Divi Plugin Highlight: Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra

Posted on October 28, 2017 by 27 Comments

Divi Plugin Highlight: Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra
Blog / Divi Resources / Divi Plugin Highlight: Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra

Caldera Forms does a great job of blending in with the styling of your website. What if you wanted to style it using the familiar styling tools of the Divi and Extra Theme Customizer? You can do this with a third-party plugin called Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra.

Caldera Forms can be styled using the standard Theme Customizer options, however, these options style the theme. This means if you change the style of your form’s text you also change the style of your website’s body text. If you wanted to style your forms separately from your content you would normally have to style by hand with CSS. Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra solves that problem by adding styling features to the Theme Customizer.

In this plugin highlight we’ll take a look at the Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra plugin and see just how easy it is to use. This third-party plugin can be purchased through Caldera Forms. As the name suggests, it works with both Divi and Extra.

Installation and Activation

Upload and activate the plugin as normal. There are no settings to adjust. The features are ready to use.

Customizing a Form

I’ve inserted the default contact form into a page with all of the default styling. I’ll make all of my adjustments to this form one at a time. Then we’ll see an example or two.

The new styling features are added to the Theme Customizer. Open the Theme Customizer (or Module Customizer – they both work) and click on Caldera Forms Style Customizer.

This adds 20 new customization tabs to customize every aspect of the form including text, buttons, fields, toggle switches, date picker, breadcrumbs, etc. Here’s a look at each setting.

Text Fields

Text Fields changes the color of the text, placeholder, and border, as well as border width, border radius, and single line height of the fields.

Text Fields Hover

Text Fields Hover changes the text, field, and border colors.

Text Fields Focus

Text Fields Focus changes the color of the text, background, and border of the field that has focus. In this example the field in the center has hover but the field with the dark background has focus.

Dropdown Select

Dropdown Select customizes the background, text, arrow, and border colors. You can also adjust the border width and radius.

Dropdown Select Hover

Dropdown Select Hover controls the color of the background, text, arrow, and border on hover.

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons adjusts the color of the selected items of your checkboxes and radio buttons.

Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches adjusts the colors of the background, font, and border of both the unselected and selected switch individually. You can also adjust the border width and radius of both switches together.

Toggle Switches Hover

Toggle Switches Hover adjusts the colors of the background, font, and border of the selected and non-selected switch independently. This is the non-selected switch.

The blue one is the selected switch.

Submit Button

Submit Button controls the background, font, and border colors, and the border radius, button width and its location. You can also adjust the font size and letter spacing. A text transform feature changes the case of the text. Choose lower case, upper case, capital, initial, or inherit.

Submit Button Hover

Submit Button Hover controls the hover colors for the background, font, and border.

Reset Button

Reset Button controls the background, font, and border colors. You can also adjust the size of the font and letter spacing, button width, button position, border width, and border radius. This one also has text transform.

Reset Button Hover

Reset Button Hover adjusts the button colors for the background, text, and border.

Other Buttons

Caldera has several other types of buttons. Other Buttons controls everything except Submit and Reset. Adjust the colors for the font, border, and background, and adjust the border width and radius. In this example I’ve created Previous and Next buttons.

Other Buttons Hover

Other Buttons Hover controls the hover colors for the fonts, border, and background.

Date Picker

Date Picker includes regular and hover colors within the same tab. Adjust the colors for the font and background. In this example I’m hovering over the 10 and the 12 is selected.

Upload File List

Upload File List controls the colors for the background and text within the list of files that are uploaded.

Section Break

Section Break controls the section break’s color, border width, and top and bottom margins.


Breadcrumbs lets you choose the colors for the fonts for both the active page and other links, the separator, background, and border. Adjust the border width and radius.

Success Alert

Success Alert adjusts the font, background, and border colors, and the border radius and width. It also adjusts the box height.


Miscellaneous gives you control over the colors for the required icon, fields in error, description text, credit card color, and credit card icon position. The description text includes the font size, letter spacing, and text transform options. I’ve chosen uppercase.


I created a resume upload form (actually this is built into Caldera Forms, but I did click the button to select it), and set it as a modal. First I want to style the page with the Divi Builder.

I’ve added a background image and selected colors that contrast rather than blend with the background.

This one uses the same settings with a different background. This time I didn’t use the form in a modal. Rather than having a white background, the form fields are placed directly over the image.

Import Export

It’s easy to import or export your Caldera Forms styles that you’ve created in the customizer. In Dashboard go to Caldera Forms, Styles – Import / Export. This imports and exports the styles as a JSON file, allowing you to easily use your Caldera Form styles on any website that uses this plugin. All of your styling will be overwritten with the styling of the imported file.

