Free Divi Download: Get Our Fresh Farmers Market Layout Pack Today!

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Free Divi Download: Get Our Fresh Farmers Market Layout Pack Today!
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Hey Divi Nation, thanks for joining us for the next installment of our ongoing Divi Design Initiative; where each week we give away a brand new, free Divi Layout Pack (complete with gorgeous high quality images) from our design team to you.

This week Kenny and his team have created a delightfully fresh design for anyone running a Farmers Market (or any non-profit/co-op, really). It consists of eight pages that anyone can use to quickly get up and running with all the essential pages and design elements their website needs, in just a few clicks!

divi layout

Check Out The Divi Layout Pack for Farmers Markets Below

Download For Free Today!


Landing Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Home Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

About Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Blog Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Contact Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Market Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Events Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Donate Page Design


View The Live Layout Demo

Key Features

While there is a lot to like in this layout pack, we want to draw special attention to two pages: the Events page and the Donate page. For any farmers market (or other non-profit) these pages will be essential to the health and ongoing success of the organization. We’ve provided an excellent custom events page and a donation page just waiting for you to add your donation form to. In fact, you’ll want to be sure to tune back in tomorrow and Wednesday for tutorials on how to get the most out of these pages!

Live Demos

Click the links below to see a live demo for each of the layouts included in the pack.

  1. Farmers Market Landing Page (live demo)
  2. Farmers Market Homepage(live demo)
  3. Farmers Market About Page (live demo)
  4. Farmers Market Events Page (live demo)
  5. Farmers Market Market Page (live demo)
  6. Farmers Market Donate Page (live demo)
  7. Farmers Market Blog Page (live demo)
  8. Farmers Market Contact Page (live demo)

Download The Layout Pack

To use the Farmers Market Layout Pack on your own Divi website, you will first need to download it using the button below. To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our newsletter by using the form below. As a new subscriber you will receive even more Divi goodness and a free Divi Layout pack every Monday! If you’re already on the list, simply enter your email address below and click download. You will not be “resubscribed” or receive extra emails.

How To Import The Divi Layout

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Once you have downloaded the layout pack, locate the file in your downloads folder on your computer. Double click the folder to unzip it and then navigate inside the divi-farmers-market-layout-pack folder. Inside this folder you will find 9 files, eight unique layouts that you can import into your Divi Library (one at a time) and 1 “all” file you can use to import all layouts at once. To do so, navigate in your WordPress Admin to Divi > Divi Library > Import & Export.

  • Farmers-Market_All.json
  • Farmers-Market_About.json
  • Farmers-Market_Blog.json
  • Farmers-Market_Contact.json
  • Farmers-Market_Donate.json
  • Farmers-Market_Landing.json
  • Farmers-Market_Events.json
  • Farmers-Market_Home.json
  • Farmers-Market_Market.json

To load one of these layouts onto your page, activate the Divi Builder and then look for the “Load From Library” icon in the page settings bar (it looks like a plus symbol). Click this icon to launch the Load From Library popup and then navigate to the Add From Library tab. Here you can choose any of the eight layouts we’ve included in this pack to add to your page.


No Licensing Restrictions


The photos included with these layouts have no licensing restrictions. This means you can use them in all of your commercial projects without having to worry about paying licensing fees or attributing the photographer. Use them in your commercial websites, sell them within your Divi child themes, include them in your own Divi layout packs or just use them on your blog. We know how challenging it can be to find good photos and how confusing and scary the licensing that governs those photos can be. We want to fix that problem for our users.

Download the Full Res Image Assets

But Wait…There’s More!

We hope you enjoy this free Farmers Market layout pack. And to help ensure that you do, we’ll be doing a live stream on our Facebook page and Youtube Channel this Tuesday at 3pm EST to walk through what it might be like to actually use this layout for your own website instead of simply importing it and loading it up. We’ll talk header and footer design, customizer settings, converting certain sections to global, and more.
See you there!

