11 Best Divi Layouts in 2024 (Top Choices)

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11 Best Divi Layouts in 2024 (Top Choices)
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Divi layouts are a great resource to explore if you’re new to Divi or want a starting point for your website designs. Divi layouts are premade sections or page layouts that you can add to your website designs created with Divi. You can use the layouts as-is and replace the content with your own, or freely customize the layouts with Divi’s design options. Over 2000 Divi layouts are available for free to all Divi customers, and the Divi Marketplace has over 1000 Divi layouts available for purchase.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, Divi layouts can be a time-saving solution and a source of design inspiration for any type of Divi web design project. In this post, we’ll look at 11 of the best Divi layouts available from the marketplace or included with the Divi license. Let’s get started!

What is a Divi Layout?

Divi layouts are premade sections, modules, or full-page designs that can be imported and implemented on Divi websites. They can help you build Divi websites quicker by providing a structure and design for you to use as a base for your own section or page designs. Divi layouts can be customized using Divi’s Visual Builder and all of the typical design settings you’re used to using.

There are many different types of Divi layouts available. Some products feature a single design concept and include full-page layouts for each standard website page. Others are collections of section or module layouts organized by type. You can piece these layouts together to create your own design. Some layouts feature a combination of full-page layouts and section or module layouts. There are also location or feature-specific layouts, such as collections of ecommerce layouts, header and footer layouts, and blog layouts. In this post, we’ll highlight a variety of different types of layouts.

11 Best Divi Layouts in 2024

Now, let’s look at some of the best Divi layouts available to download or purchase. These layouts are not listed in a particular order and have been selected based on ratings, reviews, downloads, features, and design. It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of great Divi layouts, and there are many excellent options not included in this list that are available in the Divi Library and available for purchase from the Divi Marketplace. With that in mind, let’s look at our picks for some of the best Divi layouts.

1. DiviMade

The first Divi layout we’ll take a look at is DiviMade. This product includes 33+ landing page layouts designed for various industries. Each landing page is well-designed with modern, compelling layouts and subtle animations and can be easily adapted for any type of website. In addition to the landing pages, the layout pack comes with 1000+ premade sections, such as hero sections, CTAs, about us sections, testimonials, and more, and includes dark and light modes for many layouts.

Additionally, the layout pack comes with 230+ styled module layouts, including sliders, pricing, tabs, blog, buttons, and more. DiviMade comes with a 1-click demo import feature, making it easy to get started using the layouts on your site.

Key Features of DiviMade:

  • 33+ landing page layouts
  • 1000+ premade section layouts
  • 230+ styled module layouts
  • Multipurpose, adaptable layouts for all types of sites
  • 1-click demo import

Best For:

With the large number of different layouts you get with this pack and the adaptability of the templates for various projects, this layout pack is an excellent option for designers who work on many different types of sites. It’s also great for DIYers or anyone who wants a large library of layouts to use in their design projects to save time and effort building their own.

Pricing: $28.99

Get DiviMade

2. The Basic Wireframe UI Kit

The Basic Wireframe UI Kit is a layout pack that comes with 568 premade sections and 28 different page layouts. The layouts in this pack are very simple and basic, with minimal styling. You can easily add your own content for a minimalistic layout, or you can further customize the layout design to match your style.

Either way, this layout pack provides simple, highly adaptable layouts that can be used to build page layouts quickly. The full layouts included in this pack cover pages such as home, about, services, team, contact, and more. The section layouts include light and dark mode variations for 16 section categories, including menus and footers, headers, calls to action, features, FAQs, and more.

Key Features of The Basic Wireframe UI Kit:

  • 568 premade sections
  • 28 page layouts
  • Includes light and dark mode layouts
  • Easy to set up and customize

The Basic Wireframe Kit

Best For:

Anyone looking for a solid set of basic layouts to use to get a head start on the design process will benefit from these layout packs. Unlike other layout packs that can be styled for a specific purpose, these layouts are more like wireframes that help you build the base structure for your design. If you like a clean, modern look, these layouts can be used out of the box without needing much customization aside from replacing the content. However, even users looking to build more stylized websites can use these layouts as a starting point to establish the overall layout and content on the page.

Pricing: $36

Get The Basic Wireframe UI Kit

3. Home Decor Layout Pack

The next layout pack we’ll look at is a free layout pack included in Divi. The Home Decor layout pack includes seven fully designed pages, including a landing page, a home page, an about page, a shop page, a product page, a blog, and a contact page. This layout features bold type and colorful shapes and elements alongside images with unique masked shapes that give the layout a playful, creative look.

While this layout is designed for a home decor ecommerce store, it can be adapted for a wide variety of online stores looking to highlight their products. If you like the design but don’t have an online store, you can use the layout to promote your services or business by removing or repurposing the ecommerce sections.

