Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: The Very First Video Screencast Of The New Builder In Action

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Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: The Very First Video Screencast Of The New Builder In Action
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Welcome to Day 66 of our Divi 100 Marathon. Keep tuning in for 100 days in a row of awesome Divi resources as we count down to the amazing release of Divi 3.0 on the final day of the series!

Divi 3.0 is officially launching in 34 days and as we get closer to finalizing the new builder it’s getting harder and harder to contain our excitement! Even though 3.0 is not yet finished, I just couldn’t wait 34 more days to show you what we have been working on. So I decided to do something we have never done before and put together the most revealing Divi 3.0 sneak peek yet: a full length video screencast of the new visual builder in action. There are still features that need to be merged, bugs that need to be squashed and UI elements that need to be polished, but overall the new builder is looking very solid and we are eager to start beta testing next week.

If you haven’t been following along with the Divi 100 marathon and the countdown to Divi 3.0, then be sure to check out our first and second sneak peeks. These contain more info about what Divi 3.0 is all about and what you can expect when it’s released on September 7th. 3.0 is the biggest and most transformative update we have ever given Divi. It will introduce an entirely new and modern visual editing experience built with React. It’s incredibly fast (probably the fastest website building experience you have ever seen), the UI is beautiful and the visual nature of the builder is pure magic. It’s going to completely change the way you build websites, but don’t just take my word for it, watch the video below for a small taste of what Divi 3.0 has to offer.

Divi 3.0 (Alpha) In Action

This video offers a tiny glimpse at the new Divi Builder as it exists in its current stage of development. If you have been wondering what Divi 3.0 is all about, this is it. We’d love to know what you think, so please drop as a line in the comments!


Divi 100 Day 66

The Countdown To Divi 3.0

This post is part of our Divi 100 marathon. Follow along as we post free Divi resources for 100 days in a row! This 100-day countdown will end with the game-changing release of Divi 3.0, including our brand new visual editor built from the ground up using React. Divi 3.0 will change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder forever!
Let the countdown begin.

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  1. Only 5 hours! Come oooon!

  2. awesome !

  3. Nick, I BEG you, no more vids w/bright purple backgrounds! Violates all graphic guidelines. It’s a very intense color.

    Many reasons why text should be DARKER than the background. Makes my eyes hurt watching. And I want to watch it alot!

    PLS listen to a trained graphic artist, who taught this at colleges. PLS!

    I love purple and use it often in my sites. As an accent ONLY!

    Other than that, this looks very exciting.

    Thank you, Jenny Lens MFA (Master of Fine Arts, Design, CalArts)

  4. You guys are going to make me look like a genius! Over the past year, I’ve been teaching Divi at a local community college. My next session starts in October, just-in-time to crank-up Divi 3.0

    • Hi Larry,
      Interesting – wondering what you think the best way to learn Divi/builder from the ground up might be? I’d like to learn it myself and get comfortable with it, and although there are a lot of videos out there, what to you think the best single path might be? Is there a course out there that is accessible online? thanks for the help, and happy teaching1

  5. Holy smokes! You’ve outdone yourselves with Divi 3. And the 100 day rollout is genius! Thank you, a million times!

  6. Love this new builder. I have a question, is it possible in the new builder to have a blank page (we now have) but also have the possiblity to make use of standard elements (this element has for an example a header, a menu and whatever i want, so i can use this in any page on any place.

    This give me the advantaged of changing on 1 place something in this element and then changes thrue the whoel website.

  7. Does DIVI run on an iPad Pro?

    • Divi is ALL online. Log into yr WordPress site and go at it! You can write and edit yr text locally, but you have to upload or copy/paste it into yr site. I only work locally when preparing images.

  8. Looks awesome ! agree with people asking for more columns, we need maximum customisation :).

    Also the more customization features the better !

    Keep rocking

  9. No words springs to mind here, I’m sorry. Not sure how to describe the excitement I feel these days. I don’t even think I have ever been more excited about a release date. Thank you so much for the Divi 100 giveaways, and thank you so much more for the Divi theme, and all that comes with it!

  10. WOWWW! 😮 Speechless and SUPER excited! 😀

  11. It’s Cool . Can wait to use it.

  12. I have been thinking about this for awhile now. I like what you guys are doing, and Divi as a whole. I just realized that while old school developers and designers used to NOT fully utilize WYSIWYG type editors, that is what WP users are turning towards and what divi 3 seems to geared towards. I sincerely hope this is NOT the case.

