12 Best Divi Child Themes in 2024 (Reviewed)

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12 Best Divi Child Themes in 2024 (Reviewed)
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Divi child themes are collections of fully-designed layouts for Divi that you can implement on your website to kickstart your design process. You can use many child themes right out of the box, and you can have a fully designed website ready to launch by simply replacing the content with your own. The Divi Marketplace features child themes in various styles for just about any type of website. These range from business sites to artist portfolio sites to ecommerce sites and more.

A child theme might be the perfect solution if you want to avoid building your website from scratch but still want the benefit of using the Divi Builder. In this post, we’ll look at 12 of the best Divi child themes available in the marketplace.

What is a Divi Child Theme?

Divi child themes are collections of customized page and Divi Builder layouts that you can implement on your Divi website. These child themes are built with Divi. Therefore, you can customize the layout design using the familiar visual builder interface and Divi’s built-in design options to modify the sections, rows, and modules included in the theme.

Some of these themes integrate with WooCommerce for ecommerce stores or plugins for online courses and offer fully designed pages for those features. Others extend Divi’s capabilities by adding functionality such as popout menus, content switchers, advanced sliders, advanced styling with custom code, and more. Divi child themes are an easy way to jumpstart the design of your website and an excellent option for designers, DIYers, first-time Divi users, and anyone who wants to skip the hassle of designing their website from scratch but still wants the ability to have complete control over the design with the Divi Builder.

12 Best Divi Child Themes in 2024

Let’s look at some of the best Divi child themes available to download today. A wide variety of theme styles are included below; they include different design styles, industries, and functionalities. The themes in this list are not in any particular order, and we have selected them based on ratings, reviews, downloads, design, and features. It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of great Divi child themes, and there are many excellent options that we didn’t include in this list that are available to download from the Divi Marketplace. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our selection.

1. Molti


Molti is a multipurpose business child theme featuring a modern, colorful design. It includes two home page layout variations and all of the standard pages you would expect to have on a business website. It also has fully designed blog pages and portfolio pages you can use to show off your work. The child theme comes with multiple unique designs for elements such as cards, pricing tables, testimonials, team cards, tab designs, and more. You can use these to create your own layouts. An interesting feature in the child theme is the content switch, which can change the content displayed with a toggle.

There are six different header and footer layouts to choose from. The theme includes an advanced dropdown menu feature where you can highlight certain pages, icons, and a button. Overall, Molti is well-designed and offers many attractive layouts and element designs applicable to various applications. Molti is an excellent option for creating an engaging business website.

Key Features of Molti:

  • 22+ page layouts, including two home page variations
  • Advanced dropdown menu design
  • Easy import for demo content
  • Change the color scheme with one click
  • Interactive elements such as hover effects, tab designs, and content switchers


Best For:

Molti is best for users looking for a well-designed, modern, high-quality theme. It can be used as a starting point for various business websites. Molti is easy to set up; you can import all demo content and layouts with one click. This gives you a great base to use as you customize the theme with your content and make it your own. It comes with all the pages you would need to produce a standard business website, and you can easily use the various modules and design elements to put together your own layouts. The theme author also has two variations of the theme, Molti Ecommerce for online stores running WooCommerce and Molti LMS for online course websites running LearnDash, both with a similar style. For an in-depth look at Molti, check out our product highlight here.

Pricing: $25

Get Molti

2. DiviCommerce


DiviCommerce is a child theme for Divi explicitly built for WooCommerce shops. The theme comes with 23 pages, including six different home page variations, three shop page variations, two product page variations, two checkout page variations, five header variations, and two footer variations. This theme gives you plenty of options to choose from regarding the layout and styling of your online store. The theme also includes layouts for an about us page, a contact us page, a blog, and more. Because this theme is built for ecommerce stores, it features some shop-specific features. These include advanced product filtering, a slide-out cart, advanced product search, and popups. The theme’s design is clean and modern, with red and black accent colors and large images where you can showcase your products.

Key Features of DiviCommerce:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • 23 pages, including several variations for the home page, shop pages, headers, and footers
  • Slide-out cart
  • Advanced Product Filters
  • Mobile Friendly Shop and Filter Design


Best For:

DiviCommerce is an excellent option for any ecommerce website running WooCommerce. The child theme comes with all the features and pages you need to create a successful online store. It includes several features, such as a slide-out cart and well-designed product filters that improve the shopping experience for your visitors. The design is simple and versatile and can be used for just about any type of store. Because it’s built with Divi, you can easily customize any design elements in the theme to infuse it with your style. If you want a closer look at the pages and features included in the theme, check out our product highlight on DiviCommerce.

