Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi FilterGrid

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Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi FilterGrid
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Divi FilterGrid is a plugin that allows you to display blog post and custom post type content in a grid with complex filters and advanced options beyond the capabilities of the default post module. Divi FilterGrid integrates with Divi and works just like any other module, with plenty of design options and advanced customization capabilities.

If you are looking for a way to display posts or other content, such as projects or events, on your website with advanced filtering options, this could be a great plugin for you. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Divi FilterGrid and help you decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Let’s get started!

Installing Divi FilterGrid

Divi FilterGrid can be installed just like any other WordPress plugin. Open the plugins page in the WordPress dashboard and click Add New. Click Upload Plugin at the top, then select the plugin file.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Install

Once the plugin is installed, activate the plugin.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Activate

Next, open a page with the Divi Builder and click the grey plus icon to add a new module. You should see the Divi FilterGrid module available in the list of modules.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Insert Module

Divi FilterGrid

With the Divi FilterGrid plugin, you can display a collection of posts or any custom post type in a customizable, feature-rich grid module. Because you can display any post type, you can use this module to display all sorts of content, such as events, projects, locations, testimonials, and much more. You have full control over the content displayed for the items in the grid. Additionally, you can use advanced query options to select the items you want to display in the grid. In the plugin settings, you can enable filtering settings for the grid, allowing users to filter using categories, tags, and custom taxonomies. You can also enable a search function.

The plugin comes with many ways to customize the function and layout. You can select from different column and layout types to achieve different looks and modify the spacing and ordering of the items. In addition to all of the default design options in the design tab, there are preset skins you can select to change the appearance of the grid items. Divi FilterGrid is powerful in its features and customizability and unlocks a new world of possibilities for dynamically displaying content on your website.

Now, let’s look at the different settings that come with Divi FilterGrid.

Content Tab Settings


The query option is where you select the type of posts or custom posts you want to display. You can choose from Basic (posts only), Advanced (any custom post type), Archive Page (category, search, etc.), Related Posts (related to current post), Manual (Post IDs), and Custom (create your own query).

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Query Type

As you can see, there are many different ways to pull post content into your filter grid, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to utilize Divi FilterGrid for all sorts of use cases. The more advanced options allow you to show very specific subsets of content. We’ll get into some other ways you can filter the content in your grid below.

Basic Query Settings

If the Basic (post only) query type is selected, the following options will be displayed. Include Categories is where you can select the post categories you would like displayed. You can also set the number of posts to display, set an offset number, and order the grid by ascending or descending.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Filter Settings

The grid order can be modified by various parameters, such as date, title, random, comment count, post type, search relevance, etc.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Order By

Rounding off the basic query settings, you can additionally choose to show or hide private posts, only display posts from the current author, ignore sticky posts, remove the current post, and modify the empty results text.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Basic Filter Settings 3

Advanced Query Settings

The advanced query type lets you pull any custom post type into the grid. You can use the advanced query settings to select post types, use and select taxonomies, change the taxonomy relation, select terms, change the terms relation, include child terms, exclude taxonomies, exclude taxonomies relation, and exclude terms, in addition to all of the settings available for the basic query type.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Advanced Query

Archive Query Settings

The archive page query type is for use on an archive or search page. It will detect the page you have added the FilterGrid module to and will automatically display the relevant posts. For example, you can add the module to a category archive page on your website, and it will return the relevant posts.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Archive Query

Related Posts Query Settings

Next, the related posts query type can be used within a post or added to a post template. It will display related posts depending on the related taxonomies you set in the Divi FilterGrid settings.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Related Post Query

Manual Query Settings

The manual query type allows you to include posts by IDs instead of by a category or taxonomy. This allows you to assign specific posts to be viewed in the FilterGrid.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Manual Query

Custom Query Settings

Finally, the custom query settings allow you to create your own query to pull content into the Filter Grid. When this option is selected, it will look within your child theme’s function.php file for the dpdfg_custom_query_args filter, which is where you can build out a custom query.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Custom Query

Posts Elements

Next is the post elements settings, where you can customize the elements shown in the FilterGrid.