  13. Wow. Can’t wait.

  14. The user friendliness and personalisation of this looks incredible.
    Looking forward to it!

  15. Counting the days!!

  16. GUAU man !!!! with these tools I will start making sites anything just for the pleasure of them !!!

  17. I was wondering if the Header is going to be more flexible in the new version.

  18. Can’t wait!

  19. This looks amazing, I love the divi theme as I have used it for my website (PandaOnlineMarketing.com) along for most of my clients. Feels like Xmas is coming early. Thank you Elegant Theme team.

  20. Well, it’s official. I’ve tried to put it off as long as I can. I”M SO EXCITED>>!!!LS>JF. I have gotten so good with the, as of watching this video, “archaic” builder that I am excited to try something more modern. I’m such a visual person anyways so I have a feeling layout and initial creation will be wonderful.

    I do have one question, will shortcodes render in react real time like everything else in the video does?

  21. WOW! it looks incredible!!!! what a change!!! congrats!!!

  22. Can’t wait for this to go live

  23. This looks amazing!

  24. Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii would you marry me 🙂

  25. Great job!!! It will be long waiting until 7th Sept….

  26. Wow. Just wow!

  27. Mind blown! Crazy cool.

  28. OMG front end editing cant wait to get my hands on it.

  29. WOW!!!!

  30. WOW! Looks awesome, excited to know I’ll be using this for some upcoming projects.

  31. un amor, un amor ! can’t wait!

  32. The obvious: Revolutionary.
    The question: Will parallax function as parallax on mobile devices now?
    The concern: The learning curve looks “steeeeep.”

    • Hi Bill,

      This update is 100% focused on creating the new front end building and nothing about how your Divi websites is rendered will be changing in 3.0. That’s just this update though. Obviously we will always continue to update and improve Divi 🙂

      • Hi, Nick.
        No worries… I/countless others couldn’t be more excited about 3.0. It is a literal industry changer – as is. Parallax can (always) take a back seat to such a feat. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    • great question about Parallax!

  33. I wish I could hack your countdown timer so that I could get DIVI 3 earlier!! haha!

  34. It is freaking awesome! You guys are changing the way we design sites. Its a Legacy, its meaning, is DIVI. Thank you guys. Keep up the great GREAT work.

  35. Blows my mind. I am beyond excited. Can’t wait!

  36. Looks as if it’ going to save so much time! can’t wait for the release 🙂

  37. Awesome Divi! Change is coming and I love it!

  38. ok so its going to be pretty much like visual composer front-end editing….

    • Hi Rudi,

      It’s only similar to Visual Composer in that they are both website builders. The visual builder in Divi is built using a completely different technology set.

  39. trailer fantastic can’t wait for the final excitement!

  40. Well done Divi crew, well done!! : )

  41. This is a game changer!!!!!

  42. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This is what I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of WordPress!

  43. WOW!
    I have tried other builders and most are clunky or become quickly outdated. I tried Wix.com and I like theirs, but don’t like being limited to a hosted solution.

    This looks great! What kind of computer horse-power is required to make it work as smoothly as in your video? This is my only worry.

  44. I’m quit new with ET, subscribe some months ago, but I’m glad I did! 🙂
    You guys make and create great things!!
    Also the way you promote Divi 3 with this Divi 100 days thing.
    Thats also a great job Nick with your Elegantteam 😉

  45. Holy Divi!


  46. Hi Nick,

    I’m writing this as a comment since I don’t know what else to do – TOTALLY FRUSTRATED!!

    Username: Angie28

    You support is much to be desired as I haven’t got a response for 2 tickets of mine created on the following dates with the given topics:

    1) How to customize how much to truncate text in post (Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:30 pm)

    Is it possible for me to have control over how much text is truncated in a post when using the Blog Module?

    The default settings truncates the text to about 2-3 sentences, but I need to show about 2-3 paragraphs of text and then show the Read More link.

    2) How to add a Header / Slider background image in a post (Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:58 pm)

    How do I create a post with a Header / Slider background image just like on this URL: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/gay-backpacking-challenges/

    Please note that there is a Featured image on the above post URL in addition to the ‘waterfall’ Header background image – which is exactly what I need.

    I tried to insert a fullwidth module above the post module and uploaded a Header / Slider background image, but the image shows up below the Featured image and NOT above.


    PS: My subscription ends on October 22, 2016 but I will be renewing it ONLY if I am provided with proper support!

  47. An interesting interface. Looks good! A job well done!

  48. Yaaaaaaaaaas!!
    Great presentation, music and the visuals really got the WOW thru… can’t friggin wait.

  49. That is AWESOME!!!!

    Fantastic job! Can’t wait until Sept. 7th!!