Pricing: $25

Get DiviCommerce

3. Phoenix Super Theme


Phoenix Super Theme is a collection of over 100 fully styled sections that you can use to build your own page layouts. Each section is designed in a modern, clean style with a black-and-white color scheme and beautiful typography and can be easily customized with your own images and content. Each section will be categorized and added to the Divi Library for ease of use. The child theme includes a variety of different section designs. This includes hero sections, calls to action, features, images, reviews, team members, opt-ins, blog posts, and more. There are also some styled modules that come with the theme, including text, buttons, counters, toggles, and more. In addition, a handful of industry-specific layouts are put together with section and module layouts from the theme. When building a home page layout, you can use these as a head start.

Key Features of Phoenix Super Theme:

  • 100+ fully styled module and section designs you can combine to create complete page layouts
  • Modern, clean style with bold typography and large images
  • 8 home page layouts were created with the module and section designs


Best For:

Brochure sites, service-based businesses, and personal websites. Phoenix Super Theme is unique in that it consists of a selection of prebuilt module and section layouts you can use to piece together your own page designs. The theme also includes a handful of industry-specific home page layouts made with some of the section designs included in the theme. If you are open to doing DIY work to assemble your website pages but want to skip the steps of designing each section, Phoenix Super Theme may be an excellent solution for you.

Pricing: $99

Get Phoenix Super Theme

4. Divi SEO Agency Theme

Divi SEO Agency Theme

Divi SEO Agency Theme is a colorful child theme built with agency and online service provider websites in mind. It comes with 4 home page layouts and 30+ inner page layouts, including 3 services page layouts, blog and portfolio layouts, and many other pages you would expect to see on a typical agency site. The theme also includes 5 header variations and 3 footer variations. The design features many icons, illustrations, gradients, and interactive hover effects, presenting information in engaging, well-designed layouts. You can import all of the demo content with just one click, and the theme comes with easy options to modify the colors and preloader style. A unique element included in this theme is a sidebar that opens when the menu icon in the header is selected. The sidebar includes some text, contact information, and social media icons.

Key Features of Divi SEO Agency Theme:

  • 4 home page designs and 30+ inner page designs
  • One-click import for demo content
  • Illustration-heavy design
  • Sidebar featuring contact information

Divi SEO Agency Theme

Best For:

SEO and marketing agencies, online service providers, and other online businesses. This theme is explicitly built with agency websites in mind and includes all the pages and sections you might need to promote your services, share your work, and connect with potential customers. For more details, check out our in-depth review of the Divi SEO Agency Theme here.

Pricing: $29.99

Get Divi SEO Agency Theme

5. Divi Artist Theme (Ecommerce)

Divi Artist Theme (Ecommerce)

Divi Artist Theme (Ecommerce) is a sleek, modern child theme built for artists and designers looking to showcase and sell their work. It is integrated with WooCommerce, making it easy for artists to set up an online store. The theme comes with two shop page options, all the other necessary Ecommerce pages, and five different portfolio page layouts. It also has two variations for the blog pages, two about me variations, and a contact us page. The design features a unique menu, which is fixed to the left side.

The layouts use large images throughout the pages, perfect for artists who want to let their work shine on their website. Most of the design is done in a simple black-and-white color scheme, with an accent color that can easily change in the theme customizer. It also features eye-catching movement, hover effects, and parallax effects that engagely draw the user’s attention.

Key Features of Divi Artist Theme (Ecommerce):

  • 18+ Pages, including several variations to choose from
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Variety of portfolio layouts
  • An image-heavy design ideal for showing off your work

Divi Artist Theme (Ecommerce)

Best For:

Artists, designers, and creatives looking to show off their work and sell products online. If you want a portfolio website with a modern design style that allows your art to be the center of attention, this theme might be an excellent solution for you. It is easy to set up and display your work in the layouts, and the integration with WooCommerce allows you to sell your artwork and grow your business as an artist.