Key Features of Home Decor Layout Pack:

  • 7 fully styled pages
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Free for all Divi customers

Home Decor Layout Pack

Best For:

Home decor stores, ecommerce websites, architecture or interior design studios, and other business websites. This layout is designed with home decor shop websites in mind. However, it is highly customizable and can be used for almost any type of business with some adaptation. If you are looking for a stylish template to use, this one is included with Divi and can be loaded to your website directly through the Divi Builder. To learn more about this layout pack, read the showcase post on our blog.

Pricing: Free for all Divi customers

Get Home Decor Layout Pack

4. Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle is jam-packed with various module, section, and page layouts adaptable for any type of web design project. It comes with 6350 different layouts, including module and section layouts of all different types and styles. This includes header and footer layouts, blog layouts, WooCommerce integrated shop layouts, and website sections such as CTAs, team carousels, service details, menus, images, and more.

The bundle also has access to 16 different webkits, including over 2150 section layouts designed along a certain theme. Finally, the bundle includes access to 35 layout packs, which are sets of fully designed website pages and header and footer layouts for different industries and website styles. Most layout packs come with over 20 designed pages, including most typical website pages like Home, About, Services, Contact, etc.

Key Features of Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle:

  • 6350 different section and module layouts over 82+ different categories
  • 16 webkits featuring 2150+ section layouts
  • 35 layout packs with fully designed pages

Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

Best For:

Designers, DIYers, and anyone in between. This layout pack is jam-packed with layout options. Whether you’re looking for a large variety of individual section layouts organized by type, sets of cohesive section layouts that go with a theme, or layout packs that include full-page designs, this layout pack has plenty of options for you. If you’re looking for a product that will give you many different options, you will surely find some layouts in this pack that will suit your next project.

Pricing: $29

Get Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle

5. Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack

Divi Headers Pack is a collection of headers for Divi’s Theme Builder. You can implement these headers on your Divi website to offer users navigation throughout your site, key links or information, call-to-action buttons, your logo, and more. The headers pack comes with 136 different header designs, with many variations such as RTL headers, creative headers, WooCommerce-enabled shop headers, vertical logo headers, different menu and dropdown menu effects, animations, and more. In total, the pack comes with 980+ different headers you can use. The headers are built with Divi modules, so they’re easy to edit, and every header layout is responsive on all screen sizes.

Key Features of Divi Headers Pack:

  • 980+ different headers for Divi
  • Variety of features such as WooCommerce integration, RTL support
  • Variety of menu hover effects

Divi Headers Pack

Best For:

Divi Headers Pack can be used by anyone building websites with Divi. It comes with several headers labeled as “easy headers,” which is beginner-friendly. The rest of the headers require knowledge of the Divi builder and a basic understanding of CSS. However, the author includes detailed instructions to guide users through setting up headers. Anyone who wants unique header options for their website will find many header options in this pack that can be easily customized for any type of website project. To learn more about Divi Headers Pack, read the review on our blog.

Pricing: $19

Get Divi Headers Pack

6. DiviCommerce


DiviCommerce is a layout pack specifically for ecommerce sites. It includes 35+ Woo page layouts, 165+ Woo sections, and 85+ Woo styled modules you can use to build your WooCommerce-powered online store with Divi. Included in the Woo layouts are several varieties of home page designs, product page designs, shop page designs, cart and checkout layouts, and account page designs.

The Woo sections include designs for the header and footer, hero and banner sections, category pages, products, and more. Finally, the Woo styled modules include styles for Woo elements such as breadcrumbs, cart products, cart totals, checkout details and information, etc. If you’re building an ecommerce site, this layout pack comes with all of the section and page designs you need to get a head start on your design.

Key Features of DiviCommerce:

  • 35+ Woo page layouts
  • 165+ Woo sections
  • 85+ Woo styled modules
  • 1 click demo import


Best For:

Anyone working with WooCommerce and Divi who want templates to use as the base for their designs. This layout pack is especially great for Ecommerce store owners building their online stores in Divi and designers working with Ecommerce clients. This layout pack has everything you need to build a full ecommerce website and can be easily customized with Divi’s design settings.

Pricing: $15.99

Get DiviCommerce

7. Blogging Toolkit – Blog & Post layouts for Divi

Blogging Toolkit

The next layout pack we’ll take a look at is Blogging Toolkit. It is specifically for blog and blog post layouts. It includes 50 different designs, including 12 blog grid layouts, 8 blog layouts with sidebars, 8 blog list layouts, 4 full-width blog layouts, 4 blog layouts with a post slider, and 7 different blog post page layouts.

Many blog designs include hover animations, adding visual interest to the page and offering a user-friendly browsing experience. Because the layouts are built with Divi, you can easily customize the designs to your liking and build blog and post pages that align with your website’s style.

Key Features of Blogging Toolkit – Blog & Post layouts for Divi:

  • 43 blog page layouts in a variety of styles
  • 7 blog page layouts
  • Dynamic post slider included in 4 layouts

Blogging Toolkit

Best For:

Anyone wanting to customize the look of their blog pages beyond the default template. This is an easy way to customize the blog layout without building everything yourself. The blog layouts are stylish and come in various designs and layouts that can all be easily adapted to any web design project.