  50. Fabulous… cant wait to give it a try. Hope it will still work with WooCommerce as well.

  51. Fabulous… cant wait to give it a try. Hope it will still work with WooCommerce as well.

  52. LOVE! This is going to save so much time!! Thank YOU!!

  53. Looking fab! Can’t wait! x
    PS what is the music track called

  54. Chills.

  55. Looks like Christmas is coming early this year 🙂

  56. Divi 3.0 Launch date is on my calendar! Holding off on redesigning at least 2 of my main sites until then…moving away from StudioPress/Genesis.

  57. Complements! What you have done here hopefully will stay closely synced to the WordPress development team so there will be minimal surprises with WP revs. You have made responsive website design FUN , POWERFUL and very end customer centric !

  58. Picking my jaw off the floor. This is good…really good. And the best way to describe it is…a game changer!

  59. Looks great! I like the copy-paste function – saves a lot of time going back into post/page edit console to duplicate a module.
    If I may vote for anything, is an implementation of beautiful tables! Whether be it through the editor, or a new module.
    Great work so far, excited to see the final product!

  60. I can hardly wait for having the new DIVI 3.0 available! One of my BIGGEST complaints about any theme-oriented or widget plugin is that I am unable to edit text in either size and/or font without leaving the page I am working on. When Divi 3 comes out, I’ll be able to do that! Holy cow!
    The same is true for all of the other features you are giving us – like seeing immediately how background colors will look without having to leave the edit screen and go view the page in wp.
    You have left your competitors in the dust! Excellent job with what you and your staff have done. I’m proud of all of you.
    Jude Hibler

  61. Wow! Looks excellent!

  62. I would love to see Divi 3.0 provide a series of unbranded Training videos that live somewhere in the WordPress dashboard (maybe accessible only with a valid ET subscription). This would be a huge benefit to my clients and to me!

  63. I hope that instead of having to use code. You could switch between screen, tablet and mobile view to make changes on the fly.

  64. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it out, will definitely use it on my new website.

  65. I hope there is going to be an update to include more columns!

    Looking awesome though, great work!

  66. When will you all change the option to add colorful quotes with short codes so we don’t have to ask on the forums?

  67. I am so glad that I am not the only one to be quite excited about this.. I can’t wait to try it

  68. Elegant Themes is the best team and theme on the planet!!!!

  69. My son and I have a running conversation about whether it’s better to create custom themes for every project (his side), or instead use a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use “canned” theme, like Divi (my side). Can’t wait to show him Divi 3.0 and put this question to rest!

    • It depends on the specification of a website.

  70. WoW! All my wishes are coming true. This is going to make website design, truly design!

  71. Good morning Nick, congratulation on what it looks like a major upgrade to Divi. I would like to know if Divi 3 will bring a module to include custom post types and custom taxonomies? Just like you do with projects and posts.

    Thank you,

  72. Hi all I am a user of DIVI aswell, and i would love to se Divi Builder to also evolve into a standalone mvc Builder so one could use outside WordPress.

    Has this been considered.

  73. How will the new front-end builder handle pages where the content depends on the viewers role? Will there be a “view/edit as role x” function?

  74. we buy divi2.0 we pay again for this version?

  75. Looks great!… I’m glad i’m one of the family and get it when its available 🙂

  76. Cant wait for it.Superb.

  77. Looks Awesome !!!!

  78. Want. This. Now.

  79. voila! I can’t wait. Frontend builder looks incredible.
    A few questions;
    Will Divi 3.0 come with page-builder enabled for header and footer area?
    Will Divi frontend builder is white-labeled?

  80. Revolution!

  81. OMG, shut up!

    I’m falling asleep with a porn-smile around my face until I get that. I like magic. Right in time for my site re-design.

    Amazing grace…

  82. Just want 2 say Wow!

  83. Gobsmacked! This will take all of the ‘pure’ frontend web developers completely out of the picture! – my grandaughter will be helping me maintain our clients’ sites from the 1st September! LOL

  84. Oha! Can’t wait September, 7th 2016

    Great Job guys!
    Jan from germany

  85. Nick and company,
    Mind BLOWN. Just one thing.. How about native ways to change the header into columns and or row . without having to add code? 😉 beast mode [ on ]

  86. One more word… Brilliant!

  87. Here come another new dawn! This is superb and Matt (Co-founder of WordPress) need to endorse ET for grand breaking and compliance product for WordPress ecosystem.

    May I ask if it will be compliant with Extra. Also, would there a module to easily design and style the Header Menu or some sample to customize easily.

    However, this is grand-breaking product and Divi is the most intuitive WordPress builder ever to creating professional sites.

