to your email optin box. The motion email optin box appears and disappears as visitors are scrolling down the page. By doing this, chances are high that the email optin box will catch your visitors’ attention, which will hopefully result in a higher conversion rate. You’ll be able to download the JSON file for free as well!

Let’s get to it.


Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome. This tutorial works best on larger screen sizes. On smaller screen sizes, we’ll disable the entire motion email optin box so it doesn’t overlap any existing page content.

motion email optin

Download The Motion Email Optin Box Layout for FREE

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1. Upload Web Freelancer Landing Page Layout to New Page

To recreate this tutorial, we’ll use the Web Freelance Landing Page which you can find in your premade layouts.

motion email optin

Hide Page Overflows

Once you’ve uploaded the layout, open the page settings and hide the overflows in the advanced tab. This will help ensure that no horizontal scroll bar appears throughout the scrolling process.

  • Horizontal Overflow: Hidden
  • Vertical Overflow: Hidden

motion email optin

2. Create Left Email Optin Box

Add New Row to Bottom of Section

Column Structure

Time to create the motion email optin box on the left side of the page! To do that, add a new row to the bottom of a section of your choice. Use the following column structure:

motion email optin


Without adding any modules yet, open the row settings and modify the row’s width.

  • Width: 17%

motion email optin


Remove all default top and bottom padding too.

  • Top Padding: 0px
  • Bottom Padding: 0px

motion email optin

Hide on Tablet & Phone

Then, hide the entire row on smaller screen sizes in the advanced tab. The reason we’re doing this is that we don’t want the email optin box to overlap existing page content.

motion email optin

Z Index

Complete the row settings by increasing the z index.

  • Z Index: 2

motion email optin

Column Settings

Background Color

Then, open the column settings and use a background color of your choice.

  • Background Color: #0b29fa

motion email optin


Modify the padding values next.

  • Top Padding: 20%
  • Bottom Padding: 20%
  • Left Padding: 9%
  • Right Padding: 9%

motion email optin

Add Text Module #1 to Column

Add H3 Content

Time to add modules, starting with a first Text Module containing H3 content.

motion email optin

H3 Text Settings

Modify the module’s H3 text settings accordingly:

  • Heading 3 Font: Lato
  • Heading 3 Font Weight: Bold
  • Heading 3 Text Alignment: Center
  • Heading 3 Text Color: #ffffff
  • Heading 3 Text Size: 140%
  • Heading 3 Line Height: 1.2em

motion email optin

Add Text Module #2 to Column

Add Content

Add another Text Module right below the previous one with some description content of your choice.

motion email optin

Text Settings

Modify the module’s text settings as follows:

  • Text Color: #ffffff
  • Text Size: 100%
  • Text Alignment: Center

motion email optin


Add some custom top and bottom margin too.

  • Top Margin: 10%
  • Bottom Margin: 10%

motion email optin

Add Email Optin Module to Column

Leave Content Boxes Empty

The next and last module we need in this column is an Email Optin Module. Leave the title and body content boxes empty. In the previous steps of this tutorial, we’ve used regular Text Modules to show our title and description.

motion email optin

Connect Email Account

Continue by connecting your email account.

motion email optin


We’re using a single name field too.

  • Use Single Name Field: Yes

motion email optin

Remove Background Color

Then, remove the background color.

motion email optin


Move on to the design tab and change the layout next.

  • Layout: Body On Top, Form On Bottom

motion email optin

Button Settings

Continue by styling the button.

  • Use Custom Styles For Button: Yes
  • Button Background Color: #ff646c
  • Button Border Width: 0px

motion email optin

Box Shadow

And complete the module settings by adding a subtle box shadow to the Email Optin Module.

  • Box Shadow Blur Strength: 80px
  • Shadow Color: rgba(0,0,0,0.45)

motion email optin

Reposition Row

Once you’ve completed all modules in the row’s column, you can open the row settings once again and reposition the entire row as follows:

  • Position: Absolute
  • Location: Top Left

motion email optin

Add Row Scroll Effects

Vertical Motion

Then, navigate to the row’s scroll effects and add some vertical motion:

  • Enable Vertical Motion: Yes
  • Starting Offset: 0
  • Mid Offset: 0 (at 55%)
  • Ending Offset: 11
  • Motion Effect Trigger: Middle of Element

motion email optin

Horizontal Motion

Add some horizontal motion next.

  • Enable Horizontal Motion: Yes
  • Starting Offset: -7
  • Mid Offset: 0 (at 50%)
  • Ending Offset: 0
  • Motion Effect Trigger: Middle of Element

motion email optin

Fading In and Out

And complete the scroll effects by adding a fading in and out effect too.

  • Enable Fading In and Out: Yes
  • Starting Opacity: 0%
  • Mid Opacity: 100% (from 32% to 95%)
  • Ending Opacity: 0%
  • Motion Effect Trigger: Middle of Element

motion email optin

3. Place Email Optin Box on the Right

Reposition Row

To create the same effect, but on the right instead, open the row settings and change the position as follows:

  • Location: Top Right

motion email optin

Modify Row Horizontal Motion

Then, go to the scroll effects and modify the starting offset in the horizontal motion and you’re done!

  • Starting Offset: 7

motion email optin


Now that we’ve gone through all the steps, let’s take a final look at the outcome.

motion email optin

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you how to get creative with Divi’s scroll effects. More specifically, we’ve created a motion email optin box that slides out while visitors are scrolling down the page. The effect we’ve obtained is smooth and allows you to draw attention to your email optin box in a subtle way. You were able to download the JSON file for free as well! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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  1. You disabled this on mobile. Is there a version/adaptation for phones?

  2. I have images that go edge to edge. Is there a way to use this technique and have the popup stay on TOP of that content as you scroll down?

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