6 Best Divi Landing Pages to Boost Conversions (2024)

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6 Best Divi Landing Pages to Boost Conversions (2024)
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Landing pages are an essential part of every website. They’re effective because they focus on a Call to Action (CTA). This simplicity makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering the cost of acquiring a new lead or sale.

There is an art and science to creating great landing pages. Depending on your project, crafting a landing page can be quite the undertaking, especially considering its importance. However, when you start with a professionally designed template (like the best Divi landing pages featured below), the process can be made much easier, cheaper, and more effective.

So if you’re looking to up your landing page game, read on!

What is a Divi Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page designed and optimized for conversion and plays a key role in any website marketing strategy. When a visitor clicks on a link in an email or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, X, or similar places on the web, they’re almost always redirected to a landing page.

Divi landing pages are Divi page layouts already designed for lead generation that users can add to their website in just a few clicks. When designed by professionals, landing page layouts provide an excellent starting point already optimized for success.

6 Best Divi Landing Pages in 2024

The Divi landing page layouts we’re featuring in this post are a combination of the best-reviewed, best-selling, and best-designed landing pages our community has created in our Divi Marketplace.

1. Landing Plus

Landing Plus is a feature-rich layout pack crafted to supercharge your marketing efforts and lead generation. Developed with a keen focus on conversion optimization, Landing Plus offers a range of versatile layouts suitable for a variety of business types. The product boasts a beautiful hero section that integrates clear branding, generous image space, and a persuasive call-to-action (CTA).

Key Features of Landing Plus:

  • 40 versatile layouts and templates
  • Conversion-focused design
  • Page structure designed for enhanced SEO

The biggest standout here is the sheer quantity of landing page layouts offered by Landing Plus. Despite their quality, none of the other products featured in this list comes close to providing that much value for money.

Best For:

Landing Plus is ideal for website owners or digital marketers who want a lot of layout options. It’s particularly suited to designers and agencies who want to expand their Divi layouts library.

Pricing: $19

Get Landing Plus

2. Marko

Marko – Digital Marketing Landing Page Layout is a well-crafted design layout intended for digital marketing agencies seeking to establish an enticing online presence. This layout embodies a clean and beautiful design. It’s complemented by bonus header and footer designs and nice hover effects. All of these elements combine to create an interactive and engaging user experience. It also incorporates an inline email opt-in feature perfect for lead generation.

Key Features of Marko – Digital Marketing Landing Page Layout:

  • Integrated header and hero section that works seamlessly together
  • Engaging “float-effect” design elements
  • Impressive “featured in” section
  • Attractive and easy-to-understand pricing table

There’s a lot to like about this free Divi landing page layout. The two features that stand out among the other layouts in this list are the floating effect and pricing table.

Best For:

This layout is designed specifically for digital marketing agencies, but other types of businesses could easily adapt it to their needs.

Pricing: FREE

Get Marko

3. Webinar & Event Landing Page

Webinar & Event Landing Page is a boldly designed landing page with animated calls to action that are impossible to ignore. It’s clear this layout is laser-focused on conversions. The large type, animated buttons, and countdown timer instill a sense of urgency to save your spot at the promoted event.

Key Features of Webinar & Event Landing Page:

  • Prominent video and signup form in the hero section
  • Attention-grabbing animations
  • Bold design

The hero section and top bar with a countdown timer are probably the strongest elements of this layout. When someone lands on this page, they have all of the information they need to make their decision combined with a sense of urgency to take action.

Best For:

As the name would suggest, this layout is perfect for anyone putting on a webinar or event.

Pricing: $9

Get Webinar & Event Landing Page

4. Divi Course Landing Page Layout

The Divi Course Landing Page Layout is a sleek, responsive design created to help businesses, freelancers, and organizations attract and convert potential students for their courses. This layout stands out with its dedicated course section, making it suitable for educational platforms looking to showcase their offerings. The layout is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring optimal display on all devices.

Key Features of Divi Course Landing Page Layout:

  • Clean and modern design
  • Attractive courses grid
  • Simple hero section

Both the hero section and the latest courses section are designed to take up the entire viewport. All of the content, in fact, is given ample space to stand out. These two sections, however seem particularly attractive and likely to entice visitors to click through.

Best For:

Again, as the name would suggest, this Divi landing page layout is best suited for any person or organization who wants to highlight their courses and gain new signups.

Pricing: $10

Get Divi Course Landing Page Layout

5. xNFT Landing Page Layout

The xNFT Landing Page Layout is a contemporary and distinctive one-page design solution tailored specifically for showcasing and promoting NFT-related content or other digital products and services. Its bright and cheerful design is approachable and engaging. Its unique roadmap/timeline section is an excellent way of explaining multi-step processes or chronological events.

Key Features of xNFT Landing Page Layout:

  • Clean, friendly design
  • Attractive FAQ section
  • Unique roadmap/timeline section

The real standout element of this layout is the roadmap/timeline section. It’s bright, clean, and capable of simplifying a complex process in an easy-to-digest format.

Best For:

This Divi landing page layout is ideal for anyone promoting digital products and services.

Pricing: $15

Get xNFT Landing Page Layout

6. SEO Genius – Landing Page

SEO Genius is a Divi landing page layout designed by Divify. It’s meant to bolster businesses in establishing an influential online presence. It boasts a sleek design, exceptional typography, and an intuitive interface, making it appropriate for businesses across all sizes and industries. The layout comes with conspicuous call-to-action buttons, bold icons, feature blocks with lucid descriptions, stylish contact forms, and testimonials, all aimed at fostering trust and credibility with site visitors.

Key Features of SEO Genius – Landing Page:

  • Feature blocks with clear descriptions
  • Beautiful testimonial section
  • Attention-grabbing pleasant design

The testimonial section is particularly slick in this layout. Anyone interested in featuring the testimonials and reviews of their clients would be served well by this design.

Best For:

This Divi landing page layout is ideal for marketing agencies and freelancers. Its bright and clean design is consistent with websites providing content and marketing services.

Pricing: $12

Get SEO Genius – Landing Page

Comparing the Best Divi Landing Pages

When comparing the best Divi landing pages, so much comes down to subjective taste. Perhaps because there are so many free Divi landing pages available in the Divi Library, the layouts in the Divi Marketplace are not racking up the same levels of reviews and purchases as other products. Which means it’s not as clear-cut as other comparisons we’ve done. That said, here is a basic comparison of the layouts we’ve featured in this post.

What is the Best Divi Landing Page?

The clear winner in our roundup of the best Divi landing pages above (among the premium options) is Landing Plus. The quality of the designs and the number of layouts included make it a must-buy. The other clear winner is the only free option on the list, Marko. It’s hard to top free, but of course, free isn’t enough; the design has to be good too. And even among the premium layouts available, Marko stands out as particularly well-designed.

Need more Divi landing page layouts? We have got you covered! Our own free Divi layouts contain over 300 landing pages. When combined with the amazing Divi landing page layouts our community has created in the Divi Marketplace we’re confident there’s a perfect Divi landing page for you.

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