The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 17 – Brian Gardner on Breaking Through the Wall & Living With No Sidebar

Posted on February 26, 2016 by in Community | 18 comments

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 17 – Brian Gardner on Breaking Through the Wall & Living With No Sidebar

It’s Friday on the Elegant Themes blog and that means a new episode of the Divi Nation Podcast! This week I had the privilege of chatting with Brian Gardner; founder of StudioPress, creator of the Genesis Framework, and current partner at Rainmaker Platform.

As a WordPress entrepreneur I think Brian has probably been through most of the growing pains it is possible for a WordPress business to go through. And he’s come out the other side strong and better than ever. It was this wealth of experience I was excited to share with the rest of the Divi Nation and he did not disappoint. There’s lots of great insight and experience here for our community to learn from.

Divi Nation 17: Brian Gardner on Breaking Through the Wall and Living With No Sidebar

In this episode of Divi Nation I sit down with Brian Gardner to hear his WordPress story and learn from both his mistakes and successes as a WordPress entrepreneur. He shares how he went from a project manager for an architectural firm to blogging with WordPress, to effectively starting the premium WordPress market, to growing StudioPress, creating Genesis, merging with Copyblogger, and a lot more.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did. And if you’d like to make sure you can easily watch or listen to future episodes of Divi Nation (as well as our entire archive), please take a moment and use one of the subscription options we’ve provided below.

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What Are Your Thoughts On This Episode?

As I mentioned at the end of the podcast, I hope you will let us know what your thoughts are on this episode of Divi Nation as well as ask any questions you might have for myself or Brian.

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  1. Self-induced Workaholism! Brilliant! Loved the no sidebar story. Great stuff Nathan!

    • Thanks, always on the prowl to inspire others — in some fashion or another. 😉

  2. Really enjoyed that thanks. I’ve used Genesis themes many times and over the last couple of years mostly Divi, so great to see an interview between the two companies.

  3. Nathan – A reuest for a future topic: boxed vs non-boxed layouts. I’d love to hear about that.
    Thanks as always!

    • Hi Karen!

      When using long texts my first pick would always be a boxed layout. The borders left and right are a great guidance for the eye. Reading a lot of text in a full width layout makes me feel somewhat lost.

      My two cents 🙂

    • Thanks for the request Karen! That sounds like a good Divi Nation Short topic 🙂

  4. Would love (and expected to find) the links to RainMaker, Brian’s personal site, sites mentioned, etc. in this (and all) episodes.

    • Good call Shane, I have added those links. It as an oversight on my part. Typically I link up every guest in these posts and did not realize that I had forgot those links until you pointed it out.

  5. PS: If you’re using Gravatar, all the Gravatars are currently borked. 😉

  6. I enjoyed watching this very much. I have been using Genesis for 5 years but recently swapped to Divi. Top man, Brian. The interview was spot on. Well done.

  7. Thank you for sharing your truly excellent explanatory comments

  8. That was really good stuff. Loved the cat.

    Thank you Nathan and Brian for the great inspiration.

  9. Inspiring stuff, thanks for the podcast!

    I totally agree with the no sidebar philosophy as far as blogging goes. The message should be front-and-centre and without all the distractions.

  10. I think I still have a copy of “Revolution” on an old hard drive! It’s great to hear more of Brian’s story. One of the best decisions I ever made was to help sponsor Brian in a marathon (or maybe it was the 3-day race???) for Breast Cancer awareness in exchange for a life time subscription to his themes. I’m not sure it was even StudioPress at that point. Appreciate the great interview.

  11. That was really good stuff. Loved the cat.
    Thank you Nathan and Brian for the great inspiration.

  12. Great episode… loved hearing your conversation with Brian Gardner. I too was an early user on the Revolution theme. No sidebars forever!

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