    Can’t wait for the release.

    Thanks a trillion!


  88. WOW guys. A great emotion! Incredible. . . . . please as soon as possible ;=)
    ET is number one

  89. This is fabulous! Just can’t wait as it’s going to be an amazing time saver as well as having incredible functionality and a stunning, modern design approach 🙂

  90. I’ve been on the Elevant Themes train for over a decade and you guys continue to push the envelope. I really don’t think I’m paying you guys enough.

    September 7th marks the day I might just cancel my Clickfunnels subscription as it looks like I’ll be able to get landing pages up just as quickly in Divi 3.0

    Keep innovating. Great work as always

  91. Woooo hooooo that is awesome looking 😀

    How will content be added, in the admin pages still?

    Just thinking of clients and if they could add it directly to the page that would save a lot of confusion for them 🙂

  92. This is simply amazing and the best editing system wordpress have ever seen. Well done guys. You simply rock!

  93. I watched this, and swore. A lot!

    Roll on Divi 3 day.

  94. Will there be Collumn dragging/resizing? Like what’s in elementor/king composer?

    • Yes, I have read somewhere Divi 3 will have also column dragging/resizing. I only miss import/export feature from King Composer.

      In Divi 3 I like the new inline text editor. It’s more easy and intuitive to use than the Elementor or KingComposer text editor.

      Also in Divi 3 I can Drag around the PopUp window. It is important when design a page. I like it.

      For me now became difficult to choose between this 3 page builders..

      • Thank you for responding. I really hope there is that feature. That would make me beyond happy!

        • Hi David,

          There are 2 new pagebuilders that have already dragging/resizing column.
          1. Elementor ( free ) – it is a frontend page builder – dont have import/export feature but they are working on this feature now 2. KingComposer ( free and paid ) – free has only backend builder, but in compensation has a professional Ui Interface and import/export feature with Section/Profile/Screenshots.

      • I sure hope your right. I really miss column dragging/resizing.

  95. Hi, great news!

    My only concern is: As I have a lot of customers which are updating their sites themselves, I can only imagine how they will mess up the whole website design if frontend editing becomes too easy!

    Will there be a possibility to block certain editing features, or even to assign customized editing permissions to different frontend users, i.e. restricting frontend editing to simple text and image changes for customers?

  96. What great job guys!!!
    I never spent my money in a such right way buying the lifetime access.


  97. Ummmm…. you guys need to charge A LOT more for this than you currently do.

  98. Guys, don’t know how it happened but it looks like our office address replaced my comments in my last post. Could you remove it for me, please?

  99. By the next stroke it will be september 7th 2016 exactly.

    It’s DIVI-Time.

  100. WOW! the speed of the builder is insane. This will open up a lot of creative doors. After all these years, we’re finally done with the back and forth of WordPress. And to point out something important here, the time we are all going to save will result in more money in all our pockets. I bet into the thousands of dollars per year being able to design and edit this fast on the front end. Very excited!!

  101. WOW! This is really magical. This is what I always wanted for my sites, and now it’s becoming reality! Thank you!!!

  102. Its a amazing work!
    Just wait!!! 😉

  103. Chapeau! Looks great!
    Thx for this brilliant interface.

  104. So far, so good! 🙂

    Thanks for al these updates

  105. In german: “Geil”

  106. I am EXCITED 🙂

  107. I am also impressed here in Finland.

  108. Just watched the demo.. I can only think of one word. “Awesome!!!” I cannot wait for it to be released…

  109. oh,its really great.the demo itself shows some of the cool and most modern simple methods of builder.soon want to know more about this.

  110. Wow! It is fantastic! I look forward to! Our designers no longer need coders to do cool sites!

  111. This is pretty wonderful. Being skillful to see changes applied revise era will making building websites even faster and more efficient!

  112. Amazing. Great job!


    1 – Any new feature to translate websites into different languages? Any alternative to WPML?


    2 – Will it works on WooCommerce pages, products, forms?


    3 – Will it works on Custom Posts Type UI?


    4 – What are you waiting for to make Divi also the definitive WordPress Admin Editor, mixing “Admin Menu Editor Pro” + “Toolbar Editor” + “User Role Editor”?

    and of course…

    5 – What is Automattic waiting for to buy Elegant Themes?? 😉

    Thanks ET because your work creates jobs.


    • 160 High Street

  114. When using animations on images, they won’t display when you print the page. This means duplicating modules with different settings and custom CSS-classes to show/hide on screen/print.

    Similarly, as you can’t specify the order of columns on different media (desktop, tablet, smartphone, print), you need to create duplicates of rows and/or sections and re-order the modules in them for each medium.