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  1. Wow Just Awesome i love it

  2. Off topic: Is that little chat goody on the bottom right of the page. a third party plugin or part of divi?

  3. Hey guys,
    Not sure if I’m missing something here. I’ve tried to install the zip file for the Farmers Market Layout Pack but I get this message:
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
    Theme installation failed.

    Please help… 🙂

    • The same thing has happened to me. What I do?

  4. Thanks so much for this layout pack! 🙂

  5. I really appreciate your work!! Please check your image link. I think not working.

  6. Hi guys, very good job,

    Im still waiting for a modern photographer / photography modern layout pack .


  7. Hello
    Are all the previous free downloads available on a different page to subscribers/members?
    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Amazing layout. I saw the module design I’ve been longing to create…oh mine, thanks a millions ET, you’ve made us modern designers!

  9. Thanks for the layouts, as always they look great 😉

  10. So much love involved on this work! Wow! That makes my eyes shine! Thank you so much, Nathan, Elegant Themes!

  11. Super fresh guys, one of my favorites so far.

  12. Will you be making any layouts for Web design agencies?
    I know you there was the Creative Design Agency layout but will there be any layouts specifically for Web design?

  13. Are you going to make a “Recruitment Agency” and
    “Homecare” layout packs as after becoming a member, I cant find any.

  14. Hi,
    Thank you for all the amazing layout pack, much appreciated.

    Is there any chance you could make a layout pack for a Make-up Artist?

    All the best.

  15. You are awesome! The layout packs are so great that I could almost cry. I cannot wait for the next one to arrive.

  16. Hi Nathan,

    Any plans to do a layout for Event Hire Locations. I haven’t found any great layouts for venues for hire (from stadiums to convention centers…).


  17. Wao! Thanks Elegant themes for this great freebie.

  18. Every Monday is brighter with your layouts. Keep ’em coming. Thanks!

  19. This is fantastic – I specialize in making sites and online marketing for farms and I love this!

    Thank you soooooo much! I can’t wait to use it!

    • Kathleen, that’s a great focus that I’m interested in. Do you have a website?

      • Hey Tim,

        It’s under construction…lol!

        What’s your interest regarding? Are you a farmer?


  20. Thank you ElegantGuys, for all articles, themes, plugins, support, freebies … a big thank for everything 🙂

  21. Wow Great! This is something very unique layout!! Farmer special!! Wow!! Surely gonna use this sometimes! Thank a ton Divi and ET Team!! Thanks Nathan!! :-))

  22. Very small niche for this in 15 years never a client of this area. anyway is a great free layout thanks so much. That said would be great to have layouts for Coaches, freelancers, restaurants, web designers.

    But looking to your black friday stuff maybe this is in that package so thanks again elegant themes for providing value here. This layouts help us a lot for a good starting point in our next projects. Good week to all of you.

    • > “would be great to have layouts for Coaches, freelancers, restaurants, web designers.”

      The last one really has me stumped…
      Layouts for web designers? 😀

  23. Hi,

    Thanks for this great layout-pack. I can’t download the images just like Gerhard. Hope the link will work soon.

    • Its fixed already. Thanks!

  24. There’s a typo in the image download link, its should be “farmers” not “farners.” Correct that in your address bar and the zip file downloads.

  25. Nice thanks. please fix images, link doesnt work.

    • My bad, did not see the comment above

  26. For those not able to download the high resolution Images, the zip file has farmers spelled incorrectly. If you click on the link, then on the 404 page, change ‘farners’ to ‘farmers’, your download will work.

    • It’s fixed now.

  27. The link to the images is incorrect. farmers has an m not an n

    • It’s fixed now.

  28. Thanks for the layouts!

    Please fix the link to download the images

  29. Hallo Nathan,

    Thank you so much for this layout. Please have a look at the images download link as it does not connect to the intended data.

    • Sorry about that, it’s fixed now. Download away!

    • +1

  30. Hi,

    Will you be making any layouts for Web design agencies?

    I know you there was the Creative Design Agency layout but will there be any layouts specifically for Web design?

    • David, try the Divi layout for Design Agency. I’m thinking about using it but haven’t tried yet. Let me know what you think.

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