Pricing: $9

Get Blogging Toolkit – Blog & Post layouts for Divi

8. Landing Pages for Divi

Landing Pages for Divi

Landing Pages for Divi is a collection of 45+ landing page templates. It includes many different types of business landing page layouts spanning different styles including corporate, modern, and illustrative designs. Each page includes a hero section where you can add graphics or images representing your company alongside key information, features, calls to action, and more. You can use these right away by replacing the content with your own, or you can customize the design using Divi’s design settings. Each landing page layout can be easily adapted to fit just about any type of business.

Key Features of Landing Pages for Divi:

  • 45+ Landing Page Templates
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Easily customizable designs

Landing Pages for Divi

Best For:

Anyone looking to get a stylish one-page website up and running quickly may benefit from using this layout pack. By replacing the content with your own, you can have a landing page ready to publish. For others who prefer to have a hand in the page’s design, these layouts can be used as templates on which to base a project. Although these are only single-page layouts, you can use the styled modules and sections from the design to create your own page layouts.

Pricing: $19

Get Landing Pages for Divi

9. Financial Planning Layout Pack

Financial Planning Layout Pack

The next design we’ll take a look at is another free layout pack included with Divi. The Financial Planning Landing Page is a sleek, dark-mode design with vibrant pops of color and illustrations. The layout pack has 7 pages: Home, Landing Page, About, Services, Financial Planning (Service), Blog, and Contact.

This bold design is built to showcase services, highlight features, and guide users toward a call to action. Although the template is set up for a financial planning business, it is a highly versatile layout. It can be customized with your content to work for many different types of businesses, agencies, and services.

Key Features of Financial Planning Layout Pack:

  • 7 pages
  • Dark mode design
  • Free for all Divi customers

Financial Planning Layout Pack

Best For:

This layout pack is great for financial businesses, agencies, service-based businesses, and anyone who loves the look of a dark-mode website with vibrant, playful graphics. Because of its versatility, it is a great theme to use as the base for your own dark-mode website design. This layout pack is included with Divi and can be loaded to your website directly through the Divi Builder at no additional cost. For more details on this layout pack, check out the highlight on our blog.

Pricing: Free for all Divi customers

Get Financial Planning Layout Pack

10. Footers Pack for Divi

Footers Pack for Divi

Our next highlight is the Footers Pack for Divi. Building your own footer layout can be time-consuming, but you may want a design that looks different from the default Divi footer. This layout pack includes 175+ footer designs. Included in this are light and dark color footers as well as some image-style footers. The footers come in many different layouts, and all feature clean, modern designs that are easy to adapt to any type of website.

Key Features of Footers Pack for Divi:

  • 175+ footer layouts
  • Mobile responsive
  • One-click installation

Footers Pack for Divi

Best For:

Anyone looking for an easy way to customize the Divi footer without building their own design. You will appreciate how easy it is to use and customize the footer layouts in this layout pack. If you’re a designer who regularly builds custom footer designs for client sites, you can use these layouts as templates for your own design. These layouts will help you save time and easily build mobile-responsive footer layouts.

Pricing: $20

Get Footers Pack for Divi

11. Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit

Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit

For the final layout highlight, let’s look at Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit. This is an all-around versatile layout pack that can be used for many different types of websites. This kit includes 500+ layouts, including hero sections, blog modules, sliders, burb and service sections, CTAs, pricing tables, team sections, contact forms, testimonials, WooCommerce layouts, headers, footers, and 404 pages.

You can use these section layouts to piece together your own design. Each layout can be fully customized with Divi’s built-in design settings. Many layouts also include unique hover effects that catch users’ eye as they explore your site.

Key Features of Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit:

  • 500+ Layouts
  • Ecommerce integration with WooCommerce
  • 1 Click Demo Import
  • Unique hover effects

Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit

Best For:

Anyone who wants creative, premade layouts that can be incorporated into their projects. This layout pack is great for ecommerce sites, business sites, agency sites, event sites, and more. The layouts included in this pack can come in handy when customizing standard pages on any given website, as well as WooCommerce store pages, headers and footers, blog pages, and so on. This versatile layout pack will surely come in handy for anyone who builds websites with Divi.

Pricing: $19

Get Divi Ultimate Design UI Kit

Comparing the Best Divi Layouts

That wraps up our look at 11 of the best Divi layouts. Now, let’s take a look at how they compare to one another.

Best Divi Layouts Price Comparison

What is the Best Divi Layout?

The best Divi layout for you will depend on various factors, including the style you like, the functionality you need, and the type of layouts you want to work with. For a large variety of sections and full-page layouts, DiviMade and Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle are both great options. If you’re looking for some base layouts you can use to jumpstart your design, The Basic Wireframe UI Kit is a great option. We included many great options for layout packs with Theme Builder templates, but the Footers Pack for Divi is a top pick for its great selection of unique, modern footer layouts. Finally, for those looking for a single-concept layout pack that includes all the standard website pages, our Financial Planning Layout Pack is a great option to explore and is included with your Divi membership.

Have you used any of these Divi layouts, or did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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