    My question is: in the visual builder, can we set visibility and create duplicates the same way we can in the current builder?

    Also, will there be a toggle of some kind to enable/disable print visibility?

  115. Of course! well done guys, looking forward.
    byt the way great launch idea with the 100 days thing.

  116. Wow! That looks good!!! And I love the music, Shazam does not recognize it… Name of the song?

  117. WOW! WOW! WOW! & WOW!

    That 60fps video makes me wanna eat it more.

  118. Divi 3 has great features!

    I missing only the import-export module from KingComposer that is more intuitive because I can see the screenshot of any section or page before import it. The import/export module has also posibility to create different profiles, so each website/design can have diferrent sections and page to import.

    The free version is full GPL on worpress.org. Maybe guys you can get the import/export module and make part of DIVI 3.

    • I see a difficult battle now between KingComposer, Divi3 and Elementor !!! Who will win ?

  119. Cant wait any longer!

  120. This is going to be unbelievable! What a team work!
    Waiting for the woocommerce integration modification!

  121. Looks incredible. I can’t wait to play.

  122. Great. I would also like to know what features we will see for the secondary bar (just above the main navigation and logo). This is a really big handicap for this theme so far.

    It takes me 5 seconds to recognize a Divi site by just looking at this bar zone. I really hope you improve this in Divi 3.

  123. “This is f***ing awesome!”

    It’s a new generation of web development.

  124. This is SICK! Good work by the Divi team. Appreciate it.

  125. I am way too excited right now! These next 33 days will be like waiting for Christmas to arrive! Eeek!

  126. Just love it!! Can’t wait to use it when I re-design my website 🙂

  127. Sounds brilliant.

    Maybe a bit too much to do in one hit but I am hoping that there are more customisation options available so we can cut down on the custom CSS.

    Hope we can also load bigger images when running a centred header layout.

    Looking forward to September!

  128. Will you be able to control the image sizes on the fly? This would be really helpful For example if you put 3 images on the page and be able to adjust them so they can be the same size.

  129. Amazing…

    Will this great user (& develeper) frieldly environment be part of EXTRA theme as well?

  130. Oh man this is going to be so amazing, can’t wait! 🙂

  131. Estou contando as horas!

  132. This is truly amazing!

  133. Really, It is awesome.

    I will be much better if you add slider module like Revolution Slider.

  134. Has the Divi Builder now turned into a front end editor? I really hope not!

    Are you still providing the same (or similar) editing experience in the Dashboard, as you do now, or does everything have to be done on the front-end now?

    • You can use either version of the builder Anthony, they both do the same thing. I can’t think of any reason to not use the front end editor though 🙂 The building experience is much faster and more intuitive.

      • That’s great to hear Nick. Thanks. I’ll leave my judgement on it until I’ve actually had a chance to use it. I just hope that when you save your page, you don’t automatically exist the builder. I’ve found a lot of front-end builders do this and it’s really annoying.

      • Maybe he likes surprises Nick 😉

  135. You guys rule the world. So excited to get the new version.

  136. This looks amazing!

  137. As a younger designer in the 1980s, I was blown away by WYSIWYG with PageMaker v1! This will give me the same thrill for on-line designing. Always had a need for speed.
    Great work.

  138. Looking Great… Wow!

  139. Speechless! Great job guys!!

  140. Wow.
    and I spent all these years learning and working in html, css, php, javascript, … why???
    I could have sat on my bean bag, in my underwear, wearing a hat eating pizza and wait for Divi 3.0. At least now all I have to concentrate on is Photoshop.
    Most impressed.

    • Lol! lovely put. 🙂

  141. Can’t wait!!

  142. Divi 3 takes WordPress out of the closet. No more backroom tinkering in the dark. It’s all out there in the light. I feel the freedom already. Thank you Divi divas and devas.

  143. LOOOOVE it 🙂 well done guys.

  144. Wow. I have a couple of clients who really want control over their own sites but are overwhelmed by how it all works. Maybe this will allow them to finally get in the driver’s seat!

    For me, the best part will be resizing images on the fly — I’m constantly banging my head against the wall, putting in an image and having Divi crop or stretch it in a way that I’m not expecting. If this lets me see how they will really look without going back and forth, it will save me lots of aggravation!

    And — Wow, September 6th, is that correct?? That will be here before we know it! We have to wait longer than that for the Luke Cage show on Netflix!

  145. Questions…

    1. Is all this still going to be available in a plugin as well as a theme?

    2. What are test page loads currently like?

    The more I read about load speeds and how they impact conversions, the more concerned I am about code bloat.