First is the click action setting. This option lets you control what happens when the grid item is clicked. The options are:

  • None
  • Link to post
  • Show post in a popup
  • Show feature image in a lightbox
  • Show all feature images in the lightbox gallery
  • Open a custom lightbox gallery

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Click Action

Here is an example of the show post in popup option.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Popup

You can also show or hide the featured image, change the thumbnail size, enable or disable the overlay, show or hide the title, add a link to the title, show or hide the post meta, change the meta separator, show or hide the author, set the author prefix, show the date, show the terms, show the comment count, show the content, show the click action button, show the read more button, set the link target, show custom content, enable custom content/custom fields wrapper, and use custom URLs. With so many ways to customize the appearance and content of the FilterGrid, you can easily create the perfect layout for your website.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Post Elements


The filter settings are where you can customize the look and function of the FilterGrid filters at the top. The first setting is to enable or disable the filter. Next, the trigger filters setting modifies when the filters are triggered. The options are:

  • After each filter is clicked
  • After clicking a button (a “filter” button is added)
  • After last level is selected (for parent/child levels).

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Filters Settings

You can also switch the filter layout from button to dropdown, show placeholder active filters, change the dropdown layout text, use MultiSelect filters, use custom filters, set a default filter, hide the all filter button, modify the All text, set the filters to be ordered ascending or descending, and set property the filters are ordered by.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Dropdown Select


Within the pagination settings, you can activate pagination and change the pagination type (paged, load more button, or load more on scroll). If the paged pagination type is selected, you can change the previous and next icons, modify the previous and next text, select the number of pagination pages, and activate the first/last buttons.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Pagination Settings


Through the search settings, you can enable a search bar to appear along with the FilterGrid. This allows you to search through the FilterGrid results. You can customize the placeholder text and search position and order the search results by relevance.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Search


The video settings allow you to display a video preview instead of the featured image for posts containing a video. You can customize the click action for videos and change design elements such as the overlay color and icon.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Video


The cache option enables AJAX caching, which helps reduce the load time for grid pages by storing cache in the users’ browsers.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Cache

Design Tab Settings

The design tab is where you can completely customize the style of the FilterGrid.


Under the layout section, you can select the number of dropdown filter columns, choose a layout, select a skin, change the item’s width, row gutter, and grid font size. There are 7 different layouts to choose from: grid, list, fullwidth, grid masonry, flex, standard masonry, and none (allows you to create a custom CSS design). There are also 6 skins to choose from: default, midnight, left vertical filters, items in overlay, zoom image, and library. Pictured below is the standard masonry layout and midnight skin.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Layout Settings


The popup settings help you customize the popup design that can appear if selected as the on-click option. The default template will display the post content similar to how it would appear on the post page. However, you can create new popup templates in the Divi Library for custom design. In the popup settings, you can also change the popup width, maximum width, overlay color, content CSS, add rounded corners, change border styles, and add a box shadow.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Popup

The other design settings in this tab are the default settings that come with most Divi modules, so we won’t cover them in detail here. But here is what you can customize using those settings: All text styles, including filter, search, and pagination text, all buttons, sizing, spacing, border, box-shadow, filters, transform, and animation. You can combine these options to create a truly unique design for your FilterGrid.

Advanced Tab Settings

The advanced tab doesn’t have any extra settings that come with Divi FilterGrid, but you can use all of the default Advanced options (CSS, attributes, conditions, visibility, transitions, position, and scroll effects) to elevate your design even more.

Divi FilterGrid Examples

Now, let’s take a look at a couple of examples of Divi FilterGrid in action.

Example 1

For our first example, we have a basic (recent posts) FilterGrid with button filters, midnight skin, and grid masonry layout. I enabled a post excerpt and the meta information for this layout and added a Read More button as well. For the styling, I customized the fonts and button styles in the design tab.

Example 2

Example 2 features a dropdown filter, a search bar on the left, and the posts on the right. The grid displays the post’s featured information, title, and author. On hover, an overlay and icon appear over the featured image.

Divi Plugin Highlight Divi FilterGrid Example 2

Purchase Divi FilterGrid

Divi FilterGrid is available in the Divi Marketplace. It costs $79 for unlimited website usage and 1 year of support and updates. The price also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

divi filtergrid tutorial

Final Thoughts

Divi FilterGrid makes it easy to display your blog content or other website content in a beautiful, easily customizable grid. The abundance of filtering options makes it a great fit to accomplish just about anything you might want to do, and the documentation for the product is extensive and easy to follow. If you need to organize content in a grid on your page or want a more powerful plugin to display posts from your blog, this might be the right product for you.

We would love to hear from you! Have you tried Divi FilterGrid? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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  1. Can you filter by post author?

