9 Divi Layouts for Veterinarian Websites

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9 Divi Layouts for Veterinarian Websites
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Divi is a great choice to build websites for veterinarians. You can build the sites from scratch, but to save time you can choose a professionally designed layout or child theme. In this article, we’ll look at 9 Divi layouts for veterinarian websites to help you get a head start on your next Divi project.

Some of these layouts are from membership sites. Access to them requires either a monthly or yearly subscription, and the membership includes access to many more products. Where this is the case, I’ve provided the price for the minimum membership and explained what’s included. I’ve provided the best link possible to see the available pages and price. Some are search links rather than direct product links. The layouts are in no particular order (well, actually, they’re in the order I found them).

1. Veterinarian Layout Pack

Veterinarian Layout Pack from Elegant Themes was designed for veterinarians and comes with 7 pages including a landing page, home page, services, service, blog, contact, and an about page. The landing page displays a full-screen CTA with a title and description on one side and graphics on the other with buttons under them. It also displays office hours, company information, links to the doctors, videos, and more. The images are displayed within circular shapes. The other pages follow the design but add alternating layouts and smaller CTAs. They include graphics and images that are free to use in your projects.

Price: Free | More Information

2. Ameripet

Ameripet is a one-page design for animal clinics with a hero section, services, testimonials, and a custom footer. The hero section shows a background image with a title, tagline, and description on one side with connected buttons. Services are shown within bullets in two columns next to an image. A blog section allows you to describe your services in further detail. Testimonials add a thin border to stand out. Contact information is provided in the footer within blurbs. Many section backgrounds and highlights are in blue.

Price: $10 | More Information

3. Pets Layout

Pets Layout is a one-page design for veterinarian clinics, animal training classes, pet shops, pet grooming, and more. It includes lots of styled modules. The hero section displays a full-screen background with a CTA in the foreground. Company information is provided within blurbs next to a large image. Services are shown within blurbs that have the same background as the row and include box shadows to stand out. The contact section includes blurbs with styled icons. Other modules include testimonials, contact form, number counters, a blog, a map, and social buttons.

Price: Free | More Information

4. Veterinary

Veterinary is a one-page layout for veterinary offices. The hero section displays a background image with a CTA in the overlay and images of the doctors overlapping that leads to the next section. The next section provides an area for text and a testimonial. Types of animals that the office handles are shown in a section of photos in four columns with text and buttons that alternate with images or text on top. Team members are displayed with styled person modules in a parallax section. It also includes a large quote section, styled testimonials, an image gallery, a contact form, and contact information over background images.

Price: $149 (1 year membership, includes all layouts) | More Information

5. Veterinary 2

Veterinary 2 is a one-page design for veterinary offices that includes a full-screen background image and a CTA in the overlay on one side and a reservation form on the other. A blog section overlaps this section’s angled divider. Services are shown within styled blurbs and include hand-drawn multi-colored icons and hover effects. A section about the benefits shows bullets with a button for more information and an embedded video over a background image and angled dividers. It also includes blurbs for how we work, a CTA with an image gallery, and a curtain footer with contact information over a background image.

Price: $149 (1 year membership includes all layouts) | More Information

6. Vet

Vet was designed for veterinarians and includes three pages: Home, About Us, and Contact. The home page shows a full-screen background image with a tagline across the top. An information section shows text in one column and contact information in the other within large blocks so they stand out. Services are shown within blurbs using icons and a title in 6 columns. It also includes testimonials, services with images and a button to see more information, a styled contact CTA with a background image and a styled divider, and a custom footer with contact info.

Price: $10 (1 month membership, includes all products for Freelancer-level and below) | More Information

7. Care Pet

Care Pet is a one-page layout that was designed with lots of pet services in mind including pet health care, grooming, and more. The hero section displays a full-width slider with a CTA in the overlay. The next section provides information about the company with text, a styled button, and an image. Services are described with images, text, and dividers. The images include hover animations. Styled testimonials provide reviews. Another information section includes a styled accordion and blurbs. Other sections include number counters, a gallery, a CTA, and a contact form with information.

Price: $20 (1 month membership, includes all products for Agency-level and below) | More Information

8. Pet Care Layout

The Pet Care layout is a one-page design for pet health care and adoption businesses. The hero section displays a full-width image with a CTA. A section about what they do shows services within blog posts. A two-column section shows number counters on one side and testimonials in the other. The layout also includes a gallery, a shop section to show products with hover animation, a full-width CTA in parallax, and a contact section that provides information in overlays of images with hover animation.

Price: $10 (1 month membership, includes all products for Freelancer-level and below) | More Information

9. Pet Care Template

The Pet Care template was designed with pet health companies in mind that provide other services such as grooming and training. It comes with three pages: Home, About, and Contact. The hero section shows a full-width background image with a CTA in the overlay. Services are shown with blurbs in alternating shades of yellow. A full-width appointment CTA provides a button on one side and an image on the other. Company information is provided with two columns overlapped by icons. It also includes styled person modules, an elegant testimonial, a contact form with an overlapping image, and blurbs for contact information.

Price: $99 (1 year membership, includes all layouts) | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 9 amazing Divi layouts for veterinarian websites. Deigns include both single and multi-page options, and they can be expanded even further using the sections within the layouts. Whether you want to show your services, book appointments, blog, or sell products, these 9 Divi layouts are sure to have what you need to get you started.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these Divi layouts for veterinarian websites? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

Featured Image via Isarapic / shutterstock.com

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