    Anything over 3 seconds to load is a huge negative and the target is 1.5 secs or faster.

    Is Divi scoring in that range for the average page?


    • 1. Yep, the Divi Builder plugin will also get the new front end editor.

      2. The new builder does not affect your website’s page load speeds at all. It’s an independent application used for building your page, but it is not loaded when you view your page.

      • Thanks, Nick.

        So, the weight of the plugin has no impact on how pages load?

        In the old days I had a ton of plugins installed and my sites loaded like molasses.

        Do you have any figures on load times for average pages in Divi 3.0?

        Thanks again.

        • Hi Jerry, nice view. From previous posts on Divi 3.0, the front-end uses React hence doesn’t affect page load when using it to design. But after finishing your site, if you have bazillion plugins and image as big as Disney land, your site will load like snail. However, using Divi to build normal professional website won’t compels you use a lot of plugin except otherwise you are building a community or a niche site.

          Divi is purely genius!

  146. Nick, when do we get access to the downloadable users guide with all tutorials and page after page of awesome snippets and CSS code explanations?

    EPIC dude. E P I C.

  147. Good job Nick Roach and crew.

    I remember reading tons of reviews and doing research, trying to decide which theme to choose: Divi or Beaver Builder.

    Glad I chose Divi and every day, the benefits of that choice are becoming even clearer.

    Keep it up guys, you know how to make your customers happy!

    • Actually there is a competitor product out there and I also own it called Themify builder. They also have front and back end builder. But I think Divi front end builder looks quicker as built using ReactJS. The only plugin missing from Divi is the Custom Type.

  148. Does anyone know what the title of this song is? I really want to know!

    • +1 on that!
      Love the song… probably not as much as I’ll love Divi 3.0 tho! 😉

      • Lol agreed 🙂

  149. Mind bending!!!

  150. As a baseball fan all I have to say is “homerun.” You guys have knocked it out of the park. Not sure why you would ever need another theme.

  151. OH. MY! That’s just amazing. Hurry up September 7th. Cannot wait for this version.

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    • Hi Matthew,

      It wont be any different than the current version of Divi. With just WP and Divi installed, the combo usually uses less than 32mb of memory. The new frontend builder is a little different. It runs completely in your browser and doesn’t connect with your server at all until you save or load layouts from your library. In this sense, the speed of your computer and using a modern browser like Chrome is the most important thing.

      • Love the client-side architecture and wysiwyg editing. Is this a plugin I can use with my own theme, like the current Divi? I hope so.

        Also, hoping that the way design info is saved doesn’t leave a mess if Divi is uninstalled. This has been a big problem for me and many of my associates as some other popular page-builders play nice when changing themes, plugins and are compatible with other popular components. Please comment on how the new Divi 3 will store it’s design info and behave if Divi is removed from a page? Thx.

        • Nick Roach said:
          The build still uses Shortcodes, but you can also change themes by installing the Divi Builder plugin and it will keep all of your designs intact. The Divi Builder plugin works with any theme.

          Why do you want to remove Divi? The buider is great and I’m sure Nick and his team will continue to make an improvement to his product.

          • I third the comment. Why would you want to remove Divi? Sometimes a client has a website that was developed using Divi. At a later date they want to update/upgrade/change their site and they want something different. When the switch is made and ET is not longer used Divi leaves a horrendous mess of short codes. I am sure you all are aware? I am anxiously awaiting the new builder and was hoping that the shortcode issue the others ask about would be addressed. I LOVE what I see so far

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    • m — you can add Google fonts. It’s not hard at all. A bit of code in the header. Go to Google and search how to do it. I’m not a coder at all and I managed to figure it out.

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    Looks great i am finishing my website and i want to know how will affect.


    • Anything you have build with Divi already will work with the new builder. It’s a new interface, but the structure of the page, Divi’s sections, rows and modules have not been changed.

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    Do I keep my team plugging it or wait for this magicalness to be available? How smooth will this upgrade be?

    • The new builder wont affect the pages you have built so far at all. We are not changing modules or how your page renders. This is a completely new application that’s used for building you page, and you can upgrade and hop right into the new app after upgrading. Keep on building 🙂

    • I just saw this posted above, it might answer your question:
      ” Nick Roach August 4, 2016

      It’s unlikely that your custom CSS would affect the builder UI. Also, this new builder does not affect the end result of the pages you have built. All modules will work as they have in the past.”

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    One question- will you ever implement the ability to have swipeable/ scrolling sections? This would take interactive sites to the next level. Oh, and another 🙂 will you add extra animation styles for the slider modules?