License and Support

The plugin can be purchased as a one year license (annual recurring). The license allows the plugin to be used on one, five, or fifteen websites (depending on which tier you choose) and includes one year of support and updates.

Final Thoughts

It found this plugin easy to use. The Customizer settings are intuitive. They’re labeled well and arranged in a way that makes sense. I had no trouble finding any of the settings I wanted. I would like to see any easy way to get back to the default settings all at once or make global adjustments (such as increasing or decreasing the overall darkness of all the colors). That’s probably not realistic, but it sounds interesting.

It’s not possible to style individual forms with the Customizer settings. All forms use this same styling as a global setting and will have to be styled on an individual basis using the styling features of Caldera. This is the nature of the Theme Customizer. If you’re interested in styling your Caldera Forms on a global basis there’s no easier way to do it than to use Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried the Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra plugin? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Featured Image via Irina Strelnikova / shutterstock.com

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  1. The plugin looks good, but $100 for 1 site?
    No thanks – that’s far too expensive.

  2. As nice as the plugin may be, it’s priced ridiculously high for what is essentially an add-on with a single site, one year license. I’ll keep styling my forms by hand and save a couple hundred bucks a year TYVM.

  3. Great plugin but I’m confused – maybe somebody can help me understand.

    Love all Divi & ET does for the community, by the way.

    I use Caldera & Gravity – both are great. I just don’t understand the pricing they’ve come up with – $100 “per website” just seems so out of place for WordPress (and ET) – I have now over 50 sites with forms on them, so this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    They should have included this as part of the Caldera “full license” and they’d leave Gravity in their dust (IMO). My comments are in the spirit of constructive dialogue only.

    #divirocks #peace

    • Maybe I am wrong but I understood it to be a third party add on not made by Caldera though they have it on the site for sale. So I don’t think they price it. I could be wrong though.

  4. A nice plug-in, great way to make forms look amazing. Although the price is a little steep.

    Feature request, any chance the link field can be auto-complete with existing WordPress links?

  5. Great plugin and thanks for the post, but really is an insane market price. $100, for one site, really?

    • That is what they want. If they want lots of sales they need to cut the price.

  6. 100 $ per website, and one year license ?

    • Vastly overpriced for what it does.

  7. Maybe I am wrong but I understood it to be a third party add on not made by Caldera though they have it on the site for sale. So I don’t think they price it. I could be wrong though.

  8. No thanks.

  9. Wow, sorry but way very priced for the market.

    • 🙂 Should have read “Wow, sorry but way overpriced for the market.”

  10. $100/yr for a site? HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I have amazing forms made free in jotform and thy work with any them. Why would ET even blog about something like this, so unnecessary…

  11. Hey fellows, don’t give the dev such a hard time. It surely was only a typo and it is meant to cost $10 and not $100 – I mean it would be ridiculous to charge that much for such a simple thing. ^^

  12. With that price?No way… I prefer to wait for the creators of divi to surprise us by injecting improvements in the contact form included.

    • I hope to

  13. Nope, I checked it’s $100.00

    I could see telling one of my clients that I will be adding an additional $100.00 to their site build for a plugin to style their forms and $50.00 per year forever!

    Not going to happen.

  14. Was looking promising until I saw the price! Ridiculous, and I’m a little annoyed that Divi’s form doesn’t already have a date picker function and half of these functions already.

  15. Everyone’s talking about the price. I for one, am not concerned about the price.

    Reason: I use Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms.

    So.. yeah..

  16. It is beautiful plugin, will install on our new site soon. thanks 🙂

  17. Not at that price! Even Divi doesn’t charge that much.

    Offer a lifetime license at $150 for unlimited sites, or take a zero off that 100.

  18. $89 for an elegantthemes subscription. I have divi, extra and all themes. Moreover, I have all the plugins. Unlimited sites per year. And now I’m going to pay $100 for customizing a form. 1 year and 1 site. Of course… This plugin will be a big success…

  19. YIKES! 100usd!

  20. Really nice ans useful plugin. The price, however, is way too high. Will stick to CSS fumbling….

  21. Never used Caldera, little bit overpriced im staying on Gravity and C7

    • I’m thinking I wouldn’t have wasted my time going through such a detailed tutorial and THEN discovering the price. Maybe tell me the downside, first. Who knows, I MAY WANT my next car to be a Lamborghini Aventador.

      Not a good blogging decision for this audience.Clearly, everyone here agrees. With 2 exceptions, I guess.

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