Pricing: $45

Get Divi Artist Theme (Ecommerce)

6. Eventin


Eventin is an event and conference child theme for Divi. It integrates with WooCommerce Event Manager to provide event management, calendar, ticketing, and registration through your website. It comes with seven new Divi Builder modules that allow you to display event calendars, schedules, speakers, and more and customize the design with Divi’s design settings. The child theme comes with six different home page designs for different event types. They focus on business, marketing, music festival, virtual, and more. It also comes with various event pages, including layouts for events, schedules, speakers, tickets, and more. In addition, several standard pages are included in the theme, such as about us, FAQ, contact, sponsors, news, etc. The design is bold and colorful, with large images, graphics, and gradients used throughout the layouts.

Key Features of Eventin:

  • Integration with WooCommerce Event Manager to provide event management, ticketing, and registration functionality
  • Variety of home page designs with different themes to pick from
  • Fully designed event page layouts
  • Bold, colorful, and compelling design


Best For:

Event organizers, conferences, festivals, agencies, marketers, community groups, and more. Eventin provides the page layouts and the features you need to promote an event. It lets you gather sign-ups or sell tickets and share details such as schedules, speakers, and sponsors. This child theme is an excellent option if you are promoting an event and need a website. It allows you to quickly get your site up and running to begin promoting your event and accepting registrations from attendees.

Pricing: $49

Get Eventin

7. Milly Child Theme


Milly is a clean, minimalistic child theme for Divi designed for digital entrepreneurs. It integrates with WooCommerce and has three marketing kits with pages optimized for different sales funnels. This helps you sell your services and products with ease. The theme comes with 5 varieties of home page layouts, 35 different page layouts, including blog and portfolio layouts, 70 section layouts, and 30 module presets. You get a wide variety of designs to implement and make your own. The theme’s sleek design has lots of white space, compelling layouts, nice typography, and accent colors. These can be easily modified from the theme options. Milly also comes with some interesting features, such as the ability to use any section as a popup. It also allows you to create custom sliders with any Divi modules and choose from a library of custom preloaders for the site.

Key Features of Milly Child Theme

  • 35 page layouts, including shop pages and sales funnel pages
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Marketing kits, including landing pages and inner pages designed for webinars, challenge, and list-building sales funnels
  • Create popups from any Divi section
  • Create sliders from any Divi modules
  • 1-click demo installation


Best For:

Milly Child Theme is excellent for digital entrepreneurs, online service providers, agencies, freelancers, and businesses looking to grow their digital reach with service pages, lead magnets, and sales funnels. The integration with WooCommerce also allows you to sell products and services through your website. The pages are crafted to guide users toward taking action, such as signing up for a mailing list, purchasing a product, or booking a consultation. To learn more about Milly, check out our product highlight.

Pricing: $97

Get Milly

8. Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme

Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme

Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme is a multipurpose, versatile theme you can use to create websites for various types of businesses. It includes four different theme variations: a general business theme with two pages, a hotel theme with five pages, including a rooms overview page and individual room page, an agency theme with five pages, and an online store theme with support for WooCommerce and the necessary shop pages. Additionally, the theme includes a landing page layout for a consulting agency, 6 header and footer layouts, and 100+ designed elements you can use to create your own layouts. With a wide variety of styles and features, such as ecommerce integration, you can use this theme for just about any type of website project.

Key Features of Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme:

  • 4 different themes for different applications
  • 100+ pre-designed elements that can be used to create your own designs
  • Ecommerce integration with WooCommerce

Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme

Best For:

Designers looking for a collection of layouts in various industries, hotel operators, agencies, consultants, online stores, and other online businesses. This theme is versatile, and you can use and combine any of the layouts to create all sorts of website designs to promote your business, services, and products.

Pricing: $19.99

Get Divi Ultimate All-In-One Child Theme

9. Lulo Multipurpose Theme


Lulo is a modern, minimalistic child theme with a black-and-white design. It includes 6 different home page layouts and over 60 page layouts, including several variations with different designs. The theme supports WooCommerce and comes with several shop pages as well. In addition to the page designs, there are 50+ module designs and 85+ designed sections that you can incorporate into your own layouts. It also has 8 headers and 8 footers you can choose from. The design features a lot of whitespace and sleek typography, giving it a modern feel.