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    • I just saw this posted above:
      ” Nick Roach August 4, 2016

      It’s unlikely that your custom CSS would affect the builder UI. Also, this new builder does not affect the end result of the pages you have built. All modules will work as they have in the past.”

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    Also – will there be any issues with our current CSS settings like there was when we upgraded to 2? These are my two concerns. Other than, looking forward to it!

    • Yep you can use either versions of the builder, the current backend builder or the new front end builder.

    • I just saw this posted above:
      ” Nick Roach August 4, 2016

      It’s unlikely that your custom CSS would affect the builder UI. Also, this new builder does not affect the end result of the pages you have built. All modules will work as they have in the past.”

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    • We will post about the beta next week, and there will be a signup form. We will be accepting ~500 people, first come first serve!

      • Excellent Nick. Love the beta sign up. This really looks a game changer for WP writing and I have so many client’s with Divi built sites that will live live front end editing. Will the update to 3.0 affect sites built currently? ie will they be okay once updated to 3.0 or will such sites require rebuilds?

        • yes good question`. so????

          • I just saw this posted above:
            ” Nick Roach August 4, 2016

            It’s unlikely that your custom CSS would affect the builder UI. Also, this new builder does not affect the end result of the pages you have built. All modules will work as they have in the past.”

  264. Will it be possible to front-edit from an iPad ?

    • This isn’t a priority for the launch, but it’s definitely something we will be looking into.

      • Please tell me that Divi will finally be editable on iPhone?

        • I’ve seen a $10 plugin somewhere Andy that allows you to do this

          • Thanks for your reply Nick.

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    • It’s unlikely that your custom CSS would affect the builder UI. Also, this new builder does not affect the end result of the pages you have built. All modules will work as they have in the past.

      • I am concerned about the loading time of the site. Will this be an issue? If it is, then it is the end of Divi for many people as more and more customers are aware of the effect speed has on SEO.

        • Hi Ram,

          This new builder interface doesn’t have anything to do with how your page loads on the front end. That will remain unchanged in this update. The front end builder application only loads to create the new builder UI while building, and it’s completely separate from what goes on when your website is rendered for your visitors 🙂

      • When you say the new builder does not affect the end result, does this mean that the only additional load on the site is going in the admin where the builder lives?
        The code will not become bloated and slow down page load times?
        If you answer that it will not slow things down, THAT would be magic 🙂

        • he didn’t replied !

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    This is the biggest concern.

    • The build still uses Shortcodes, but you can also change themes by installing the Divi Builder plugin and it will keep all of your designs intact. The Divi Builder plugin works with any theme.

      • Nick, your Divi 3 preview video looks great and love your client-side architecture. Good job.
        I second Paresh’s request to ensure shortcodes are not left behind when uninstalled.

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    ET is getting better and better.

    • @Subhan You can’t beat Divi(Elegant Themes) with the price 1st, There membership is 1 year, but here Nick offer Much more even lifetime membership. The beaver interface is not that great compared to Divi what i saw in the video, even VC front end. @Nick Before you guys were starting the Divi 3.0 countdown, I told my director Arina that now ET will bring front end to Divi builder, and here you go.

    • Can’t wait to see what you think Subhan. Our goal is to make it the best website builder in the world, and we are well on our way.

      • Great job Nick. The ET team is doing an awesome work! Let us know if we can help in any way.

      • Steve Jobs would be proud. Well done.

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  346. You should not post videos like this… My reaction is not “safe for work” 😉 Counting the days for this guys!

  347. Absolutely brilliant. My designing speed is going to increase tenfold with this builder. Can’t believe how excited I am for a website builder.

  348. Nick, this looks to be amazing! Divi theme is already such a great theme, but this will set it miles apart from anything else. Wauv. Cannot wait to play around with the new theme!

  349. Now, I am blown away by this! Literally! It holds so much potential as to how this new intuitive way of designing and building websites can be expanded and extended.
    Being an Apple fan, I am now more excited about the launch of Divi 3.0 than iPhone 7 in September.
    Hats off to you, guys!
    You cannot even imagine what possibilities you are opening up for web designers and developers alike.
    ET is and always has been my most favourite company on planet Earth!

  350. Great – i love it now

  351. Super Cool. Super Exciting.

  352. Simply incredible! I can’t wait to get my hands on this! I love that you have flexibility with the settings modal. You can move it around, make it larger etc. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to though is the speed of editing. Every front end builder I’ve ever used takes time to load as you make changes, add new modules, etc. And as a professional, those precious seconds that you’re waiting for things to load add up and then into hours! This however looks like it will let me build as fast as my brain works while building websites. Great work guys!!

