Download The Second FREE Theme Builder Pack For Divi

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Download The Second FREE Theme Builder Pack For Divi

Hey Divi Nation, thanks for joining us in a very special installment of our ongoing Divi design initiative.  Today we’re sharing the second theme builder pack that’ll help you set up a website from A to Z.  This theme builder pack is part of our big Divi 4.0 celebration. We want to give back to you, the Divi community, by providing you with 6 awesome theme builder packs that you can use right away.

So, let’s take a quick look at the second theme builder pack and how to use it!

divi layout

What is Divi 4.0 And
The Divi Theme Builder?

Learn More About Divi 4.0

Introducing The Divi Theme Builder

The Divi Theme Builder is a fully-featured website templating system that allows you to use the Divi Builder to structure your website and edit any part of the Divi Theme including headers, footers, post templates, category templates and more. Each Theme Builder template consists of a custom Header, Footer and Body layout. These three areas can be built and customized using the Divi Builder and its full set of modules along with Dynamic Content.

Learn More About Divi 4.0

divi layout

Check Out The Second
Theme Builder Pack Below

Get it for free today!

theme builder pack 2

Global Header Template

theme builder pack 2

View The Live Layout Demo

Global Footer Template

theme builder pack 2

View The Live Layout Demo

Post Template

theme builder pack 2

View The Live Layout Demo

Product Page Template

theme builder pack 2

View The Live Layout Demo

404 Page Template

theme builder pack 2

View The Live Layout Demo

Category Page Template

theme builder pack 2

View The Live Layout Demo

Key Features

For the second theme builder pack, Kenny and his team have turned the Elegant Themes website into different templates that you can use for your upcoming Divi project. The theme builder pack includes a user-friendly post template and a footer template with an eye-catching CTA design.

Live Demos

Click the links below to see a live demo for each of the layouts included in the pack.

  1. Theme Builder Pack 2 Post Template (live demo)
  2. Theme Builder Pack 2 Product Page Template (live demo)
  3. Theme Builder Pack 2 404 Template (live demo)
  4. Theme Builder Pack 2 Category Page Template (live demo)

Download The Theme Builder Pack

To use the second theme builder pack on your own Divi website, you will first need to download it using the button below. To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily email list by using the form below. As a new subscriber you will receive even more Divi goodness and a free Divi Layout pack every Monday! If you’re already on the list, simply enter your email address below and click download. You will not be “resubscribed” or receive extra emails.

How To Import The Theme Builder Pack

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Once you have downloaded the theme builder pack, locate the file in your downloads folder on your computer. Double click the folder to unzip it and then navigate inside the divi-theme-builder-pack-2 folder. Inside this folder, you will find one file that contains all the different templates and an individual file for each separate template as well.

To upload the Theme Builder Pack to your website, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Divi > Theme Builder. You can select the individual layout you desire or choose the ‘all’ file to important everything at once.

  • theme-builder-pack-2-all.json
  • theme-builder-pack-2-default-website-template.json
  • theme-builder-pack-2-product-page-template.json
  • theme-builder-pack-2-post-template.json
  • theme-builder-pack-2-category-page-template.json
  • theme-builder-pack-2-404-page-template.json

architecture website pack

Important: when you import the files without unchecking the boxes, the templates will automatically affect your entire website. Make sure you double-check these options before uploading a file.

theme builder pack 2

No Licensing Restrictions

theme builder pack 2

The photos included with these templates have no licensing restrictions. This means you can use them in all of your commercial projects without having to worry about paying licensing fees or attributing the photographer. Use them in your commercial websites, sell them within your Divi child themes, include them in your own Divi layout packs or just use them on your blog. We know how challenging it can be to find good photos and how confusing and scary the licensing that governs those photos can be. We want to fix that problem for our users.

Download the Full Res Image Assets

The Third Theme Builder Pack is Coming Your Way Tomorrow!

We hope you enjoy this theme builder pack. We look forward to hearing your opinions in the comment section below. Make sure you check back tomorrow for another beautiful theme builder pack!

divi layout

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Premade Layouts

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  1. Hello Donjete,
    I think the header need more options for the mobile view any plan in near future for that ?
    Best regards

  2. Why these are not imported in localhost…. It displays a cross icon….. Why

    • Me too!!
      do you find a solution?

  3. Yayyy.
    I love this layout. ?

    Thank you, ET. ?

  4. Who was the winner of the MacBook Pro?
    Can’t seem to find details of the draw anywhere.

    • Why aren’t those available from divi cloud library?

      • These aren’t layouts and cannot be imported onto a page. These are Theme Builder packs and should be imported into the new Theme Builder.

        • the header is not responsible, and again “” theme builder can not build a beautiful and responsive header, you can not put several inline elements, which unfortunate to wait so many years and be so deprecated

    • A certain Stephen G. – Nick mentioned it yesterday.

  5. Thank you for this opportunity to test the new Divi theme builder. I’m not techy so I’m interested to see how I go with this.

  6. Layout is very attractive.

  7. great layout, one more time you rock’s!
    Thanks DIVI!

  8. How in the heck do I download the theme pack 2?
    You state… To gain access to the download you will need to subscribe to our Divi Daily email list by using the form below.

    The only form is the one for comments. Is this it?

    Why must you make it so confusing—Just provide the link to those of us who are already members.

  9. Thanks. One question:
    How can you import a HEADER into an existing divi website . Only need the header

  10. I thought that the entire header of the site would be minimized to the mobile menu, but this does not happen, so I do not see the possibility of using the theme designer yet.

  11. Very nice layout. i like it very much.

  12. Can you please add a Product Category Archive Page done with the Divi Builder that does not show the standard woocommerce layout? When we see this one we can start thinking we can replace Woo Layout Injector 🙂

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