Key Features of Lulo Multipurpose Theme:

  • 60+ page layouts, 50+ module designs, and 85+ section designs
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Modern and minimalistic layouts
  • One-click demo import


Best For:

Lulo Multipurpose Theme is versatile and can be used for many sites, including online stores, business websites, portfolio sites, and online service providers. If you’re looking for a clean and simple theme to promote your services or products, this may be a good option for you.

Pricing: $85

Get Lulo Multipurpose Theme

10. Tribe Coaching & Online Course Child Theme


Tribe is a stylish Divi child theme for coaching and online course websites. The theme offers integrations with WooCommerce and LifterLMS for online store or course capabilities and includes fully styled shop and course pages. There are 20 page layouts in this theme, along with 3 different header styles. The theme uses a white and light brown color scheme with a combination of serif and sans-serif fonts for the headers and body text and a script fonts for accent text. Many layouts include guided copy prompts that give suggestions for the type of content to include in each section, which can be helpful if you are writing your own content and want to make sure it flows well with the design of your pages.

Key Features of Tribe Coaching & Online Course Child Theme:

  • LifterLMS integration and fully designed course pages
  • WooCommerce integration and fully designed shop pages
  • 20 page layouts
  • Guided copy prompts


Best For:

Coaches, course creators, and entrepreneurs looking to sell their products, services, or educational materials. This theme includes all the pages you need to create online courses, sell products, market your services, and promote your sales funnels. The layouts are structured to guide users toward the action you would like them to take, and the copy prompts included in some of the pages can help you create your own content that will fit right into the designs.

Pricing: $165

Get Tribe Coaching & Online Course Child Theme

11. Divi Plumber

Divi Plumber

Divi Plumber is a child theme for businesses in the service industry, such as plumbers, contractors, builders, landscapers, and more. It is a versatile theme ideal for businesses wanting to showcase their expertise, advertise their services, and capture leads. The theme includes the following pages: home, about, contact, blog, blog post, services, single service, and gallery. The theme uses an orange and white color scheme and includes a custom header and footer highlighting essential information such as contact details.

Key Features of Divi Plumber:

  • 8 fully designed pages
  • Lead generation form on the home page
  • One click demo layout installation

Divi Plumber

Best For:

Contractors, plumbers, builders, landscapers, and other service providers. If you are looking for a simple child theme that is optimized for these industries and includes features like a homepage lead generation form and contact information in the header, this may be an excellent option for you.

Pricing: $49

Get Divi Plumber

12. Flexile – Multipurpose Child Theme


Flexile is a multipurpose theme for Divi that includes 20+ home page layouts and 15 landing page layouts for various industries and use cases. Flexile is WooCommerce and LearnDash LMS ready and includes several shop and course pages with several variations. It also includes 25+ inner page layouts, 20 blog and post layouts, and 70 different headers and footers you can choose from. Aside from the page layouts, the theme comes with several section layouts for CTAs, hero sections, services, team sections, and more that you can combine and utilize to create your own page layouts. You can combine different elements from the design to use together and create custom layouts. This gives you a lot of flexibility in the final design of your site.

Key Features of Flexile – Multipurpose Child Theme:

  • 250+ Divi library items and templates, including 20+ home page layouts, 15 landing page layouts, 25+ inner page layouts, and more
  • 70 header and footer layouts
  • Large variety of pages and section layouts for different industries and applications
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • LearnDash LMS Integration


Best For:

Designers who want a large collection of layouts to use as a base for their designs. It’s also great for users looking to DIY their own website but want to use premade layouts to get a head start, ecommerce stores, and online course websites. This theme includes a wide variety of layouts, and you will likely find a layout or section designs that will work for just about any type of website. Plus, the theme includes WooCommerce and LearnDash LMS integrations. So, if you are hoping to sell products or courses through your site, this theme comes with all of the pages you’ll need to set that up with ease.

Pricing: $19

Get Flexile – Multipurpose Child Theme

What is the Best Divi Child Theme?

The best Divi child theme for you will depend on your needs for the website. If you’re looking for an all-around multipurpose theme to promote your business, Molti is an excellent option. If you’re a digital entrepreneur looking for a clean, modern theme with ecommerce and online course functionality, Milly might be your child theme. Finally, for those looking for a versatile child theme with many different layouts and options for various industries, Flexile has a lot to offer.

Have you used any of these Divi child themes, or did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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