    • Tim, I feel that it’s quite unlikely that we will be disappointed 🙂


  354. One word….WOW!

  355. Amaizing…. 7 sept is toooooo long yaar….

  356. WOW! I seriously had my mouth wide open while checking de video. AMAZING WORK, guys! Can’t wait!!!

  357. Wow!!! Divi should be renamed Magic!!! Please tell me woocommerce pages,products,categories etc. can be customised and fully stylised with this? Thank you ET, great work!!!

    • Have lifetime subscription.
      But I will be more than happy to buy you a beer or two, if you improve woocommerce support.

    • I’d pay double for that feature alone!

    • Wondering about the same.

    • +1 on this question. Will it play nicely with Woo and friends?

      • Woo integration would be EPIC!

  358. Is this to edit current pages, or can this process be used for creating new posts/pages?

    Cheers guys looks awesome

    • Yep, you can start a fresh page with the new visual builder.

      • thank you guys… our work will be slashed by more than half.

      • Hi Nick, Awesome work so far!

        I’m just hoping that markup and stylesheets produced by Divi 3.0 are way better than Divi 2.6.

        I’ve just spent hundreds of bucks fixing all the embedded and inline styles in my site produced by Divi Builder.

        You may thing it’s just an issue with speed load, but actually it was producing an ugly two-step load issue with the site: the stylesheets load first, then all the embedded and it was affecting not only speed but usability and user experience.

        So please, please, pleae: improve the quality of the code produced, it’s not up to the standards you’re setting with Divi.


        • +1 ! Same experience. Need to customize some CSS in order not to have strange and annoying behaviour (for example, the position of the title at first in the page, and when the styles are loaded, the margins’ titles are applied and they jump to the new position)

        • This update doesn’t affect how modules work, or what is output on your site. The builder is still based on the same framework that the current backend builder uses, we are simply introducing a much more advanced and intuitive building experience. You will be happy to hear, however, that Divi 3.1 will be our first “developer update” with a focus on cleaning up code, improving performance and providing clear documentation for third party developer on how to properly extend and create custom modules.

          • Already Set Up, Inc.

            • Oops. Auto fill.
              Yes, we’re looking forward to adding custom modules. This theme is going to become a platform.

        • @Victor I agreed. Hope Divi can work on this not a very long after Divi 3 release. Ease of work to build the website should not compromise the code quality.

      • Hi Nice, wonderful it is amazing to see the new features and I am excited to work on Divii3 . . I would also like to ask one thing, do you still have same fixed length and fixed number of columns per each row.. or did you make it flexible. I mean could we adjust the length of any column as it may required. And also could able to add extra column if required, which is a obvious feature in many of the builders, that is missing in present version. .. hope these might have included in Divi 3.0..? All the best. Eagerly waiting for brand new Divi 3.0 ..

        • +1 for me on the columns issue as well, as the 4 columns are a real limitation. 6 column availability would help with creating layouts that don’t look so “Divi”

        • +1 in the video i can see only 4 columns. I hope there will be more…

          • No reply means you’ll still be stuck with 4 columns max.

  359. WOW!

  360. Looks amazing, Excited about the amount of time I will save on each project.

  361. Just WOAW!
    Thank you for the great work.

  362. WOW just WOW

  363. Impressive. Can’t wait to check it out live.

  364. Game changer! I recently made the switch over from Squarespace and this will give me back to simplicity of their page editor. Thank you for doing this Divi 100 Countdown. It’s great to know the development is so active at Elegant Themes. Y’all are awesome!

    • Why did you switch from SquareSpace? I’m still on the fence.

      • I would say the difference is in the freedom to do as many projects with no limitations and the ability to have control of the framework platform. I have r projects some are just displays, Boucher , I have the freedom to have multiple projects with just one product and a choice of where I wish to host it.

        Might not be for everyone but I have gone through loads off themes and plugins, they fail at some point which Divi has not fine on any of my projects.

        Elegant Themes is innovating with Divi at great possibilities and freedom, it’s just down to your imagination.

  365. Looks pretty amazing! Great job. Can’t wait for the release.

  366. Very Hot!

  367. Time to do an all day long drool session…

    • Agree, this looks awesome. counting the days

  368. Not sure, that Divi 3.0 is still a theme. It’s something bigger. much more bigger.

    • DITTO!!!

    • I want it now! it is simply wow-divine!

      • +1

    • In fact, it has become a platform.

    • Indeed it’s a theme builder, no code required.

    • +1

  369. The beautiful interface is magic. This is a game changer. My clients and students are going to love this. Thank you so much.

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