    • Hi John! You can filter on any taxonomy and term. Unfortunately the post author is neither. You can create a custom query that would allow you to query a specific author or multiple authors, but the filters can not currently be generated with author names.

      I can see how this would be very helpful though. We’ll look into it and see if we can add this as a feature.

      As a workaround, you can create a global module with your author filter buttons. Each button will link to an author page that you would need to create. Each author will have his/her own page. On each author page, you could then display this global module and below that display posts from that author using our plugin. Our Custom Query option allows you to create a different custom query for different pages.

      We’ll look into adding author filters to make this much easier, but depending on how many different authors you have on your site, the workaround above might not be a bad option.

  2. This is really close to Portfolio Posts Pro, another plugin by Divi Plugins. So close, that I’m confused why a second plugin was created and the first wasn’t extended. Since the settings layout is a bit different it was hard to inventory and compare, but they are pretty darn similar. I’d love to hear what use cases were better for each one.

    • Hi Jules! That’s a great question and probably something we could do a much better job conveying on our site. We’re really good at building plugins. Marketing, not so much 🙂

      Portfolio Posts Pro basically copies the existing portfolio modules in Divi and adds additional functionality and features. But a lot of the HTML and CSS are borrowed from the original portfolio modules in Divi. Because of this, we were limited in what we could do with the plugin.

      Divi FilterGrid has similar features and functionality, but it’s built from the ground up. All of the HTML and CSS is independent of Divi’s existing portfolio modules. This allowed us to do a lot of things we couldn’t do in Portfolio Posts Pro like:
      – Build the layout on CSS Grid, an extremely flexible framework that makes it easy to modify the position and order each element within each grid item (and the grid itself). The entire layout is built using multiple CSS grids.
      – Add AJAX filters and pagination, including a load more button and load on scroll option
      – Add Skin options. Because the layout is built on CSS Grid, it’s really easy to make dramatic layout changes using CSS only
      – Make it easy to change the number of columns in the grid using a slider in the module’s settings
      – Add more control over the query and filters, allowing more complex solutions

      Hopefully this makes it a little more clear why Divi FilterGrid is different! It would have been impossible to extend our other plugin with all of these features without breaking existing layouts. And the first question we ask ourselves when adding a feature is “Will this break existing layouts?” If yes, we find another way.

      • Brad – Thank you for the clarification. That was really helpful!

  3. This plugin/new feature looks very promising. But like so many wonderful new Divi features and elaborate explanations how to use them, the upfront summary is awful at providing a quick overview of why a reader should care. Yes, the concept of a better filter is very appealing. But I want to see a quick summary of the feature in practice before I read on. Perhaps most other readers are more sophisticated than me and can immediately understand what a new feature is about. Alas, if many such readers exist, I am not one of them.

  4. Divi FilterGrid is really good. I am using it on my website for a couple of months now. It really stands out from the rest as you said.

    • Thanks John! Glad you like the plugin.

  5. Hi Brown
    In the pro version would it be possible to only display the image without the click through? We wanted to use this plugin for a staff rotator but they dont want to click through to individual content (assuming that by not having an archive this would be disabled but not sure).

    Would we also be able to have the text in a custom field (what drives the custom field functionality?) that has all the text for each staff member on the slider OR would we need to change the WordPress limitations on how long a excerpt goes for.
    Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I understand everything.

    • Hi Steve. I believe you may be referring to our Owl Carousel plugin? If so, yes you can display images without linking to anything. And yes with all of our plugins that display posts and custom post types, you can display an excerpt, custom fields, or custom content from each post. Please visit our site and click on Support -> Email Us if you have any other pre-sales questions.

  6. Hello,
    and thank you for this article.

    Is it possible with the plugin to use different posts of different taxonomies in one query? For example 3 posts of a certain category and at the 4th place a single post with a special custom taxonomy (if available – otherwise at the 4th place also a normal post)?

  7. I would like to know those answers too, following. Thanks!~

  8. Thanks Randy for taking the time to review our plugin! It’s hard to keep up with comments on here so if anyone has any questions, please hop over to our site and shoot us a message.

  9. Hey, I bought this plugin and have to say i have not been disappointed. Great review BTW.

  10. This plugin really looks promising! It really could be the answer for a feature I missed in Divi, yet. I guess, I’ll give it a try 🙂
    Thanks for the review!

  11. Hi, can you filter by date?

  12. I own this plugin and love it for its flexibility. There is also a Woo extension to do product filtering. THEN as an added bonus, the support team is magical and kind.

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